I am Rudi, 18 years old and very shy. Girls think I am good-looking, I think, but I don’t dare to look at them. My mother is single and I find it difficult to even look at her. I notice that she is trying her best to get a little more out among people, but she is far from succeeding. My mother has a friend, Heidi, who visits us regularly. I secretly enjoy looking at her large breasts, which are often visible through an open button on her blouse.

Tonight she is here again. She helps my mother make coffee. As she makes me a cup of coffee, I see her breasts dangling. I quickly lower my eyes, but the image stays with me. When I carefully look up, Heidi is smiling at me. I blush up to the back of my ears and, as usual, feel very uncomfortable. So I quickly finish my coffee and go to my bedroom, mumbling something about homework or something. The next day, my mom tells me that Heidi needs help at the store. I wonder why my mom is telling me this, but then she says I can help her. I startled, “What, me?” “Yes, she often has to lift heavy boxes and you are still a young man. She’s expecting you tomorrow at eight.” I look at her angrily, I am not asked to do anything. I can’t sleep at night because I’m afraid of the next day. What will I say to Heidi?

Then the image of her dangling breasts comes back to my mind, and I feel my big cock stiffen. I finally fall asleep. With my heart pounding, I ring the doorbell. Heidi opens and invites me in. She is not wearing a blouse today, so fortunately I am not staring at her breasts. She is, however, wearing a tight t-shirt with large round nipples. Her round butt is nicely outlined in her tight jeans. What a delicious bitch she is, but I dare not look at her. Shyly, I bend my head down. She gives me a tour of the store, especially the warehouse. She explains that I have to work there because she can’t lift the big boxes easily herself. She sells swimwear and lingerie in her store.

She shows me where everything is and I have to start unpacking the boxes so she can put them on the shelves. If I have a question, I can come to her. She tells me to call her ma’am and asks if I understand. When I don’t answer quickly enough, she says a little louder, “Did you understand?” Startled, I answer, “Yes, ma’am.” She is strict with me, but I like being with her. After a week, she says she is pleased with my work. Proudly, I look at her and murmur, “Thank you. “Thank you, ma’am,” she adds sternly. From now on, I am allowed to enter the store to restock the shelves. Just as I enter the store with my hands full, a blonde woman enters the dressing room. While I am on my knees restocking the shelves, I see the curtain of the fitting room open out of the corner of my eye. I sneak a peek at the woman coming out in her underwear.

No one can see me here, and I admire her firm breasts. The bra is a little too small and her tits are bulging out. Heidi also notices that it is too small and that she will get a bigger one. Then she calls to me and I shyly walk over. “Go to the store and get a double D of the same brand.” I understand the order, but I don’t know what brand the woman tried on. Seeing my doubt, she understands the problem and mentions the brand. Then suddenly the woman says, “Take this one, it will be easier to find. As she says this, she unhooks her bra and I see two beautiful tits. I quickly look down, but I have not yet accepted the bra. When I carefully look up, the woman smiles at me.

You will work in the store in underwear.

Quickly I grab the bra and once again I catch a glimpse of those amazing breasts. They are beautifully round and her nipples stand out boldly. I quickly concentrate on my task to suppress an erection. At the end of the afternoon, Heidi takes me to a bedroom on the second floor. She tells me that the customer was impressed with me and said that she would come back if the pretty boy continued to work in the store. “That gave me an idea. From now on, you will work in the store in underwear.

That way, my customers will buy more because you look sexy and they will buy underwear for their husbands. She places a pair of underpants and a shirt in front of me and orders me to put them on. I look at her in disbelief: “But then I have to undress, ma’am.”

“How else will you put it on? Hurry up.” I slowly undress and turn my back to her. When I am completely undressed, I see a woman across the street looking at me. She probably sees my long cock swinging back and forth, but I don’t dare turn around to face Heidi either. Now I have to grab my underwear and as I do I see Heidi looking at my dick. I quickly put it on and Heidi comes up behind me. She strokes my stomach and says the shirt feels deliciously smooth. Her hands go further down and I wonder nervously if she is going to start stroking my panties too. I feel her hands go over the edge of my panties and my dick starts to erect a little. Heidi moves closer to me and I feel her tits pressing against my back. Her hand now runs over my panties and my penis straightens up. Her other hand strokes under my balls, and she now gently squeezes my cock. “My customers will find this very delicious.” As she says this, she reaches into my panties with one hand and grabs my cock.

She pushes my panties down and the neighbour on the other side now sees my huge erection. Her hand wraps around my now very thick cock and slowly she starts to jerk me off. This is the first sexual experience of my life and it does not take long before I am squirting thick globs against the window in front of me. “You got the window dirty, bad boy. Lick it up.” Patiently, I lick my own cum off the window. “Get dressed. Tomorrow, you come an hour early for punishment. I ring the bell at seven o’clock, as I was told, but it takes longer than usual. Then, with a sleepy face, she opens the door and orders me to come in. She leads me into the bedroom. I see that she is wearing a short robe and I admire her smooth legs. I don’t dare enjoy them for long and quickly look down. “Get undressed.”

