With a frustrated sigh, Angela falls onto the couch. Ideally, she would like to jump into bed with her boyfriend, but he is so focused on gaming that he is completely ignoring her needs. Just an hour before, she left a note with the word “sex” on it next to his keyboard. Even this direct approach has been unsuccessful. In order to get some pleasure, she took a shower with her Satisfier. Although she managed to come deliciously despite her boyfriend’s lack of attention, she still prefers to just feel a cock inside her. When she got out of the shower, she heard her boyfriend in the attic suggest that they could go on for a while. 

At that moment, she knew for sure: her boyfriend would not satisfy her needs. To distract herself from her needs, she decided to turn on the Switch. If playing makes her boyfriend ignore her needs, maybe it will help her, she thinks. Angela closes the curtains. After playing with the Satisfier in the shower, she put on only her satin kimono. At least with the curtains closed, she doesn’t have to worry about someone walking by and catching a glimpse of her when her kimono falls open. When the game needs to load, her hand unconsciously goes between her legs, making it happen faster than she expected. Ring! Angela is jolted from her game and thoughts when she hears the doorbell ring. 

She reflexively pulls her hand away from between her legs. Without realizing it, she was playing with herself again. She catches herself, falling back into her frustration. Her boyfriend refuses to give her a turn and she can’t even play a game undisturbed to distract herself. She quickly pulls her kimono back around her body and buttons it before walking out into the hallway. “Hey Tom! What are you doing here?” she asks in a friendly voice when she sees a friend of her friend standing at the door. “Oh! I, uh, came to pick up the wheelbarrow.” She sees from his look that he clearly did not expect to be greeted like this. The boy looks at her from head to toe. 

Judging by his smile, he clearly doesn’t mind her standing in front of him like this. Angela also knows that her boyfriend’s friends like her. Although she is secretly quite insecure about her small breasts, especially compared to her friends, she knows that his friends regularly talk about her tight body and butt. 

In fact, she has even heard his friends drunkenly say that they would know what to do with her if her boyfriend did not let her have her way. When she thinks about it, she remembers that it was Tom who said that. Unconsciously, her whole attitude towards Tom changes. Her body relaxes and her smile becomes genuine. Tom seems to see the change in Angela’s attitude as well. As if they could read each other’s minds, Angela and Tom flirt with each other without saying a word. Angela can only think of one thing, she just wonders if she dares. “Come in,” she says softly before pulling him in by the hand and closing the door behind him. 

Tom stands right in front of her, which only seems to increase the tension between them. She takes him in as well. Of all her boyfriend’s friends, she thinks Tom is probably the nicest. A tall boy with short brown hair and a mischievous look that she has heard makes him very successful with the girls. Although she doesn’t know his attitude very well, she can imagine what his mischievous look would be like when he looks at her. It’s now or never, she thinks. She leans over and whispers in his ear, “Listen, I’m incredibly horny and my husband refuses to do anything about it. As far as I’m concerned, you can fuck me. 

Nobody has to know and he won’t hear it anyway. Deal?” Tom looks at her wide-eyed. It is clear that he did not see her proposal coming. Angela notices that she enjoys putting the boy on the spot like this. “I, um…” he stammers, trying to think of a good answer. She gives him her most flirtatious look to assure him that she means business. Tom seems to be in such shock that she realizes she shouldn’t insist any longer. Otherwise, she’ll lose him just when she’s decided she wants him! “Are you sure?” Tom asks gently. That’s enough for Angela to determine that he wants it, too. “Definitely,” she answers hoarsely as she gets down on her knees. Quickly, Angela unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. She is in such a hurry that she hooks her fingers behind his underwear and pulls his pants and underwear down in one fell swoop. 

He looks at Tom’s cock with satisfaction. The tension has already made it half stiff. She wraps her fingers around his shaft and chuckles with satisfaction. She’s finally getting what she wants! That she can’t get it from her boyfriend, she thinks, is his problem… Looking up at Tom, she sees that he can’t believe she’s jerking him off, but also that he’s already enjoying it. She smiles at him before leaning over to lick along his glans and take it in her mouth. Full of enthusiasm she takes Tom’s cock in her mouth to suck it. The thought that she’s cheating on her boyfriend while he’s playing games two floors up doesn’t bother her. She realizes that it was just an incredibly small threshold for her to take the initiative and blow Tom while they were not even out of the hallway. In fact, it makes it all the more exciting for her. 

