“I do think it’s rude that you keep looking at my breasts and up my skirt.” Ten minutes earlier my mother had just left, and at the same time a beautiful mature lady had sat down on the couch across from me. My mother had smiled politely at her as she left me. Read this fantasy story with Skype Ms. Alexis Rittimon.

I was a second-year student in high school and doing well, and now it was almost summer vacation. Wonderful. I wanted a vacation job, and I had put up little posters in various places in the town of Skive, where we lived, but no one had approached me.

My father had been kicked out many years ago, and he had left for South America somewhere. We never heard from him again, but my mother was the best mother I could ever have. Sweet and forgiving, and I could talk to her about anything – even all my adolescent problems. When I came home from high school one day, my mother was sitting with my weekend sex magazines, which she had found under my bed when she changed the sheets. The magazines were all about older women dominating young boys.

Long conversation about girls, sex, SM and sexual submission.

We had a long conversation about girls, sex, SM and sexual submission. Quite uninhibitedly, she entered into a conversation about that too. I cried a little as I told her that I always had images like that in my head. My thoughts about this bothered me so much in daily life that sometimes I almost had trouble with my homework.

I also dreamed about what older women could do to me. And sometimes I saw myself in a dress, I really felt like a pervert. I even got to the point where I told my mother that if she had had a dress, I might have tried it on, just to feel what it was like to wear one. I was not looking at girls my own age, but at my female teachers and my mother’s girlfriends. I just wanted so badly to be with a mature woman who knew how to use me. Mom had come out of the closet as a lesbian 2 years ago and she had a huge tolerance for everyone.

She told me that I was so young, and that I didn’t know my own sexual preference (yes, she had said that), so it was possible that I was just straight. I would find out when I found a nice young girlfriend one day. “But I don’t want any of those young girls!

They are so immature. I’m only interested in mature ladies”. “It’s about living your dreams, otherwise you’re just going to be sad. Maybe I could talk to one of my girlfriends and see if she would be willing to help you. Then she could…” She got no further before I stopped her. “NO MOM – NOW YOU STOP FUCKING WITH ME!”

And then I ran out of the apartment crying. I didn’t come back for a few hours, and the first thing I said was, “Let’s not talk about it anymore! Is that okay?” And then I gave her a big hug. “Yes, I just wanted to help you.

I thought one of my friends might…” “No, please stop now. I don’t want any of your friends to feel sorry for me. Will you please stop?” “Yes, then we won’t talk about it anymore. It’s a deal”. My mother was a social worker, a hippie and a lefty redhead, jeans, a sweater and no bra. She looked very ordinary. But now I was in the park, and the woman on the bench across the street – she was a real lady and breathtaking to look at. She was dressed in a black flannel suit, black nylon stockings, black shoes and black nail polish on her long nails.

The only thing that brightened her up was a white blouse with the first 4 buttons unbuttoned. I could see the large breasts, which were almost pushed up. She was probably in her mid-thirties and sat with her eyes closed, lapping at the sun. Occasionally she opened her eyes and I hurried to look away. Then she sat for 5 minutes smoking a cigarette, and then put on her sunglasses and sat down better on the bench. She pulled up her skirt to slightly above her knees and spread her legs so she could get a little more sun. She leaned her head back against the wall and seemed to fall asleep. She snored at least a little as she nodded her head sleepily.

I was now staring at her breasts and knees.

I was now staring at her breasts and knees almost the entire time, because I could do that even when she was asleep. Said she, “I do think it’s rude for you to be looking at my breasts and up my skirt all the time. ” I hadn’t had time to answer, and now she was looking at me almost furiously. “That, that, I didn’t.” I didn’t usually stutter, but I was just so unsure, because the woman had those angry, steely eyes. “And you’re lying too child! Just wait until your mother comes back and then I’ll tell her!” “No, no. You mustn’t do that!” “I see.

So you admit that you have been touching me. Do you fancy mature ladies like me?” I didn’t know how to answer. So I said nothing. “Answer me. Or I’ll tell your mother you were all over me.” “No, no. Don’t do that!” “Tell me something. Is that all you can say?” I looked down to avoid her staring and angry gaze. “Look at me!” I looked up again, but I couldn’t keep my eyes on her, so I looked down again. “Now stare at my tits again, boy! If you were my boy, I’d kick your ass!” I don’t know what happened, but suddenly my cock got big in my shorts.

I suddenly got an internal image of myself lying naked across the lady’s legs as she slapped my ass. I had a few weekend sex magazines at home in which a mature woman was sexually dominating a young boy, and in one of the pictures a young boy was getting his ass whipped – first by hand and then with a whip.

