Early fifties, a midlife crisis. Sometimes I just crave uncomplicated sex. Such is the case today. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Should I do it? Since we broke up through my weird time in midlife crisis, I’ve done it with my ex before. But never have I visited her unannounced. I fantasize what would happen if I showed up at her door unannounced. In my fantasy, anything is possible. My cock is already rock hard, and I’m still just at home. That’s the beauty of fantasizing, you can imagine it the way you want it.

I know you have Friday off, and I drive to your house at random. I ring the bell, you are home because the door opens. You look surprised, but say nothing. I push you inside without saying anything and close the door behind me. I walk after you into the living room. Once there, I quickly look around and see no one. Good, I think, you are home alone. I take off my coat and walk towards you. I stand in front of you and look at you. You look at me expectantly with a look that exudes a combination of surprise, uncertainty and a little lust perhaps?

Midlife crisis and my sex fantasies.

I don’t wait. I extend my right hand and slip it under your shirt through the neck of your T-shirt. My hand encompasses your right breast. My fingers slide over the bare skin of your breast and under the cup of your bra. I move my hand down until my fingers encompass the entire front of your breast. I play with your breast. With my arm, which is diagonally in front of your breast, I push you back against the wall. I lift your breast out of its cup. Then I pull my right arm out of your T-shirt and tuck my left arm into your T-shirt.

Now I grab your left breast and do the same thing again. I also play with this breast for a moment. I look into your eyes and see that your eyes are small, and you are enjoying yourself. Your eyes get smaller and smaller, you moan lightly at all my touches. Then I also lift that breast from its cup and pull my arm out of your shirt. Immediately after that, I pull up your shirt and go through your belly with two hands under your shirt to find your breasts. I use my thumb and forefinger of both hands to search for your nipples and play with them. You moan as soon as I have your nipples between my fingers. My remaining fingers slide over the top of your breasts. Wonderful to feel your soft warm skin. In my pants, quite an erection is already forming. My cock tries to straighten itself.

Then I put my foot between your feet and without words force your legs apart. You put your feet apart. Then I push my leg up. I press my upper leg against your crotch. Again I hear you moan. I feel you lower yourself and move across my leg with your crotch. You bring your right hand to my crotch. You grope the bulge in my pants and I hear you moan softly and say, so then, it seems like it gets bigger every time.

Then I feel you trying to undo the button of my pants with both hands. I hear you whisper, “I want to feel that cock of yours.” When you succeed in opening my pants, you pull down my pants and squat in front of me. Then you pull down my boxers and my cock shoots out of my pants. “Jeez, he’s really gotten a lot thicker. Have you been playing with that penis pump of yours again?” You grab my cock and eagerly put it in your mouth. I put my hand on your neck and pull your head towards my belly. Greedily, you suck on my cock. This is what I was so hungry for. I grab your breasts as I move my hips back and forth. I feel your one hand playing with my balls. I moan. Then I feel you wrap your other hand around my leg. I feel your index finger of that hand tickle under my balls.

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And then back up through my butt crack, agonizingly slowly. I go crazy with lust. The tip of your index finger passes over my star. It’s as if I’m statically charged. You press, and press, and press and then your finger shoots into my ass. I feel an orgasm coming and am in doubt whether to say so. I choose to remain silent. I’m going to squirt my seed into your mouth, all of it. I moan. I can’t stay still. I feel a storm erupt in my body. Your finger goes back and forth faster and faster in my ass as you suck my cock. I need your breasts. My cock goes back and forth deeper and deeper in your mouth until the moment I can’t control it anymore. I moan: Come… And I push my hips forward until your head is pressed against the wall. Then I pump out my seed with all my strength. Deep into your mouth. Not one, not two, but three jets. So I was super horny.

My cock slides out of your mouth.

I take a step back and my cock slides out of your mouth. You can’t resist and open your mouth and show that you still have your mouth full of my seed. I smile and watch you swallow it. Then I pull you up. I take off my pants, and we walk to the couch and plop down. You say, I can tell you were horny, he was thick and hard, and you really spurted a lot. Then you get up and get a drink. Before you sit down again, you undress. You stand so close in front of me that I can literally smell your pussy. I can smell the combination of sweet and salty from the horniness of your pussy. You stand right next to me as you lift your legs one by one to pull the pant legs off your legs. I watch the lips of your cunt open as a result. I see that they are glistening with horniness. I take my chance and put my hand against your cunt. You are wet. Soaking wet. You stay put and I finger you. First with one finger.

Then a little later with two. And a little later with three. Your lower body begins to move and I hear you moan, “Oh yes, this is delicious.” I press forward with my fingertips against the inside of your belly. Again you moan: “Oh yes, there yes, ohh,ohh” I take my hand out of your pussy and smear the grease from my fingers over the outside of your pussy. Then I smear that same grease all over the rest of my hand so that my fingers are now wet. You know exactly what will happen next. I put my three fingers back into your pussy and pick up where I left off. Then I bring all the fingers together and push my hand up. At the same time, I feel you lower your knees. Every time my hand goes up, you lower your knees. I hear you sigh. I feel how my hand comes deeper and deeper into your pussy. I push up harder and you push down harder. I feel that we are one or two movements away until my hand is completely inside you. You feel it too because you say, “Oh yes, I want him inside me. Deeper, deeper.” And after two more times, my knuckles slide deeper into your belly, past the narrowest part. My hand is all the way in. This is so horny. You moan loudly, “Yaa, this is horny. Yah.”

Now the game begins in reverse: I pull my hand back out a little bit. First the thickest part of my hand was outside your pussy and I tried to push that part in… now I try to pull that thickest part out a little bit at a time. As soon as I feel you relax a little I pull my whole hand out and immediately push it back in. Immediately I hear your reaction. You moan, “Oh yes. Live my cunt out! You wildly press your body down on my hand as I push my hand back inside you. I try to touch the inside of your belly with one of my fingers by sticking it out from the inside. You scream, “Oh no, not there.” I thought: exactly there, so. As my hand went up and down inside you like that I let my finger go over the inside of your belly. You moan: “I can’t hold it anymore. I’m going, so, c-c-come..” I continue as if I didn’t hear it a just continue moving in and out. And then suddenly I feel your belly move and you scream, ” Ohhh yes, it’s coming. It’s coming. Aaargh” A tidal wave flows down my arm. You squirted for the first time in a long time.

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