Let me tell you a little about myself, I am a man in my late 40s who got divorced last year. I have been working as a masseur for about 12 years and after the divorce I also started giving erotic massages, this is the story of one of those massages. Woman in the photo is the tough SexyFantasy.

It started with me doing some shopping in a grocery store, after a good dialogue with an old acquaintance friend who always had a bit of a crush on me. But at the time, she wasn’t my type. Yes, I know. There was a hole in it for an f… But now complained about a sure spine, we agreed that I should come over for the weekend and give her a massage.

Saturday afternoon I packed my things and drove to the arranged address. A bit excited I rang the doorbell, a moment later she opened the door, and what a sight met me there, she was not so tall well about 168, but a delicious body with amazing shapes with both large breasts and a delicious big ass, could be sensed under her dress.

It was prepared for massage with the rubber sheet

We hugged, and she guided me into the bedroom, where it was prepared for massage with the rubber sheet and heat for the oil. We got undressed, and I had guessed right she was very beautiful with amazing shapes, she lay down on the bed on her stomach.

I got out the oil and poured a good slather into my hand before starting to massage her legs, starting down at the doctor and massaging it thoroughly and up the thigh, once the thigh had a good rub I let my hands slide up over the buttocks before going down and repeating the massage on the other leg. When I had finished with the legs, I let my hands slide up onto the buttocks and massaged them thoroughly, occasionally letting a finger slide over the labia.

She lay more and more restless, when she started to lift her ass up when I let the finger slide a little into the pussy, I stopped and continued massaging her back. During the back massage, I occasionally continued to let a finger play a little in her now very wet pussy.

I asked her to turn over

When I was done with the back, I asked her to turn over, and started massaging her feet and legs. I massaged her legs and continued up to her thighs, as my hand approached her lap she spread her legs more, so there was free access to the pussy which just got a bit of attention before I moved up and started massaging the hand and arm on one side and then the other. Then poured a large portion of oil into her hand and started massaging her large firm breasts, found out later that it is an f cup, her breathing became deeper and deeper, and she had a very hard time lying still.

Continued down over her stomach, and as I massaged it gently, with each stroke I let my fingers play a little more in that steaming wet pussy. Quietly, I let my fingers play with her wet cunt some more. Letting one finger slide in and quietly 2 and 3 fingers run out and in of her, she came in a good orgasm and I paused a little until she came to herself again. Bent my fingers upwards a bit and massaged her g-spot, with one hand while the other played with her clit. It wasn’t long before she came in a big squirting orgasm, and was completely gone for 30 secs.

When she had come to herself again, she asked if I didn’t want to fuck her. Of course, I wanted to, with a stiff cock. She turned around on all fours and asked me to take her, she didn’t have to say that twice. I sat down behind her and let my cock slide up inside her.

I started to fuck her slowly

I let it slide up slowly and started to fuck her slowly, she moaned and said take me hard, so I picked up the pace and pounded the cock up into her at a fast pace, as I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back she came in another big orgasm and collapsed.

I lay down next to her and nursed her back until she was ready again.

She lay down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it big again. When she thought it was stiff enough, she sat up and started riding me. Wow, she could ride, she not only moved up and down but rotated around on my cock.

After some time when she had several small orgasms she lifted herself off my cock and moved forward a little and lowered herself quietly back down, so my cock slid up her ass, my god it was tight, she quietly lifted herself up and down and took more and more of it up her ass until it was all the way in, then she started to ride me quietly until she got used to it, then she set the pace while I hugged and kissed her delicious tits.

I could feel it wouldn’t be long before I came, so told her. She jumped off and took my bursting cock in her mouth and sucked me until I saw sun and stars until I came with a roar in her mouth, she looked me in the eyes and showed me the clit before she sank it.