We are together at a campsite, lying in our little tent. It’s the middle of the day and hot as hell. Just like us. We are both mega horny. You get the idea to go to the bathroom and have secret sex. Just the idea makes me super horny and reminds me of the first time we did it. Only then it was in the middle of the night. That made it a lot easier.

We walk together to the bathroom building. I lead the way and enter the men’s room. We figured it would be less of a problem for you to be seen in the men’s room than it would be for me to be seen in the women’s room. Beyond the entrance door is a hallway. At the end of the corridor you can go left to the shower room and right to the toilet room. I have to quickly check both areas once I am inside and then quickly get back outside before anyone arrives. I am lucky, the showers and toilets are empty, so I quickly go out and let you in. Inside we turn right to the restrooms. We go to the handicapped toilet because it is the biggest one.

You sit on the toilet bowl. You are wearing a bikini. I stand in front of you and I look down. I look down at your beautiful tits. You spread your legs and I see your full bulging pussy. The crotch of your panties barely fits over your full bulging labia. I can see from your bulging cunt that you are also mega horny. Then you look between your legs. Suddenly I hear you peeing! Horny slut. I see the drops seeping through the fabric of your bikini bottom. You know that makes me mega horny. As you continue to pee, you pull my shorts down. My fat knob comes out first. Then, as you pull my shorts down further, my pole jumps forward.

Gently you say, “Hmmm, it’s nice and big.” With one hand you grab it firmly and bring it to your mouth. Greedily you move your mouth over my knob and let your mouth go far over it. That alone drives me crazy. Slowly you move your head up and down. Blessed is the way you suck. Then you put your hand between your legs. I see you pull the crotch of your panties aside. I hear the sound of peeing change from gurgling drops to a steady stream. I see you run your hand over your pussy and hear how your hand breaks the flow. Are you going to do what I think you are going to do? Indeed, you bring your wet hand up. “Lick it,” you whisper in a persuasive tone. I take your fingers in my mouth and taste them. I taste your salty taste. It makes my pole rock hard. You pull your hand back just in time for me to run the last bit over your hand.

I eagerly come forward to lick your fingers. I’m even hornier now. I feel that I am about to come. I grab your head and push my cock deep into your mouth. Then I fuck you hard in your horny little face. God damn, how horny that is. My breathing accelerates. You know what that means. I’m about to come. My breathing changes to panting and shortly after that I moan. I feel like I’m going to come so badly. “I’m going to cum baby, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” I moan. You take my pole even deeper into your mouth. That’s when I lose control and grab your head and squirt my cum down the back of your throat. Not one, not two, but three full jets I squirt right into your horny mouth. When I take my cock out of your mouth, you hold your mouth open and show me a full mouth of cum. Then you push your tongue forward and let my cum spill out of your mouth. It runs from your chin right over your tits.

My pole slackens a bit from my orgasm. But that gives me the opportunity to pee myself. Without announcing it, I grab my cock and aim it at your breasts. With a controlled stream I piss over your tits. I know you like it, such a warm stream. Quickly you push your tits together. My warm fluid collects in the crevice between your breasts until you open your breasts slightly and my fluid runs down your belly. From your belly it runs between your legs, right over your pussy. You feel it getting warm. First on your belly, then on your labia. You moan with pleasure. I don’t know what it is that makes me horny. I don’t feel anything, but it’s horny for me too. Probably it is the feeling of dominance, a feeling of humiliation by pissing all over you.

This feeling of dominance that I now feel inside of me makes me pull you up and turn you over. With your back to me I push your head forward. With one hand on your neck I hold your head down. With my other hand I pull your shorts off your ass. I am horny. I feel my pole getting harder and harder. I have to fuck. Your panties slip down your legs and fall to the floor. I quickly grab my pole and press it against your pussy. You are soaking wet. I keep pressing. I feel your labia being pushed apart. At first it is difficult, then a little easier, and then I push my whole pole into your soaking wet cunt. “Easy goddamn it,” you moan. I don’t listen, I’m too horny. Slowly I pick up the pace.

Until I’m fucking you rock hard. My balls slap against your pussy. I hear you moaning louder and louder. I know you like to be taken hard and talked to roughly. I pull on your hair and your head comes back. “Look at me, dirty bitch,” I yell. I see you’re still not looking. “Look at me, you stinking whore,” I yell again. Then you look back over your left shoulder. “Talk to me,” I command. I hear you stutter softly. “Poke me, horny bear. Ram that thick pole against my womb. Let me feel who’s the best. Then fuck me,” you cry. And then suddenly you moan: “Yes, yes, yeah, I’m coming”. Then I see you biting your lip and rolling your eyes. I know you just came deliciously.

