Leona worked online and her “workplace,” as it is called, needed to be modernized. The photo is of a very in-demand webcam model. So is the second photo. You can see her.

She sits across from him in the middle on the couch in his apartment. Leona, 39, a sturdily built, 5-foot-7 woman. Dark half-long hair. She wears a t-shirt with a wide neck. The start of her breasts can be seen. Underneath is a skirt that, now that she is seated, reaches halfway up her thighs.

He sits across from her. Pascal, 22, a tall, well-built, attractive man. He is dressed in black. Black pants, black t-shirt, black jacket. He looks at her. His eyes wander over her body. Leona doesn’t care. She’s used to it.

Leona worked online and her workplace needed to be modernized.

The encounter was at lunchtime. Leona had gone to the lunchroom where Pascal eats regularly. She didn’t know him. She had only seen a picture of him. Girlfriends had told her he could help her. Leona worked online and her “workplace,” as it is called, needed to be modernized.

She saw him immediately. He was sitting with 3 other men around a round table and were busy talking. Leona took a table, such that she was in his line of sight. She ordered lunch. Continuously she looked in his direction until she knew he noticed. Regularly they looked at each other and occasionally Leona smiled at him. The contact was made. Not difficult at all if you are attractive. And attractive is Leona!

When the men had finished their lunch they stood up. Hands were shaken and the three left. Pascal stayed behind. He looked at Leona, who by now had also finished her lunch. She looked at him. Then he came over to her. He greeted her and asked if she had time to have a drink with him. Of course she had time. After all, she needed him!

He invited her to the back terrace. They ordered a glass of wine.

After some introductory talk, Pascal asked what he could do for her. Leona explained that she needed money. It wasn’t a large amount, but she needed it quickly. Pascal asked her a few questions. No, she didn’t have a steady job. She had some part-time income. But maybe she could pay him back in kind. She put her hand on his arm for a moment.

Pascal, not much of a talker, looked at her observantly. Leona did not pale. She did not lower her eyes. After a long moment of silence, he said softly, “I have a proposal. We meet here this afternoon at 6. We’ll have dinner somewhere and you’ll stay with me tonight. In return, I won’t lend you the money, you’ll get it.”

That was more than she had expected. A night with Pascal. No problem though she had to arrange something. She accepted his proposal. “There is one condition though,” Pascal added. He bent over to Leona and whispered the condition in her ear. What he said could not be heard. When she agreed to that too, Pascal stood up. He had work to do.

Leona had a friend.

Leona had a friend. Well, for what it was worth then. A man who came to her regularly and with whom she had wild sex. Coincidentally, she had arranged to meet at her house for that evening. She called him and cancelled the appointment under the guise of a sick friend.

When she got home she first took an extensive shower. Naked and wet afterwards she stood in front of the mirror. She often looked at herself in the mirror. Large firm breasts, no belly and her pussy was not exactly small either. Satisfied, she stroked her body. Although there wasn’t a hair to be seen, she went over her pussy with a sharp razor anyway. Then she walked over to the linen closet. She chose a short skirt and a t-shirt. The choice of her lingerie: white. She left the house on time and took the bus to the center. A few hundred meters of walking and then her night with Pascal would begin.

Along the curb is a BMW.

A horn sounds. Out of habit she looks up. Along the street is a BMW. The window goes down. “Leona.” She stops and walks to the car. She bends down and sees Pascal sitting there. “Come!” he says. Without hesitation she opens the door and gets in. It is pleasantly cool in the car. She looks around. Beautiful interior with leather upholstery. Leona loves leather. The music is soft, but the sound is brilliant. It fills the car, without being intrusive. Pascal drives off.

The sound of the engine is barely audible. From the side she looks at him. Truly an attractive man and all in black, just like the interior of the BMW. Black, go her thoughts, prince of the night! Experiencing things that can’t bear the light of day. She thinks about his condition. It doesn’t repel her. On the contrary. Leona is up for much, much. Exciting, challenging, exhilarating and that with a man she barely knows.

They have dinner in a nice restaurant. Not a fancy restaurant, just neat. Only now does she notice how little Pascal talks. He asks her questions, but he hardly tells her anything about himself. All she finds out is that he has a wife and a thriving business. What he does…question mark, whether he has children…. question mark.