Tom seems to realize that he needs to be quiet as well. He sighs out his excitement. “Jesus Angela, I had heard you could give a delicious blow job, but this really beats everything!” he whispers. Angela chuckles. As if she needed the encouragement, she takes it as a sign to spoil him as best she can with her mouth. She licks along his shaft and his stump, she sucks on his glans, and she realizes that she can pull his shaft off as she sucks him. She really enjoys sucking Tom. Suddenly Tom puts a hand on Angela’s shoulder and gently pushes her away from him. “You want to get fucked, right?” Angela enthusiastically shakes her head. “Then we should stop before you suck me off.” Angela smiles at the boy. “We shouldn’t do that, no!” she whispers. Angela pushes herself up off the floor and comes face to face with Tom. She looks at him with an affectionate smile. 

When she feels his hard-on pressing against her belly, she lets her kimono slide off her shoulders. Tom looks at her from head to toe, admiring her naked body. “Jesus Angela, how delicious you are. Your boyfriend really doesn’t know what he’s missing!” “I know what I’m missing and you should give it to me,” she replies. Tom looks at her with a grin from ear to ear. “Where do you want…” Tom begins. Angela takes his hand and leads him into the living room. She quickly grabs his kimono and throws it on the couch. “Sit on the couch,” Angela orders the boy. Willingly, Tom falls onto the couch. She looks approvingly at his stiff dick. Without another word, Angela sits over Tom. She grabs his cock and places it against her pussy. She knows she is cheating on her boyfriend. 

She doesn’t care. So many times she has practically begged him to have sex with her and each time his game was more important than her needs, so she has no problem with someone else fulfilling her needs. She realizes that Tom doesn’t even wear a condom. When she has sex with her boyfriend at all, he uses a condom, but she has no desire to use one. She just wants one thing: to feel Tom’s cock in her pussy! As Angela lowers herself over Tom’s cock, she has to do her best not to moan with pleasure. Shuddering softly, she sighs out her pleasure. “Oh God, yes,” she whispers. Tom remains silent, just looking at her with a grin from ear to ear. The young girl remains seated for a moment to get used to Tom’s cock in her pussy. Angela and Tom look deep into each other’s eyes, but for some reason she can’t put her finger on, they both decide not to kiss. She realizes it would take away from the moment. Angela pushes herself up a bit and falls back into Tom’s lap. She puts her hands on his shoulders for support and wiggles on his cock. “You have such a delicious cock, Tom,” she whispers. “Enjoy it,” the boy encourages her. She laughs. 

She doesn’t need the encouragement, but she takes it as a cue to rock faster on his cock. “Oh yeah,” she sighs. Riding Tom like a madman, she has a blissful smile on her face as she lowers herself over his cock again and again. After Angela finds her rhythm, she pulls a hand off Tom’s shoulder to reach between her legs. Like clockwork, her fingers find her clit. “Come deliciously,” Tom encourages her. Angela wonders if Tom feels it, because she feels she is already so close to the edge that she could soon be fingering herself. It is not long before Angela feels her orgasm coming on. “Come on,” Tom repeats, “come on.” Angela’s fingers flash across her clit. Before she realizes it, she feels her orgasm coming on. She knows she has to be quiet, so she lets her breath catch in her throat. 

With a shudder, she cums on Tom’s cock. All she can do to announce her orgasm is to moan softly. “Oh Tom,” she whispers. Struggling, she rubs her hips over his lap. The thought flashes through her mind that this is the feeling she has been craving for weeks. She is grateful to Tom for wanting to give her the orgasm she has been waiting for so long. Still in the throes of her orgasm, she looks at the boy with a loving expression on her face. Angela lets herself fall over Tom as her orgasm slowly subsides. “Thank you … Tom.” Tom looks at her with an adorable smile. “Just tell me when you can do it again.” Can again? She realizes that she has been so focused on finally being able to come again that she hasn’t even thought about the fact that she also just wants to be satisfied, that she just wants to be delicious. She smiles at Tom. “Tell me how you want me.” She sees from Tom’s wide smile that he is only too happy to hear that! “Get on your hands and knees on the couch,” he suggests. 

