When I got divorced, I felt like I had to prove myself in the world of internet dating. I went on a lot of dates online, sometimes followed by a face-to-face meeting. At the time, I was pretty experienced and had a healthy, muscular body. On a forum, I had relaxed and open conversations with her about sex and submission. She seemed to have a lot of experience with that, going to kinky fetes and having a hardcore fetish on BDSM. My interest in this subject had already manifested itself in a mild way in my marriage, but was now extra sparked by her way of talking. I learned some terms of the world that were new to me. For example, the designation “switch” means that someone can be both dominant and submissive.

The topics were exciting and educational for me. She was a pain slave with a master who punished her mercilessly with whippings and other hard beatings with his hands. It often left her with damaged skin and bruises. The sessions hurt so much and for so long that she ended up in “subspace,” a mental state of trance and hallucination that was very satisfying for her. Although I couldn’t imagine anything like that, I was intrigued. In the profile picture, I saw long hair and a piece of her face. Enough to fantasize with, but not to recognize. She was also older than me. In our conversations, she told me she wasn’t the thinnest, but not the fattest either, and that she was open to a fun contact. I got her number on Telegram and from then on we had some relaxed conversations through this medium.

One summer night, I got home around 2:00 a.m. from a party at a friend’s house that I had gone to by myself. As I stepped into my living room, I realized that I still had things to do. On my phone, I checked some apps and saw that she was online. I wrote a short greeting and got an immediate reply. I immediately replied, “If you want, I’ll take a shower and come to you.” I wrote as I felt my member start to get semi-hard in my jeans. At first, she seemed a bit overwhelmed by my direct approach, but she seemed open to it, both literally and figuratively. Wow, this is really exciting! She said she’d never done this without having met before. I had to admit that this was the first time for me too, but by now I was pretty excited by the thought of what might happen. We agreed in confidence that I would come to her and we would see. It seemed like a good deal.

I quickly jumped into the shower to wash myself thoroughly. Because of the sexual tension, my cock had grown nicely, so I pulled back the foreskin a few times while I used my thumb and forefinger to clean the head of the penis with shower foam. Shaved, I was already ready to go. I quickly dried off, put on clean clothes, and emailed that I was ready to leave. I knew from previous conversations that she lived in the same city, but it turned out to be closer than I thought.

After only five minutes, I drove into the neighborhood where she lived. I started looking for the house number and a parking space. It was now around 3 a.m., so I gently closed the car door and walked carefully to her front door. I texted to say I had arrived. There was still a light on in the hallway I saw through the overhead light. My pants were already a little tighter. The door opened, and I was greeted discreetly. She closed the door behind me again. “Hi,” she said softly, and I greeted her back with a cheerful “Hello.” She was wearing a gray bathrobe, and I got two fleeting kisses on my cheek. We looked at each other for a moment, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, and she took me into the living room. During the brief conversation, we looked at each other’s appearance. She had a full face and a body much bulkier than I had expected from her description. Her robe was open just enough to catch a glimpse of her breasts. I was on and not going to get off for the time being.

She saw the bulge forming in my pants and beckoned me upstairs with her, becoming aroused herself. Her fat ass rocked up the stairs right in front of me, but I was too polite to touch it at this point. When we got to the bedroom, she took off her robe and hung it up. She helped me take off my clothes as she sat on her double bed. Her hefty breasts hung seductively in view, gently bobbing along to every movement. Now completely naked, we lay on the bed and caressed each other. I kissed her lips gently while I kneaded her breasts. By now, my young colleague had fully aroused himself, and she slid her hand over my hard member before grasping it and not letting go. In her eyes, I could now see excitement and pleasure as well.

She started by pulling on my cock, then brought her mouth to my throbbing sex. A little pre-cum came out of the urethra as her tongue licked over the exposed glans. She then switched to sucking, and soon she was moving her head firmly up and down over my cock, which was at full strength. Meanwhile, I was trying to get my fingers between her labia. She parted her legs slightly and gave me room to grope her. Her shaved pussy was wet enough for me to penetrate her. For a moment, her blow job stopped when I touched her clit. With a sigh, she resumed to satisfy me. My hand gently pushes her head a little further over my boner. I feel a strange kind of horniness take possession of me. Physically, she is actually not quite my type, but I don’t really notice that. I start to get horribly horny from her thick body. I pull out of her mouth.

