I had emailed the draft of my thesis to my professor. He had said during a lecture that I could send him my draft so he could read it and help me. After two weeks, on a Saturday night around ten, I got an email from him: What is your 06 number? I’ll call you so we can discuss it. Greetings Leon. It felt strange, a phone call? So late on a Saturday night? Could it be Monday? But I didn’t dare say no, after all he could help me get a nice score. I couldn’t think of any reason to ask him if it couldn’t wait until Monday. So I forwarded my number and waited for him to call. Photo Seline.

He called after 15 minutes and gave me some good tips and later emailed me some hints and corrections. He asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him at his house that Sunday. I agreed, and that morning I stood in front of my closet. Dress? Jeanne with shirt? Skirt with blouse? You should know that I study International Banking, so not too frivolous and not too casual like jeans. I decided on a dress and was in doubt for a long time. With or without a bra. Not to tease him, but without a bra the dress looked even better on me and Leon was at least in his early sixties and probably not interested in me as a woman. I’m twenty-seven, about twenty inches below my BMI. Considering his age, he was even older than my father!

Leon lives on the outskirts of Copenhagen in a nice apartment overlooking the airport. Every few minutes we could see planes landing and taking off in the distance. We started the evening with a nice glass of port wine. He talked about his life and the fact that he lost his wife to cancer four years ago. Our contact felt good and I hugged him. We stood there for a minute or so. And yes … it felt special. I admit, I had spent the last two years investing in my studies and had not allowed myself time for a relationship. Not even dates or one-night stands. And yes, I felt some tension with him. His sex was against my stomach and I felt the heat increasing and maybe I was imagining it … I felt his cock swelling. We went into the kitchen, I took a seat at the bar and watched him making snacks and preparing dinner. I told him about my studies and my plans.

The port was replaced by a glass of wine. Leon told me about his journey of almost a year across the Sahara after the death of his wife. The food was great. After the third course we went out on the terrace of his apartment with another glass of wine. By the fourth, or was it the fifth glass of wine, I was feeling a little dizzy. He was standing very close to me and I felt his warmth. It didn’t feel strange when he put his arm around me. When I shivered, he came up behind me and put his arms around me. I felt his body against my back and his hands just below my breasts on my stomach. My head became clear. The situation or the drink or the lack of a man in my life? Okay, in this case a much older man. I wasn’t paying attention and there I was … straddling his lap with one hand on my belly in a dress that was a little open at the neckline because a button had come undone. He kissed my cheek tenderly. It felt so good! I turned my head and our mouths met. With his other hand he stroked my back and my bottom. The kissing was wonderful! I felt butterflies and excitement, something I had pushed away for at least two years. The hand on my stomach moved up and he cupped my breasts one by one. He broke the kiss. “I’ve missed this so much. Are you okay with this?” I was overwhelmed and nodded yes.

“Yeah, I’ve been ignoring feelings like this for three years, too.” I confessed. He took his time kissing me, his hands going over my stomach and legs and back to my breasts. I felt his sex growing underneath me. I laughed and stood up. “Go ahead, give yourself some room.” Looking at me, he let his hand go over his pants and placed his sex elsewhere. I undid two buttons of my shirt and sat over him. Now I had mine to the left and right of his legs with my face facing him. Leon’s hands slid down my back to my ass. I relaxed my legs and lowered my body. His cock was positioned so that I could feel the head against my crotch and lips with some sliding. I shivered and heard Leon gasp.

“So long ago.” He moaned softly. His fingertips slid over the fabric of my dress and my breasts with them. I was hungry and had to stop myself from ripping open my dress and forcing my breasts into his face. Leon took his time. He played and stroked my nipples through the thin fabric. I felt my pussy flowing and deep down my heart beating. Kohlere, what a deliciously hard cock I was ready for! I jumped up slightly and pulled the dress between my legs to feel his cock against my crotch and panties even better. I sat down again and pressed my crotch a little tighter against his cock and moved my pelvis back and forth suggestively. It had to dawn on him at some point, right? His one hand went down my back and slid under the fabric of my dress, playing with the frills of my panties. Tired of waiting, I opened my dress. “Go ahead … bite and suck on my nipples. You’re driving me crazy, tiger!” I felt his breath on the left side of his neck before I felt the wetness of his tongue and the softness of his lips. I sighed and melted into him. His erection demanded attention, so I began to push against him again, but he only held my waist, breaking the silence with “No, just you,” before continuing to suck on my neck. Shudders, moans, it was all I could do in response, it was all my body understood now.