It was usually pictures like this that made me want to rip my dick off. The lady across from me wound me up, for she was beautiful, and looked dominant with her hair in a bun at the back of her neck, angry look and her black flannel suit. She must have seen that I was turned on, because she said, “I must say, something happened in your pants, boy. I think that’s exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. Yeah, I really want to kick that slacker’s ass!” My face turned all red and I was about to walk away, but at the same time my mother came.

I hope the lady didn’t say anything!

I hope the lady didn’t say anything! “I’m sitting here with your son, and we had a little conversation. We had just agreed that if you came he would go downstairs and get 3 large ice creams for all of us on this hot day. I’ll pay, of course. If it’s okay with you, that is?” “Yes, thank you. It certainly is. Thank you very much.” “Well, that’s all right then. Go downstairs and buy us the three biggest ice creams. Kid,” she said as she handed me with a 20 dollar bill. “Kid,” she had said. How condescending she was – even as my mother listened. I snuck away.

What would the lady say to my mother while I was gone. I was terrified, and rushed with all I could. There was a line, of course, so it took 15 minutes. When I got back they were talking like two people who had known each other forever. Almost like two old friends. I could see from a distance that they were both laughing and smiling a little as they talked. Whew, the lady hadn’t told me anything. My mother immediately took the floor when I arrived. “I made an appointment with Mrs. Rittimon.

You have a job with her during the summer vacations, and maybe it can be extended to a few weekends after the summer vacations. You will be a mix between gardener, servant, errand boy and kitchen boy. You will be given at least 5 hours a day during summer vacation to help Mrs. Rittimon and her husband with all kinds of tasks. Doesn’t that sound nice? I think so!” I was completely surprised. I thought I was going to get my ass kicked.

Instead, I would have been hired as a handyman. “Well, shall we just say that this summer vacation you will be my young ‘house slave’?” said Mrs. Rittimon smiling. My mother giggled a little. I also thought that Mrs. Rittimon gave me a rather special look. I looked from one to the other. Then my mother laughed out loud. Too loudly, as she always did. I was SO tired of her loud trashy laughter. “House slave.” I tasted the word a little.

What did Mrs. Rittimon really mean by that? “. That’s just so much fun. Then maybe you’ll earn that new bike you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. And by the way, Mrs. Rittimon is an English and German teacher, so maybe you’ll get homework here for summer vacation too!” I looked at my mother incredulously. “Yes. That’s right. I used to be a language teacher at the trade school, but now I’m a correspondent in our company. I miss teaching a little, and it will take a toll on you,” she giggled again.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mrs. Rittimon was not as strict as I had thought. No, she was kind and smiling. How could I have been so wrong? And now I had a summer job. That’s great. “I want you to know that my husband is old and in a wheelchair. He’s 61, that’s 20 years older than me. And I…” “You’re that old?” It slipped out. “You’re 41?” I must have looked at Mrs. Rittimon with a very strange expression.

So, Now you shut the fuck up.

My mother interrupted me. “So, Now you shut the fuck up. You know you should never comment on a lady’s age! I hope Mrs. Rittimon can teach you some manners.” “Don’t worry. I’ll take that as a compliment! But I will teach him how to talk to people. And I will teach him to obey, don’t worry!” said Mrs. Rittimon. “By the way, I will refrain from saying that we are in love. My name is either you or Mrs. Rittimon. Is that understood?” I nodded as I closed my eyes, and then I answered. “Yes, Mrs. Rittimon.” “But how old did you actually think I was?” “Uh,” I looked her up and down as she sat there eating the ice cream. Brown hair pinned up in a bun.

Almost wrinkle-free face – only laugh lines around mouth and eyes. Big breasts, nice clothes, slim legs, nice shoes. Maybe a little chubby. “How old did you think I was? Answer me!” “Uh. Late 20s, about 30 – 35 max.” Mrs. Rittimon smiled amusedly. “We will become good friends” my mother laughed delightedly. My mother and Mrs. Rittimon agreed that I could also earn extra money if I was particularly good and obedient and always did what Mrs. Rittimon said.

I promised that I would. 10 min. I went with Mrs. Rittimon to her house so I could see how she lived and what the work was like. I just had a brief conversation with my mother, who admonished me to “do exactly what I was told all the time.” This could be a golden group, not only in the sense of more money in everyday life, but also good grades in English and German in high school.

