We are a close and happily married German couple, my wife in her mid-fifties and I in my early sixties. We met at a later age, but have been together for about twenty years. We get along very well sexually, and we can safely say that we are still quite active in our marital bed. We are far from being bored with each other. It is true – and maybe you recognize this – that we don’t jump through the bed as wildly as we did in our younger years anymore. And although we can still go at it from time to time, experience and skill have taught us to enjoy each other a little more quietly.

You could say of my wife, “She didn’t exactly stand still” in the years before we met. She is still a beautiful, self-confident woman who likes to pay a lot of attention to her clothes and appearance. By now beautiful gray hair, which looks wonderful on her, always carefully made up, nice big eyelashes above deep green eyes. Her body is still nice, small tad chubby, but certainly not too much. Beautiful breasts with a small areola and when aroused, surprisingly large nipples. A small C size you could say and she loves to wrap her splendor nicely in stylish lingerie.

What immediately attracted me to her were her boyish hips. Better said, not female hips but narrow with also boyish tight bottoms. She herself does find this unfortunate and finds wide women beautiful to look at. But I find it delightful and very attractive. Perhaps most beautiful is her pussy. My wife has a beautifully closed pussy. Her labia close together perfectly and, that after all that frequent use I sometimes say teasingly. Always wonderfully clean-shaven. If you go exploring you come across an easy to find and compared to other women, large clit. I can safely name this, I have seen and tasted enough pussy in my life to be able to say this.

Why I describe her this way is because this is her story. It is all about her. Fortunately, I am still allowed to be there myself and I do not lack attention from the female sex. But again, it is her story. My wife, Lena, has been working in the hospitality industry for years. Hard work for little, they sometimes say. But fun work, at least she still enjoys it. A nice team with many women and a few men, and a manager who also likes fun and nattering. If you think that only men can talk about sex among themselves, you are sorely mistaken. The stories Lena tells me sometimes make my ears red! So I am a lucky man to have such an attractive woman who also likes to socialize and talk about sex.

The event I want to tell you about was so unexpected that sometimes I still can hardly believe it all happened like that. They have several students working for them to earn some extra money, and one of those young guys who had been working for them in the evenings for about three months was Jim. A nice open guy, dark hair, athletic, just twenty and, according to my wife, of those lovely deep brown eyes. Lena worked with him regularly and they got along well. At least, she always talked enthusiastically about him and sometimes I was surprised at the open conversations she had with him as a grown woman. Regularly the two talked about sex even. It was pretty clear to me that she found him a nice, attractive guy. And that’s fine, right? Jealousy is fortunately something we are not familiar with.

I had dropped Lena off at her work at noon for the closing shift. They then work the afternoon and evening. I sometimes drop her off more often and then drive through for my own work. Usually I work at home and she has the car. The agreement was that I would pick her up at ten o’clock that evening. When I arrived, she and Jim were already waiting outside. They had closed and the other colleagues had already left. Jim had been dropped off by his mother that morning and we would drop him off at home. No problem of course, we live about a half hour drive from her work and on our way home we pass the village where Jim lives.

His mother was going for a few days with a friend, Lena and Jim had obviously had a good time and were chatting, laughing and doing things with each other. That day they said they had chatted a lot with each other on the shop floor and told me one experience after another from that day. Those two were having fun with each other, and I have to admit that I found that quite fun and even a bit exciting. And so I had that same thought that night in the car. How crazy can things get sometimes.

We soon stopped in front of a beautiful villa and Jim asked if we wanted to have a drink. Before I knew it, my wife was walking arm in arm with him to the front door. Soon Jim had poured a large Coke tic for Lena and himself and just Coke for me, after all, I was the Bob. Everything happened very quickly at one point and I will never forget it anymore because it became an unforgettable event. Lena told that a woman had come in that afternoon with quite large breasts, and the female colleagues saw how Jim looked and had teased him about it. Lena told this laughing and told Jim that he was absolutely right, after all, they were beautiful tits! To Lena’s and my surprise, Jim said,’Well, yours I’d rather see’. It went completely silent for a moment.

The student reached out a hand and touched my wife breasts.

And before I realized what was happening, Jim reached out a hand and touched one of Lena’s breasts. As if it was the most natural thing in the world! A strange pleasant tingle went through me and apparently also through my wife because in the same motion almost she pulled his head against her tits. I was stunned, but loved it. My heart rate went up immediately! They started tonguing and making love like crazy on the couch. I sat in the chair opposite the couch and watched. My cock grew to war strength in a matter of seconds, and my heart was pounding in my throat. I felt like I had entered a dream. Almost automatically, I grabbed me smartphone and started filming them. They were tonguing passionately and their hands were everywhere.

Lena slid down on the couch and Jim got up and took off his clothes. I watched Lena look mesmerized at his beautifully muscled, athletic body. She had a look in her green eyes that was familiar to me; she was already all over the place! Jim opened her jeans and pulled them off. She herself was already pushing down her black panties and he yanked them right off her thighs! “Wow, what a beautiful pussy,” he said in a raspy voice. Lena half rose and pulled off her turtleneck and bra. Jim spread her legs wide and suddenly a strange peace seemed to come over the two of them as my heart pounded in my throat and I struggled to keep my phone still while filming! He gently opened her lips and kissed her pussy and licked her clitoris, which was already looking firmly out. ‘My God, what a beautiful cunt,’ he murmured again and began to gently stroke her. Lena’s hands furrowed through his black curls and at that moment we had a look of understanding towards each other. We seemed to be saying to each other,’Go ahead, that’s how it is’.

