This is a true story, it happened several years ago, I was in my early 30s and returning home after a work accident. I had not noticed a leak while unloading my truck and got a little acid in my face and eyes. All in all, the damage didn’t feel too bad. The girl on the photo is Pretty Angel, waiting for you.

But my eyes needed some extra care. Because of this accident, I was temporarily out of work as a driver, so I had regular check-ups with the doctor. It was a hot summer day. I was sitting in the garden by the pool, reading quietly, when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and saw a beautiful young lady of about 25 to 26 years standing there, she introduced herself as Mila, the control doctor, I couldn’t believe my eyes, what an appearance, beautiful brown hair up to just over the shoulder, dressed in an airy dress, without a bra, she didn’t need one, marked off in the dress I saw a couple of nice firm tits, I immediately felt something happening in my pants.

I let her in, we sat down on the terrace, she told me that the regular doctor didn’t come anymore and that she took over temporarily. She started her examination, but at the same time she talked smoothly, after 10 minutes her examination was over and she reassured me that I could still stay at home for a while.

I asked if she had time for a drink and she said I was her last patient. She had no plans, liked a glass of wine in this warm weather, we continued to talk, one glass soon became 4 or 5, a little into the wind the conversations became more intimate and hornier, until at a certain point she said, I would have to examine you extensively, I didn’t let her tell me that twice, and I replied, go ahead, you can’t be too sure.

She asked me to undress completely, after that she took my hard cock in her mouth without much effort, she started to suck it, man that was delicious, for a moment she stopped to take off her dress so that she was standing there just in a thong, again she went through her knees and started to suck like crazy. Before I knew it I had squirted a load of warm cum right into her gullet, she swallowed it all and said now it’s my turn, she lay back on the garden table, I took off her thong and without hesitation I started licking and sucking this delicious pussy, I licked and bit her clit, she cried out in pleasure and after a few minutes she squirted the cum from her pussy all over my face and mouth.

I pulled her straight up and kissed her full on the mouth, our tongues found each other, the fact that she tasted her own horn made her even hornier, she pushed me backwards and sat on my stiff cock, like an accomplished Amazon she rode my stiff cock, every time she came down I felt her beautiful pussy squeeze my cock, a wonderful feeling, together we came deliciously again, we rinsed the horn off us with a delicious splash in the pool. That night she stayed the night because she had drunk too much, driving was not responsible. Meanwhile, we are 10 years further and I still fuck her every night, we are 10 years older and have a beautiful daughter.