What a night, I think. It is Friday morning and I wake up next to my second lover Hans in the Grand Hyatt Berlin and immediately feel like it again. Pussy, I have to catch my plane soon and in my haste I pull the blanket off my stallion, bend over and take his even in flaccid state substantial cock in my mouth.

I taste our sex from last night and it’s not long before I feel him getting hard in my mouth and hear him say, “You really don’t know when to stop, do you? “Stop? …. No, not for me …. Man how delicious I find you” and look at him mischievously. I come up, put my leg over him and position his rod with my hand to slide it into me. Hans takes about a minute to pump me thoroughly. Then we get up, shower together, get dressed and check out of the hotel lobby.

It is time to say goodbye, we walk to the door, I thank him for the delicious night, give him a kiss on the cheek and whisper, “If only you could come with me to Holland”. Hans laughs and says, “Sounds delicious, but how are you going to arrange that with your husband? “I want you both …., and Rico? He’s much too happy to join in,” and we look at him questioningly. Two and a half hours later we are standing together in front of the gate at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. As soon as we’re on board, I tell Rico that I’m on my way home; within 5 minutes, he replies that he can’t wait to see me again and to hear about my adventure, once again in color. “I thought of something better; I’ll take him with me this weekend; okay?” I quickly call him before I have to turn off my phone because we are taking to the skies.

An hour and a half later, we land in Brussels. My heart is pounding in my throat; I’m still a little nervous about Rico’s reaction when I turn my phone back on. “What a hot bitch you are. Delicious that you feel so free. I love it! I’ll be waiting for you in the hospitality area of the Sheraton” How lucky I am to have such an open-minded guy, I think and proudly walk hand in hand with my sweet of the week to the baggage claim, to the exit of the airport and down the hall to P1. When we arrive at the Sheraton, I see my guy already seated. He smiles, obviously enjoying my slightly shy or guilty look, and comes over to me.

We hug and kiss each other on the mouth. “Welcome home,” I hear him say, followed by: “Nice to finally meet you” to Hans. The men shake hands and a short hug and I can see that Hans is a little uncomfortable. “Relax, it’s all right. Thanks for taking care of my wife,” and all three of us burst out laughing. The ice is broken. “She is fucking amazing. You are a lucky man,” I hear Hans say. I know then that the men get on well with each other and think: let the party begin and don’t let the grass grow over it. “What if all three of us go upstairs? You know, get to know each other a little better.” I notice Rico’s coloring and take a quick glance at his crotch. Well-filled jeans; he’s obviously excited and I give him a wink.

We go upstairs and walk across the lobby to the elevator. My senses tell me that things are now moving at lightning speed, and it seems that the elevator doors open before we’ve even pressed the button. Before we know it, the three of us are in the elevator. I stand against the back wall with a satisfied smile and look at my men. Inside the room, Hans quickly starts mixing some drinks. We sit down on the small sofa. My body meets theirs, on each side I have one of my guys. Drops of sweat appear on Rico’s forehead, despite the cold air coming from the air conditioner above him. “Gentlemen double,” I say, running my tongue over my lower lip; my heart rate shoots up and my grin widens. Rico gasps and I give him a look.

This isn’t the first threesome with another man, is it? He squirms a little and I say, “What’s the matter? Uncomfortable?” Rico nods and says, “Uncomfortable, exciting, …….., but oh so hot.” There is a short silence as he continues: “And, … and now?” Hans shrugs his shoulders, as if he had no idea what he was getting into, and winks. Then we look at each other and smile. I feel butterflies in my stomach. “Well. Should we go full speed ahead? Shall we split up? One on top, the other on the bottom. Or just freestyle?” Rico looks at Hans. “I don’t know, not too directional okay, we’ll do whatever” Then I stand up and pull the belt of my wrap dress open and let it fall from me. The dress hits the floor with a soft whisper. And not long after that, my lace bra.

Rico’s mouth falls open, almost watering, and I hook my thumbs into my thong and roll it down. My pussy comes out and my lips are already open at the thought of what my boys are going to do to me. Hans also stands up and takes off his shirt. His strong, muscular torso gleams in the light that shines through the crack in the curtains. Rico, who has also undressed in the meantime, takes off his pants. His cock is stiff and pulsating, dark purple at the tip. His thighs twitch slightly as I reach out with my hands. I take his cock in my right hand and Hans’ in my left. My palms slide and twist over the shafts. My soft hands caress the thick and pulsating lengths of the two cocks presented to me. Rico’s cock twitches.

He stares across my face at Hans. Hans’ eyes are half closed, his lips slightly parted. I give their cocks another pump and then ask, “Bed? Standing?” It’s clear and I stagger to the bed. I can hardly believe it. Finally! I’ve always loved threesomes. The bed gives way under our weight. I feast my eyes on these two gorgeous boys. Rico is sleek, slim and 1.83m tall. Dark blond with green eyes. Hans is dark, clearly a gym rat with his strong muscles and ripped abs. They both have great dicks. I never had to complain about Rico’s, but Hans’ is even longer but definitely thicker and the veins are more prominent. Delicious, I am surrounded by male flesh. Hans is to my right and Rico to my left. Now that the time has come, I’m not sure who to do first. I follow my instinct. My mouth meets Rico’s. His lips are soft and welcoming. His hands slide down my body in a slow caress that makes my thighs glow red hot and the moisture flow from my pussy.

