I look at my outfit admiringly in the mirror. I am with my Master in a luxury hotel. Especially for today, he gave me an outfit. A corset with suspenders. My big breasts come out nicely. I spin around in front of him in the bathroom. He looks at me seductively: well approved. It feels extremely sexy! Photo from Valentina.

Quietly he comes to me and stands behind me. Together we look in the mirror and my eyes find his. “Sweet little slut” he whispers in my ear. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. “Ready to play with your slave”. “Yes Master ” I whisper. “We still have fifteen minutes” he says and brusquely pulls down my thong and pushes me forward against the sink. I remain standing obediently, hearing him zip up his pants. From the mirror, I see that he pulls on his cock for a moment until it is completely hard.

He roughly pushes my legs apart and all at once he thrusts his pole inside me and starts fucking me like a man possessed. I hear the throbbing echoing in the bathroom. The rough treatment hurts for a moment, but the excitement of the pre-fucking luckily I was already a little wet. Soon I hear his cock soaking into me pussy, and I moan with horniness too. Far too quickly for my liking, he squirts his cum into my pussy. He pulls his cock out of me and gives me a kiss on my mouth.

I’m so sexy in my new outfit, he wants to fuck me.

There I am; horny from the short fuck, but unsatisfied. Eight more minutes, I see. I still have to do my makeup, so there is no more time either. I apply quickly some more makeup. Normally I don’t wear lipstick, but especially for today I brought a nice dark red one. A quick pee and I’m ready to go. The moment I sit quietly to pee, my Master also enters the bathroom and stands watching. This is something I find very annoying and he knows it only too well. Fortunately I had already started peeing, so it doesn’t bother me much, otherwise I really can’t manage.

The moment I want to grab a toilet paper, he walks up to me and grabs my hand. “No, you are not going to dry yourself.” I look at him, but immediately I understand what his purpose is with this. I am his, he wants to make this clear. I have nothing to say to this. I pull up my thong and feel that it is now getting a little damp from the last drops of pee, arousal and his cum. Just a few more minutes. I pull a roomy summer dress over my outfit, that way I won’t be particularly noticeable later. Only if you look closely can you see the outline of my corset through the fabric, but a casual passerby won’t see it.

We agreed to meet in the lobby of the hotel. A public place and so was safe for both parties. Anyone could easily get out, should it be desired. In taking the elevator down, I get really nervous. Can I do this? Do I really want this? Shoots through me. I already find being a sub strange and difficult at times. How can a role as Domina be added? My Master sees my doubts; he grabs me and looks at me sternly. “Go for it” he says. When the elevator is down, I take his hand and so we walk together to the lobby. My hand in his makes me feel strong.

My new slave Aaron likes my outfit too.

Just before we reach the lobby, I let go. I see him in the distance; there, Aaron is already waiting for me. Neat! I wouldn’t have appreciated my sub being late, either. At least he understood that very well. Resolutely, I walk up to him and shake his hand. “Pleasant Aaron.” My Master also introduces himself nicely to him. His first impression is not wrong. I had seen a picture, but in person he looks better himself.

A boy of 28 and average in everything. Not tall, not small, not muscular, not fat. A haircut like so many have, no glasses. A boy, not ugly, not handsome. Yet he has something honest and polite. Exactly what I am looking for. I wonder what he thinks of me. He hasn’t seen anything of me yet. We find a table and take a seat. We begin with some smalltalk. His trip had gone well, his girlfriend had believed he was going to friends and so had the whole afternoon.

When waiter asks what we want to drink, I order a fresh mint tea and my Master orders a beer. Aaron wants to order too, but looks at me in despair. I look at him and wonder what he chooses. “Make me a mint tea too” says Aaron. I smile at him and I see from him that he is relieved. We talk some more about work and hobbies. WE talk. That is, Aaron and I. My Master is leaning back and listening amusedly to the conversation. I exchange a glance with my Master; time for step two.

“Aaron, what do you think of me?” I ask him. “uuh, you are beautiful Madam, much more beautiful than I had dared to hope” he stammered through my sudden question. “Beautiful” I laugh. “I have instructed you to buy a suitable penis cage. You go to the bathroom now. You put this on and when you come back you give me the key and from then on you are my slave for the afternoon.

