Smiling shyly, she stepped out with red cheeks from the adventure that had happened to her. An hour ago she had gotten in, not knowing what would happen, not knowing that I had let the wrong woman in. Let me explain.

It started three weeks ago with a small ad on a website for bondage and SM lovers. In the ad, I suggested meeting a lady to see if DOM/SUB would be something for us. It was new to me, although I felt something for the DOM role, and then I wanted to try it out with a lady who might lean towards the side. Within days, I was chatting with Irina and we agreed to meet at a bus stop somewhere in Lelystad (unknown territory for both of us). She would carry a bag from a supermarket and (I had figured this out) be there at a time when no bus would come soon.

About 20 minutes before the appointed time, I was waiting in the car at a distance from the bus stop, but I could see the bus shelter. It was raining a bit and damn it, at some point a cute woman with a red bag stepped into the shelter. Because I was pretty excited, horny and nervous, I didn’t pay attention to the time, started the engine and drove to the bus stop. I pulled up, opened the door and said, “Come on in, the weather is bad. Without hesitation, she got in. Before she could say anything I drove off and began to explain, “No talking unless I ask you about something, when I give you an order you carry it out without hesitation. I looked to the side to gauge her reaction, she looked at me with a shy smile and nodded. “In case of doubt or refusal, you will have to pay, is that clear? Answer yes or no.” She nodded and said, “Yes.”

I drove out of the built-up area. “Give me your panties,” I ordered, holding up my hand. She immediately responded by reaching under her skirt and pulling off her panties. Begging, she placed them in my hand. She watched me smell them, wow, what a delicious smell. “Your bra too,” I said and quickly grabbed it as well. I pulled into a parking lot a little off the road and parked, it was dry by now. I got out and walked around the car, opening the door and helping her out. I immediately turned her back to me and pulled her close to me. For a moment I felt what I had on my hands. She moaned softly as I fondled her nipples and breasts through the fabric of her dress. A soft protesting moan as I squeezed the stiff nipples a little harder. One hand went down while I pushed hers apart with my feet until she was almost spread-eagled between me and the car. Lower and lower my hand went until it found her Venus mound through the fabric. The moaning increased again despite the nipple treatment, which was still quite rough.

I stepped aside and slid a hand under the back of her dress. A deliciously firm and soft ass filled my right hand while my left had passed the front of the dress and discovered what felt like a trimmed pussy. I let my hand land with a slap on her ass, which brought her pelvis forward, and my fingers of the other hand were more or less pressed between her labia. She was wet like melted butter. I slapped her ass a few more times and fingered her to higher levels, but just before her climax, I stopped and ordered her to get on her knees. She protested loudly, so I grabbed her wrist and dragged her to a bench along the forest path off the road. There I sat down and pulled her over my knees, whereupon I pulled up her dress, exposed her ass and began a delicious spanking. Each slap made her ass redder and her moans more intense.

I told her to spread her legs and she obeyed immediately. She probably thought I was going to finger her, but on the contrary, I started slapping her pussy. Softly at first, but a little harder each time. After a harder slap I stroked her swollen clit for a moment. Then another slap. Then I asked her to get on her knees in front of me. She immediately jumped into action. She looked at me questioningly, and a nod to the bulge in my pants was enough to get her hands moving. She unzipped my pants and released my painfully pinched cock. She literally attacked it. Jesús, what a pace she was setting. I grabbed her hair and slowed it down a bit because I wanted to enjoy it to the max. She let my cock slide out of her mouth, looked at me horny and started sucking my balls. I pulled her up and made her kneel on the couch with her legs spread. Gave her ass another delicious pop and suddenly rammed my cock into her dripping cave. My one hand pinched her nipples and the other fingered and slapped her clit. I exploded inside her in a huge orgasm.

She looked at my limp dick because she hadn’t come yet, and from her look she was ready. “Lick my cock clean and make it hard again because then you can come on it,” I said. She went to work enthusiastically and with success because in no time it was hard again. I sat down on the couch and she slid it in with her back to me. Fucking sideways up and down and fingering herself, I felt her pussy squeezing my cock faster and faster. “Turn around,” I commanded and she moved so we could look at each other. I could see how much she was enjoying the situation, slowly it started to tingle with me again and she became more wild and furious in her movements. At the same moment I felt my semen burst, she almost collapsed in a shocking, uncontrollable orgasm. Her vaginal muscles squeezed me empty, cum dripping from her cunt down my thighs. Man, how horny that was. She grabbed some tissues and dried me and then herself a little. Her eyes were on the ground.

We walked back to the car silently and got in. “Can you please take me to the bus station,” she asked, “then I can just make the train to work.” “Of course Irina,” I said, “My name is Jacqueline,” she replied quietly. Shit, I thought, then Irina must still be waiting in the bus shelter. Well, bad luck. I drove smoothly to the bus station in the city center. Smiling shyly, she got off the bus with red cheeks from the adventure that had just happened to her. “Do it again?” I asked, winking mischievously. “Gladly,” she said and gave me her cell phone number. She disappeared from sight. A bus just stopped and a woman with a red bag and a grumpy head got out. I didn’t ask if it was Irina, but of course it could be. ….