The time after that we wrote many naughty and challenging messages to each other. She would write that I had to come to work tomorrow without underpants. I could write… But how it started with the Romanian colleague. Pictured is Romanian Elena, you can see her live for an extra addition to this story. She’s a Stripchat model.

It all started about a year ago. My new Romanian colleague Elena and I were working at a fashion school and had been doing so for a number of years, without any MeToo acts. I was married and have an adult child.

Romanian Elena and I had a good working relationship

Elena and I have always had a good working relationship, without becoming too close. Over a year ago there was a student who Elena didn’t like very much, he was a bit pushy and wasn’t always neat, so she preferred to be rid of him. He had a re-examination in his subject, and just for fun, I apped to Elena that he would like to get some extra tutoring from her. Elena; That’s out of the question, you can do it yourself, followed by much laughter. Ok, but it’s going to cost something…. . Elena; Fine, you can have whatever you want. That sounds very good, but do you think you can keep that promise, you don’t know what I might want.

Elena; Yes, you won’t be able to surprise me. If I really write what I could want, I think it would just scare you a little. Elena; You just write… I sat for a while and thought, now that I’m writing, it must be breaking or wearing and sent Elena a text message. What I would really like, was to see your gorgeous big tits. Swinging and bouncing up and down, as you sat straddling me, and riding me hard, so that every inch of my big stiff cock, comes all the way into your hot and wet pussy, over and over again.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited to see if Elena would go crazy on me or…. A few minutes went by, and then I got a text message. Elena; Wow, that sounds crazy. Yeah, but I’d really like to fuck you sometime. Elena; I’d like that too, so we’ll have to figure it out. The time after that we wrote many naughty and challenging messages to each other.

She could write that I should come to work tomorrow without underpants. For example, I could write that Elena would be wearing red thong shorts, and of course I wanted proof of that. We apped a lot the next day, and it was very pleasant without having sex.

One day, when I arrived at work after a few days off, I could feel that the atmosphere in the staff room was rather stuffy. I texted Elena and asked what had just happened while I was away. Can’t we meet in your room, she wrote, and came up to me a moment later. It turned out that she had had a fight with another colleague, and it was still bothering her a bit. We talked for 10 minutes, and then she went back to her class.

Shortly after, I wrote. You left just in time because I really wanted to give you a mega hug. Elena; I could use one, how do I get one. If you send your students home 15 minutes early, you can come to the back of my teaching pavilion, and I’ll give you a hug. Elena; It’s a deal. I went downstairs and waited and finally, she showed up. Elena immediately walked up to me, and I immediately put my arms around her and gave her a big hug. I could feel Elena’s big breasts, clearly through the tight T-shirt. I could stand like this for quite some time. Elena; I could do that too. I have always been fascinated by your beautiful large breasts; may I feel them properly.

Elena; Do you usually ask permission? No, not really, Elena; Then why are you asking now…. I took that as a definite yes. I let both my hands slide up to Elena’s breasts. It was a pleasure to feel her big and beautiful soft breasts, so they got a big hug, and Elena seemed to enjoy it.

Elena, these are the beautiful breasts I would like to see when you ride me…. Elena; Maybe we can do that soon, but we probably can’t do that here at school, and then I actually like to be taken from behind…. I would love to fuck you both from the front and the back, Elena, the more, the merrier. Elena; Great, I can’t wait. … I turned Elena around, so I was right behind her, still with both hands on her breasts.

My cock was getting nice and stiff and ready for a fuck with this gorgeous Romanian woman, and I pressed in tight against her good ass. Elena pushed her ass back well, so she could clearly feel my cock. I could hear her breathing getting deeper and heavier. I pushed Elena a little so she was bent over with both hands on the desk. It’s a damn shame we’re at work, or I’d be fucking you right now. Elena; yes, it’s a real shame, I’m so ready for a cock right now.

I opened my shorts and pulled them down a bit

I opened my shorts and pulled them down a bit so that my now stiff cock was visible, in a large and hard bulge, in my Bjornborg underpants. I pressed hard against Elena’s ass again. Her thin summer panties caused my cock to be squeezed between her buttocks. Elena; hey, how nice, but we can’t fuck right now. I pulled Elena’s T-shirt out of her summer pants and let both hands slide up over her belly, so I could now feel the bra. I gripped her breasts and bra, as I snubbed my cock almost hard against Elena’s gorgeous ass. She had a wonderful Romanian body odor, by the way, that natural smell was already making me hard.