If you don’t, I’m fine with it too, but then you go home.” Aaron nods and hurries to the bathroom. My Master looks at me and smiles. “He’s quite suitable, isn’t he?” he grins. I hesitate, not knowing what to do with this. I decide to just agree. “I’m curious” I say and nerves rush through my body. “I’ll bring him to you in a minute, ok? Then you have a few more minutes in a minute” my Master suggests. There Aaron comes back from the bathroom and with a red head hands me his little key. I hang the little key on my chain and stand up. “Your stop word is as we agreed over the mail “mama”, then you may call for your mother like a small child. That’s all you need to know, slave.

“Go pay the bill and come with my Master” I bite Aaron. With head held high, I leg away. In the elevator, I look in the mirror and play with the key and smile. Let’s do this! I take off my dress and set it aside and take another look around the room. Everything ready, on the table in the middle of the room, all the toys are neatly displayed. I quickly tie my hair tight in a ponytail, this way I immediately look a lot stricter. There is a knock at the door.

My Master enters, followed by my slave. I see Aaron’s mouth fall open when he sees me. My outfit is doing its job, I think to myself proudly. I must also honestly say that my large breasts could not have been better displayed either. When the door closes, my knob flips. “On your knees, little slave.” Bravely, Aaron sinks through his legs. ” Who are you?” “Aaron, ma’am.” I bend over; “Wrong…” I hiss in his ear. “You are my slave.” Embarrassed, Aaron looks down; he knows he could have avoided this mistake.

“I so wanted to start fun with you” and I shake my head. “Undress.” As fast as he can, Aaron strips off his clothes. His penis cage becomes visible. For a moment I look intrigued, at the thing. I only knew it from pictures before. It is a beautiful metal one, where indeed his cock has too little room to grow. As I estimate, it must not be very comfortable for him already.

My Master, meanwhile, is already sitting comfortably in the corner of the room, watching amusingly. He smiles at me and for a moment I am thrown off guard. Am I doing it right? He gives me a wink. I’m doing fine! I regroup. “On hands and knees” I command. Obediently, Aaron gets on his hands and knees in front of me. I grab the flogger from the table and spank him. He doesn’t respond.

Apparently I hit too softly. The second slap is obviously already a little harder. “Well, just count to 20” I snarl at him and start hitting. Aaron counts along. At the twentieth blow, I hit viciously hard. I can also see from Aaron’s face that he didn’t like that. Yet I also see relief that he got through his first twenty strokes. “Well… Who are you,” I ask again.

“Your slave, ma’am.” He looks up hoping for a compliment. Instead, I bend down and slap him in the face. “A slave, has a mistress. Hard-learned for sure?” Startled, he looks at me. He doesn’t like it, but he must have something to show for me.

“Count again” I say and start spanking again. After another twenty strokes, his buttocks have already turned quite red. Gently my hand caresses his buttocks, he enjoys it. I stand in front of him. “Who are you?” I sigh. “Your slave, Mistress.” “Took a long time didn’t it slave? “. I grab my riding crop from the table and tap his arms gently with it.

“On your back with it.” He wants to sit up, but that is punished with a firm tap. “I didn’t say that slave” I grab his hands and put the handcuffs on them. He’s fairly athletic, so I know this position shouldn’t really be a problem. “Get up” I sit down on the edge of the bed. And beckon him to walk toward me.

“This way I will take a look at my slave.” From head to toe I examine him. “Turn around” neatly he turns around. Then I command him to come closer and remove the penis tube. And grab his flaccid cock. “Is this cock supposed to satisfy me?” Aaron wants to say something, but he sees from my eyes that it is wiser to keep his mouth shut. I also know full well that his is still growing quite a lot from having seen the pictures. I push him back a little. Again I look at him quietly. From a distance I play with my whip across his belly.

“Legs wide” Now I stroke with my whip along the inside of his thighs toward his crotch. I keep watching it later. I see that his cock is slowly getting hard from this treatment. “Zoo slave likes this” I pat his balls and I see from his face that it is painful. I get up and stand behind him and slide my hands over his body. My breasts come softly against his back. My hands gently caress his cock. I turn him over so my Master can see it too. “Look Master, slave likes it ” I say mockingly.

Then I grab two straps from the table. I tighten these on his legs. One over his upper legs and one just above his ankles. Now he can’t use his arms and legs with them. I pull him by his cuffs down to his knees. I grab a chair and put it in front of him. “You wrote that you wanted to please me. Let’s see what you’re worth.” I untie a stocking and take off me shoe. I sit down and put my foot with dark purple painted nails forward.