Angela willingly ejects herself from Tom. In one smooth motion, she gets off his lap and puts her knees on the couch next to him. She puts her hands on the headrest and gives the boy a mischievous look. “Fuck me, Tom,” she quietly encourages him. Over her shoulder, Angela sees that the boy is looking at her with a leer. “If we didn’t have to be quiet, I would have slapped your ass so hard,” he confesses. “If we didn’t have to be quiet, you certainly would have been allowed to,” she chuckles back. Instead, he runs his index and middle fingers along her labia before inserting them into her pussy. Angela gasps as she feels his fingers penetrate her pussy. “You’re so delicious,” Tom growls muffled. “Mmh Tom, I want to feel your cock inside me,” Angela begs. That’s the cue for Tom to move behind her and place his glans against her labia. “Oh yes,” she gurgles contentedly. She moans softly as the boy suddenly thrusts his cock as deep as he can into her pussy. It doesn’t take long for Tom to fuck her at a good pace. “Ow Tom, fuck me,” she encourages him in a whisper. Angela notices that even though Tom is fucking her hard, he hardly makes a sound. Although she doesn’t mind cheating on her boyfriend, she doesn’t want him to notice. “You’re fucking me … so delicious,” Angela sighs between his thrusts. She moans softly every time he thrusts his cock into her. She can’t remember the last time she enjoyed a good fuck so much. The thought creeps into her mind that maybe she should seek Tom out more often if her boyfriend continues to refuse to fulfill her needs…. 

Angela feels Tom’s cock rubbing along all the right spots in her pussy. To her surprise, she feels her next orgasm coming on. She can’t remember ever coming from penetration alone, but Tom seems to have no trouble fucking her to orgasm. “Ow, fuck me to completion … please,” she begs. “Then come deliciously,” the boy encourages her with a growl. The boy fucks her at a steady pace, just the way she needs to come to her next orgasm. Whimpering, she announces her orgasm as she feels it rising from her toes. “Oh Tom,” she moans softly. She grips the headrest as tightly as she can to support herself as her orgasm engulfs her. She comes, shuddering on his cock as Tom continues to fuck her relentlessly. “Fuck me … fuck me,” the young girl encourages her lover.

Still in the throes of her orgasm, Angela feels Tom’s cock jerking. He’s going to come too! Before she even realizes what is happening, she hears Tom behind her: “I’m going to shoot your pussy full. “Yes, squirt, squirt,” Angela encourages him without thinking twice. With a muffled growl, Tom announces his orgasm. For the first time in she doesn’t know how long, Angela feels warm cum squirt into her pussy. The feeling of his seed in her pussy makes Angela come again spontaneously. “JUST SQUIRT … JUST SQUIRT …” Angela repeats growling. She feels the boy thrusting slower and slower into her, squirting more cum into her with each thrust. 

She notices how much more delicious it is to fuck without a condom, she never wants to use a condom again! Sighing, Angela catches his last thrusts. Angela looks over her shoulder and sees that Tom has grabbed the box of tissues on the coffee table and is holding a tissue under her pussy as he pulls his cock out. As soon as she doesn’t feel his cock in her pussy anymore, she feels his cum running out of her pussy. Angela grabs the tissue from his hand, rolls over and falls onto the couch to blow out her orgasm while his cum is still oozing out of her pussy. “That was … great Tom … thank you.” Tom looks at her with a big smile. “You too. If you come up short again…” Angela giggles. “I know where to find you!” Tom pulls up his pants again. “You stay delicious, you know, I’ll get the wheelbarrow myself.” 

Angela nods and stretches lazily on the couch. She has finally had a good fuck and enjoys it deliciously. Half an hour later she hears her boyfriend coming down the stairs. She jumps and puts the handkerchief in her hand, still full of Tom’s cum, under the couch. “So, tasty game?” she asks with feigned interest. “Joa, did Tom come back for the wheelbarrow?” Angela nods her head. “Yeah, he brought it back, I thought I wouldn’t bother you while you play.” Over the next few days she thinks back fondly on the turn Tom gave her. She secretly regrets that she didn’t get the chance to do it again, but she makes up her mind to let Tom give her a good one. Two weeks later, she realizes that she may have another memento of the moment with her boyfriend’s boyfriend when her period fails to arrive. ….

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