It was a Monday morning, and it was the start of the summer vacation period. I was waiting with my cab at the hospital. It had been about half an hour since the last delivery, so I knew the shift change from night to morning often provided good rides. Another strike on public transportation meant there was a good chance of a longer ride.

The radio was on softly, and the windows were open to let in some fresh air. I’d put my tablet on the steering wheel and was doing some online research. I came across Gertibaldi in the newspaper, where I was reading about two games I was playing with colleagues. I walked past a few stories and saw one by a favorite writer. I opened the story and saw another beautiful picture with two fresh-faced girls in just their panties. I heard a voice say the first line and plot.

“May I ask you something?” That’s all I could say. It seemed like she had seen the picture on the screen. I was taken aback when I looked at her. She was a stunning woman, probably in her forties. Her hair was a bit rusty, and her face looked tired with red eyes. “Was the shift tough?” I asked as I closed the table. I got out and opened the back door. She turned and seemed ready to move on. “Where would you like to go?” I asked. “Yes, I’d like to go to Brussels.” She replied. “Is it safe for me as a woman to be with you?” She wanted to know. “Absolutely. I’m 21 and have been driving a damage-free cab for two years.” She laughed.

“I believe you, but I’m not sure what you read.” Is it safe for me as a forty-one-year-old woman to be in the car with this horny cab driver? I let out a little chuckle and nodded my head in agreement. She got in and took off her cardigan. She was wearing a white T-shirt with a hospital logo, and it seemed like she wasn’t wearing a bra. She gave me the address, so I typed it in and started the meter. “You’re my last ride for the day,” I said. “How was your shift?” I asked in a kind of curious way. She smiled faintly, as she often does. “The AC in our room wasn’t working, so I’m wearing a light jacket.” She went on to explain that she was wearing a strapless top because her bra was missing.

We had about half an hour to get there, assuming there weren’t any traffic jams. She told me she’d had three long shifts and would now have four days off. We drove in silence for a moment as we approached Weesp. In my mirror, I noticed that she was sinking a bit, and the air conditioning was making it cooler. When I looked again a moment later, I noticed that her nipples were a bit swollen. “Is it too cold for you?” I asked. She seemed startled and laughed softly.

“I know that site you were on and often read the stories there, too.” I was trying to picture a scene from a story. She replied. So those nipples were from excitement. “I’m not much for hard stories.” “There has to be chemistry between the characters,” I said. I clarified. She nodded in agreement. “I like stories that take you into a moment and I like weird places.” She revealed. There was a brief pause.

“When I can take a break during a night shift, I sometimes play with myself while reading.” Her voice was soft as she spoke. “Do you masturbate when you read stories?” she asked, looking at me in the rear-view mirror. I started to blush. “Yes, I do, but not when I’m in the car.” When I get home later, I’ll take a shower. Then, in the shower, I’ll… well, you know what I mean. She chuckled and sat up a little straighter. Her nipples were now almost poking through the fabric.

“Are you a private rider?” she asked. “Yes, I registered this ride as my last ride and am scheduled for Tuesday night again.” She nodded and seemed to be thinking. I took another good look in my mirror. “She’s a beautiful woman, almost twice my age,” I thought. By now, we had reached a traffic jam on the road. It was quiet in the car again; she seemed to be sleeping. Near the Bussum exit, she woke up. “Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee later? You were just playing marble ball…” She said, and I confirmed, “You saw that right. If that’s possible, please.”

I drove into a nice wide avenue with detached houses. “Here it is.” I stopped. “If you turn left after our yard, there’s a supermarket there. Just park your car there and walk back to the corner. I’ll open the garden gate. The neighbors don’t have to know anything…” She charged ahead and I held the door open for her. Now I could get a good look at her, slightly smaller than me, firm tits and a fine ass. I got in and followed her directions. I signed out at the switchboard and told them I was going to visit an acquaintance for a while. They could turn off the alarm. I walked back and saw the gate. I stepped inside into a large, sheltered garden.

She was standing there. “Hi, I’m Kim.” And she gave me a hand and the familiar three kisses. I introduced myself and we walked into the kitchen. She turned on the espresso machine and told me she’s married and that her husband flies with KLM. “He’s in Singapore until Thursday and, if the stories are to be believed, he’s sewing the light out of his eyes there.” Her voice sounded businesslike and flat. That’s just the way it is at KLM. She looked at me sternly. “You told me that when you get home later, you’re going to shower.” She gave me a wink. “You can do that here, too.” I smiled internally.

“Are we going to shower together then?” I asked. “Sure, there’s plenty of room!” I put the mug on the table and stood up. “Let’s take a shower together, Kim.” She stood up and pulled me against her. “First a hug. Then a kiss, and then a slow tongue kiss. I lifted her up and set her on the dining room table. I stood between her spread legs and our hands explored each other. I caressed her buttocks and let my hands go inside her T-shirt. She had lovely soft skin and firm breasts. Her hands went from my ass to my belly and down to my crotch. “Soo!” She moaned softly as her fingers explored the length of my semi-rigid sex. “I had a friend who called me Snake.” She laughed loudly, “I can understand why.” She opened my pantaloons and fished out my cock.

