This story is about a man who finds a route via the internet for parking sex. Now, of course, you can do that too. Perhaps a start via Skype is also an option. The woman in the picture is Pat, and you can meet her.

Through the internet, I came into contact with what is called parking sex. Apparently, there are certain car parks where you can drive to make contacts for a wonderful evening. I printed out a route description to a place that seemed idyllic enough to be true. When I drove into the car park, I could not believe my eyes. It was a very secluded place in a natural setting – ideal. A large pond with some small jetties for small boats. On the shore, there were only trees to give you shelter in abundance. Several cars were parked there. But how does it go on? – I wondered.

It had to be someone I could get a crush on – someone who would make my heart skip a beat. How do I get in touch with her? So many questions I should have asked myself beforehand. Now I was sitting there. As I asked myself whether these people were all here for the same purpose – I suddenly remembered that you had to use a certain signal to signal that you were there for a date. Call it a blind date. I followed the instruction and placed a piece of clothing on the dashboard on the passenger side. An hour later, I was still sitting there. Longing for something I wouldn’t get. The perfect woman. Boredom struck. It forced me to put my seat back a bit and rest my eyes for a while. Sometime later, someone knocked on the car window. I quickly opened my eyes and looked around in a daze.

It was already dusk and the car park was practically empty except for one car. It must have been the car of the person standing next to me. I gestured her to open the door of my car and get in. My heart was pounding in my throat – what suspense to wake up like this. Who would have thought that I would ever dare climb that threshold? As she got in, I could only agree that this was going to be the night of my life. It was a beauty that normally you can only dream of and that disappears the moment you wake up. But this was reality – hard reality. It was a slender lady with brown hair. Her clothes and look were mega exciting and very capable of making me long for the evening to continue. Short skirted – with super slim long legs. A tight-fitting deep cleavage blouse through which you could see the delicious shapes of her bosom. Her nipples were nicely shaped and protruding.

She too had come with a purpose and had apparently found the man she hoped to meet there. The erection I had – from the first moment I could look at her a little better – was still hard to put away. A small smile on her mouth betrayed the fact that she had noticed. To reinforce her point, she let go of her hair, which reached her waist. This can’t be true – women like that don’t come to this sort of thing – I thought to myself. But on the other hand – what was I doing there? I too am far from being unattractive. I too can be seen. But that is beside the point. As you can see, the ice was broken pretty quickly – although the nerves were coursing through my body. Every nerve felt the stress – the horniness that drove me to high horizons. What also made me very happy was the fact that it was a woman who sought eye contact – I personally love that. Through the eyes, you radiate something as a human being – you see what someone thinks and feels – what someone experiences. And I always make use of that to get that mental connection that I need to be able to kick at the highest level. Also, remarkable was the color of her eyes – the feline I noticed there was special and definitely a special item for a brunette. But the overwhelming experience I had there I would never see again. You only get to see this once in a lifetime.

As I put my hand on her legs, she nodded her head down briefly, which only increased the sultry factor. I was boiling in my skin – I was so out of it that I didn’t notice the police checkpoint driving into the car park. Fortunately, we were still only in the meeting phase – which made those guys turn around quickly – heading for the exit. Although they didn’t notice anything, I was very shocked by the whole serenade. I suggested she go and explore the countryside for a while, and she agreed. I quickly took the things I had brought with me to prepare for the trip out of the car and locked it. With a bottle of champagne, two glasses, some fruit, and a woolen blanket under our arms, we walked into the forest together – not knowing where we would end up.

Not much further into the forest, we came across a clearing where pieces of wood – from a former campfire – that had already been burnt were lying in a heap. Great idea – let’s do it. With some gleaned wood, the fire was lit again. It was perfect – a crackling fire – an open starry sky – a nice drink – a lovely woman – some rippling water and that wonderful natural silence. The sparkle of the flames shone in her eyes – it had a magnetic force on me. For a moment we looked at each other as if wondering if this was what we wanted, but it soon became apparent that it was. She came up to me and pushed her tongue into me. Her eagerness betrayed the horniness she was currently carrying. Soon the belt I had in my trousers flew a meter away and she bared my upper body. Her hands slid along my nipples as she looked deeply at me. Her tongue touched my breast as if she wanted to taste what kind of meat she had in store. Then I could not stop myself from stripping off her blouse, unhooking her bra, and admiring her bouncing breasts. A few strands of her long hair covered part of her left breast – but the combination, the whole thing was breathtaking. That shape, that firmness – phenomenal. The picture was all right. Eagerly, but sensitively, my hands touched her breasts. No detail would escape me – I absorbed everything. For a moment, I thought of a book I once read about the sensuality of a woman’s body – about the erogenous zones a woman possesses. About the innermost desires of a woman – how she wants to be caressed – what she thinks about eroticism and sexuality. If I could, I would burrow into her body to know what she thought of the moment – of me as a person and of the whole situation.