“Indulge my foot” with difficulty he wriggles forward and begins to gently lick my foot. He does it well. Gently he pampers my foot. I am enjoying myself. In the distance I see my Master shaking his head, he can’t do anything with this, but he lets me go and watches quietly. After a while I am tired of licking my feet. I stroke my slave’s head for a while. Then I spread my legs.

Let me cum quick, slave!

“You have 5 minutes to make me cum, for every second it takes longer you get punished.” I am slightly aroused, but I know it will be an achievement to make me cum within that time. I press the stopwatch on my phone. It takes a lot for him to get any closer and he is already losing time with that. He licks over my thong first. It feels surprisingly nice. With his teeth, he tries to get the panties off to the side. It succeeds a little.

With his tongue he goes along my pubic lips and I catch myself sighing slightly. Shit I shouldn’t have done that. He tries hard and he manages to get closer and closer to my sensitive tip. I enjoy his indulgence but do my best not to let it show. I look at my phone “30 more seconds “I say matter-of-factly. I see the panic in his eyes. Like a frantic he starts licking. I smile, because I know this is not going to work. “Your punishment time starts now.” I just look at my phone. “Well stop it” I say two minutes later. “This isn’t going to be anything like this.” Dejected, Aaron stops, “Well 120 lashes, that’s going to be a party isn’t it?”

I pull him back up so that he is as good as standing again. I now secure his hands in front of his body. I grab my flogger again and begin to gently whip him. Per 10 strokes I caress his red skin. He struggles more and more to stay standing. Too bad I can’t attach his arms to the ceiling I think to myself…. After 120 strokes I give him a kiss on his cheek. “Well done slave” I whisper in his ear. For a moment I suck on his earlobe. I see him glowing all over.

“Well attempt two then, since you are keeping so well behaved I will help you.” I push down my thong and sit down again with my legs wide. And press the stopwatch again. Aaron positions himself woefully between my legs and starts licking deliciously. He pampers my soft smooth lips and gently nibbles on my clit. After over 4 minutes, this time I cum wonderfully. “Well done slave.”

I can see by his cock that he enjoyed it too. “As a reward, just jerk off and squirt on my foot.” Despite the handcuffs, he manages to grab his cock. Because of the tension, it doesn’t take long for him to spray my foot. “Lick it clean” I order him immediately. With a dirty face he starts licking. I punish this by slapping his face. “First of all you are supposed to thank me for this, and secondly you don’t have to show that you find it dirty.”

“My apologies Mistress. Thank you for letting me cum”. I let Aaron lick my leg clean until everything is clean. Even the floor where some fell on needs to be clean. When he is done I reattach his penis cage around his limp cock. “There is still someone here who needs to enjoy himself” I say. “Bit rude I bit him, forgetting my Master. Go over there and ask if he still wants some” I bit him. Aaron looks doubtful for a moment. It’s quite a distance he has to cover, tied up like this.

He looks at me questioningly but he sees from my face that I am not going to offer him a solution. He decides to crawl over on his knees and hands, although it’s more like hopping. I watch in amusement. Meanwhile, I put my stocking and heel back on. I leave my panties off for convenience. When he is almost with my Master I get up and walk behind him, but on the way I also grab the nipple clamps from the table. “Master, what do you desire?” my slave asks obediently.

My Master smiles and gives me a wink. “A nice cold beer and a good blowjob.” I see Aaron startled. We had clearly agreed that he would not have to perform any sexual acts with my Master. It would mainly be a game between the two of us. Aaron looks at me; I can see in his eyes that he thinks this is going too far. By his hair I pull his head back. “Don’t you trust me slave?” desperately he looks at me.

“He’s not saying he wants a blow job from you, is he?” I place the nipple clamps on his nipple and I undo the bottom strap. Because his arms are still tied forward, they keep bumping into his clamps. “Well you go get that cold beer. I do like a rosé. And while you’re at it, order yourself a Fristi with a straw.” “How am I supposed to do this Mistress?” Aaron asks uncertainly.

