The time has finally come – Rihanne and George have administered the pills to George’s secret girlfriend Susan, whom Rihanne has arranged for the purpose. Susan sits in a comfortable armchair, her legs spread wide, as Rihanne begins to remove her skin-tight black leather skirt. She moves her hips provocatively as she watches George unbutton his jeans and unfasten his already semi-rigid cock. Not bothering to unbutton her blouse awkwardly, Rihanne grabs her collar with both hands and rips it open.

The sound of the fabric ripping makes the small, inexperienced Susan shiver, even though she is numb from the drugs. As her tits pop out of her blouse, Rihanne looks back at George, who is watching her and masturbating. She walks over to Susan, lifts the girl out of the chair and roughly undresses her. She pulls the pretty white t-shirt over her head and then unzips her jeans.

Susan struggles a little as it is not easy to pull the tight jeans over the tight little girl’s ass. Rihanne smiles as she sees George’s girlfriend’s virginal white panties. She is exactly as George described her: a young innocent now looking at her with big eyes. The cold of the basement makes Susan’s pink nipples contract. Her tits are not large, but nicely round and firm.

“Take off your knickers,” Rihanne orders, and Susan willingly slips out of her knickers. Only a fine lint covers her very tight pussy. But Rihanne is more interested in her ass because she knows about George’s biggest wish: He wants to fuck his girlfriend in the ass today, and Rihanne has to help him. The two had met at the fair, Rihanne had gone with George because he was nice and seemed like a good fucker.

They had first made love in the filthy gentlemen’s room of the pub where they had met, Susan cluelessly waiting for him at the bar. After that, they had gone out more often and discovered that they both had an insatiable appetite for sex. Rihanne had known about Susan from the start, but otherwise had no qualms. When George had told her about his big problem with Susan after a wild night, Rihanne had immediately offered to help him.

Of course, that was only possible with a wide-legged Susan, so Rihanne got the pills from her friend Jake, who had already had some success with them. Jake told Rihanne that these pills would only make her a little hornier and break down a little resistance, nothing more. Rihanne roughly pushes Susan back into her chair and begins to crawl around on the floor in front of George, completely naked and wearing only black high heels. From time to time she looks down at him horny as he works his hard cock faster and faster with his strong hand.

George has forced his secret girlfriend to watch.

When he finally cums, Rihanne crawls across the dirty floor with slow, tantalising movements until she reaches his cum. Slowly, she lowers one of her tits into the cum and smears it all over, then starts to lick up his cum. His sweet girlfriend Susan looks on in horror. George has forced her to watch too, to show her how horny a woman can be for this sort of thing. Rihanne looks at George with a cum stained mouth and says, “Come on, make him hard again, I want you to fuck me in my ass. …. I want to show your dear girlfriend how delicious it is…. Tell your girlfriend to go down on you and make you hard for my ass.

“Rihanne kneels in the dirt and starts rubbing her pussy defiantly. George pushes his girlfriend down and against his cock, which is already getting hard again. Come on, you heard her,’ he says, ‘Rihanne wants you to lick me. She’s disgusted, you can tell. George grabs her hair and pulls on it, forcing her lips open and thrusting his semi-rigid cock into her pretty, reddened mouth.

“Go on, make it hard now, but hurry up,” he growls, and she begins to suck him off, hesitantly at first, then more and more devotedly. Rihanne looks at them both and jerks off. When his cock is deliciously hard, she tells his friend to come all over him, covering him in creamy cum so he shines. Susan looks at Rihanne in surprise, but then she does it, the horny little slut. His cock stands up very nicely and shines, and Rihanne gets down on her knees and elbows in front of him, stretching her firm ass towards him.

“Come on now, fuck me in the ass,” she says, holding both her bottoms, so he can reach her asshole better. His girlfriend is still holding his cock, and George forces her to insert it into her slit so that his glans is throbbing against her asshole. He says to Susan: “Now spit again, darling, and then I will show you how delicious it is to be fucked in the ass.

Look, Rihanne is so horny and willing, there must be a reason for that… “Rihanne feels Susan’s wet warm spit, then George’s glans presses against her rosette. She relaxes, she knows this is the moment to relax. George pushes his cock into her bowels, slowly but steadily. Rihanne gasps with pleasure. “Further, further… “George pushes his cock deeper into her. His hands are on her hips and now she notices how he begins to fuck her slowly and gently.