I work online. If men want to see me, they have to pay for it.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asks. “Yes, but not really close if that’s what you mean.” “Does he know you’re with me?”
“No, I just mentioned that I’m spending the night with a sick friend.”
“You have a part-time income. Tell me about it”
“I work online. If men want to see me, they have to pay for it. That’s how I make some money, but, unfortunately, I’m not the only one. There’s a lot of competition.”
“If I pay you and I see you, what do you do?”
“Whatever you ask me to do.”
“A lot, a lot.”

“Do you meet these men outside of work, too?” “Hardly at all. Very occasionally.”
“And that’s how you got your boyfriend?” “Um…yes.”
It’s quiet for a while. Silently they eat.
“Where are we going later?” asks Leona.
“To my apartment.”
“Oh,” She hadn’t expected that. She had thought of a hotel.

Pascal misunderstands her reaction. He says, “I live with my wife in a bungalow. I bought the apartment with it. I’m not there that often.”

Again there was silence. No, Pascal is not a talker.

Suddenly he says, “Just a word about your online work. So you’ve made sex your profession. The men who seek you out make you do all kinds of things for a fee. Give me the site later and your name there. I’ll look you up sometime. But, can men talk to you privately?”

Yes, I have a private channel.

“Yes, I have a private channel. Sometimes men want to be alone with me. They can. But what I said: it doesn’t earn as much anymore. There are so many girls doing this now.”

worked online

They talk for a while longer. That is, Leona does. Pascal doesn’t say much and when he does say something it’s really just questions. After dinner they have a drink and then leave. The apartment is waiting.

And now she sits in the middle of the sofa in Pascal’s spacious apartment. In front of her is a glass of wine. On it the coffee table cigarettes. Hers and his. He holds the glass in his hands. They look at each other. She sees his eyes go over her body. She says nothing. She waits. It’s like she’s online. Then she also waits for the customers to tell her what to do. Only then she barely feels any excitement.

I want to see your panties!

“I want to see your panties!” No problem for her. Leona had experienced this so many times before. Men asking her from behind a screen to show her panties, but now… now it’s very different. Now he’s sitting across from her. Now it’s “live. She feels excitement. Tingles begin to travel through her body. She looks into his eyes. Quietly he looks back. There is no sign of excitement in him. Or is that just an illusion? Pascal, she has already experienced, is very calm and quiet, but Leona knows the expression: Still waters run deep!

Leona spreads her legs slightly. She sees his eyes go down.

“Wider” he says calmly. She opens her legs wider.

immediately he grabs her breasts again.

Then Pascal gets up. He moves behind the couch, behind Leona. She feels his hands on her shoulders. His hands go to her breasts and knead her breasts through her t-shirt. Lower his hands go. They grab the edge of her t-shirt and pull it up. Over her head and off. immediately he grabs her breasts again which are now only covered by her bra. Then he removes one breast from the cup, then the other, but her bra stays on. Her breasts rest on her bra.

Softly he says, “You have big tits. I like that.” His cool hands caress and squeeze. When he takes her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and plays with them they become hard. He walks back to his armchair and stays in front of it. In one movement he takes off his t-shirt. Leona sees his naked chest. Sun tanned, muscular, broad shoulders. What a body! Her excitement turns to lust. She wants to touch him, but knows she must wait. From the coffee table he grabs her cigarettes. He lights one and, without saying a word, hands her the burning cigarette. Then he gives her her wine glass. Then he sits down. Silently he watches Leona who is sitting on the couch smoking and drinking.

When she puts out her cigarette he says, “How often do you masturbate?” Not masturbate and if so how often.

“Are you alone then?”
“Not now. Now I’m here. Masturbate, caress yourself!”

At her “work” Leona also masturbated. She never came then. She got wet, sure, but no orgasm. A lot of it was fake, but the no doubt panting men behind their screens, had no idea about that anyway. At home she masturbated too. Until she came. Only now Pascal was sitting across from her.

Leona puts her glass away. She’s already in the mood. The tingling is already there. She looks at his muscular smooth chest and starts stroking herself. Moist is zel, in no time she is getting wet. Her hand goes into her panties. She regularly closes her eyes.She is getting really horny now.

