I am Sven, I am 19 years old, and I live in a suburb in a little row house together with my stepmother Maria and my father Hans. I myself am about 1.85 m tall, have short blond hair and a fairly athletic figure. My stepmother Maria is 39 years old, has long straight brown hair, is about 1.75 m tall, quite slim, but with C cup and a nice ass. My father Hans is 44 years old, has short brown hair, average build and is about 1.80 m tall. My friend, Jeron, is also 19 years old, has short dark brown hair and was also athletically built, standing about 1.80 tall. It was a normal spring day with mixed weather. Photo is sexy stepmom Chloe.

My stepmother was downstairs in the living room, my father was on a company trip for 4 days, my colleague Jeron and I were in my room talking. “Your neighbor is really horny!” said Jeron. “I bet if we held our cocks out to her, she would suck on them right away.” “Yeah probably would. But unfortunately, she’s married,” I replied. “Well, we’ll see,” Jeron replied with an evil undertone, grinning. I laughed. But suddenly we heard a bang coming from below and jumped up to look.

My stepmother was downstairs in the living room.

But halfway down, two figures in balaclavas approached us. Jeron and I were startled, and before we could even react, we fainted. When I came to, I was sitting on the couch in the living room. I tried to move, but then realized that my hands and feet were tied together. Jeron was sitting next to me with the same problem. Only now did I look up and see three figures holding my stepmother. They had already taken off their balaclavas.

One of the figures was bald and had slightly darker skin, the second burglar had black, medium-length hair and was white, the third burglar had a three-day beard, also black hair but cut shorter, he too had lighter skin. All three grinned at us, while my stepmother looked at the ground. “Which one of you is that horny bitch’s son?” the one with the beard asked. “Me,” I spoke softly. “And you are a colleague?” Jeron nodded. “This will be fun, right, Elmer?” the one with the three-day beard asked the dark-skinned burglar. “Yeah sure, Marco,” he replied. “I’m almost falling over with anticipation,” said the one with the half-length hair. “Calm down, Allen,” laughed Elmer.

Now I knew all the names, but it couldn’t help me. My stepmother tried to wriggle out of their hands, but the boys were much stronger than her and pushed her to the ground. “Well, bitch? Do you like cock?”, Elmer asked my stepmother. My stepmother didn’t answer. “You’re doing it all wrong,” Allen said. “What’s your name?” “Ma… Maria,” my stepmother stammered. “Very nice, Maria. Do you like blowjobs?” followed Allen. My stepmother fell silent again. “Well, it doesn’t matter if you answer or not! You do anyway!” cried Marco and laughed. Then the others laughed too and unzipped their pants. I guessed where this was going and said, “Can you put me somewhere else? I mean, this is my stepmother!” “Oh please! Like, you’ve never thought about sex with such a horny stepmother before!

Besides, the fact that her own son is watching makes it even hornier,” Elmer returned. My stepmother looked at me with anxious eyes before her gaze turned back to the intruders. All of them had their cocks out by now. They were considerably large, with Elmer’s cock being the largest. Her eyes widened as she saw the limp but still huge cocks. “Yeah, look at that!” laughed Marco. “Make nice A!” But my stepmother refused. Elmer laughed, “You do realize that we have you, your son and his colleague in our power. If you don’t do what we want, then…”

My stepmother slowly, reluctantly, she opened her mouth.

My stepmother understood. And slowly, reluctantly, she opened her mouth. Elmer was the first to push his cock into Maria’s mouth. “Nana, you have to suck well, or it won’t be fun,” he said and grinned. Then he moaned softly for a moment. That’s how I knew my stepmother had started sucking. Although the situation we were in was a bad one, I couldn’t deny that it made me a little horny. “Oh you are becoming a real slut!” moaned Elmer. Allen and Marco, meanwhile, positioned themselves to the left and right of Elmer and guided my stepmother’s hands to their cocks. Maria then began to slowly jerk her thrusts. “Wow!