We are just lucky to have met Mrs. Rittimon by chance; please don’t do anything to upset her”. I promised to behave. I would not argue with Mrs. Rittimon and only do what she wanted. All the way I walked beside her, but she did not cast me a glance or say anything. So I didn’t either. But I did glare at her – how beautiful she was. I don’t know how I expected the house to be. It was huge with a long driveway, a large flower garden and with a black BMW in the garage. There was also a car parked outside and just as we arrived a nurse walked out the front door.

They made a short talk and I could tell from that that her husband had gone to bed. I looked at the time – it was only 4:10 pm. Then I was given a tour of part of the house and the whole garden. Finally, we went downstairs to the basement where I saw where the garden tools hung. I would need them often. “And in this room I don’t want you ever going in!” Then she took a key hanging behind a cabinet and unlocked the door. She turned on the light, peeked in briefly, turned off the light again.

Then she closed the door and hung the key behind the cabinet. I thought I discerned a black leather bench and a large wooden cross. I was surprised, to say the least, because I had not imagined at all that she was a Christian. I wondered if she was a mortician, because she wore all black – well, no, she had told me she was a correspondent for the society. I was really curious. What was it that I wasn’t allowed to see? It was like I had to see where the key to the room was.

That’s strange. No, it was probably just that I was thinking all wrong again. We went to the living room, where she had some clothes. It was a dress. “Hop into this. I just need to put some sewing needles in it so I can hang it up”. “You want me to put on a dress. I can’t do that!” Before I could do anything, I received a singing slap. “That means the very first thing I ask you to do, you just say no to!” “Then you can go back home. I just don’t want to do this. Goodbye!” Mrs. Rittimon looked absolutely furious.

“No, I’m sorry. I will be. I was just so surprised! I’ll do anything you say”. “If you mean it, show me! Get down on all fours and kiss my shoes!” I must have been utterly baffled for some time. What was it that she wanted me to do? Had I heard correctly? Suddenly she just said icily. “Go home to your mother. This is never going to work. You’ll never accomplish anything if you can’t even understand an order. Just go home. Now! Get out of here! Get out!” “No, no sorry Ms. Rittimon.”

I quickly fell to my knees in front of Mrs. Rittimon.

I felt tears trickle gently down my cheeks. What had I done? Had I ruined everything? Now I had to make money for my mother and me. Mother owed the grocer so much money. And the butcher. And auntie. And the bank. Yes, everywhere. No, this couldn’t go wrong. This was my chance to help Mom. I could start making my own money, and maybe that could turn around her bad financial situation. I quickly fell to my knees in front of Mrs. Rittimon, and then began kissing her shoes.

“I’m giving you one last chance!” Then she went to a chair with armrests and sat down. I began to stand up again. “DID I TELL YOU TO GET UP OFF THE FLOOR?” “No, Ms. Rittimon. I’m sorry.” Quickly I was back on all fours. I was shaking with fear, wanting more than anything to run away and never come back. What kind of woman was she?

“Crawl over here and kiss my shoes again!” I crawled over to Mrs. Rittimon, and then began to kiss her shoes again. She looked down at me triumphantly. She seemed to really enjoy having me sitting in front of her like a trained dog.

Then she lit a cigarette and sat looking down at me almost triumphantly as I kissed her shoes. She really liked the situation, I could tell – and so did I. I liked sitting here and kissing her shoes and just kind of being told what to do. I didn’t have to think for myself – I just had to make her happy.

After all, I had dreamed of this many times. “I’ve made a deal with your mother and you. I have about a month’s free time at your disposal for all the prep work. Including gardening. The first thing I want you to do is concentrate on my personal garden, which needs it most!” Then she stood up, unbuttoned her skirt in the front and tossed it aside. She wore no panties under it. Only a girdle and black nylon stockings. I was dumbfounded with amazement – it was totally, like in one of my porn magazines.

Then she sat back down and shifted forward a bit in the chair. Then she spread her legs. I was almost paralyzed. I looked straight into her hairy cunt and could see the slit and the inner labia peeking out slightly. They were moistly glistening. “Do you see something good?

Wasn’t that my cunt you dreamed about when we were in the park? Didn’t you dream of seeing it, of licking it, of pleasing me? Aren’t you a young boy who fantasizes about being sexually trained by a mature experienced woman?” What questions, and what dirty talk from the mouth of a fine lady. I peered in fascination at Ms. Rittimon’s pussy as I sat on the floor in front of her. I was silent and couldn’t say anything. And I was just so surprised at her vulgar language.

