For a few months now, my hometown has been blessed with a 24-hour gym. The only guidance you get consists of screens that you activate by using the tag. Because I work irregular hours and sometimes I like to hang on to weights or push myself to the limit on a spinning bike after a shift on call.

It was about 12:30 in the morning when I got there. There were two cars in the parking lot, one from the gym and a Mercedes E with German license plates. My week had been varied. 3 12-hour nights where I could study for hours. Friday an evening shift with a serious breakdown. Instead of 10 pm I could leave at noon. Good for the overtime, but not for my body. Luckily I always have a set of gym clothes and a towel and stuff in the car. I couldn’t wait to get to the gym, I needed to get rid of my stress physically. When I entered the gym around 12:30, it was almost deserted. I signed in and went to the locker room. I wore boxing shorts and a tight t-shirt.

I started with a warm-up. Rowing, cycling, stretching and then bench pressing. In the distance I saw a woman. In what appeared to be a sports bra and matching shorts. Long red hair and busy doing a step routine on a big screen. She hopped and hopped over a step, her firm breasts dancing with her. My workout had started at 90 pounds and through 100 I had reached 110. Concentration, no time to watch a hopping beauty with dancing tits. After two futile attempts at 120 kilos, I left it at that. Back to the bar for another sports drink. I walked past the machines and heard her moaning softly.

She was in the squat rack. Her red hair was pulled up in a ponytail, I stood for a moment and complimented her on the weight set and number of reps. She continued concentrating. She had her back to me, but what I could see looked great: she was wearing a bright pink sports bra with matching shorts. She was almost 6 feet tall, a little shorter than me. She had beautiful, long legs; her panties were right between her firm buttocks. I couldn’t wait to see what her front looked like. I looked at her big bouncing tits and felt my cock respond, so I put my hand on my shorts and quickly squeezed them before walking over to the bar. She continued with my next set of squats. There was no one around, so I filled my bottle, took a few sips and headed back to the weight room. I went to the fly trainer and went through the sets nicely. As I moved on to the next exercise, I saw her again. She was sitting on the floor doing hip thrusts with a dumbbell, and damn, she was even better from the front than from the back. Her face was red with effort. Beautiful little face, full lips, mischievous nose and horny, real lips and … freckles.

She worked with concentration. I continued, imagining what it would be like to put my cock between her big tits or, even better, what it would be like if she blew me. I slowly let my eyes slide down her body to her sports bra. It was one with a front closure consisting of a small zipper, the whole thing was tightened around her perfect tits. Her breasts looked large and soft, her nipples poking through the thin fabric. Thanks to her sweat covering the light-colored bra, I swear I could almost see through it. My eyes then traveled along her tight waist to between her legs. Where the halter rested on her hips, the shorts pulled up higher with each thrust, right between her juicy-looking labia. Kohlere, what a beautiful camel toe! As with her bra, the sweat began to make the material a little transparent, so I could see that she was wearing nothing underneath, just a small triangle just above her lips. As my eyes slid down her body to her face again, I realized she was looking at me.

I winked at her and a nice blush spread across her cheeks and she quickly looked away. I knew for sure that this girl liked that I was watching. I moved on to the next exercise and saw that she had also come to the weight room. I was on the leg trainer and she was on a rowing machine. Before she started, she took a sip of water and some of it flowed out of the bottle, between her huge cleavage, down her stomach and onto the crotch of her shorts. If her shorts and bra weren’t see-through before, they certainly were now. She looked delicious, her dark nipples clearly visible.

Her camel toe was so clearly visible, it was as if she was wearing no panties. I left her to row and finished my sets. I got up and saw on the rowing machine screen that she had four minutes left. She was moaning loudly every time she pushed back full force. I went to stand behind her. “Come on!!! You can do it! You’re faster than my PR!”. After the bell sounded, she rowed out and collapsed panting. I offered her my bottle. She took a few swigs and looked at me. “I’m beat.” She said quietly. I replied, “I just finished, but you worked so hard today, shall we cool down together?” She got up and followed me to the cool down room and entered the left door, the mirror room where bodybuilders practice their show poses. I led her through a few stretches where she bent over so I could stare at her shamelessly. She moaned softly, “That’s going to make me sore tomorrow.

My cock was really starting to grow. To divert her attention, I said, “Do you want me to massage you? Then lie on your stomach on the bench.” She didn’t hesitate for a second and lay down. I moved my hands up and down along her hamstrings for a while and then really started to dig into the crease of her ass with my thumbs, pushing her shorts a little higher and higher between her delicious buttocks. Every time I pushed her buttocks apart, I could see a little bit of her starlet. How damned much I wanted to tease her there with my lips and tongue. After a long back and thigh massage, I asked her to turn around. She looked at me. “My name is Meike and I am German.” I introduced myself and she slowly turned around. She pulled down the legs of her panties, demurely, and out between her labia. I began to massage her thighs, one by one, up to the edges of her panties. I gently pushed the edges of her panties up, and in the process, the fabric got caught between her labia again. She smiled as I ran my fingers over her pubic mound.

