Hi, I’m Martin and this is a fantasy story I came up with during covid. Back then I was watching a lot of webcam girl Gloria. Still do by the way, during a private show I jerk off together with her. My wife is abroad a lot.

Martin sat quietly at the garden table behind his laptop working. Despite the fact that the corona restrictions had been drastically reduced and many people went back to the office, he made a habit of working from home one or two days a week. He certainly saw the added value of direct contact, but by working from home he saved 2 to 3 hours a day in travel time and considerable fuel costs. In addition, he made much better progress at home.

At the office there was often someone at his desk which took his concentration away. His wife and the children were also regularly at home, but they had a tacit agreement that someone who was working or studying would not be disturbed. The weather had been lovely the last few days, and he enjoyed sitting outside with his work instead of in the study. Throughout the winter and early spring, he had sat there all the time, but the walls were starting to get to him. Since he had no on-line meetings today, he had put on an easy shirt and even shorts instead of his usual neat pants and shirt.

He was very focused on planning for his project when his cell phone rang. Somewhat frustrated, he picked up the device to see which one of his colleagues couldn’t live without him. It was not a colleague, however, but the neighbor calling him. “Hi Pete” said Martin after pressing the green handset. “Hey Martin. Indeed with Pete. May I disturb you for a moment?” “You already are” replied Martin in a smart but cheerful way. Martin got along well with Pete. Martin and his family had bought the house of Pete’s late parents about ten years ago.

The house was next door to Pete’s house and tree farm. When Martin was renovating and landscaping, he could always go to Pete for information on how the pipes in the house ran, to borrow tools and a large part of the new planting in their garden came from Pete’s nursery. Conversely, Martin was also always there when Pete was up to something.

“Do you happen to be home?” asked Pete. “Yeah sure” said Martin. “I’m working from home again today. Why?” “Well” said Pete “Jeanette and I are taking a few days off. A bit of cycling around the Park. Now Gloria calls to say that the sprinkler system has stopped working and she can’t get it started.

Would you be able to take a look at what exactly is going on? I could call the service company, but before they show up my plants will probably have dried up.” “No problem” said Martin “I’ll walk by in a minute. I’m ready for some exercise”. That was one of the advantages of working from home. You could do a job or take a walk to clear your head and by the end of the day you had done just as much work as usual. “Ok, fine” said Pete “I will call Gloria that you are coming. And if it doesn’t work, just let me know. Then I’ll call the service company” “Fine” replied Martin “I’ll let you know how it goes” They both broke the connection.

Gloria my fantasy webcam girl.

Gloria was the daughter of Pete and Jeannette. She was just under 30, had been living together for a while, but last winter her relationship had ended. Her ex would buy the house and stay there and Gloria moved in temporarily with mom and dad. They had more than enough space and Gloria more or less had her own little apartment in the house so they never bothered each other.

Martin had seen her walking through the garden regularly. She was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and regularly helped her parents in the garden and around the house. She was a beautiful creature. Beautiful, long legs. A nice, slim body. Beautiful blond hair, a lovely sweet face. It was wonderful to see how she worked and to see her moving around the garden.

“I’m off to see the neighbors!” Martin called out to Sonja who was working somewhere inside. Then he walked through the gate to the street, toward the neighbor’s house. As he entered the yard there he saw the barn door open and heard Gloria’s voice “OK, I’ll see him in a minute then.” He walked into the barn and just saw Gloria putting her phone in her pocket. “Dad just called to say you were coming” she said. “Glad you could help out for a while. I don’t understand why he quit and I’d hate for Mom and Dad to have to rush home again.

They were ready for a few days off and I don’t want to ruin that for them. “It won’t be that bad” said Martin. “We’ll have a look at what’s going on. It must be pretty crazy if we don’t want to get this fixed”. Fortunately he had a technical background so he began to systematically check the installation, looking for the reason why it was not working. Gloria followed his steps and began to explain what she had already done to solve the problem.

She was dressed in a pair of short cropped jeans.

During her explanation, he took a closer look at her. She was dressed in a pair of short cropped jeans with her long slender legs sticking out from under them. Her feet were tucked into a pair of flip-flops. She also wore a simple white shirt and had her blonde hair in a ponytail. It was clear to see that she had been in the sun regularly because her legs, arms, shoulders and face were already nicely tanned.