Suddenly Pascal says, “Stop! Take off your panties and give it to me!”

He stands up. Still calm and so, so quiet. Leona takes off her panties and reaches for Pascal, but Pascal doesn’t take it. Not yet. He unbuckles the belt of his pants, opens them and pulls them off. In his briefs he stands before her and now Leona sees the outline of his cock. Calm and composed? On the outside maybe, but not on the inside. Pascal grabs her panties and sits down again, but this time with her legs spread.

Play with yourself!

“Play with yourself!” She looks at his crotch as she gently strokes her smooth skin. Pascal watches her, observing her as he holds her panties under his nose.

“Your pussy smells good,” he says unexpectedly.
“Take off your panties,” Leona responds, “I want to see you.”

He stands up, takes off his panties and throws them at Leona. Jesus, how big, Leona thinks, my friend’s is nothing like that. What a size. She presses his briefs against her nose and smells it.

“Look at my cock and masturbate.” His voice sounds unchanged calm.
“So big,” she says softly. Pascal merely smiles.

She forces herself not to close her eyes. She looks into his crotch. Bloody horny she gets from seeing his hard-on. Her belly goes up and down. Her mouth is open. Soft moans are heard and Pascal knows she is almost there now.

He stands up again and kneels between her legs which he pushes far apart. She is so wet and she smells so good. His mouth on her pussy. He licks her labia and the entrance to her pussy. Then he looks up. “I want you to cum on my mouth.” He opens her labia and licks and sucks on her clit. Leona doesn’t last long. She doesn’t want to either. An orgasm pulls through her. She cums. Pussy fluid drips onto his leather couch. For a moment Pascal holds her, then he stands up. He hands her her wine glass that is still half full and walks back to his armchair. Leona remains on the sofa. Surprised! Not fucking?

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” she asks.
“Are you in a hurry?” he replies.
“No, but…” She’s really surprised. Her boyfriend always dives on top of her then and gets fucked wildly. Pascal is different. That’s pretty obvious.
“I want to suck you!” And she means it. His long hard cock works like a magnet on her.
“Then come here. On your hands and knees. Slowly! But first take off your bra.”
She obeys and then lowers herself to the floor. Slowly she crawls toward him.
“Stop!”, he says when she is halfway, “move your tits.”

After all, she has big breasts.

She’s asked that regularly when she’s online, too. After all, she has big breasts. It apparently turns men on when they sway back and forth. She does and looks at him hornily in the process. When she is between his knees, he stretches his legs and long body. Calm and relaxed, he waits for her. A lick over his trunk. “Do you like being sucked?”

He looks at her with a smile. “Yes.” Leona, for a moment then, takes over the initiative.

Cautiously, she begins to lick him. She pays sharp attention to quickly discover how and where it is most pleasurable for him. She grabs him and moves her hand up and down. She sees him enjoying himself. Should she suck him off? She doesn’t know. She would notice. She licks his sack and sucks his balls into her mouth. Sometimes she picks up the pace. Sometimes she takes it easy.

After sucking him for a while, Pascal puts his hand on her head. She stops, but holds him. “You know how to suck a man,” he says. It sounds so calm. What fantastic control this man has. Her boyfriend had long since shot his seed down her throat. Pascal didn’t.

“Lick my ass.”

He’s already lifting his legs. Leona notices that his buttocks are as brown as the rest of his body. Sunbed probably. After some kisses and licks on his buttocks, she opens his ass. Her tongue goes through his buttock. It tastes different. Not gross or anything, just different. She licks his anus and occasionally goes up to his sac. Leona is really trying hard. Every now and then she hears a satisfied sound. A moan. Pascal really likes this.

Pascal puts his feet back on the ground. “Come here!” She understands him. Licking and kissing his body, she comes up.When her face is near his, he says, “Kiss me.”

She kisses him. It becomes an endless tongue kiss. The first kiss. Her body presses against his. She feels his pole, he feels her tits. She is ready for him. And he for her. Now they’re going to fuck. She straightens up.

“Wait a minute.”

For a moment she has to get off him to get her purse and pulls out a condom.