The way she can jerk off, I bet she’s had more cocks than just that one,” Marco laughed. Allen grinned and nodded. What I noticed at this time was that both me and Jeron had a hard-on by now. Our pants showed a distinct bulge. Elmer’s sentence that followed, “Boy, your stepmother can really suck cock!” did not necessarily make conditions better. “Undress for us, horny bitch!” demanded Allen.

My stepmother nodded and began to undress. “No! Move horny while you do it!” added Marco. Then my stepmother began moving sexily as she dropped her clothes to the floor, until she finally stood before all of us in just her black bra and thong. “Take them off completely!” demanded Marco. My stepmother looked at me for a moment before she let her thong slide down and unhooked her bra, which she also let slide to the floor. My cock grew even harder.

My stepmother stood naked in front of me, and she looked so incredibly horny. I kept trying to tell myself it was wrong, but slowly I gave in. “Woohoo! What a hot chick!” cheered Elmer. “Her body is made to satisfy cock!” added Allen. Then all three of them laughed. My stepmother, on the other hand, did not fight back, but fell to her knees in front of them again and continued where she left off, only now she was taking turns sucking and jerking their cocks. “Shhh… Sven…” whispered Jeron, “I’m sorry … but this is really horny.” I nodded slightly. “She’s sucking harder and harder! Could it be that she prefers our cocks?” asked Marco.

Again all three laughed and nodded. “Are you looking forward to getting fucked right away?”, Allen asked my stepmother. My stepmother let his cock slide out of her mouth to answer, “I don’t know…”. Then I realized that Maria was starting to give in. “Ohh the bitch wants it!” cried Marco. “I’ll take her first!” demanded Elmer. The other two nodded, approaching me and Jeron. “Well, do you like it?” asked Allen of us. Neither I nor Jeron answered. But of course he saw our boner in our pants. “Well, then I’ll give you a hand,” he said. Allen, who had sat down next to me, pulled down my pants and Marco, who had now sat down next to Jeron, stripped him of his pants.

Consequently, my colleague and I were still sitting on the couch in boxers. But suddenly Marco took out a knife and cut our boxers, so that Jeron and I were naked with hard cocks in front of my stepmother. “Hey, horny bitch! Look! Your son and his colleague have a boner because of you!” roared Marco. Maria looked at me and Jeron before her eyes fell on our cocks. She quickly recovered, however, and looked away.

“Well, here we go!” spoke Elmer. He grabbed my stepmother by her arm and bent her over so that she was leaning over the chair with her ass facing Elmer. Elmer himself positioned himself behind Maria and applied his cock. “Watch out, bitch! Now we’re really getting into it!” Then he pushed his cock into my stepmother’s pussy. My stepmother immediately became wide-eyed and looked over her shoulder at Elmer. “Ah fuck, you’re horny tight!” moaned Elmer and began thrusting slowly.

Maria looked deep into Elmer’s eyes and let it happen. She began to breathe harder, which each of us noticed. She even moaned softly from time to time. “Oh God…,” escaped from her mouth. “He-he… Just admit it! You like being fucked like that,” Elmer said. My stepmother looked at him, but without giving any answer. So he increased the pace and Maria lost her composure. She moaned loudly, and her gaze became like that of a man possessed.

But then Elmer stopped pushing. My stepmother, however, just kept pressing her ass in rhythm on his cock. From this, I could tell that my stepmother was broken. “Look at that!” cried Elmer. “The bitch wants it!” Eric and Marco laughed. Even my stepmother had a smile on her lips. “Well, let’s make this bitch cum!” roared Elmer and began thrusting again with incredible speed. My stepmother threw her head back and moaned insanely hard. “Oh fuck!” she suddenly screamed. “I’m cumming!” Her whole body began to tremble, she rolled her eyes and then collapsed onto the chair. Elmer then pulled his cock out of Maria and said, “Boy! You sure have a horny stepmother!” Everyone laughed. I noticed, however, that my stepmother had changed. Even after she had come. I saw pure horniness in her eyes.

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