It’s now my turn to satisfy her orally. She lies on her back, pulls her legs up, and gives me plenty of space to arouse her further. With my forearm on the inside of her thigh, I rub my thumb over her swollen clit. At the same time, I push my tongue as far as I can between her inner lips. She moans when I touch her properly. I take her pleasure bud into my mouth too quickly and too roughly, but she can take that. My tongue flashes back and forth over her clit with great pressure and speed, alternating from top to bottom and from left to right. After a minute, her body cramps up and she experiences her first modest orgasm. Hard and horny as I am, I now want to fuck her.

I’m not very good at putting on a condom, but she helps me out. Once I’ve put on the condom, I put it between her lips. I try to control myself and not thrust too hard. I slide my cock inside her. We are in missionary position. I’m worried, but she can easily take me and encourages me to thrust harder. I comply with her request. I pound into her lower body. I grab her tits and pound against them in a controlled manner. She moans as if she likes it.

Meanwhile, I keep up the pace of my hips. My cock goes up and down her big cunt faster and harder. The condom takes away some of the sensation, but this violence is untenable. I feel myself getting closer and closer to the point of no return. With a few last hard thrusts, the dam breaks, and I growl and squirt the condom full into her pussy. Tired, I pull out of her and turn onto my side to remove the condom. Once the contraceptive is tied in a knot and wrapped in tissues, I wash my hands and penis as best I can. We’re not done yet.

On her nightstand is a jar of gel that says “FIST.” That’s a pretty unusual name for gel, don’t you think? Oh, wait a minute. It’s not gel. She’s kinky, but she wants me to fist fuck her. That’s new to me, but I’m eager to try it. With a big blob of fist cream, I make my right hand as slippery as possible. She lies on her side on the bed and has her legs as far apart as possible. I look at her fat tits, but I have to concentrate on my task for a while. Two, three, and then four fingers slide into her ample pussy quite easily.

She watches seductively as I stretch her lower body as I gently penetrate her. The fist cream obviously helps tremendously, but she is also already soaking wet. Now it’s really going to start. I bring my fingers and thumb together and make my hand as narrow as possible to penetrate her. The first part goes fine, and I take my hand back and forth between her tightly erect labia a few times. “Now onward,” she says. To get farther, I have to start applying more force and slowly but surely increase the pressure. “Whew,” she moans, but not with pleasure. With some more cream, I try again. Again, I get no further. The knuckles of my hand can’t compress small enough to really fist her. That’s a shame. I would have liked to give her that pleasure and myself the experience, but it’s not going to happen.

The disappointment doesn’t last long because I want to satisfy her. I know she’s submissive, so I push her back onto her back and climb over her to push my cock into her mouth. With my hand, I knead her breasts and thrust up and down in her mouth a few times. She plays nicely with my supposedly dominant position and moans while sucking me. I like that dominant role, though I will never be able to really hurt anyone. I’m not a sadist. I’m a lover, and right now I’m focused on getting her to have an orgasm. I put three fingers inside her and move them up and down while also trying to stimulate her G-spot.

She seems to like that. I move my fingers in and out quickly while also licking her clit with my fingers still inside her. I’m going faster now, licking back and forth as well as my hand continues to race up and down. Fortunately, it’s having the desired effect. She’s pushing her hips up and into the bed, and I can tell she’s getting close to the end. I’m licking and fingering her to climax. It’s worth the cramp in my fingers and tongue when her body begins to tremble and she cums deliciously with a deep sigh, “Oohhhh yesaaah.” I keep licking until the last waves of pleasure have subsided, and she gently pushes my head away.

We chat for a while and relax about our experience. No regrets? Neither of us do. In fact, I have a hard-on again, which I rub against her. “Yes, you’re just a horny guy,” she says. I’m done for the night. You can jerk off on my body. Too bad. I would have liked another round, but I have to respect her choice. I get on my knees and sit next to her. I take her nipples into my mouth one by one. With my right hand, I pull my foreskin back and start massaging. My left hand rubs her big tits. As I jerk off, I look deep into her eyes. She looks back with a gaze that is halfway between sultry and pity. That helps. I rub my glans over both nipples for a moment, then set the final sprint. First with long strokes, then with short, quick jerks, my hand races over my glans. Panting and with shaking hips, I squirt my load over her heaving breasts. It runs right off on both sides. She pushes her breasts together to contain the leakage. A couple of tissues hold it back.

It was time for me to leave. I got dressed and said goodbye to her. It was a unique experience, and we spoke a few more times on the app, but then our contact slowed down.