“Here,” she says, “will you do it or shall I?”
“I want to fuck you.”
“Yeah, me too. I want you to take me.”
“With a condom?” His eyebrows go up questioningly.
“Yeah right.”

He looks at her seriously and asks her, “Do you really want me to put one of those on?”
“Don’t you?” she responds with a counter question.
“No! Throw it away.”

She hesitates for a brief moment. Of course she uses the pill. But still.

The condom lands on the coffee table. She climbs on top of him. She pushes him into herself and begins to ride him. Soon her lust returns. Rhythmically she slides back and forth on him. That he is not participating, she does not realize. He remains silent, while she does all the work. An orgasm sets in. Not as strong as earlier on the couch, but still. With a moan, she cums.

“You didn’t cum.”

Leona looks at him. “Why not? Don’t you want to? Can’t you?” He waits a moment to answer, but then says, “This was just foreplay. We’ll take a short break. Then we’ll go to my bed and there I want to play with you, make love to you, fuck you, like you may never have experienced before. The night is still young.”

Leona smiled. She had not heard him use so many words and phrases at once before.

Leona lies relaxed against him on the couch. She is smoking a cigarette. The wine bottle is already empty. The clock points 10 to 11. It was good, she realizes. Came twice. And Pascal calls this just foreplay? This man is so different from the men she has known or as her boyfriend. Pascal interrupts her thoughts by putting his arm around her. His hand grabs her right breast and begins to play with it gently. Instantly her nipple responds. She looks at his cock. Big, but not so hard anymore.

“We’ll go to my bedroom in a minute.”
“And then?” She teases him.

But Pascal is not the man for teasing. He responds seriously, “Then we’ll have sex. I want to fuck you deep.”
“I also want you to fuck me, but first…where’s your bathroom?”

“Do you have to sometimes? Me too. Come on!”

They get up. They walk out of the room and up the stairs. He for. The bathroom is large. There is a bathtub, a shower of course, and a toilet. The tub, she notices, is of normal length, just wider. He embraces her and presses her against a low cabinet. Then he kisses her. It is only the 2nd kiss. His hands caress her back. Leona loves being pampered like this. She feels his hands on her breasts as the kiss continues endlessly. Desire is already rising in her again. She feels herself getting horny and that after only a kiss and some caresses. Or is it because of what he said on the couch?

He pulls her to the bathtub. “Me first. Hold my cock.” Leona had done that before. Her boyfriend sometimes asked that too and then he wanted to piss on her. Leona thinks less of that. But Pasal doesn’t ask that. He pisses in the bathtub. It takes him a long time to finish. “Clean me with your mouth.” That surprises her. She takes him in his mouth. For a moment she tastes some of his piss, but it’s over quickly.

It’s her turn. Pascal has her sit on the short side of the tub. She has to put her feet on the long sides. She wants to open her pussy because she also knows Pascal wants to see her piss. But he prevents her. Pascal himself opens her labia with both hands. When she pisses, they both look at the golden yellow jet. While she is still sitting, Pascal uses the shower head to rinse everything away. “I’ll clean you up,” he says. She sits down on the long side of the tub. He kneels between her legs and licks her pussy clean.

When they get to the bedroom, Leona sees a huge bed. At least 2 feet by 2 feet. Kingsize! She lies down on the bed. Her head on a pillow. Pascal comes and lies down next to her. He leans on his right elbow while his left hand is already moving over her body. He leans over her breasts and licks her. It’s different from earlier in the evening on the couch. Then he was much more careful, now he is more compelling. His hand goes over her belly, her pussy, the inside of her thighs. It seems like he doesn’t skip a spot. Stroking, sometimes even squeezing, he rubs her body. He pushes her arms up and licks her armpits, licking along her arms to her face. He licks her neck, her earlobe. And all the while his left hand caresses her body.

Leona lies with her eyes closed.

Leona lies with her eyes closed. She is enjoying. When he fingers her for a moment, she moans. She is wet! She feels horny. Don’t stop, Pascal, she thinks. Pascal doesn’t stop. She opens her legs wider when his hand asks her to. More often, fingers go inside her. She feels his teeth around her nipple and watches. With his teeth, he pulls her breast up. First one, then the other. Suddenly his mouth is over her mouth. “Give me your tongue.”

