Anyone who thought that a woman is sufficiently fucked is wrong. Yes, maybe it should be. A story with “also a woman doesn’t have enough sex”. And if the husband is rather married to his work, as in my case, the sex life also turns out to be very difficult.

From Monday to Friday, my husband comes home only in the evening. And on the weekends he is just too exhausted. The girl in the picture is XXX Fantasy with her toys, she can’t get enough either. Yes, then sometimes we have a quickie. But even that doesn’t lead to real satisfaction. So I am a woman who is tremendously sexually starved. Once in a while I grant it to myself. And I have already built up a very large dildo collection.

I don’t have enough sex

These things provide the sexual desire, and I have the right rubber cock ready for any sexual desire. 😉 I would never part from my husband, because we are actually happy. But the sexual issue is also a pain. However, I can’t talk about it with my husband because he immediately ignores it. Well, what does a woman like me do then? Nothing. I don’t have enough sex. That’s what I thought for a long time. And then I discovered for myself a new hobby – professionals. Yes, they are quite an indulgence.

They come over quickly, do their repairs, quickly prod their hard cock, and then leave. I actually included a sex service right away and for free. But it wasn’t always that easy. Because I had to get a taste for sex first. One is also a wife and not looking to cheat right away. But when the time came, I took advantage of it and found my pleasure. It was on a hot July day. The air conditioning had been broken, and it was almost unbearable in the house.

The nights were terrible, my husband and I couldn’t sleep a wink. So we decided we needed to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. As usual, I picked up the phone and tried to get an air conditioning technician – which is not so easy in the summer. After all, it probably wasn’t just our system that had given up the ghost. A few days later, it was there. I was only in the house in bikini for it, spending most of my time in the garden.

The car drove in, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Oh, what caught my eyes – two handsome guys at once, making their way toward me. They rang the bell gracefully, and I knew this would be my chance. I just had to be smart about it. As a wife, you just know how to welcome guests. And I saw the two workmen not as my workers, but as my sexual fulfillment. Thus, I opened the door with a smile. I didn’t even bother to knock anything over.

The two boys should see what they could get out of me. I am not an angry person. I’m in my early 40s, have a muscular figure, had my breasts enlarged a few years ago, and take good care of myself. Not only that, but I think I’m already an eye-catcher. And don’t young guys always want to end up with a MILF? So I had it easy. The two came in. I thought – what first? The air conditioning or still the hint of sex? I decided that first the work had to be done. At that point, I saw sex as a reward and not just for me.

And now came my chance

The two boys worked diligently, I was always around them. I engaged them in conversation and noticed that they always looked back at me when I left the room. I had them in my pocket. My sexual dry spell seemed to have finally come to an end. When they were both done, I offered them another glass to drink. They both agreed. And now came my chance. The conversation got rancid and I immediately went over whether I had a chance to have sex or not.

The two boys were not shy at all. We were having fun, laughing a lot, and the mood was becoming more relaxed. When one of them went to the bathroom, I took advantage of the moment. I thought to myself that if I made an attempt at one of them, the second one would join me when he came back. And I would be proved right.

The young man with the blond hair was sitting on the couch. Unsuspecting that he was about to be consumed. Since I was only wearing a bikini, he knew immediately what I had to offer him. I had an easy game. I sat down with him, stroking his pant leg and sliding my hands further up his legs.

They pushed up my bikini, greedily sucking on my tits

He let it happen, made no move to object to my touch. And then his mate returned. As if he had been waiting for this opportunity, he sat down with us and began to play. And now it was one after the other. The two boys decided to throw themselves at me, showing no more inhibition. They pushed up my bikini, greedily sucking on my tits.

They had their hard cocks out of my pants faster than I could count to three. At first, I was even overwhelmed, for I had not expected this sexual influx at all. I thought I would need more sexual persuasion – but that was not the case. These two really had it going for them. Before I knew it, I had their hard cocks taking turns in my soaking wet throat. And man, was I really enjoying it.

Greedily, I pushed both hard cocks as far as possible into my mouth cunt and gave it all sucking and sucking. The two boys didn’t sit still either and licked my dripping pussy. They immediately noticed that I was a sexually starved wife with not enough sex and who just couldn’t control herself anymore. I was in desperate need and just craved for one of those hard belts to finally penetrate me. As I sucked on the one thick piston, I bent over. And now the time had come.

At last, I was allowed to feel the thick piston. From behind. With all my might. These guys knew no mercy. They just wanted to enjoy themselves sexually. And that should be fine with me. I was fucked very hard from both sides. I was already gagging, my pussy was already sore. And yet I still hadn’t had enough. I longed for the hard finale. And that’s what I got across the board.

With my cunt smacking, I swung myself onto the hard cock and gave him a wild ride. I enjoyed every hard thrust, couldn’t even hold back any longer. My pussy juice was squirting out of my slit, and his hard cock was already very wet.

And then it was time – the anal move was initiated. The blond youth massaged my tight rosette with his deft fingers. It was quite stretched, but he also had a thick cock that had to fit in. He knew what he was doing, and it really did me good. I got to feel two thick rods at once. My pussy and my asshole started to glow, and still I wanted more. I raised myself up again and again, moaning loudly. I had enough sex for today!

The two boys were really taking me hard

The two boys were really taking me hard. And just before they finished, they pulled their hard penises out of my tight little holes, I sank to my knees and got a double load of cum. I was inseminated from top to bottom, and I didn’t care. I swallowed what I got in my mouth. This fuck really did me good. I was completely satisfied. The two guys gave me several orgasms. They just knew how to fuck a wet pussy. And when they were gone, I went into the shower. I was still so excited hours after the threesome that I had to occasionally push my finger into my wet slit to relieve my lust.

After this fuck, I knew I didn’t have to rely solely on my husband’s hard cock. Sometimes we have things in the house that need to be fixed. And it almost always gets me laid. It’s not always two craftsmen who come along and give it to me in a threesome. But even a thick cock drilling deep and hard into my wet holes is a sexual release for me. All I can say is that my days as an under fucked housewife are numbered, and I have finally enough sex.

My husband doesn’t notice my flirts. Because I still have time for him and his sexual needs. I just occasionally entertain myself with someone else’s dick. And then I really step on the gas and get everything I require. And my wet pussy and my tight asshole have been very grateful to me so far.