He couldn’t help but take his eyes off those beautiful long legs and when she bent down to point something out, he caught a glimpse of her beautiful breasts in her camisole. They were nice, modest breasts and as far as Martin could tell it didn’t matter that they weren’t supported by a bra. He looked carefully again to see if he could detect any white edges as a result of a top, but it seemed that this lady regularly lay topless enjoying the sun. From now on he would try to catch a glimpse of her when she was sunbathing here in the garden.

Martin had checked the whole installation, but couldn’t find anything strange. “Just put the switch on ‘On'” he said. Maybe we’ll see what’s wrong then”. Gloria switched the installation on again, but nothing happened. “Hm… Just turn it off again” he said. “I think we have to look for it in the electrical supply.” Gloria pointed to the room where the switch box was and Martin pulled open the door and went to investigate. “Aha! There’s a safety device down here. That will be the problem”. He flipped the switch and closed the cabinet again. “Next try. Just press start”.

Gloria started the system and the pump was indeed running, but the pressure gauge still remained at 0. “Hm… There seems to be something else going on” said Martin and ran the installation again. “Could it be this valve? ” asked Gloria and reached for a handle and pulled it. A giant fountain of water came out of an open pipe and drenched them both.

Martin rushed to the fountain to close the valve in question. Soaked and dripping, they looked at each other. “Sorry” said Gloria. “That wasn’t very smart of me”. “Doesn’t matter” said Martin “At least now we know where the problem was”. When he looked at Gloria he saw that the unintended shower had other consequences.

Her soaking wet camisole had become transparent.

Her soaking wet camisole had become transparent and he could see her beautiful breasts with beautiful nipples on them, stiffened by the cold water, through the wet fabric. “Maybe you should put on something else for a while” he said to Gloria. “Why? You got soaking wet anyway and besides, it was my own fault”. “True” said Martin “but on you it has a slightly different effect than on me” and he nodded his head towards her camisole. Gloria looked down and saw that her breasts and nipples were visible to her neighbor. “Oh…. Shit…. Sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize though. You are beautiful to look at” said Martin. “Thank you” said Gloria shyly “At least someone can appreciate it”. “What do you mean” asked Martin. “Well, my ex was obviously bored with me and hadn’t paid any attention to me for months, hence we broke up”. Martin couldn’t believe his ears. “Incomprehensible. Really you are a beautiful woman.

You may not want to hear it from a neighbor who is 20 years older, but you have a beautiful body, beautiful breasts. Really. You are a beauty to behold”. Gloria shyly lowered her eyes and did notice now that she was starting to get cold from the shower of ice cold water. Martin saw her shiver and said “Ah girl. You are completely shivering from the cold. Come, let’s go out in the sunshine so you warm up again”. Both of them went outside to stand in the sun. “I better take my camisole off” said Gloria.

“It’s soaking wet and it doesn’t hide anything anymore anyway”

“It’s soaking wet and it doesn’t hide anything anymore anyway” and she pulled the wet garment off over her head. Martin looked at the now bare breasts and saw his suspicion confirmed that she was sinning topless. She then unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall to the floor along her legs and stepped out.

Martin now saw her standing in only a small thong and admired her nice, tight buttocks. “Wet too” she said “Maybe you’d better take off those wet clothes too. You must be cold too” and looked at Martin slightly defiantly. “Euhhh… Yes, maybe indeed a better idea” said Martin and took off his wet shirt and hesitantly unbuttoned his pants.

Gloria looked intently at the released, taut boxer and bit her lip for a moment. “Sorry I can’t hide my excitement” stuttered Martin “but you really do look beautiful with your beautiful breasts, your flat tummy, your delicious buttocks”. “Doesn’t matter” replied Gloria “what I said just now, my ex couldn’t appreciate my figure anymore so I’m glad for your big compliment” and she gently grabbed his erect penis in his boxers and came close to him. “I haven’t felt a man in so long and I’m kind of tired of satisfying myself all the time.”

Martin felt Gloria’s beautiful, almost naked body.

Martin felt Gloria’s beautiful, almost naked body against him and wrapped his arm around her to pull her closer to him. He felt her nipples rubbing across his hairy chest and held her buttocks firmly with his hands. “Maybe we’d better continue warming up inside” Gloria whispered in his ear and pulled him along by his hand to her temporary apartment. It was not a fantasy. It was real.