Forward… backward… forward… Rihanne screams her pleasure into the dirty floor. George looks at his girlfriend and says to her: “Come on now, over here, little one… …. And then you help me with this bitch here…. I need you to hold her for me so I can fuck her harder and better. “His girlfriend comes closer, as if in a trance. George tells her to hold Rihanne’s head. Susan sits down in front of Rihanne and puts Rihanne’s head in her lap. Rihanne smells her girly scent.

Rihanne sniffs the scent of fresh pussy.

Susan is wrong, because when Rihanne sniffs the scent of fresh pussy, she only gets hornier. She rubs her chin over Susan’s teenage pussy and suddenly Rihanne notices how this horny sow is pushing, how she is slowly getting horny. Then Rihanne spreads Susan’s legs with her hands, then puts her hands under her round bottom and gently presses her face to her pussy. With each thrust from George, Rihanne’s nose goes deeper and deeper into Susan’s slit.

Little Susan never dreamed she would get so horny from having her pussy licked by a woman. Especially not to have that woman’s hard cock up her boyfriend’s ass at the same time. George enjoys being in Rihanne’s ass and fucking her tight hole. Susan has now spread her legs wide and presses her small, firm pussy against Rihanne. She moans softly as Rihanne’s tongue plays pleasurably around her tender labia.

George’s cum, which she had licked up earlier, is still hanging out of Rihanne’s mouth. Now George’s cum and Susan’s young, fresh pussy juice combine in her mouth. George watches as his girlfriend rubs her tits. Her nipples are rock hard. She watches horny as Rihanne’s tongue works its way into her fucking hole. With every thrust, Rihanne gets into her ass, her tongue pushes into Susan’s salty hole. Until now, Susan has only had average lovers who just fucked her without ever getting her really horny.

But now she feels like doing something forbidden and exploring something new. But just as she begins to enjoy herself, George orders her to turn around: “Kneel in front of Rihanne, show us your ass! Rihanne and I want to see your sweet virgin ass. “She looks at George fearfully. “Go on, I want this horny bitch I’m fucking in her ass to get really hot, show us your rosette, spread your bottoms wide apart!”She kneels unsteadily in front of Rihanne and, with her head on the floor, pulls her round bottoms apart with both hands.

Rihanne and George moan loudly at the same time. George is now fucking Rihanne pretty hard, his cock going all the way into her tight buttocks, his balls slapping against her bottom. “Come on Rihanne, lick her rosette, I want to see you lick this little whore. The little girl has never felt a tongue on her ass before. She needs to learn that she doesn’t just have a hole to be fucked in.

Lick this little bitch Rihanne. Get her rosette really wet. Susan is on the verge of tears and whispers softly, “No, not in my bum!” The little slut whimpers and says she doesn’t want her boyfriend and Rihanne to play with her bum, but she kneels down anyway and spreads her cheeks wide so George and Rihanne can see her bum. Rihanne turns her head back to George and he rams his cock deep inside her again.

“Do you want me to get her ready for you so you can fuck her ass before you come on me, George? “He moans. He finds it so delicious to fuck Rihanne’s ass, he loves the tightness of her hole. But the thought of finally fucking his dear Susan in her ass today drives him crazy. He pulls his cock out of Rihanne’s now dilated hole, making her moan loudly. Then he is out of her.

Let Susan lick you clean.

Rihanne has an idea. “Come on, George, let Susan lick you clean. “Susan shakes her head, but by then George has already pushed his hard cock into her slut mouth. And because she is horny too, the little one, she lets him slide down her throat and out again, while still keeping her ass open for Rihanne. George looks back at Rihanne and nods in encouragement. Rihanne bends over Susan’s firm bottom.

Then she lets a little spit, probably still mixed with his cum and her pussy juice, drip from her mouth into Susan’s slit. This excites the little girl very much and she wiggles her bottom restlessly. Then Rihanne begins to spread the spit roughly with two fingers. She is careful not to be too gentle, but smears the juice hard over her little hole, which is now shining beautifully. “Lick her, my horny little whore,” George says and Rihanne sticks out her tongue and slowly runs it up and down Susan’s slit.

The little girl is all hot now and Rihanne watches as she puts a hand underneath her and starts to tickle her wet pussy. Rihanne now concentrates on the outer edges of her rosette and Susan moans, still with George’s hard cock in her mouth. Then Rihanne starts to tongue Susan’s hole, more and more demandingly, and slowly she turns around and pushes the tip of her tongue inside her. Oh, she’s so fresh, so clean! And so horny, the little slut… As Rihanne licks the little girl, she also starts fingering her own pussy.

