I wrote this little story for my girlfriend. I just sent it to her when we were on the plane. We weren’t sitting next to each other on the plane. She didn’t read it until we landed! She didn’t dare read it because there were other people sitting around her 😉.

You had just had your birthday, and I already had a plan to surprise you with a trip that would make you very happy. We had seen our version of Les Misérables last year, and you mentioned that you had already seen the English version on TV.

I was looking for a trip in September because we have so much to do in the spring with all kinds of concerts and trips. 2024 is a year when we might have too much planned. But still I wanted to surprise you and looked at the program of this musical in London. We’ve already been to London and apart from you wanting to see Big Ben again, we’ve already explored the rest. There was not much to do on weekends, but I found a weekend in April. I bought tickets for the West End in London. Since we already know London a little bit, we didn’t really plan anything else.

I had booked a 5-star hotel, arranged the flight and all the other little things. Friday morning we flew out of Brussels at a good time, then we picked up the suitcase, because of course you have to take your stuff with you. Then we could take the Stansted Express to Liverpool Street Station, and from there it was only a 3-minute walk to our hotel. There we couldn’t get into our room until 3 o’clock, so in terms of planning we were absolutely right. What we didn’t know was that this weekend was going to be a little different. I had brought our toys. I had done this before, but then they were not used. No problem, because it comes as it comes.

Finally, we got to our hotel room and it looked good. There was a spa and a swimming pool. These had to be reserved in advance and of course, being a good planner, I had already made arrangements. “Yes, but I don’t have a bikini with me,” you pointed out, and of course I had already thought of that. I grabbed the bottom of the bikini out of my bag and yelled “surprise”. “Oh, what a sweetheart you are,” you said. “You think of everything. Did you get my top too?” I looked in my purse and was sure that I had put it in my bag. “I can’t find it.” I said, and you laughed…. “Yeah…you must have done that on purpose,” you said. “No way,” was my answer, and it wasn’t a lie. How could I go swimming then, you asked… well, just with your beautiful naked breasts… was my answer. I reserved the half hour and you can even go naked. We are alone there anyway….. Ooooh then that’s no problem honey….

We went to the floor where the spa is and changed in the changing room. I had my swimsuit on and I enjoyed watching you, albeit a little businesslike, take off your clothes and panties and put your bikini bottoms back on. I caught a glimpse of your lips sticking out just a little in the front. I already felt some movement in my pants, but that is quite common. We walked into the pool area together and saw another couple coming out of the sauna.

Like you, the woman of the couple was not wearing a top, but bikini bottoms. “We’re leaving in 5 minutes, if that’s okay with you,” the man of the couple said. Ahhh, no worries, I said. You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to. The couple looked at each other and indicated that they would like to stay for a while. They nudged me and said, “What are you doing? I’m not staying if they’re staying,” and I indicated that I was very sorry. “I’m going to tell them to leave anyway”. “A little sulky, you went into the pool, but soon you were swimming a few laps in the big pool. I swam around too, enjoying the peace and quiet around us. For a moment, I forgot that we were not alone. You came swimming to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. Thank you for arranging this, darling…. You’re welcome…

We looked around and saw a hot tub. Shall we go in for a while, you said. Delicious. We both got into the Jacuzzi and I looked for the button to turn it on. The water started to bubble, we enjoyed the silence, the deliciously warm water and the bubbles. I closed my eyes and you had your arm around me. I rubbed your leg a little and felt how deliciously soft you are. I also noticed that you spread your legs a little. I rubbed the inside of your leg and you enjoyed it.

Very occasionally I touch the fabric of the bikini bottom, but otherwise you don’t indicate if you like it or if I should stop. So I enjoy and rub. Very slowly from your knee to your crotch. I reach the bikini bottom and press my finger under the edge of your bottom. Slowly I go down and very briefly touch your lips. Still no shrinkage. Suddenly I am startled because the other couple is also standing by the Jacuzzi and asks if they can join in. Both in their 40s and of Mediterranean descent. I can’t quite place them, but both the man and the woman are blessed with a 6 pack…. You can join, no problem.

