A submitted story by a German gentleman who developed a fondness for leather during his early years while on holiday in Austria. The drawing above this story is from a webcam model.

My wife knows me as a man with a passion for leather shorts. Not just to wear myself, but also to see how they are being worn by others. I bought my first pair of leather trousers when I had earned enough from running newspapers to buy one. They were the trousers of my dreams, black trousers made of supple, shiny leather. I received a lot of comments about it, because it was not “normal” for a boy to wear leather trousers. But my preference for wearing leather was able to withstand all these comments. This preference started at a young age, during a holiday to Austria. There, I was given a pair of short leather trousers, a real “lederhosen”. We were almost completely inseparable, and I wore these leather shorts whenever I had the chance and the weather permitted. I can still remember the feeling of that cool smooth leather and I still love it today. During our marriage, I built up quite a collection of leather trousers, both short and long. And in my spare time, I never fail to wear them. We got married at a young age and are still happy together, after almost 30 years.

In addition to my love of leather, my wife has a love of plastic, especially plastic shorts. As a young bed-wetter, she wore a nappy and plastic trousers to bed every night to protect the bed from accidents. Contrary to what you might think, she did not start to hate the plastic trousers, but it made her feel safe and secure. Once she remained “dry”, she continued to wear the plastic trousers, first over normal pants and later as pants. The smooth plastic on her skin gives her a nice feeling and she often gets excited. New leather clothing can be quite expensive, which is why I have been looking for leather trousers and shorts, as well as leather leggings, on the internet for the last few years. You can often buy it for a small price, if you are patient and strike at the right time. In the meantime, I have managed to get hold of a lot of nice shorts. My wife is not so much into leather trousers, she has her own preference, which I do not share. But we accept this from each other and we let each other do it. Nowadays, I often bid on women’s trousers and shorts.

I find the idea of leather shorts or trousers worn by a woman exciting. That where their genitals have been, my genitals will be. This also applies to (fake) leather leggings, of which the crotch has often been tight against the lips, then comes tight against my balls. Every new acquisition is also invariably initiated, by ejaculating delightfully in it. When the package comes home with the post, the excitement comes naturally. When I open the package and feel the smooth material, the space in my trousers soon becomes too small. My wife notices the excitement and together we go into the bedroom with the newly acquired leather garment. In no time at all, I have my trousers and boxer on the floor, to feel the new leather garment against my naked skin. At that moment, I have a pimping erection and my wife is beaming at the result and the reaction to the new acquisition. Fitting quickly becomes difficult with an erection like I have at the time and it only gets worse when the legs slide into the pipes one by one. I pull up the leather trousers and struggle not to come.

When the trousers are closed, I see the enormous bulge behind the zip. Of course, I can’t come like that because otherwise the trousers get dirty, so soon the zip opens and my wife helps me out with her hand. Sometimes it almost feels like I’m cheating, but luckily my wife is there. With leather leggings, it is often more difficult because there is no zip, so then the collar is pushed down a bit, which also gives my erection free play. My wife, Ella, uses one hand for the erection and the other hand she rubs the supple leather between my legs over my balls. Of course, Ella doesn’t mind either and while I recover a bit, she often lies ready in her plastic trousers on the bed. It’s clearly visible that she’s already wet, because I see her plastic trousers sticking to her lips. What comes next is easy to guess.

The clothes are size XL, which fits me fine, but Ella also fits this size perfectly. Although it doesn’t matter to her, she still surprises me regularly by putting on a nice leather garment. The sight of her nice body surrounded by smooth shiny leather has an effect on me which Ella can also use very well. She knows how to play me so well, to get what she wants. Together we were often on the marketplace looking for nice leather clothes, as long as it is a pair of trousers or leggings, I am interested in a crotch wrapped in leather. Ella knows by now what I like and what excites me and she draws my attention to it. One day Ella found a nice pair of leather trousers, of course in the right size, with some very promising pictures attached. It belonged to a woman who lived about 15 kilometres away. Ella suggested that we go and have a look and try them on. We had done this a few times before. It was always good for an extra bit of excitement, because then you also met the woman who had worn the trousers. Of course it was Ella who had to try on the trousers, but of course I could just watch! Often she could tell from the bulge in my trousers whether I could buy them or not, she had a trained eye for that.