It makes her horny to get George’s little Susan ready for him. When she finally stretches her ass out for Rihanne’s tongue, Rihanne knows she is now bloody horny. As if for fun, Rihanne lets her middle finger disappear in Susan’s bottom up to the first knuckle and feels how the little girl pushes against it, wanting more. Finally Rihanne looks up at George and says: “Your little slut is ready for your cock, George. She wants to be fucked in the ass now, doesn’t she Susan?””J…. yaaaa… please, please… oh George… please be careful… but yes… fuck me in the ass… “Rihanne gets on the bed next to the kneeling Susan, she wants to watch the two of them, wants to see how he works the slut.

But first George has a surprise for Rihanne: he opens a drawer and a big black smooth dildo comes out. You can see from Susan’s face that she didn’t know it was there. George grins at her and says, “Well, honey, other girls get horny faster than you and I have to offer more than just my cock….So far my cock has been enough for you, but today is the test.

Let’s see if we can’t turn you into a slutty fuck toy…. you’re on your way you little slut!” laughs George and slaps her bottom with the flat of his hand. She tickles herself faster now and mutters into the pillows, “Yes George…. that’s what I want to be, your little slut… your fuck toy… please… do what you want to me…! “Meanwhile Rihanne lets the dildo wander over the stiff nipples of her tits and looks back at the couple.

Rihanne knows that George had already given up hope of ever fucking his little girl in the ass. She was just too tidy, too well-behaved. When he met her, she was still involved with Christian youth and told him boring things about pure love and monogamy. He can hardly believe his luck that with Rihanne’s help, he now has the little thing on her knees in front of him, ready to be ass-fucked. “Rihanne, show her what it looks like when your ass is really stretched by a hard cock.”

Rihanne smiles meaningfully and kneels in front of Susan’s face. Susan can now look straight into her ass. “See how her hole is stretched, then you will know what your virgin asshole will look like soon! Come on, Rihanne, put the dildo in your slutty hole,” Susan moans anxiously as she watches the big black dildo disappear into Rihanne’s asshole. Rihanne purrs with pleasure. The dildo is bigger than George’s cock, and Rihanne pushes it deeper into her bowels than any cock has ever gone before.

The back of the dildo protrudes just enough for Rihanne to comfortably pull it in and out. Susan is both disgusted and fascinated. She rubs her cunt so hard that George fears she will soon come. “Not so fast, my little whore. You are not here for your own pleasure. Rihanne and I are the ones having fun here. If you do your job as a fuck toy well, we will make you cum soon!” Rihanne puts you under Susan, the dildo still in her asshole.

She wants to look into Susan’s blue eyes as George’s cock enters her firm ass for the first time. Now is the moment. Susan whimpers, “Good, now stick it in me!”George’s cock is hard, throbbing red and swollen. He strokes her sweet slit a few times. He places his glans on her wet, shiny rosette and now begins to push it into her rosette. Susan is tense and instinctively pulls her labia together.

George slaps her bottom hard with his flat hand and when she gives up her tension for a second in fear, his glans thrusts into her asshole. She tears her mouth open, wants to scream, but can make no sound. She looks at Rihanne with her eyes wide open. Rihanne smiles at her, “Your first cock, darling. But certainly not your last. “George enjoys slowly sliding his shaft deeper into her anus.

Her rosette is so tight around his cock that he has to control himself not to come right away. But then she starts to resist, “Stop it, pull it out, it hurts. ” Rihanne grabs Susan’s shoulders with both hands and holds her tight. “Shut up, you stupid bitch. You’re lucky I let George out of my ass again. You’re going to get your ass fucked, you cheap whore,” Susan screams as George starts fucking her.

His thick cock thrusting again and again. In… out… in… out… “No… no… never mind… nnnn… me… yes… yeah… fuck me… fuck me through… “Rihanne releases Susan’s shoulders and starts rubbing her pussy, the dildo still in her ass. She is so horny now that she wishes she had another dildo so she could fill her pussy too. She looks at the pretty little slut as she rolls her eyes.

