I am Julia, a woman of 35 years and live a happy life in a village in beautiful Kolding. My husband and I are well off and have a beautiful child. We are both often busy with a lot of work, and I am especially busy with the little one. My husband also has a hobby which takes up a lot of his time. This sometimes takes away from the intimacy. Photo sexy female Julia.

A few weeks ago I was out shopping, and suddenly I was addressed as “Hey, you haven’t changed much either…. I turned around and there stood my Ex, Bent. We talked and went our separate ways. Once home, I quickly cleaned up the groceries and the house before the little one came home from school. I didn’t know I had sex with my ex soon.

I didn’t know I had sex with my ex soon.

Time for a cup of coffee, and I was scrolling through Facebook and thought I’d take a look at his profile. He also has a wife and lives a few villages away. Apparently I was not the only one who thought so. Because he sent a message via messenger with:

“Hey Julia, how nice to see you again. You looked great! How is everything else going with you?”

I hesitated whether to respond. Nevertheless, I responded fairly quickly with:

“Hi Bent.

Yes, that was certainly a long time back that we saw each other. At least 12 years back. Thank you. You looked neat in that suit too. I’m doing well and everything is going his way. What about you?”

Not much later another message, “Yes Julia, it sure has been a long time. Thank you.

Everything is going well for me too. I just saw your photos on Facebook and you have really worked hard. Read that you lost 11 kg, and you can put that picture up with pride.

I don’t know what to say. I am definitely proud of losing weight and my figure now. In that picture, I am wearing a dress and dark pantyhose. I respond with: “Thank you, I am definitely proud of that too. Yes, that picture showed that I am better and more comfortable in my skin. Almost the figure of 12 years ago again haha…”

He responds immediately:

“Haha yes that could just happen. I was still inspecting you then, haha… do you feel like going for a drink soon to catch up?”

I immediately respond to him because I do feel flattered at this moment….
“Yeah hi, hi, uh, I’ll have to see when you can. But seems nice to chat about what we have accomplished now.”

After a few more messages, we meet the next week on Tuesday afternoon. We have contact every day, and then it’s Tuesday morning and I get a message from him with:

“Shall I pick you up later?”

I say, “I’ll drive to the parking lot near the A15. Will you pick me up there?” Home is not so safe and convenient, I guess….
He responds with: “Fine, hour or 1 there?”

I respond with: “Yeah, that’s fine.”

A huge horny pulse shoots through my body as I think about seeing him again soon…. I shower and put on my dress with pantyhose like in that picture he liked. Hopefully he likes that.

At home, I get in the car and drive to the parking lot and as always am way too early. But around a quarter to 1 a car arrives and yes that is Bent. I get out and lock the car and get in with him. He says as I sit next to him. So you look nice! I thank him for the compliment and feel myself getting really horny. As we drive to town, we talk about all kinds of things.

Once in the parking garage, we walk downstairs and to a café nearby. There we sit down inside, and he takes the chair for me to sit down and then takes a seat next to me. We order coffee and talk about the old days. Then he suddenly says you have not forgotten it, haha…. Not really, I say… Fortunately, but he says… because otherwise you would have to take lessons again… I hesitate and say well, maybe I want those anyway… he looks at me and gives me a kiss… we kiss some more, and he goes with his hand over my legs and says those pantyhose are nice and soft…. We feel each other and then ask for the bill and walk away… in the garage he pushes me against the wall and kisses me and grabs me with his hand by my pussy… he says you want to fuck, huh?.

To which I resoundingly say: Yes! Sex with my ex.

He says well baby I want that too! And takes me to the car… there he says blow me like you used to do in the car… I am super horny and know his dick is bigger than my husband’s… he unbuckles his pants and there is that yummy thing…. He says let’s get out of here and drives the car out of the garage, while driving I pull on his cock… he stops at a secluded spot by the water and there I take his cock in my mouth and start sucking it…. Oh? Lovely he says… it’s been a long time, he pulls up my dress and caresses my legs and ass….

He grabs my ass and want sex really quick.

He grabs my ass and pulls a rip in my pantyhose and pulls my panties aside…. While I’m giving him a blowjob, he puts 2 fingers in my pussy and I suck him deep…. Then he says get out of the car and get in the back of the car. I do, and he also walks around to the back door, there rips my pantyhose open a little further and starts fingering and kissing me in my groin.

And so to my pussy. At my pussy, he starts searching my clit and licking me faster and faster and hornier. He was already pounding well then, but now he seemed like a god!!! Yes, I cum heavily on his tongue. Then he kisses me and says you found that horny back then… yes I say, and I want your cock in me…. He lifts my legs and puts his cock against my pussy. Can I go without a condom, he says? I say yes you can, no worries. He then immediately thrusts it deep into my pussy.

I give a scream because of the big one. I haven’t had that in years. He starts thrusting me hard and deep, I cum on his cock within a few thrusts. He says get on your knees and gets off. He starts taking me doggy now, and he keeps thrusting and thrusting, and I cum screaming…he wets my starlet and then puts his big cock in my ass. I moan loudly, and he starts thrusting and keeps thrusting and after a few hard and deep thrusts he starts panting heavily, and his cock starts jerking and with a cry he squirts his seed into my asshole. We kiss and I say that was super horny! Yes, he says you are still as good as then. Thank you I say and say you too… yes, and I fucked your ass now too he says. That was not allowed then.

After some rest and kissing further. We decide to go home. I take off my pantyhose and throw them away. We drive to the parking lot and stop by my car.

We kiss each other some more and agree to keep this super secret and that we will see each other again soon. Not only that, but we have daily contact and think we will do coffee at my house again soon.

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