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My attendant introduces me and says, “This guy’s name is Kristen, and he wants to be fucked! Are you ready?” I have to lie down on a table, on my back. He spreads my legs and ties my ankles to the table legs, and also ties my hands to the table legs.

The men come to me and I am stroked by as many as a hundred hands, pinching my nipples and fingering my pussy. One of them kneels and fondles my pussy. He pulls my labia to the side and says, “Guys, look at this delicious tight pussy. We’re going to fill it deliciously.” Then he thrusts his cock deep into my pussy. I let out a squeal, and the men laugh. “Guys, she’s buttery horny and soaking wet. What a delicious fucking pussy!” He was laughing as he kneaded my clit while he fucked me. There was a black man there with a big black cock. “Fuck that cunt,” he encouraged. I felt like a class whore and enjoyed myself. Every man present fucked me, and I soon lost count.

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Were there any men who hadn’t cum yet? I was fucked again, each time in a different position. Often standing, with one leg on a chair, then from behind leaning against a wall, then sitting on a cock. I think every man has fucked me about three times. Many filled me up for the second time. Exhausted with a cunt still full of seed, I lay on the floor. Someone spread my legs and I felt a cock in my cunt again. I was so tired that I hardly felt that there were about three men inside me. When I had recovered, the men complimented me.

I was a naughty girl with a horny pussy, and I loved it! In the end, it was about twenty-five. I was happy to be a whore!