“Yessss… fuck my ass… fuck me… I’m your fuck sow… squirt it in my ass… give me your fucking juice…” Again and again, George thrust like crazy. “Yes, I’ll fuck your little slut in your ass… …. And now lick Rihanne’s cunt, lick her cunt juice…. But you won’t get my fucking juice…. it’s my reward for Rihanne, this horny fucker needs her dose of cum… but maybe she’ll give you some… “George sees Rihanne smile and run her tongue over her lips in horny anticipation.

George pushes Susan’s head between Rihanne’s legs. She has no choice, he rubs her face violently into Rihanne’s wet pussy and Rihanne feels her nose, her chin being dragged through her slimy pussy juice. Then suddenly there is Susan’s hard little tongue. George’s friend’s slut actually starts to lick her, slowly moving up and down Rihanne’s slit, then touching her clit with the tip of her tongue, short thrusts that drive Rihanne crazy.

Rihanne looks up at him and moans as she tells him, “This… small… mmmmhhhh… licked your girlfriend’s cunt… ohhhh… once… ….. mmmmmmmhhh… licked a cunt… yaaaa…. da da daaaaaa…. “George laughs dirty and pulls his cock out of her asshole. Rihanne hears the little slut moan her disappointment against her cunt, but then she licks it faster again and Rihanne notices the pressure of Susan’s face on her cunt increasing again. She opens her eyes again to see George pushing Susan’s hair between her legs.

“So, is that right, you little cunt… so you’ve licked another cunt before, haven’t you, Miss Clean? This could get exciting here… well keep licking her good then, you little whore, after all I want her deliciously hot for my cock… …. I’m going to fuck her in front of you and she’s going to get my cum, her and her alone, is that clear, you little whore? Susan moans a long “Yesssssss…” into Rihanne’s cunt and then continues to lick like she is out of her mind.

Rihanne feels a huge orgasm building up inside her, but she wants to be fucked to that orgasm by George, in front of his slutty girlfriend Susan. Rihanne runs her hands through Susan’s hair, then pulls her hair, lies down with her legs spread and says to George, “So, George, fuck me now. …. I want you to fuck me so hard that I cum and I want you to shoot your horny cum deep into my pussy and let your little slut watch us, she needs to learn something here…. Come on, give me your cock now… “George doesn’t know where to put his lust.

Rihanne is lying in front of him with her legs spread wide, her cunt dripping with her pussy juice and Susan’s spit. The sight of her cunt being fucked makes him furiously eager to shoot his cum into her. Susan lies panting next to her, disappointed not to be able to continue licking Rihanne’s clit. “So Susan, now pay close attention to how my bulging cock penetrates this willing cunt. “George touches Rihanne’s labia lightly with his glans as she lies beneath him, watching her body intently.

Her nipples are hard, a sign to him that she just wants to be fucked. She rises slightly and his bulging cock slides into her hole. George stays deep inside her pussy for a long time and she moans deliciously. “Susan, you horny piece, kneel behind Rihanne’s head and take her head on your lap, stroke her hair and see what it looks like when a real man fucks a horny slut!” George now starts fucking Rihanne, slowly at first so she doesn’t come too fast for him.

He wants to enjoy the sight of her pleasure for a little longer. He realises that his cum is already in the depths of his soul. When Rihanne looks up at the tiny fuck assistant, she sees her firm young tits. The sight makes George hornier and hornier. Rihanne with her fuck meat underneath him and the little slut’s bouncing tits right above his head. “Yessssss… fuck my pussy now…. Push your cock in hard and deep…. Show your horny little whore how to fuck a slut…. oooooh… yessssss…” George is now fucking her like crazy, hammering his nail into her fucking channel over and over again.

Susan stares in fascination at their wildly fucking genitals. She puts her index finger in Rihanne’s mouth, which tastes of her young pussy juice. All three are moaning loudly, George is on the verge of coming and Rihanne is screaming loudly. “Yessss Rihanne, I’m going to cum…. I’m going to fill your cunt to the brim…. You horny bitch… I’m going to jerk you off… yessssss…” He is spurting wildly, but he is enjoying every millisecond as his thick balls release the warm cum as it shoots through his cock and jerks violently through his glans into Rihanne’s horny, quivering cunt.

“Yesss… Rihanne… take my cum in you… you horny piece… you fuck piece… take it all… yaaaa…” Then George looks at his slut of a girlfriend, she has her mouth wide open as if she now expects to swallow his huge load of cum. But she looks down at Rihanne and watches in fascination as an orgasm of immense proportions just begins to surge through her body ………