“What kind of stupid little slave are you? Can’t you think of anything on your own?” I say mockingly. “It’s a hotel. So going to the supermarket isn’t very convenient. Either go to the bar downstairs or call room service. Your choice.” Despairing, he looks at himself. A belt around his thighs, handcuffs, penis boiling and nipple clamps. I laugh and so does my Master. He unbuttons his pants. “Come on with that blowjob, that little slave of yours will save himself now” he says laughing.

I get down on my knees in front of him and start stroking his cock. Aaron, meanwhile, moves toward the hotel room phone. And tries as best he can with tied hands to call room service. Then he busily searches for something to cover his body with. He finds a towel and a bathrobe, but with tied hands he does not manage to put them on properly. I also hear him occasionally groan in pain when his arms hit the clamps. Eventually he manages to hands a towel over his cock which hides his cage and strap over his legs.

And the robe over his shoulder reasonably hides the nipple clamps. Just in time because room service knocks on the door. The corner where I am pampering my master is not easily seen from the door opening so I can quietly watch my slave struggle to accept the drink. “Come and bring it” I say as the door closes. Waggling, he comes toward us. Meanwhile my Master grabs my hair and thrusts his cock hard into my mouth and with a loud moan fills my mouth with his seed. I stand up and accept my drink.

I also take the Fristi for my slave and hold it in front of his mouth so he can drink with the straw. When the Fristi is finished I also remove his nipple clamp. His face leaves in pain, I gently lick along his sensitive nipples. I laugh when I notice that now his cock is growing inside the cage, which again hurts since it is inside his cage. “I have some neck pain,” I sigh. “I could use a massage.” I release my slave from his restraints and leave only his cage on.

“Slave. Put those towels on the bed and get the massage oil” Immediately he gets busy. I give my Master a kiss and begin to seductively undo my corset. After a little striptease. I lie down naked on the bed. Meanwhile, Aaron has prepared everything and just got the last of me show. I lie down on the bed and Aaron understands what he can do. He nicely warms up the oil in his hands. I’m glad about that because I was just lying down comfortably, so I didn’t feel like having to punish him. He massages my back. I decide to tease him a little. “Don’t forget my buttocks and legs, slave“.

I notice he finds it hard, but goes down slowly anyway and massages the rest of my body too.” “That’s enough” my Master has gotten up and stands next to the bed. “Ok Master” I say. I stand up and pull a chair to the foot of the bed. “Sit slave” I say. I tie his feet to the chair legs, and his hands are also tied to the chair. Powerless, he sits on the chair, his cock in the penis tube. “Little slut of mine, come and sit on all fours in front of me on the bed” my Master has had to wait long enough. I do as he asks me.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. “Do you like it with your slave?” “Yes Master, very nice.” He walks around the bed and gives me a few rakish pats on my buttocks. I feel deliciously his slave again. “I’ll show your slave what a dirty slut you can be. Who knows, someday he might learn how to really make you enjoy yourself instead of some cowardly licking.” He pushes me toward the footboard in front of Aaron. He spreads my legs and starts fingering me. Hard he pounds my his fingers into my wet sopping pussy.

May I cum Master?

His other hand holds me throat and so pushes me onto the bed. Pretty soon I feel that I am going to cum. “May I cum Master?” He nods and I let myself go. I cum violently, squirting. I squirt far enough to make my slave wet. Aaron moans and his cock is very tight in its cage. My Master smiles with satisfaction. “Make your slave’s cock usable” I remove the cage and gently stroke Aaron’s cock which responds immediately. I massage his cock until it is hard. I grab a condom from the small table and roll it around Aaron’s pole. I can’t resist licking over his cock for a moment. I look at the result.

There Aaron is, still stuck on a chair with a stiff cock. “Ride it and get ready” says my Master. I lower myself onto his pole and begin to move quietly. “Ow woe if you cum before I’ve come” I bit Aaron. I begin to ride slowly and enjoy the filled feeling. My Master now also holds his cock in front of me. He grabs my hair and starts fucking my mouth. I am deliciously double-filled. We find a perfect rhythm. Aaron struggles not to cum.

The moment I cum, my Master also squirts his seed into my mouth. A few seconds later, Aaron also squirts his condom full of relief. My Master pulls me toward him and gives me a hug. For a moment we stand naked against each other, enjoying ourselves. Then I give Aaron a kiss and untie him. We shower and go downstairs for another drink and discuss the experience. Aaron goes home and I stay to enjoy the rest of the weekend with my Master at the hotel.

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