As we kissed intimately, my hand caressed her naked back. I pulled her body against mine so I could feel her soft skin against mine. Her body was so wonderfully warm. After a time full of mental intimacy, we dropped to our knees in silence until we were lying together on the blanket. In each other’s arms, we gazed at the starry sky and philosophized. We talked about the creation of the world, the galaxy, man’s insignificance in the universe, but also about the desires that a human being carries within him. I stood up straight so that, leaning over her slightly, I could strip her of her trousers and panties. She pushed me back a little – opened her legs and asked me to look at what would be the rest of the evening for me. If that wasn’t an exciting idea. She pushed a finger into her pussy and let me lick her finger to show that she was deliciously wet and ready for the real thing. That taste really made my mouth water for more. After I got rid of my trousers and got down on my knees, she nestled against me. She lay in front of me – with her back against me. My lap formed a nice chair in which she could lounge. After caressing her body at the level of her thighs – she proceeded to masturbate. I could see the movements of her hand perfectly. The touching of her clit was a little less clear, but with my imaginative imagination, it was not difficult to feel when she touched her pleasure knob. And how she did it. Every movement was captured by my lap and translated into strong erotic stimuli. My heavily erected pole enjoyed every massaging movement that her shoulder blade transmitted to him through the movement of her masturbating hand.

The sultry summer breeze made her long hair gently caress the shaft of my boy. I felt every shiver in her body – heard every moan she made. After a while, she stood up and asked me if I was up to temperature yet, and before I could answer she took my pole in her hand and started to gently pull on it. Her gaze crossed mine as if she wanted to take in every sensation. Every change in my face – the movement of my eyelids she analyzed – to which she responded appropriately. Then she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. Her tongue moved along the rim of my penis, which for a moment caused a little rise that I enjoyed immensely. The alternating blowing and sucking feeling on my glans made my head spin. As if you lost contact with the globe for a moment.

She regularly turned her beautiful eyes upwards to take in my sensations. While she made an up and down movement with her head, my hips started to follow those movements unconsciously. She opened her mouth so far that it seemed as if I was really fucking her. It was the first time I had that sensation. She took me further and further up the ladder of pleasure. While she took my balls in her hand, I felt like I was going to explode. As always, I pulled back to avoid entering her mouth, but she followed me as if she just wanted me to. The temperature in my body rose – I could feel the semen leaving from the depths of my prostate. The tingling sensation could be felt all the way to the tip of my penis. Shockingly, I spurted my fluid into the back of her throat – three or four times. She looked up and swallowed it all – the look she gave me was one that could be summed up with the words – it’s all for me.

This was also the first time that had happened to me. I reached out to her to taste the remnants she still had in her mouth. Our tongues intertwined with tender thoughts. And now will you give me what I want? were her words, upon which I asked for some rest. I did read a lot about the multi-orgasm of the man in the Taoist doctrine – but the difference between theory and practice is still a bit bigger than expected. We both had another drink and enjoyed talking about what happened to us that night. When I asked her what her greatest desire was to end the evening – she suggested we fuck in a small sailing boat with a center mast that lay not far from the water’s edge. The moonlight shone right on the boat – it had something idyllic about it. We hoped that the patrol would stay away for a while as this would certainly have been visible from the other side. But it gives it just that little bit more to know that you can be seen. She positioned herself with her hips pointing backward in front of me – leaning against the mast. I stood right behind her and could hardly, but in a feasible way – helped by her wetness – slide my delicious pole into her.

I can tell you that it is not super easy to balance on a small boat – while making fucking movements in an unusual position. Each movement created some imbalance that made the boat move. But after some practice, you got into a kind of rhythm that was synchronous with the water undulation. While I fucked her, I could caress her breasts and nipples. The wind helped me by caressing her nipples. I took them in my hand and could gently pull and pinch them. I felt her labia closing nicely around my delicious pole. They slid up and down, leaving a trail of her moisture. Faster and faster the movements went – more and more she became intense in her rhythm.

I felt uncontrolled in her body – as if she was sinking slightly through her knees with each thrust. When I adjusted my thrust for a moment, I noticed a jolt going through her body. A jolt through her hips – a breath she missed. And you can be sure that as a man in that position you feel that enormously. For me, it was a signal that I had found an enormous sensitive spot somewhere there. From that moment on, with every thrust, I heard a groan. A moan that became louder and louder. The shocks in her body increased in intensity – her blood flowed faster and faster. She went weak – with constant stimulation of that sensitive spot.

Do it boy – do it now – I heard her call out. Not much later she came shockingly while I was inside her. It seemed like there was no end to it. Rhythmically she squeezed my pole with her bottom muscles. Each contraction was accompanied by a thrust of her hips. As if she were jerking me off with her little cut. Is this what they call milking the man? We stayed like that for a few more minutes. Me inside her – my arms around her. She was still a bit limp on her legs – gasping for air. This was new to her – she had never experienced that spot before. No one had ever stimulated her in that place.

What a revelation and a wonderful feeling. We will never forget that boat trip. Once we got off the boat, we noticed that it was getting awfully late. Like a bolt of lightning, we got into our clothes and put out the fire. Hand in hand we walked to the car where we said goodbye to each other. Several cars were parked in the meantime – but nobody knows who saw what of our wonderful experience.