This time also, Ella had made the appointment and we took the car to go there. I was not suspecting what to expect this time, but that would appear soon. Within 20 car minutes we were in front of a beautiful detached house from the twenties. We walked up the garden path to the front door, when suddenly the door swung open. Wow, there was a woman in leather trousers standing in the doorway. My day could not be spoiled. We greeted each other and introduced ourselves. Her name was Emilia. I could hardly take my eyes off her, standing there with her nice round belly in those leather trousers. Her wrapped-up mound of Venus in that shiny leather also made my heart beat faster and I could see that the space behind my zip was getting smaller. We walked through the long corridor to the kitchen diner, a really beautiful house that breathed the atmosphere of yesteryear. Emilia preceded us and I had a good view of her lovely buttocks in that shiny leather. It was not really the environment in which you would expect someone wearing leather trousers, but yes, appearances can be deceptive sometimes. When we arrived in the kitchen, it soon became clear that the trousers we had come for were the same trousers Emilia was wearing at that very moment. Just the sight of it was worth the 20 euros she asked. Emilia turned to Ella, “shall we give up the illusion?

A little later, I understood what Emilia intended. Ella had known Emilia for a long time and had seen her advertisement on the internet, and together they had arranged the meeting. Emilia also knew that the leather trousers would be for me and not for Ella, so she suggested that I try them on. I was a bit taken aback and looked at Ella, who smiled back and said “come on, take off your trousers so you can try them on” “You don’t have to be ashamed” said Emilia, “as a nurse I’m used to it”. Reluctantly I lowered my jeans and stood in my boxer. “Come out of your boxer too,” Ella said. I hesitated and now I saw Emilia taking off her leather trousers. Suddenly Emilia stood in front of me in plastic trousers. She saw the questioning look and told me she always wore plastic trousers under leather trousers. She did that to prevent stains from excitement and to keep the leather trousers nice and fresh. I was surprised when she also took off the plastic trousers and handed them to me. “First put on the plastic trousers, then the leather trousers will stay clean. I already had an erection, and the plastic trousers were showing quite a tent when I put them on. I had worn plastic trousers before, to please Ella, so it was not strange for me. “Are you getting so excited by my naked body now or is it the leather trousers?” asked Emilia. “I’d rather see you in leather, than naked,” I replied. “Oh, I can fix that!” said Emilia and walked out of the kitchen to return a moment later in another plastic bore and with a small pair of leather trousers in her hand.

Meanwhile, I wore the leather trousers over the plastic ones and they fitted perfectly, even with the enormous erection. I now saw how Emilia put on the small leather trousers, so that her belly and her Venus mound were nicely wrapped in shiny leather again. Emilia saw that I was wearing the trousers and stepped towards me. With her hand, she felt if the cuff was not too tight, and “accidentally” stroked her fingers against my glans in the plastic trousers. I didn’t know how I felt anymore, I was completely seduced by a friend of Ella, who just stood there watching. Emilia now stroked with one hand between her legs with the remark “the trousers are right here too”. She came to stand against me and I could feel the warmth of her belly against my erection. I could hardly hold myself up and Emilia noticed that. She now rubbed her hand over my leather-wrapped erection and I saw Ella smiling. Emilia took one of my hands and put it on her Venus hill, the meaning was clear. I could hardly believe what was happening here, but did not resist either. I could hardly stand on my legs when I came in the leather trousers. Good thing I had plastic trousers on now, I could feel it getting all wet inside. I had to sit on a chair for a while to recover. “Well, I think the sale will go through” said Emilia. “Yes, I think so too” Ella answered. Well indeed, all this was worth the 20 euros. “But then he must do something else in return” said Emilia, “I understand that and that’s what we agreed” answered Ella. I had no idea what they were talking about, but understood that I had to do a job. I had no idea what kind of job. “Do you have something supple of leather for me to wear, that helps to get in the mood”, Ella asked Emilia. Emilia left the kitchen again and I looked at Ella questioningly. “What should I do” I asked her, “just wait, you will probably like it”. Emilia came back with a nice pair of supple leather leggings. In the collar was stretch, so it had to be comfortable.