Hans’ mouth is hotter, wetter and tastes like the mixed drinks. I get down on my knees and don’t hesitate. Hans pushes his hard, hot flesh into my willing mouth. Rico’s hands caress my back with quick, smooth movements. My tongue finds a single salty droplet at the tip of Hans’ glans and licks it while Rico’s fingers slide into the slit between my buttocks and out again, leaving a brief but intense sensation. I moan, “ah, ah … yes, take me, I need it so much”. Hans pushes his hips forward. His cock rams into my throat, deliciously cutting off my breath as he pierces my face with his rod.

Rico’s cock is now thrusting into my pussy. His hand slides down my stomach and then finds my clit and manipulates it. He continues to thrust. I arch my back and press my clit against his fingers. My body rocks back and forth, suspended between the two cocks that take me in the mouth from the front and in the pussy from the back. Then Rico suddenly pulls out. I groan at the thick flesh in my mouth.

My fingers wriggle in the crumpled sheets of the hotel bed. The scent of Hans’ cock fills my nose as his cock rams into my mouth to the base. More wetness flows from my cave. What the hell is Rico doing? He doesn’t have second thoughts, does he? I haven’t thought about it yet when his hands push my bottom open. He finds my clit with his tongue. I moan, “Yes, yes, oh fuck, yes, eat me, eat my horny pussy, oh God,” but I can’t say more because Hans is pushing his cock down my throat again. Rico’s tongue strokes my clit, from right to left, and then he makes slow circles around the hard, pulsating tip; insanely delicious.

My body rocks between his face and Hans’ cock. My toes curl and I fight to keep my balance, to keep my head in place and my ass up so Rico’s tongue can reach my swollen clit. His fingers slide into my pussy; he pushes three fingers into my body while his tongue continues to work on my clit. Then my orgasm comes so fast and so hard that I have no time to fight it. My creamy juices flow out of my body and cover Rico’s tongue and chin. He moans, “Goddamn Nance, how good you taste…” and then moans that he wants more. My legs spread further as the climax causes powerful waves of my hot, horny juices to flow from my pulsating cavern.

Aftershocks come. And Rico … is licking and moaning, groaning with pleasure. Hans’ hands reach for my hair. His nails run over my scalp. My mouth opens wider and I start to make circles with my tongue around his thick, veined shaft and his satin head to bring him to orgasm. But he has other ideas. With a wet plop, he pulls out of my mouth and says, “Let’s switch.” I am now lying flat on my back. Hans spreads my legs wider and places himself between them. He presses the slick head of his cock against my wet entrance and pushes himself into me with a quick movement of his hips. His cock fills my pussy and opens my inner walls to his insistent thrusts. Rico positions himself beside me. Raymond’s breathing accelerates and I hear him enjoying his thrusts and the tightly wrapped cock: “aaah, aah, yeah, keep going”. I have a view of both their cocks.

Hans’ swollen and blood filled rod presses into my willing pussy. Rico’s, full of lust, presses against my lips. I part my lips and teeth obediently. His smell is similar to Hans’; soap, cock, salt. His pre-cum is in the back of my throat and I enjoy the salty, slightly bitter taste as his cock dives in and out of my mouth. I’m getting into the swing of things. Hans’ cock leaves my body just as Rico pushes his into my mouth. Drunk with the sensation that accompanies every movement of their bodies, I begin to move my tongue over Rico’s cock as I did with Hans.

I begin to squeeze my inner walls together to milk Hans’ huge cock. My folds clamp down on his stiff rod and as he pulls back, his moans grow louder. “AH, AAAAH, OOH Nance du Schlampe!”. Hans pulls my knees higher. The feel of his hands on the back of my thighs stirs my lust even more. His balls slap against my ass and my cheeks jerk as I raise and lower my hips to accommodate him. Rico’s cock begins to pulse in my throat. And then. Hot, creamy seed squirts from the tip of his swollen glans and splashes along the walls of my throat. He moans, “Goddamn.” Then his face contorts and his fingers grip my hair tighter as a second wave of white, delicious seed squirts from his cock. The horny, slightly bitter juice runs down the back of my throat. I swallow and swallow as his cock twitches and shudders in my throat. My tongue works a few more drops from the slit at the top of his glans. His body stiffens and he grips the headboard for balance. Meanwhile Hans’ fingers descend to my clit and I scream: “NUCK ME, NUCK ME HARDER, NUCK ME AS LONG AS NIGHT!

I want nothing more than to show Rico what a slut I am. He needs to see me getting fucked by another man. The thought of my husband watching me drives me crazy. A sudden, powerful climax shoots through my body, causing my lower body to bend upward from the bed. My heels dig into the mattress. My hands slap the blankets. My walls clench around Hans’ cock and milk it again, harder this time; my walls loosen as the climax passes through my cunt and a stream of horny and fragrant moisture flows over his cock. Hans moans, “Fuck yes, YES, I MILK MYSELF FULL” and thrusts into me one last time. His cock squirts his cum into my soaked body. A last few spasms and then he lowers my legs and rests on a forearm. Smiling, I look up at my lovers and get a wink from my own guy. “Yummy, deliciously horny thing. What a slutty bitch you are!” I hear him say and see his proud eyes go to my pussy.

For a second he opens his mouth as if he’s going to kiss it. I see the hesitation in his eyes but know that we are thinking the same thing. “Come on then,” I say, “it’s okay. Rico bends over and puts his mouth on my cum and dripping pussy. “Ugh, ugh, yes, eat me dry” and I surrender to the mouth and tongue of my man who is now licking me like a quickly melting ice cream on a hot summer day. I grin and am satiated and … totally devastated.