In her apartment they embraced each other again and ended up in a fierce tongue kiss. Gloria lowered her hands down Martin’s sides and continued to unzip his boxers. “That one’s wet so it’s okay to take that off too right?” she grumbled between kisses. When the boxer was on his ankles Gloria grabbed his cock and moved her hand up and down his shaft, spreading his pre-cum over his glans so it felt even smoother. Martin, meanwhile, had stripped the thong down past her buttocks and slipped his finger between her moist lips. The excitement made their tongue fight even more intense than it already was.

Gloria detached herself from their embrace, lowered herself to her knees and encompassed his cock again with her little hand. Mischievously, she looked up before sliding his hard-on into her mouth. Martin didn’t know what he was talking about. He felt her lips move up and down his shaft and felt her tongue go over his glans like she was licking an ice cream cone. His wife always drove him crazy with her oral art too and he sometimes asked her where she had learned that and if she sometimes took a course, but what Gloria was doing with him now was from another dimension.

It was wonderful how she alternately licked his head, lowered his cock to the back of her throat, just held it in her mouth with her lips hanging out, sucked until her cheeks were hollow. And each time she looked up with a mischievous smile to see how he was enjoying himself. He wasn’t going to last long so he grabbed Gloria by her hands and pulled her up.

Shouldn’t I put a condom on?

Reluctantly she let his cock slip from her mouth and let Martin lead her to her table where he laid her down with her buttocks on the edge. He stroked his fingers up the inside of her legs and brought his mouth to the delicious smelling pussy. His tongue slid between her lips and he tasted the sweet salty juices that flowed freely from the excitement. “Come fuck me. No foreplay” said Gloria “I want that nice cock in me. It’s been way too long since I’ve been really fucked.” “Shouldn’t I put a condom on?”

Martin asked. “No, I’m on the pill and I want to feel your cock for real, not with one of those cold pieces of rubber around it.” She didn’t have to say that twice. Martin raised her legs and put them against his chest so her pussy was open and exposed in front of him. He grabbed his cock and slid his glans between her lips a few times before burying his cock in her pussy.

Delicious how her warm moistness enveloped his cock. “Aarghh….” Groaned Gloria as she felt his cock all the way inside her. Martin was considerably larger boned than her ex and she felt himself stretching all the way. Despite the feeling verging on pain she enjoyed herself immensely. She had missed this for so long and she realized that her ex had never really spoiled her nicely, never had the attention for her as Martin did spoil her with all the attention. Martin had a wonderful, steady rhythm and while he let his cock slide in and out of her, he enclosed her breast with his left hand and pinched her nipple. With his right thumb he stroked her clitoris which reared its head above between her moist lips. This was too much for Gloria.

The pleasure surges from top to bottom through her body.

The pleasure surges from top to bottom through her body and she experienced an orgasm like she hadn’t experienced in a long time. Her orgasm caused her pussy to cramp so that Martin’s cock was massaged, as it were. Gloria’s fantastic blowjob had already turned him on so the squeezing pussy was the last straw. Indeed, it was like a bucket overflowing. He felt his seed violently make its way from his balls through his piss tube to the outside. Outside in this case was the tight pussy of Gloria who sighed and received his seed.

After recovering a bit from the excitement and fatigue, Martin helped Gloria off the table. Gloria grabbed a towel and held it between her legs to catch his seed and they lay down together in the couch for a while. “I loved it” said Gloria “I have missed this for so long. Using a vibrator is not nearly as good as using a real cock and especially not when it is as good as yours”. “I loved it too” said Martin “I don’t understand your ex for pushing you aside like that.

Using a vibrator is not nearly as good.

A sucker first class if you ask me”. Both got up and went outside to find their (now dried) clothes. “I should get going again” said Martin. “Sonja will wonder why I’m gone so long”. “I will tell her that there were several problems” said Gloria with a smile “and that I desperately needed your help”. They kissed each other intimately once more and said goodbye. Walking home he called Pete to say that the problem had been fixed. “Thank you so much” said Pete “it was nice to be able to call on you”. “You’re very welcome” said Martin “that’s what we’re neighbors for…”.

The next day Martin was sitting at his desk in his home office. He had already had 3 online meetings and looked out of the window. There, between the bushes, he saw that Gloria was spreading out her beach towel, grabbing her camisole and taking it off over her head so that her breasts were free again.

She put her fingers behind the straps of her thong and slid it down so that her little hill would also receive the necessary rays of sunshine. For a moment she looked in his direction and pursed her lips as if she were giving him a kiss. He wished his neighbors could be away for a few days,