The Jacuzzi was definitely for 8 people, so we had plenty of room. The bubbles stopped, and you moved to the button to press it again. So did the husband of the other couple. You reached the button at the same time, and because you had stood up, he had a nice view of your delicious breasts. And instead of pressing the button, he leaned back and enjoyed what he saw. She looked at him and smiled. She was a little less endowed as far as breasts were concerned, but these were worthy too. Nice, not too big nipples. A little hard, but that could be from the colder water. They came back to sit next to me, but now they kept their hands under the water.

The man of the other couple turns his head towards us to see you being slowly filled by me. You close your eyes as I get deeper into you and you like it. The woman of the couple gets up from the edge and comes towards us through the bubbles. She looks at me questioningly and I shrug my shoulders, not knowing what she means. She moves her hand to her breast. She obviously wants to feel😁😁. Very gently she puts her hand on your breast and I think at first you think it’s me. You bite your lip because you like being taken and having your breasts stimulated. But my hands are bigger, you realize. Very slowly you open your eyes and they get bigger and bigger as you realize that another woman is touching your breasts. You smile at her in agreement and close your eyes again. A sign for the woman to continue and squeeze gently. Your hand is still on your nipple for extra stimulation. You have become incredibly wet from all this and your breathing accelerates.

The woman’s mouth moves to your breast, but you don’t see it. You enjoy the soft touch of her hand. The fact that it suddenly alternates with her mouth sucking gently on your nipple only makes you breathe faster. You take her hand from one breast and bring it to your pussy. You want her to gently caress your bud. She obeys and plays with you. You put both hands behind you and lean back deliciously so she can reach it. I get all wild from what I see and just go in and out of you very slowly. The woman leans forward. What is she going to do? She comes way out and just above where my cock goes in and out of you, she works on your clit with the tip of her tongue. It seems like I’m dreaming. The man of the couple is crouching behind his wife and licking like his life depends on it. Both her starlet and her lips are carefully licked and sucked. She too is close to climax. As are almost all of us.

The man’s head just comes out of the water and you can see the strained glans. His hands go down her back and back to her ass. He pulls her cheeks apart a little and she moans violently. He licks her starlet and pushes his tongue against it. I can’t hold it any longer and start to speed up. Soon I cum deliciously in you and you squeeze me deliciously with your pussy. You open your eyes to look right at me the moment I come. One of your hands goes over my chest. I slowly pull my cock out of you, and my seed makes your lips feel a little mealy. The woman starts to lick your lips clean of my cum and you can’t hold it anymore and come shockingly. The woman enjoys this and despite your jerking she tries to keep her lips sucking on your pussy, still enjoying my cum dripping from your pussy.

Very quietly and kissing your pussy, the woman leans a little over the edge so that her husband can reach it better. With you the brakes are completely off and you kiss the woman full on her mouth. You exchange all kinds of bodily fluids. From here your kisses continue down her neck, over her back to her ass where her husband is taking her from behind. You move your hand over her ass and reach her pussy. You push her husband away a little and as he goes out of her here, you take his cock in your hand. You take a quick look at me to see if this is okay and I can only nod in pleasure. You go to his cock with your mouth and start licking it, pulling his foreskin back a little and placing your lips over his glans. You suck him slowly at first and then speed up. The other woman joins you and you take turns taking his cock in your mouths. I stand behind you and my hands go over both your asses. I work on both your butts with my fingers. One ass on each hand. You both turn around with your asses while you spoil the other man deliciously together.

Even with him, it doesn’t take long for him to let go and squirt cum all over your breasts. You give each other a delicious tongue kiss before you sit quietly in the water, which has stopped bubbling. I go to the button and press it again and come and sit comfortably between you. As we get into conversation with them, they turn out to be Italians who, like us, were overwhelmed by the moment. We chat some more and finally head for our rooms, relaxed and fulfilled.