Again I let my cunt crave filling and satisfaction over his cock. “Tell me not to do it,” he said. “Please do it,” I moaned. I felt his cock move beneath me, so I turned my hips a little again. A ragged breath left his mouth. “God almighty,” he whispered when he noticed me looking at him. “Fuck?” sounded even softer, if that was possible. I shivered with excitement. I could smell myself, my desire could be smelled and felt because the crotch of my panties was soaking wet. I pulled the dress up over my head. The feeling was twofold. YES, I wanted sex, I wanted male attention, I wanted that total relaxation. But whether it had to be with this more than twice as old man. WTF I hardly cared. It had happened and he could do something important for me. Somewhere in my brain, the title of a story on a women’s website popped into my head. “A Bad Number for a Good Number.” His hands and mouth were all over me now. He was kissing and licking my breasts and neck. His grasping hands kneaded my buttocks and cupped my flanks. Owwwwww … you are so deliciously tight and young.” He moaned. I stood up and looked at him.

“I want you!” I said, placing my demand on the table. He continued to look at me. “I want intercourse with you.” His face changed color. “Fuck!” he whispered. “You want me to fuck you?” He stood up and unzipped his pants and pulled out a rather thick and long cock. I started to unzip his blouse. “Let me see and feel your body.” I said. I knew he worked out a lot and with what I had felt in the last hour it could only get worse. You, he had a bit of a belly, but fine arms and shoulders. What I hadn’t seen before was that the hair was turning gray there, too. Yes, he had a nice upper body. When he took off his pants and white underpants, a stocky man with a firm dick was looking at me. His cock was slightly to the left and was surrounded by a large bush of gray pubic hair. He pushed me back slightly against his desk.

“Do you want to lie down or stand?” he asked firmly. I rocked up and sat down on the cold tabletop. I opened my legs and he came between them. With his left hand he stroked my pussy through my panties. “Deliciously wet.” He moaned and sniffed his hand. With his other hand he gently pulled on his cock. Then he took another step forward and rested his sex on my panties. I pulled the crotch of my panties aside. “Don’t make me wait. I want it!” He pulled back his foreskin and let his glans go between my lips. He pushed gently and put his hands down my sides. We looked at each other as he pushed further and further into me. “Kiss me.” He moaned. PUSSY! Fucking is intimate and easy, but kissing is a little bit more. But if you say A, you have to say B. Anything for a good exam grade. I curled my legs around him and sat up a little straighter. His face came closer and our lips touched. We kissed without tongues. He nibbled on my upper lip and began to thrust slowly.

I realized that I hadn’t fucked for too long. His cock hit me in ways and places where I wouldn’t let my dildo come. One hand went to my ass and his other grabbed my breasts. When I felt his soft lips, I felt his hand go further down. He had stopped licking and was now looking at me; I humbly lowered my eyes. I saw my tits, his gray-haired body, and as he pulled back his gray-rimmed cock at my naked pussy. No, it wasn’t a particularly hot picture. Yes, it was delicious to have real stuffing in my pussy again, but an older man full of gray body hair with leathery skin in places… No. He accelerated his thrusts. He looked at me closely and quietly asked for permission to come. I nodded yes. *God, yes, please, let it be over, I thought. Within a few seconds he was rooting and jerking, pushing his sex into me as hard as he could and holding still. I felt him fill my pussy with warm fluid. I faked an orgasm, moaning and shaking, to give him an extra kick.

He put his arms around me and held me tight. After a few moments, deep inside me, I felt his penis shrink and seed flow down my thighs. He released me and asked me to get up from the desk. Our moisture might stain the historic thing. And gone was the last bit of deliciousness of that turn. As he rubbed the woodwork clean, I brushed away his semen between my legs and was glad it was over. We began to dress again. “I’ll grade your thesis tomorrow.” He promised. “I’ll put the grade right into the system.” I slept wonderfully that night and satisfied myself with my dildo. I woke up flushed and with a raw pussy. I opened the system and there was a 7.5 for my thesis and as a note he complimented me on my efforts. Okay, I had hoped for an 8 after my efforts, but admittedly I am not a brilliant student. Moments later, my phone rang. It was Leon asking if I was interested in having the grade raised by another 0.5 points. I was quickly out. If I really wanted a fat job in New York. London or Hong Kong, that would be convenient. We made a new appointment. That Saturday at 1:30, I rang his doorbell. Leon answered in his bathrobe. I quickly stepped inside and he hugged me. After a glass of wine, he led me into his study.

“Take off your dress. I want you completely naked.” Sounded almost businesslike. He took off his robe. To my surprise, he had cut off much of the gray on his chest and body. He had made his crotch completely hairless and his cock was almost in place. He hugged and kissed me and I let him go, all for a better job opportunity. His hands were everywhere, from my breasts to my flanks. My pussy was being fingered while I was barely wet.