Pretty soon Lena was pulling Jim upstairs. Maybe crazy, but Lena isn’t much on petting. She likes it fine, and quite nice, but she is what we call a real fucker. My wife has the wonderful characteristic that she loves penetration. All the foreplay is wonderful but she goes for the fucking. So she has a vaginal orgasm, can cum easily and often by fucking. She pulled Jim onto her and raised her legs high in the air. Jim pulled her to the edge of the couch and put a pillow under his knees, clearly he had done this here at home before! What I saw then! Until then, I had only seen him on his back and now for the first time I saw his apparatus. Because that’s what it was, almighty what a cock that boy had! With 18 cm and quite thick, I am not exactly a small man, but what this young man had there scared me. Apparently so did Lena! The moment she grabbed his cock to slide into her pussy, I saw her surprised expression in her eyes. Apparently Jim was used to such a reaction, because he very sweetly reassured her and said he would be gentle and quiet. It was a wonderfully horny sight how he gently put that big red circumcised glans against what felt to me like Lena’s tiny pink pussy. I myself just felt it in my belly, really. My mouth went dry, my heart pounded in my throat, and with trembling hands I filmed how that big prick disappeared inch by inch into Lena’s narrow pussy. An almost animalistic growl came out of my honey’s throat.

What happened next was incredible! Jim grabbed her by her narrow hips and with Lena’s legs on his shoulders, he was now thrusting into her all the way up to his balls at once. He pulled his cock out of her up to his glans tip and thrust in hard. His balls clattered against her little hard bottoms! I heard Lena scream and her legs and thighs began to tremble and Jim shouted,’jeez you’re squirting, horny’. It was really incredible to see! Lena screamed and wave after wave of her horniness squeezed out of her pussy filled by that huge cock. I had never seen let alone experienced anything like it! Jim began to pump her steadily now and I saw Lena’s eyes turn away completely. Awesome! She now began to shake even harder and shouted for him to squirt. So it didn’t take long anymore for Jim to cum in her greatly. I saw how his bottom squeezed spastically and there seemed to be no end to it. Later Jim would say he had rarely cum like that and Lena said she just felt the warm jets hit her uterus.

Then a beautiful thing happened. Jim slowly pulled his penis out of Lena’s pussy and walked to the kitchen to get some drinks. Lena was still lying with her bottom on the edge of the couch and I looked right into her now deep red slightly open pussy. She looked at me with eyes still squinting, and cum was spilling out of her cave onto the couch. She opened her pussy even further and rubbed Jim’s cum all over her pubic mound and pussy. ‘My God, how delicious,’ she murmured. She looked at me intensely and beckoned me, I stood up and at that moment Jim came back into the room. As if it was the most normal thing in the world, he took the phone from me and continued filming. Lena looked at me and said, “Fuck me sweetie. She got up and undid my pants and gave me a short blowjob and lay back down with her bottom on the edge of the couch. While Jim’s cum was still running out of her pussy, I thrust into her with his horn-filled box. Although I am capable of fucking as long as I want, so I can hold back my orgasm, you will understand that this was quite different! I can honestly say that this was my most intense fuck with my wife that I had ever experienced. We looked into each other’s eyes and I fucked as if my life depended on it. So it wasn’t long before I heard myself screaming and mixing my seed with Jim’s seed in my blood own Lena’s pussy!

It has already become a long story, but I think this is the best way to tell this story that really happened 3 months ago. More happened that night anymore. It didn’t stop here. After a short break where we were still a little quiet and embarrassed by the event, Lena began to blow him and soon Jim was back to full strength. I loved watching Lena playing with that big prick and enjoying this amazing device with shining eyes. We really spent the next day wondering how big Jim’s cock was. Surely Lena really estimates about 25 cm and then thick too! Jim piled some cushions on the couch and Lena now lay on top of them with her belly. Her legs wide and Jim standing behind her, he fucked her from behind.

Classy of that boy, how quiet and sweet he actually was to Lena. She soon came again, now with little shocks and vibrations as usual. I don’t know exactly how long, but they were fucking for quite a long time, while he grabbed her tits quite a bit. He pumped quietly but steadily into her each time, almost pulling his penis out while kneading her tits to the brink of pain. “Go ahead, squeeze,” she kept saying, so Jim knew how far he could go. At one point, Lena asked him to squirt as her legs almost gave out. Again Jim came growling and squirted everything he had left deep inside her. Lena fell forward, exhausted, and stayed like that for several minutes. We then went upstairs to shower, with Lena still giving me a blow job.

It was around 4 in the morning that we got home from this very strange but fantastic evening. Exhausted, we fell asleep. The next day we obviously talked about it and both came to the conclusion that this had been the ultimate event for both of us. Apparently we had both cherished this fantasy for some time, and now it had become reality! Nice to mention that Lena’s pussy remained swollen for three days. Not painful but a kind of ‘woolly’ feeling she called it herself There is much more to tell about this event but then the story would become even longer. By the way, we did agree that this could be repeated but that we only want to do this together. In other words, Lena and Jim will have to control themselves at work. Well I hope you didn’t find the story too long and if you like it.

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