You are so beautiful sitting there between my legs.

“You are so beautiful sitting there between my legs. Innocent, young and obedient. I’m going to have a lot of fun with you. I feel that we are becoming really good friends and that we understand each other”.

Her voice and look had completely changed. She now looked only happy, and she suddenly spoke to me so tenderly. Maybe Mrs. Rittimon wasn’t as bad and strict after all as I had just gotten the impression. I hope I did what she said – all the time. Then she was so nice and kind. Maybe she was.

“I’m sorry I hit you earlier. I just got so angry when you contradicted me. I don’t know what happened. I can be a little hot-headed sometimes, but I fall back just as quickly. Maybe it’s because I miss a real man!” and then she giggled a little. “I’m glad you understand now that I’m in charge of you when you’re here. You have now become – shall we just put it straight – my young house slave and my young sex slave. No, let’s say “my young lover”, that sounds better. It is important that you do what I say, and I promise you that you will make good money. I have some sexual needs that I need you to help me with now that my husband can’t anymore.” she said smiling as she stroked through my hair.

“What do you think I want you to do for me first?” “I don’t know.” “Have you ever been with a girl?” “No!” “So you’re still a virgin. I’m glad to hear that, because then I can teach you how I want. And then I’ll know you don’t have any diseases, and we won’t have to use condoms.” I sat on the floor between her spread legs, and my face was no more than 25 cm from her pussy. I watched in fascination as her slit opened further and further around the pink flesh, it was surrounded by black hair.

I saw a few drops of her pussy juice running down the slit.

I saw a few drops of her pussy juice running down the slit. For a moment I thought of my mother’s roses on the balcony, which were her pride and joy. Mrs. Rittimon’s pussy was just so beautiful, but I didn’t dare tell her. Ideally I wanted to bury myself in her cunt, but I was afraid of doing something wrong. I wouldn’t want to do that for anything.

Mrs. Rittimon stroked through my hair with her right hand, while she slowly pulled me to her pussy with her left. “I think I’m going to kiss you between the legs, Ms. Rittimon.” “That’s right. I have such a need to be kissed, licked and pampered and to have an orgasm. I want you to help me with that. And you’ll be paid well!” Then she added in the air, but probably almost to herself, “It’s not money I need. But love and sex. And now I finally have a young and obedient lover! Can the world be a more beautiful place?” Then I was immediately drawn into the kiss.

“Candy, my young lover!” I licked my lips. I had never seen a real pussy before, so of course I had never tasted one. It tasted heavenly. The salty, thick liquid poured out in torrents, and I licked it into me as best I could. It tasted better than the ice cream I had just eaten. The flavor was kind of like shrimp dressing, and I loved shrimp! My pants were bursting as I sat here between Ms. Rittimon’s legs and licked her pussy. “Look at me while you lick my pussy. I love to see your beautiful eyes.

Ahhee. Yes, like that, but further in with your tongue. Up and down with your tongue. That’s it.” I looked up into her beautiful brown eyes, and she looked at me – or did she? It was like she was looking right through me. “Put your long finder in. No, the other way. Palm up so you can bend your finger around at my G-spot.” For a moment I thought I had read about women’s G-spots and how important it was to find them. “There you go. A little further up with your finger. And then suck on my tickle – yes, like that. But watch me while you do it”.

You will make a good lover of me.

That’s a good one. You will make a good lover of me. And while you’re sucking on my clit, touch it with your tongue. That’s it! Circle it with your tongue”. “It’s so nice that I can mold you the way I want. I think you will be a great help to me”. I had dreamed of this so many times. That I was under a grown woman who was using me to get her pussy licked. It was delicious! I was now in the same position as a boy in one of my weekend sex magazines. He was just naked and the lady was whipping him while he was licking her between the legs.

It was just so naughty, disgusting, fascinating and an amazing image. I had dreamed of this and once I had woken up from a ejaculation while watching him being whipped. Or was it myself that I saw? Mrs. Rittimon’s eyes were now almost skyward. She just sat and said “Ahheee” and she was breathing very fast and deep. Suddenly she moaned in a very different way. Then she went completely limp, and she almost slid off the chair. I pressed against her so she didn’t cringe, while I continued to massage her G-spot and suck on her clit. Then she slowly opened her eyes. She looked at me with the most devoted eyes and a blissful smile. Then tears began to gently run down her cheeks.