“Delicious?” he asked. I caressed his body and pulled him down. He paid a lot of attention to my ass. He made me stand at his desk. “Just put your hands on the top and bend over.” He stood behind me and stroked my back and butt. He came up against me and I felt cock sex against my buttocks, his hands sliding down to my breasts. Had he been thirty years younger, I could have enjoyed it, but I was engaged in a strange form of job guarantee. Leon stepped back again and his hands went over my buttocks and with his right hand he found my ass hole and pressed gently against it. I groaned. He wet his finger by putting it in my mouth. Then he put a finger in my starlet. I shuddered and moaned. His breathing became faster and heavier and it was as if a switch had been flipped. With a second finger he entered my vagina, fingering me front and back. Through the glass of his bookcase I saw that he was now whipping his cock. His hands were unstoppable, stroking my pussy and fingering my ass at the same time, now with more pressure and speed. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” I moaned loudly. I had never felt this before.

I moaned and he whispered, “You have to be quieter or I’ll have to stop.” His voice sounded stern. “Fuck, sorry,” I whispered. My eyes couldn’t focus on anything. His tongue tapped my hard nipples as his hard cock bumped against my bottom each time. I felt my fluids begin to flow and the pain in my pussy diminish. His hand moved away and I felt him draw a line where the wetness now left a cold line. “I want to fuck you! Please turn over, you’re a good girl,” he told me. I shivered at the words. The edge of his desk pressed uncomfortably against my lower back, I breathed deeply and pressed my breasts against his face. Through the glass of the bookcase I could see us engaged. His big hands were on my breasts and he was standing between my legs.

He took control and pushed his penis into my pussy. After a few thrusts, he looked at me. “I want your ass…” I was startled, I had been taken there before, but with him? He retreated and walked around the desk. A bottle of lube came out of a drawer. “Come on girl. Turn around” He stroked my bottom and was generous with the lube. “Go ahead, deliciously deep forward, with your delicious tits on my desk!” I obeyed and felt him come up behind me. First it was one finger with which he entered my starlet. Then came a second. “Jesus, how exciting this is!” he moaned.

Then I felt him push his glans against my starlet. I relaxed and felt the head shoot into me. “Tight, so tight…” he moaned. Fortunately, he took his time, sliding a little deeper into my asshole each time. I saw us standing in the window. I was facing forward, his cock was between my buttocks from under his belly. He put his hands on my hips and started to thrust. He moaned loudly and in no time he came. It was strange, the moment of his orgasm and the feeling of the semen in my ass brought me over the edge of orgasm. I shook and jerked and felt a huge orgasm coursing through my body. “Oh my God! I’m coming, I’m coming!” I moaned and he held my body as I shook from the sex. He held my body tight as my orgasm continued to thunder.

I laughed as my orgasm left me. He responded to my laughter with a smile. He complimented me on my body, my freckles, my breasts, my back, my stomach, my ass, my thighs and… I felt his hard cock shrink and with a thud he pulled away from me. I let him speak, I felt restless. This man, at least as old as my father, maybe five and sixty, had fucked me for the second time. “You naughty girl! Fucking me … in my … study for a better grade? Fuck me. You’re so sexy, so beautiful!” His dick started to stiffen again.

He looked down proudly. “Good pill.” He said. I want you again, now in your other hole. So his seed was still flowing out of my star and now he wanted my pussy too… The only reaction I could give was a physical one, kissing him and moaning. He pushed me back against the desk and spread my legs. Without much ado, he slid his cock into my vagina. It was quick and he started thrusting rap. He whispered that he was about to come, and within moments I felt his cock thicken and his seed shoot into me. I held my breath and tried to make as little noise as possible. As I sank into his orgasm, he joked about fucking between the piles of important papers on his desk. He laughed at his own joke.

Then he pulled away and stepped back, apparently to look at his student and his semen leaking from her. He handed me a cloth and I cleaned my pussy. It dawned on me what had happened. I had been fucked in the ass by the man who was going to grade my dissertation. A man older than my father. Actually, very little could go wrong now. Slowly the clothes we had taken off were put back on. Leon put on his robe again. He hugged me goodbye. I stepped through the door and walked out. The feeling was double. The sex had been great, much better than with guys my age. But this lover was very old, but also important for my study results.

The one can of my feelings could dissipate the euphoria. I had to convince myself that it had not happened as a cold calculation for a good grade, but because we were both ready for it. At home, I showered until the water heater was empty and drank a bottle of wine to dampen the feeling. The next day I opened the system to see the results. No adjustment to my score. I tried again at four o’clock. A pop-up appeared. As usual I opened this “important message” It was the death notice of Leon de Jong. He had been found by his housekeeper at home that morning. I quickly went to the ratings, there was still that 7.5, apparently he hadn’t even gotten around to adjusting my grade. Then pussy efforts yesterday had been for nothing.