Ella doesn’t like stiff thick leather, so these leather leggings were just right for her. Ella unbuttoned her jeans and lowered them, and there she stood in her plastic trousers, ready to put on the leather leggings. Meanwhile I recovered and my erection started to take up space again in my new leather trousers. I heard Emilia and Ella arguing and a little later Emilia beckoned me to follow. We walked up the beautiful stairs to a spacious landing, after which we entered a bedroom. Here was a large bed and soon the intention became clear. Emilia and Ella lay down on the bed and I was looking at the nice leather leggings Ella was wearing. I could see how her belly and lips were marked by the supple leather. I wanted to jump on her like that. Emilia beckoned me and I sat down on the edge of the bed. “You’ve come nicely now, but I want that too”, “Just rubbing my leather belly is not enough”, Emilia said. She pulled me to her and when I was lying on the bed, she came and sat over me. Again I felt her warm vulva against my erection. I now felt the hand of Ella open my leather trousers and pull them down, so I was lying in my plastic trousers under Emilia. I could feel her warmth through the leather trousers even better now. Emilia was sliding back and forth deliciously and I had to restrain myself not to squirt into the plastic again. This was not the intention. Again Ella’s hand came between both of them and while Emilia stood up a little Ella slid the collar of the plastic trousers down a little.

Now she took my erection and guided it along the leg of Emilia’s leather and plastic trousers. I was shocked! I felt myself sliding between Emilia’s wet lips. Here I was penetrating a strange woman while she was wearing leather panties and my wife was watching and helping me. I felt my erection start to tremble, and Emilia was riding up and down in the meantime. Ella came with her leather leggings on my face and I could feel the soft lips through the supple leather of the leggings on my face. Suddenly I felt Emilia’s pussy tighten and now I was unstoppable too. With force, I filled Emilia and I slid Ella back and forth on my face. It took a while before Emilia stepped off me and I pulled up my plastic trousers again. Exhausted, we now lay against each other. “Is this how you imagined it?” asked Ella. “Yes, it was fantastic to be filled up again” was her answer. While they both were talking, I saw Emilia stroking Ella’s leather pussy with her hand. Ella’s breathing became heavier and heavier, a sign that she was enjoying what Emilia was doing. It was a nice sight to see these two women busy with each other and for the third time I got a huge tent in my plastic trousers. Ella didn’t fail to notice this and she beckoned me. She pulled down the supple leather trousers, “Come here and fuck me” she said. I didn’t want to be told this twice. Ella lay back, legs wide and Emilia took my penis through the pipe of my plastic trousers.

She guided it along the pipe of Ella’s plastic trousers and I slid effortlessly inside her. Now I was unstoppable, and I rapped like a rabbit on a writhing and moaning Ella. Ella came before me and I felt her cramps around my penis. Now it was the moment for me as well to fill her up. The umpteenth ejaculation on this day, I was counted out. A special day thanks to an ad on the marketplace and a friendship from my wife. Besides the nice leather trousers, I had also met an exciting woman and even more than that. The purchase was of course no problem, and I also wanted to buy the supple leather trousers for Ella. I got the plastic trousers I was wearing, if I would wear them more often when Ella asked for it, then she would wear leather trousers for my pleasure. I had no problem with this arrangement, after what I had just experienced. Now we regularly have a nice day with the right dress code. When I come home from work and I see Ella in her leather trousers, I know I have to wear plastic trousers under my leather trousers.