For years, I had a fantasy of seeing my beautiful girl going wild with a strange man. In our 20 years together, Linda knew exactly what my fantasy was and is. She never said no, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Linda is now a beautiful brunette with a nice, slender figure. A lively, not too tall lady. Although she is now 40, she is always estimated to be in her late 20s. I am 9 years older than her. Photo from Invanna.

I really can’t complain about sex. She is a spicy hot thunder who knows what she wants in terms of sex. She has known about my fantasy for years and sometimes we talk about it, she never turns me down and always says who know, but not now. She always gets a lot of attention from men when we go out, but unfortunately never takes the next step. Furthermore, she knows it’s allowed, but something stops her.

It just seems so horny to me to see her busy with another man’s hard cock. Who takes her deliciously and fills her pussy. I would love to suck that cock after it has been deliciously in her pussy. I used to fuck a man when I was younger. It was mainly sucking and jerking each other off. So to say I’m bi, well maybe a little bit. I have had sperm in my mouth and to be honest, it was pretty horny. Linda knows all this and has never said anything bad about it, but it never happened when I was with her.

Last Friday, we both had the afternoon off. So in the afternoon we sat on the terrace of a nice place. Celebrating the fact that we already had the weekend. It turned out that we were also childless, who stayed for dinner and a sleep-over with a friend of his, so delicious dinner out and decided to go out again delicious.

I’m horny, she said.

We were in a nice place with good music, and we had all had quite a few drinks. Linda was already deliciously tipsy and chatting to a visibly older man. His name was Dustin, he was 67 and had just retired. She was laughing and dancing a bit with him. I watched from the bar and smiled at her. Okay, sometimes she danced a bit against him and she enjoyed it. About three drinks later, she was standing in front of me. She was quite drunk and looking at me with a distinctive smile. I asked her what I was missing. She smiled and said: I was a bit horny. I smiled and asked her how that happened, obviously hoping she would say it was because of Dustin.

Linda smiled shyly and looked at me. I can really do anything, can I? Yes, darling, whatever you want, she gave me a kiss and went back to Dustin. OK, my head was pounding, would she really want anything else now? There was a lot going on and from a distance I saw her flirting with Dustin. Shit, was I jealous now? All these years I have been asking her to do one more step and I get jealous. They were dancing quite close to each other, and sometimes his hands were on her delicious buttocks.

I was jealous but kept my distance.

Although I was jealous, I kept my distance. I even got a little angry. OK, time for a smoke. Outside, I laughed to myself. I have wanted her to open up more about this for years, and now I get angry when she does. I could barely see her from outside. Luckily I calmed down and saw her enjoying herself. Back inside again. I stood close again and saw them standing close together and him kneading her bottom. I moved slightly and now saw her kneading his crotch. That was the first horny tingle on my side. Okay, I was still jealous, but this looked exciting.

My mouth fell open as they started to tongue each other and go at it hard. Wow, this was a horny sight to say. He stroked her breasts and he definitely had to feel her nipple piercings now. They teased each other like this for about 15 minutes. Linda came over to me with Dustin. I smiled at her and saw a very horny look in her eyes. Linda smiled back and said to me, “I want to fuck him for sure. Are you sure I smiled? Yes, I’m sure I want to, come and see?

So we went to his cottage, which was very close by. A nice house. As soon as we got inside, they were kissing each other hard and horny. Their hands all over each other’s bodies. I plopped down on the sofa after a beer. I decided to go out into the garden for a smoke so they were alone. I saw them undressing each other. Linda was wearing a nice horny little set. Dustin had taken off his trousers and boxers. Wow, there was a big hard cock coming out. I came back in and saw Linda licking and sucking this nice cock. I lowered myself behind her and felt her horny little pussy. Man that was a lot of wet not normal.

He took Linda to the couch and crawled on top of her and pushed his cock into her wet little pussy. Linda looked at me panting and asked is it horny, I laughed and shouted horny, is it delicious? Linda gasped and screamed. Dustin started to fuck her deliciously. Soon Linda came deliciously and apparently it was too much for Dustin for a moment and she squirted her pussy.