“Thank you very, very much. Oh, how I needed this orgasm. You can stop now, come and lay your head here on my lap.” She pulled my head so that I was now kneeling between her legs and laid my head in her lap. She scratched my hair lovingly. I lay with my head on top of her pubic hair and with the most amazing taste in my mouth. “You were just so good. It’s just someone like you that I need. I can’t remember the last time I was this relaxed. And that’s only because of you.

You were great with licking my pussy – you did exactly what I wanted.” I was just so proud. Never before had anyone told me I was both good and great. I felt, for the first time in my life, not a little wrong or stupid or ugly. After all, I was good and great!

licking and sniffing
licking and sniffing

I suddenly knew that I would do anything for Ms. Rittimon. EVERYTHING! This fine lady who spoke so delicately, but now far more vulgar than anyone else I had ever heard. I lay on her lap for quite a while. And I could have stayed there even longer if I hadn’t been told to move around a little. “Get up and look down at me! I want you to get some of it too!”

I was now standing in front of Ms. Rittimon, and she pulled her shorts down over me. My cock sprang forward, and it stood stock-still in the air. “I’ll see what I get for my money,” she said, smiling at me. “It looks beautiful! Now it’s my turn!” Then she put both hands on my buttocks and pulled me forward. She leaned forward, opened her mouth and let my cock into her moist and warm mouth. Then she began to suck. I came almost immediately in her mouth! I tried to pull back, because I couldn’t imagine such a fine lady wanting my cum in her mouth.

But Ms. Rittimon dug her nails deep into my buttocks and pulled me even closer against her. Damn, that hurt! I looked down, but couldn’t see her face at all, because her face was pressed almost flat on my stomach. I don’t know what she was doing, but it was absolutely beautiful. The pain of her nails in my buttocks, combined with the amazing discharge of my cum into her mouth was absolutely overwhelming.

Then Ms. Rittimon released her grip and one hand came around to my balls. She started sucking them, but she also started squeezing between them very hard. My cock was now almost limp again, and Mrs. Rittimon pulled her head back. Some cum was running down from her mouth, but she quickly grabbed a finger and got it in her mouth. I could see that she was sinking. Damn, that was hot. She was still rubbing and squeezing my balls. “Was that good?” she asked. “Yes, it was delicious,” I replied. “You forgot something,” she said, squeezing harder.

“My name is Ms. Rittimon!” “Sorry, Mrs. Rittimon” I had forgotten how she wanted to be addressed. I also thought that we had gotten to know each other a little better, so we had gotten used to each other – but we hadn’t. Still squeezing and rubbing my balls hard, she said, “I know that young men can quickly regain an erection after ejaculation. Let’s see how long it takes for you”. Then she opened her mouth again and started sucking my cock while looking into my eyes.

I felt how my cock immediately began to stir. Slowly but steadily it got bigger and bigger, and after a few minutes it was completely hard again She stood up and looked up at me. “So now the second half begins. I need to get value for my money. Drop the T-shirt.” I did, and as I did, I saw that she was throwing off her blouse and bra. The large breasts burst apart and fell down heavily. She was now in nothing but a girdle and nylons. “What do you say. Do you like my tits?” “They are so beautiful. I’ve never seen such big tits before”. “Then she smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Come.”

And me with a hard cock.

She grabbed my hand and pulled off with me. We entered the bedroom next door. There was a large double bed, and a hospital bed. Here was her husband, who looked up at us as we came wading in naked. “Look what I have brought into the house myself. You suggested that I find a lover for myself. So it was a very young lover”. I was horrified. Here we were in front of her disabled husband. Naked. And me with a hard cock. What would he think? “Well, that’s good for you. Congratulations,” was his reply.

“Yes, and he has already learned how to lick pussy and find my G-spot, so I had the most amazing orgasm. I also gave him a blowjob, and his cum tasted very different from yours. Now the cock is ready again. I thought you should watch a little live show now, you’ll get your fill too.” she said, giggling a little. “Thank you very much. I’ll look forward to it”. I was terrified. Standing here in front of her husband, hearing her vulgar language and just being referred to as “the dick.”

My cock had shrunk to almost nothing in record time. Mrs. Rittimon held my hand tightly – otherwise I would have run away, I think. Then she turned to me again. She looked down at my cock again. Then she smiled. “Come. Let’s lie here on the double bed. And then you just completely forget that my husband is watching.

Now we’re alone again.” I stood almost rigid, and she struggled to pull me to the bed. “Remember what you promised your mother. That you will do what I want, and then you will have a well-paid summer job!” Then I relaxed a little again and allowed myself to be pulled to the bed. Mrs. Rittimon sat down on the double bed and reclined. At no point did she let go of my hand, forcing me to crawl with her. Then she lay down, grabbed my hair, spread her legs and pulled my head straight down into her pussy.