No, I know that, but I just need to feel your breasts properly. And I’m about to. I just need to ejaculate. That upset Elena, quickly I got her bra open, pushed it up a bit so that a pair of big, beautiful and shapely tits hung free. Again, I got a grip on her naked breasts with both hands. Elena was breathing heavily and moaning. Suddenly, I felt one of Elena’s hands slide down her ass and onto the hard bulge in my underpants.

She grabbed my cock and squeezed Elena gently; what are we doing, Thomas. Do you think anyone will come down now. There won’t be anyone coming down now, after the break. So what do you want, Elena turned around and looked at me, she still had a good grip on my stiff cock. Elena; Right now, I’d prefer to suck your cock, Thomas. Before I could answer, Elena crouched down in front of me. Pulled down my underpants so that my cock was straight ahead. Elena; Fuck, a nice big cock you have, Thomas.

Elena let her tongue play up and down my cock a bit, then swallowed it almost whole. Here I was at work with a lovely female co-worker, pants down to my ankles, getting the wildest blowjob. fuck some nice, Elena, …. Come, suck my cock. Suck me. Suck me. I was in seventh heaven, she was that good at sucking. I wish she would do it to me, every day. After a while, I could clearly feel Elena’s highly skilled sucking getting to me. Stop, Elena, stop, or I’ll just come in your mouth…. Elena; You can ejaculate in my mouth if you want. Great, Elena, but I want to fuck you first.

Elena got up and sat on the desk, I pulled off her T-shirt. The bra hung loosely over the beautiful large breasts. She lay down on the desk so I could remove her pants, and a small pair of black thong shorts came into view. I positioned myself between Elena’s legs, and placed my cock on top of the small panties, letting it run back and forth a bit, over the g-string. I crouched down, pulled her thong aside, and began licking Elena’s pussy. She was enjoying it to the fullest as she moaned and squirmed more and more. She was nice and hot and wet, and I licked the delicious juices inside her.

How nice it was to slide my tongue up and down Elena’s wet pussy, in and out, and she tasted delicious…. Elena; Stop, stop,…don’t you want to fuck me now, Thomas,… I want your cock now,… I want to feel your stiff cock, …SQUEEZE ME, SQUEEZE ME…. Then I stood up, kicking my pants all the way off and throwing off my T-shirt. Elena held her panties aside, and I guided my stiff cock to her pussy, and in one long thrust I penetrated all the way down into a deliciously wet pussy.

A deep sigh sounded from Elena as she took in every inch of my cock. I began, at first with quiet and slow movements, to fuck her, gradually increasing the pace, thrusting faster and faster, harder and harder. Her large breasts rocked back and forth as I penetrated her delicious cunt. Elena massaged her clitoris at the same time and after a short time Elena’s body tensed in an arc and she came in a very wet orgasm. How wonderful it was to feel her juices drifting down my cock.

Now let me fuck you from behind, Elena…. Elena jumped down, turned around and bent over the table so that she was resting on her elbows. She spread her legs a little and looked back at me. Elena; Come on Thomas, … fuck me now, …fuck me hard. I thrust my big stiff cock into her willing pussy again, and thrust hard, again and again. Elena; FUCK ME, FUCK ME,….. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR DICK,…. SQUEEZE ME HARD,…SQUEEZE ME AGAIN…. I was really turned on by Elena’s moans and her beautiful Romanian accent, and I was seconds away from cumming.

I’m about to come Elena, can I cum in you Elena; Yes, yes you must cum in my pussy,…you must fill me all the way,…come in me….come in me. Seconds later, I was sending my entire load of cum away, deep into Elena’s hot cunt. I pumped out one jet of cum after another as I held my cock deep inside Elena. When the last jolts of my cock stopped, I slowly pulled my cock out of Elena’s pussy. Her thong panties were soaking wet after this round, and as my cum began to slowly drip out of her, she hurriedly pulled her panties back on.

Elena; I want you to come home like this. Elena rubbed at her panties, so that her pussy was well and truly smeared with my cum, and a nice wet pair of thong panties was clearly visible. We put our clothes back on, and gave each other a big hug. I’m not at all done fucking Elena, and if I could get around to it, well, that would be a perfect way to end a work day, sex with an absolutely wonderful delicious Romanian coworker.

Romanian Woman