Meike blushed and looked at me. “My boyfriend has been in Spain for four weeks. I was so horny. But you had to earn it.” She spread her legs and I ran two fingers over her labia and felt that she was already getting quite wet. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and her chest was heaving with her breathing. I tried my luck in the middle of the gym, but fuck it! She had been dry for a few weeks and I was looking for a beautiful girl to have a wonderful adventure with. I decided not to rush. “May I massage your breasts?” She nodded eagerly. I let my hands go over her stomach to her huge tits, I started massaging the top of them, she sighed loudly. “This isn’t working.” She said, unzipping her sports bra. I gasped loudly and brought my hands up to cover them. Shit, those were the best tits I had ever seen, natural and huge. They had the softness of natural tits and yet somehow sat high on her chest. Her nipples were already rock hard. I rubbed them gently with my thumbs before squeezing them.

She moaned softly as I took one nipple between my lips and sucked on it while playing with the other. I grabbed some oil from the can that bodybuilders use to make themselves shine so horribly. I climbed onto the couch and sat on her stomach and pulled my cock out of my pants. She gasped when she saw how big and hard my dick was. “Get off!” she said as I got off her and got undressed. Then I crawled back on top of her. Her left hand went to my cock and she pushed it down between her huge tits. Her other hand went around me to her crotch. I squeezed her tits together and began gently thrusting my cock back and forth. “Kiss me.” I released her breasts and moved forward and we kissed deeply and slowly.

I pressed my torso against her deliciously hard breasts. After the kiss, I straightened up and saw the pre-cum dripping from my glans. I smeared it between her breasts. I grabbed her huge tits and squeezed them around my cock, it was the best view in the world. She bent her head and licked the tip of my cock as it came out between her tits. I moved my hands to grab the nipples and pulled them up and down to make myself cum between those delicious tits. I looked at her hard and felt her hand go against my buttocks. For a moment I looked back and saw her hand in her panties and she was masturbating.

My orgasm came fast and furious. After a few final thrusts, I released her breasts and pulled out two or three times, watching my cum fly all over her beautiful breasts, neck and face. The seed she got on her chin she began to lick eagerly. I got off her and pulled Meike’s panties off, revealing her beautiful pussy. Her labia glistened with moisture and I buried my face between her thighs and licked her. She moaned loudly in short gasps, I was impressed by the taste of her pussy. She grabbed my t-shirt and dabbed my cooling semen from her neck and breasts. I teased her clit with my tongue before taking it in my mouth and really started sucking with two fingers pressed together and thrusting into her sheath. She moaned loudly and her moisture poured all over my face.

Luckily it was almost three in the morning, we weren’t expecting any visitors and then again there was a bell on the front door so we would be alerted if anyone came. À propos coming… Meike moaned louder and began to tremble slightly, I felt her vagina tighten around my fingers. She let out a loud roar and came rolling and jerking. I continued until her legs tightened around mine and more of her fluid flowed over my face and fingers. I dropped to my knees and stared at her panting beneath me, my cock rock hard again. I looked at her and crawled between her legs. “Give me a few minutes…” she giggled. We kissed and I felt her hand searching for my cock.

“Make it good! Do it to me. Fick me, fuck me!” I stroked my glans a few times between her labia, lifted her legs and placed them against my torso, her knees on my shoulders. Once more my glans slid from the starlet to her clit and down. Her hands pulled my pelvis towards her and with a cordate motion my sex shot into Meike to the maximum. A loud moan escaped her. I grabbed her flanks and began to thrust. With each thrust her breasts shot back and forth. Her hands released my hips and she grabbed her breasts. God, it felt so damn good, her mantle holding me tight. I pulled her hips up even higher and pressed against her, stroking her clit with my thumb. She moaned, her head rolling from side to side. After another growl, she came, squirting.

“Naughty girl!” I chuckled and pulled my cock out of her. I turned her on her hands and knees so she was looking at herself in the mirrors in front of her. I slid my cock back into her wet pussy. Her tits swayed back and forth with each thrust.

I grabbed her ponytail with my right hand and her rocking tits with my left. The throbbing of her naked body against mine somehow made me even hornier. I reached forward and grabbed her huge tits with both hands. I could see my cock thrusting into her now in the mirror, I loved seeing her pussy stretch around me. I began to pinch her nipples hard, making her scream as her pussy tightened around me. I started to fuck her even harder, my balls slapping hard against her. Seeing her like that in the mirror made my cock swell. Her tits felt great in my hands, knowing they were covered with my cum, I felt like a fucking animal as I rammed against her. I could feel her legs wiggling and her pussy getting tighter and tighter. I knew she was close to another orgasm. I pinched her nipples hard and let myself go all the way.

Her orgasm brought me to mine. I felt my cock pumping cum into her cunt. As I sank from the intoxication of my orgasm, my cock slid out of her. Meike was still on her hands and knees, I could see that my cum was starting to drip out of her. I enjoyed the moment and pushed two fingers into her. Saturated, I held my hand in front of her mouth and she licked my fingers clean. I grabbed their clothes together. And invited her to a shower together. There we exchanged a few more hand jobs. After drying off we went to our own dressing rooms.

At the bar, another glass of energy drink and the doorbell rang. “Wir hebben gluck gehabt.” She chuckled. “Bis nachster mahl?”