Both still naked and her pussy covered in semen, we drank some more. It turned out that Dustin had been a weirdo in his last relationship. Unfortunately, she had run off with someone else. Linda rubbed his cum through her pussy and smiled at me. That was really hot, she shouted, I should have done it earlier. Dustin laughed, looked at me and said, have you ever licked your wife’s cum? I laughed and said no. You should try it, it’s delicious and horny. Without saying anything, I crawled between her legs. I smelled her deliciously horny pussy and saw thick clumps of white semen all over her little pussy lips,

I slid my tongue through her pussy, it was really horny and delicious. Soon I had her pussy deliciously clean again. Dustin took us upstairs. There in the attic was a whole room set up for sex. Big round bed and lots of toys, Linda on the bed and Dustin playing with her with various toys. Made her come hard a couple of times. Linda looked at Dustin and asked him if I could suck his dick hard. Dustin lay down and said, ‘All right, but you have to sit on my mouth with your pussy.

Linda sat down and looked at me. I was naked too. A bit uncomfortably, I took this big old hard cock. The moisture ran out and I let my tongue slide over his wet head. Soon I got the feeling back and was pulling, sucking and licking this delicious cock on which I even tasted Linda’s cum. Linda screamed with pleasure. She even pushed my mouth all over the cock.

I stepped back and Linda lowered herself over his cock and said, I want to fuck now. Well she did, you could hear her cunt sopping up his cock. He was on her legs high and wide and his hard cock was deep inside her and she came screaming and squirting. Sometimes I had to take turns licking her. Dustin was on his back again. Linda hovered over him and said she wanted to try something. She sat in my direction. First, the cock slid deliciously into her pussy. Then she stood up and rubbed it along her ass. Wow, she never wanted that. She didn’t like anal, she always screamed. She looked at Dustin and said, “Gently, this is the first time.

Dustin stood still and I held the cock up. Slowly she slid over the hard cock. I could see her horny fluid running out of her pussy. The cock went in a little deeper and faster and faster. Now it was all the way in. She sat still and I licked her draining pussy, slowly picking up the pace. She moaned heavily and played wildly with her own clit. Wow, she let me grab her ass faster and faster and harder. She came hard and really squirted the juice out of her pussy. Man, that was really horny.

Cock clean and deep in her cunt again. No position was too crazy and he really fucked my girl. I had never seen her so horny. He lay on top of her and fucked her hard. Linda screamed with pleasure and cried, please fill my cunt. Dustin growled and, by the looks of it, filled her cunt. Linda looked at me and screamed, suck his cock first and then lick me clean. Dustin offered his cock, which I sucked and licked clean. I crawled between Linda’s legs and saw her pussy open and his white cum running out. I licked and sucked her horny pussy clean. Slipped my cock in and fucked myself on her.

Back downstairs for a drink and Linda indicated she thought it was great and for a repeat. I agreed. Dustin went to the toilet and Linda asked if she could stay the night, wanted to try again. I said fine. Got dressed and left. Was home 15 minutes later and had a message from Linda. About 5 pictures where they were on the bed chatting it up.

Not really my idea, but well, she did my fantasy too. I fell asleep.

Next morning I saw 30 messages. All pictures and videos of them. Linda on the big round bed with a fucking machine fucking her in both cock and ass at the same time and hearing her panting heavily and seeing her cum hornily. His cock in different positions deep in her cunt and ass. Shit, she let herself go like a deliciously horny slut. This time with his cum in her mouth which she swallowed.

2 hours later Linda came home, I was lying on the couch smiling at her. She took her trousers off and said, ‘Lick me. Her cunt was covered in semen again. It turned out that just before she came home, Dustin had sprayed her cunt full again. While I was licking her, she said, I had sex with him for more than three hours yesterday while you were away.

Sorry, the booze got the better of me and Dustin treated me with respect, but clearly it was what he wanted. Or we could come over when he invited a few others for a hot evening.

Well, why not, I laughed. My fantasy had come true and I was curious to see how far she would go now. Obviously, she wants more and more men. Well, I wondered.

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