After we both come, we decide to take a quick shower together on the other side of the room. I go back to the preview. First we listen to make sure no one is in the bathroom with us. That doesn’t seem to be the case, so I slip out of our toilet and go to the shower room. I am startled because there is the neighbor who is camping next to us. The first thing I notice is the grin on his face. “It’s going well,” he whispers. I ask what he means. “You don’t think I’m retarded, do you? I came here to take a shower and heard you busy. And when I finished, you were still at it. I got so turned on by your moaning girlfriend that I can’t go back to my tent right now.” He looks down and I see what he means: a big bulge in his gym shorts.
He goes on to say, “And if I tell the manager what happened here, I’m sure he’ll kick you off the campground.” For a moment I don’t know what to say. Then he says, “But I know a solution.” When I look at him questioningly, he says, “Your girlfriend, can’t she give us a uhhh ‘hand’?” while squeezing the bulge in his pants.

I get an idea. I tell him that I might be able to help if he forgets to tell the administrator. I quickly take him to the bathroom. I quickly go back to the handicapped stall. They immediately ask, “What took you so long?” I tell them we have a problem. We have been caught by our neighbor who is camping next door. He says that if you help him get rid of his erection, he will keep his mouth shut to the campground manager. I make a hand gesture as if I were masturbating to make it clear what he expects. You look at me and ask, “You tell me”…I open the toilet door, grab the neighbor and quickly push him in front of me into the handicapped toilet. The door quickly closes behind me. When I turn around, I realize that you are still naked. I see that the neighbor can’t take his eyes off you.

You don’t waste any time and unbutton his pants and pull them down with a jerk. Within two seconds, you are standing in his naked ass. He has such a big dick, mine is nothing like it. You grab his dick and I can see you can’t get your hand around it properly. This thing is so big, I think. At the same time I think, what if we don’t satisfy him and make him come, then we have a problem.

Then you say, “Wow, it’s big. I can’t even get my hand around it properly. Then the neighbor says, “Oh, well, I can fix it. If you just step forward, I can think of something else you can probably get your hand around.

He hasn’t said anything when he turns you around. To my surprise you let him and within two seconds you are bent over in front of him with your bare cunt facing backwards. I don’t know what I see. My horny slut is getting fucked by a stranger with an incredibly thick cock. And I am in the first row. The neighbor doesn’t waste any time and pushes his huge machine forward. And you scream: “Hey, calm down, I have to open my pussy or it won’t fit”. You put your hands on your buttocks and pull them apart and I watch as the neighbor puts his hands on your hips and confidently pushes his body forward. “Oohh yeah, oh yeah,” he moans as he begins to move back and forth. “Are you okay darling,” I ask a little worried as I look at you. I can see that you want to answer, but talking is out of the question right now.

Then, after a few more thrusts, you groan and say, “If he goes on a little longer, I’m going to like it too. The neighbor grins. He slows down, but instead he rams his huge cock into you harder and harder. I see it happening. But I also see how you start to get a red glow on your face. You dirty slut, you are enjoying being torn apart. My pole is getting rock hard. And I can’t help but pull on my pole at the sight of you being fucked hard. I take a step towards you and say: “Then suck me, you horny stink whore. And I push my pole against your mouth. You open your mouth and start to suck me off, moaning with every thrust into your pussy.

I’m super horny and so are you. Then you make your neighbor sit on the toilet bowl. You quickly stand over him with your legs spread wide. I think I already know what you have in mind. Fast, I stand behind you and push my pole against your bottom. As you bend down to lower yourself over the neighbor’s oversized cock, I press my pole against your ass. In one movement a cock slides into you on both sides, “Aaarrgghh” you scream. I feel the neighbor’s cock sliding into your pussy. You sink deep and let mine go deep into you. Finally, finally you are being fucked by two dicks. Something that was your great fantasy to have done again. And this one is also huge. With one hand I muffle your loud moans, with the other I squeeze your breasts.

Together we move up and down. I feel everything. How horny. What a thick pole you know how to insert. First the neighbor begins to pant. Soon he starts to moan. Until he suddenly screams: I’m coming, I’m coming, yes, yes, yes. I pull you off the neighbor. Then I push you forward. Then I pump your ass a couple of times and come too. Then I go over your clit with my hand and rub your pussy. Until you also contract as a sign that you have come. Quickly I tell the neighbor that he has received much more than he intended and that it is time for him to leave. He buttons his pants and leaves. What about us? We slip into the shower across the hall. There you tell how much fun you had. The neighbor too. And that as far as you are concerned, the neighbor can join in more often. I say nothing, but think: who knows?