“I don’t think I need to tell you what I want now. Right?” I didn’t answer. I immediately started licking her pussy. Then she bent her legs all the way to the side, leaving her pussy even more open. I was pressed even deeper into the pussy, and I could barely breathe. I don’t know how she knew after a few minutes that my cock had gotten big again, but at least then she pulled me up and slowly I got on top of her.

I was lying on top of the large breasts, which were flowing out a little to either side. I then felt her hand come down on my cock, and then it was guided into the soaking wet pussy. Then she whispered, “Fuck me now my lovely young lover. Fuck me as hard and fast as you can. Let me feel you move your cock back and forth in my cunt.”

It came naturally to me, just moving my lower belly back and forth. Then she showed me how I put one arm under her neck and held her shoulder with the other. In this way, she was firm and immobile under my body. “That’s it. Fuck me as fast as you can! Feel free to squirt your cum into me.” I didn’t let her tell me that twice.

I was now just hammering my cock in and out.

I was now just hammering my cock in and out, and soon the sweat was hailing off me. Mrs. Rittimon began to moan and she worked the bar so that my cock came all the way in. Suddenly she screamed out, and pressed her nails into my buttocks. At that moment I came too.Was it her scream, or was it her nails that had done the trick. I don’t know.

Then she relaxed completely and lay almost as if she were asleep. I was still lying on top of her – nice and snug and exhausted. “You just did so well. You’re just so good. Big, sweet, beautiful and lasting. You’ve done such an amazing job for me. Thank you so, so much,” she whispered. Then she lay and lovingly stroked me up and down my back and buttocks. I was in seventh heaven. After a while she kissed me on the cheek and whispered. “You’d better come home now!” Then she pushed herself onto my shoulders and pretty much gestured for me to get off her. I then remained standing and looked at her as she lay there naked in bed. “Yes, isn’t my wife beautiful and lovely?” said the man behind me.

I had completely forgotten about him. But he had been watching the whole time. It was so perverse. “My wife is the best thing I have, and I will do anything to make her happy and content. And now she has found you, a young and virile lover. I am so happy for her. Thank you. I’ll give you a hefty dime for your trouble.” Trouble! Trouble! That was the last word I wanted to use. I had made my sexual debut. I had learned to lick pussy. I had gotten a blowjob and I had fucked my wife to a gold medal. What more could I want? Problems. What a word to use. After all, I had been in seventh heaven and I had tried more than I had ever dreamed of.

I turned to the man. He was lying there in bed, looking pitiful – but also happy. Happy for his wife. I felt enormous sympathy for him. To give his wife to another man because he could do nothing more for himself. And then to just lie there and watch – and be so happy. It’s amazing. I turned to Mrs. Rittimon, who was wiping her crotch with a handkerchief. It was my cum leaking out. “Well, I wouldn’t want it to drip onto the carpet,” she said with a smile. “Come! You better come home now!” she said to me. And to the man she said. “I’ll come and sleep with you in a minute, darling. I need a little afternoon sleep.” Then she took my hand again and led me out of the bedroom.

I put on my clothes, and we walked to the front door. She was still naked when she held out her hand, and then I was given 200 crowns. “The 200 is for help in my garden, and I’ve been very pleased with you. Can you tell your mother.” Then she added, “Thanks for today. Can you come again tomorrow at 2:30?” I thought I could. “Fine. See you tomorrow at 2:30. Then I have to get my dress ready,” she said with a smile, blinking one eye. She slowly closed the front door while giving me a little air kiss. “Goodbye my lovely lover.” I heard how she locked the door and walked back inside. “I’m coming now, darling. I just need to make a phone call first” I heard her call.

I turned and walked home, but with every step I took, I still felt Mrs. Rittimon’s pointed nails in my buttocks. I was all dizzy from everything I had been through and my cock was already throbbing again. When I got to Mom’s house 10 minutes later, she was sitting at the kitchen table with the coffee talking on the phone. “I’ll be damned, and what was he doing? Well, come on , I’ll talk to you later. Bye.” Then she hung up the phone and looked at me questioningly. “Sit here.

I want to hear how it was. Was it good?” I looked at her in disbelief. Did she know something? ” I mean, is it a good job you have?” I sat down and proudly placed 200 on the kitchen table. “It’s for working in Mrs. Rittimon’s garden. She was very happy with me, she said.”