“What a nice one” her hand encompassed my balls. “What a big device that sits there, no one can handle, right?” she said. “You can try it.” I challenged Kim, “and you can try it on if you want.” Now the game was hers. Holding my sex, she pushed me backwards. “Now upstairs!” Like a little dog I ran after her. My cock was already stirring nicely. In the mega-large bathroom was a shower stall, big enough for two people with two large shower heads. She let go of my cock and, as she looked at me, lifted her T-shirt. I swallowed, and two beautiful tits appeared. Nicely shaped and firm, I had already felt that. Proudly, she ran her hands over them.

“We helped nature a little,” she said. I didn’t care. I stepped over and caressed them and kissed her nipples one by one. Kim cooed softly and pushed me away. I started to undress, and she soon followed suit. She had a little bit of pubic hair covering her mound. “Tadaaah, do you like it?” I grabbed my cock and slowly started to slide my hand back and forth over the stem. “STOP… In my head, we’re in the shower together, looking at each other…” She opened the door and turned on the shower. She stayed in the door and I wriggled past her, rubbing my sex against her lower abdomen. Kim moaned softly. She put me under the second shower head, the hot water doing me good. I looked at her and played with my sex, while Kim caressed and played with her breasts. Behind her was a kind of standing stool. She put one foot on the stool and let one hand go to her pussy. “I’m so wet and horny,” she moaned as she let two fingers go inside her. “Come here.”

I stepped forward and she withdrew her fingers and offered them. My sex lay against her leg. I licked her index and middle finger. That tasted like more! “Can I lick you?” She shook her head no. “First my fantasy.” “I’d love to watch you squirt right here.” I stepped back under my own shower and began to gently jerk, all the while looking at this beautiful forty-something, playing with her breasts, squeezing them, pulling on her nipples, and even licking them. What a horny picture. She spread her legs. “I want you tight in here…” and she opened her lips invitingly. I quickened my hand and felt my orgasm coming. I moaned softly. “Are you going to come for me?” Kim asked. She got off the stool and knelt in front of me. “I want your seed on my tits!”

We looked at each other as the first blobs of seed shot out of my cock. “Go on, give it to me…” she moaned. The image of that woman with her tits in her hands, covered with my seed! It was pretty incredible. I stumbled back and stepped out of the shower. Kim licked the first drops from her breasts before collecting my seed with her hand and lapping it from her hand. Without a word, Kim sat on the stool. She started fingering herself, using my seed as lube, and moaned as she came within seconds. I stepped forward and took her in my arms. We stood under the running shower for quite some time, stroking and enjoying the afterglow.

She gently bit a nipple and when I looked at her, she asked if I wanted a second round. “Before or after breakfast?” I chose the latter. She turned off the shower and we dried each other off. She handed me a tub, “From my husband.” She clarified and put one on herself. Her guy was a lot smaller than me. When I buttoned the jacket, as I walked, my cock wiggled between the fabric. Today, I felt free. Kim blushed… “That one smelled my pussy… But he’ll have to wait a while.” I went into the kitchen and she made sandwiches and made a second round of coffee. After a delicious breakfast, we went out to the terrace, in the sun, and she looked at me.

“Second round?” “Here on the terrace or…” she looked up diagonally. I got up and lifted her out of the chair and walked into the kitchen with Kim in my arms. “The kitchen sink?” She laughed. “No, that doesn’t fit my dream. Take me upstairs. I want to feel that thing everywhere. At the top of the stairs to the left, across the soft high-pile carpet, she directed me into a room. There stood a mega four-poster bed with a large mirror at the headboard. I laid her down and looked at her. She slid a little further up the bed. I took the lead and opened her robe. First, I touched her legs, which she had closed. I kissed her belly and touched and kissed her breasts.

“What lovely, excited nipples!” I moaned. Kim softly cooed as my still flaccid penis slid down her legs. My mouth went to her neck, and a moment later, our mouths met. Kim’s hand found my cock and began to gently harden me. She gently slid my foreskin back. “Want a kiss?” I moved over her so my glans was on her lips. She sucked and let my glans slide into her mouth. Carefully she came out of the mattress with her head to take more of my cock into her mouth. She gagged and I quickly pulled back. “I only had a very small piece inside.” I reassured her. “More than my ex ever allowed.” We kissed again, and I pushed back.

“Yes, put that cock between my breasts!” I followed her lead and she pushed her tits together. Now she came up with her mouth and took my glans in her mouth again. She put her hands on my ass and gently pulled me forward, taking more and more of my sex into her mouth. This felt really good. She let go of me and I slowly began to pull my cock back and forth between her breasts. “Do you want to try it in my pussy?” She asked softly. I decided to take my time and continued just stroking her breasts while playing with her nipples. “Don’t make my pussy wait too long.” She moaned. I rolled off her and curled up against her. Kim spread her legs and I stroked her belly, feeling the blonde pubic hair that graced her little hill slip under my fingers. “Please, first put two fingers inside me.”

I felt her sheath stretch as I gently slid two fingers inside her. She moaned softly and gasped. I sat down between her legs and saw us in the mirror. “Do you want to turn? Then I could see us too.” “I want to see how you’re going to fuck me!” she said softly. We turned and I took my cock in my hand, while Kim opened her lips with both hands and I let my glans slide back and forth between her labia. She looked at me tightly and sometimes looked in the mirror. “This is really horny!” she said. My glans rested against her soaking wet entrance. “Are you coming up to get my glans?” Kim tensed her legs and belly and pushed her pelvis up. My glans slid in effortlessly. When she moved down again, I moved with her and pushed a little further.