She sticks out her tongue. His lips go around it. Back and forth his lips go over her protruding tongue. It excites so pleasantly. He grabs her arms that are still above her head with both hands. “Give me your tongue and look at me!” She looks at his face just above her. She watches him form spit on his lips. Then it drips into her mouth. “Swallow!”

His left hand is already on her body again. She feels his fingers inside her again.

“You’re so horny!”
“Yes, god yes” It almost sounds like a moan. She really does feel blood horny again already.
“Do you want me to take you?”
“Yes, please. I want you inside me.”

He straightens up. Leona sees his hard long cock.

Licking, he moves down her body. She feels his tongue in her navel. Lower. He licks her pubic area. Then he lifts her legs. “Hold them down” She holds them in her knee bones. She feels his tongue on her pussy. She shivers. What a pleasure. What an experience. To be spoiled by Pascal for so long. He wants her, she wants him, but he keeps putting it off. What control that man has. She shivers again when she feels his tongue inside her. She shakes as his tongue passes over her clit.

No, he’s not sucking on it. He doesn’t want her to cum now. Later, when he’s inside her.

“I want to lick your ass.”
She nods almost violently. “Yes, lick me.”

Continuing, he pushes her legs up and quickly shoves a pillow under her ass. She feels his tongue go through her butt crack. She feels his tongue on her anus. Plos he spits on her ass and tries to wriggle in.

Leona is not against anal sex. She does it sometimes, but now she doesn’t want to. Now her pussy is burning. She feels his finger slowly penetrate her. Her anus opens up. Several times he spits on her anus. He is gentle. She doesn’t mind. On the contrary. It gives her a full feeling. His finger moves slowly back and forth. More spit, even deeper. Pascal’s middle finger goes all the way into her anus. His tongue plays with her pussy at the same time. Leona feels like she’s going crazy with desire. Not for a moment does she lie still. She moans constantly. Pascal knows it. And no, he won’t let her cum. Up to the limit, but not over it yet.

He withdraws his finger and comes back to lie beside her. Leona’s body screams for satisfaction, but Pascal comes to lie next to her. Godsamme! He smells his finger.

“Even your ass is horny,” he says. She grabs his head and pulls him to her.

“Come inside me. Fuck me, satisfy me! I need it so much.”

Pascal quickly goes between her legs. He lifts her legs up. He holds them in front of his arms.This way he can get even deeper into her. He pushes his long cock into her.

Yes, deeper, fill me up.

“Yes, deeper, fill me up.”
He thrusts a few times. And with each thrust, Leona gives a cry. She feels how deep he is inside her.
“Look at me.” With a blurry look, she looks at him. He sees the sweat on her face.
“Open your womb for me.”

Even deeper he enters her and then begins to pump. Hard and deep.

Leona has never fucked like this before. One lustful wave after another engulfs her. The orgasms follow one another. It almost becomes too much for her, but then she feels a warm wave squirt into her. Jets of sperm fill her up. And when he has finally emptied himself, she clings to him like a drowning man.

It takes a long time for her breathing to calm down. It was so intense. No, never before has she experienced this. It’s 1:30 in the night. They are sitting next to each other on the bed. She has a soft drink and he…coffee.She looks at him from the side. What a man! His calmness and especially his control. “I believe I’ll have to borrow money from you many more times.”

But Pascal doesn’t pick up on the joke. “Borrow? You’ll get it from me anyway!” Humor is not his strong suit. Sex is. Jesus, how incredibly delicious.

She tells him, “You have to believe me. I’ve never had sex this long and this good.” Pascal smiles. “It was nice. It was very nice to have sex with you.”

“I want to experience this again. Is that possible?”

Pascal is clearly thinking about the answer. “Anything is possible,” he finally says, “and if it happens, it will be different again, but at least as delicious!”
Questioningly, Leona looks at him. “You told me about your online job. I’ll look you up and we’ll go private. And maybe we’ll meet afterwards. Maybe.”

“I’ll wait for you.”

The next morning, Leona receives an envelope. She writes on a piece of paper the website and her name. Then Pascal takes her away. A few blocks from her house, she gets out. No kiss.

Leona says one more time, “I really hope we can meet again soon.” No answer. A kissing hand and away she walks.