As she growls, she grabs some underwear for me and puts them on the bed. As soon as I am completely naked, I want to grab the underwear. “Did I say you could get dressed already?” she asks a little louder now and meanwhile I feel a hard slap on my bottom. “No, ma’am.” You’re starting to learn,” she says a little more nicely now. She turns me to face the window and I see the woman standing across the street again. Yesterday she was wearing normal clothes, but now she is standing in a nightgown. I stand there for at least a minute, wondering what is going to happen. Then I feel something warm against my back and wonder what is happening. Heidi whispers in my ear that the neighbour is enjoying me very much. As she says this, the warm feeling on my back intensifies. Oh my God, that feels so good. Suddenly it dawns on me that these must be her naked breasts. This is beyond anything I have ever dreamed of. My cock immediately points its glans to the ceiling, and once again Heidi grabs my erection. I see the neighbour’s hand go under her nightgown. I feel her warm soft tits move down my back towards my bottom and she grabs me firmly by my hips.

She grabs my cock and push it between her tits.

She turns me a quarter turn and pushes my cock between her tits. With her hands she massages the full breasts and kneads the long cock. With closed eyes I enjoy myself and when she also licks along my glans it becomes too much for me again. I squirt now not on the glass, but in the middle of Madam’s face. I look out and see that the neighbour across the way is fingering himself fiercely. “Lick me clean, pervert.” I kneel down next to her and start licking her face clean. I enjoy it, especially when I lick her mouth and she runs her tongue along mine. When I have licked everything, I stand up. I guess I put on my underwear. My cock has slackened by now and hangs limply a few dozen inches from her face.

To my surprise, she comes forward and hooks my glans into her wet, warm mouth. Little did I know I could get an erection again so quickly. She sucks me for a moment, but then pushes me to the floor. I lie on my back on the floor and wonder what she is up to. So far it’s great. As usual, I don’t really dare look at her, but when I do for a moment, I see that she has placed her feet on either side of my head. I look right at her shiny pussy. I quickly lower my eyes. “Were you looking at my naked pussy, naughty boy?” she says not unkindly. I don’t dare answer. “Look at my flamos,” she suddenly says sternly. Startled, I look between her legs and see that she is beginning to lower her knees. She is so close now that I can smell the special scent of her vagina. “Lick.” Her labia press against my mouth and I run my tongue between them. A lot of fluid comes out and I decide to suck some of it as well. I suck on a kind of lump and wonder what it is.

Heidi seems to like it because she moans and urges me to continue. She pushes her cunt even harder into my face and moves back and forth. Suddenly she screams and I feel my face soaking wet. What is this, is she pissing? But it tastes different. She slides down my chest and belly with her soaking wet pussy. She grabs my penis and pushes it towards her longing pussy. I realize I’m about to fuck for the first time in my life, but then she suddenly jumps up. “Oh my God, we’re going to be late for the store. Quickly put on your underwear and open the store.” I do as she says, hoping that no one enters the store before Heidi arrives. As soon as I get back, I hear the store door open. A small woman with short dark hair and a friendly face enters. She’s not particularly pretty, but there’s something special about her. “Good morning,” she says in a soft voice. As she says it, I notice that she is looking at the bulge in my underwear. I don’t know what to do and assume my familiar head down position.

She comes close to me and whispers in my ear, “My friend said there was a shy boy working here. What nice underwear you have”. She gently caresses my bottom. I only hope that Heidi doesn’t come in now, especially when the customer also strokes my dick for a moment. I am now standing in front of her in my underwear with a stiff cock. “I want a new bra. Look in the fitting room and see what size I should have”. She grabs my hand and pulls me into the dressing room. She immediately takes off her t-shirt, and her bra quickly follows. It hadn’t been that long, I had never seen bare breasts before and now it hadn’t even been 15 minutes. She grabs my hands and puts them on her tits. I knead them for a moment, but have no idea how big they are.

“I’m so hot and I don’t have much time,” she whispers in my ear and pulls down my panties. She pulls up her skirt and pushes her panties down. She puts her foot on a shelf in the dressing room, grabs my thick cock and pushes my glans between her labia. I realize that I am going to fuck for the first time today, but just as I am about to thrust, the curtain opens. “Can you find the right size?”, Heidi says in a friendly voice and acts as if nothing special has happened.

When the customer is gone, she looks at me sternly. “We sold well, but now come with me”. She pulls me into the dressing room and pulls down my panties. My limp dick is dangling in front of her. I wonder what she has in mind. To my surprise, she suddenly takes off her blouse and does not seem to be wearing a bra. “You are mine. Grab my tits”. I sense that she has bigger tits than the customer just had. Like the client, she pulls up her skirt, but she doesn’t have to take off her panties. I, of course, now have a thick cock from having me there again.

Again she copies what the customer did and guides my cock to her juicy twat while she has one leg on the shelf. When my glans is between her fat labia, I think for the third time today, I am about to fuck for the first time in my life. She grabs my butt and pulls me towards her. My pleasure club willingly enters her. I start to thrust and see her stroking herself between her labia. We both thrust hard and come simultaneously in a huge explosion. Exhausted, we hang on each other. “See, you’re mine.”

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