This story is about a lawyer who hits the wrong person with his Mercedes. The woman grabs him at his office and forces him to facesitting. The photo is of Kathy, a 34-year-old Latina. Kathy is sweet, though. And facesitting? That’s okay girl.

She walked to his desk and picked up a large, ripe, juicy orange from the crystal bowl that was full of fruit and began to roll it in her hand. She took it between her strong fingers and began to squeeze it. The peel of the orange burst open, the juice began to squirt out, and it fell apart in her strong grip. Leon’s eyes bulged out of their sockets when he saw this. He was a well-built man and a famed lawyer with an immaculate reputation. He wondered how he had managed to get himself into this situation. He looked bored at this huge woman, standing before him wearing only a bra and panties.

Her appearance was incredible. She looked awesome. She was tall, about five feet eight he estimated, and she had to weigh at least one hundred seventy pounds. All rock-hard, ridged muscles. Her breasts were huge. Those juicy melons looked awfully luscious. How he felt like reaching out and touching them. He could clearly see through her lace bra her hard nipples. Those couldn’t distract attention from her face. She was dazzling, with deep brown eyes, golden brown skin with honey blonde hair around her oval face. Her eyes looked at him angrily. He just couldn’t figure out what he had done that had caused this beautiful, strong woman to storm into his tastefully decorated office. “Imagine that this orange is your left testicle. Can you imagine me grabbing it with my fingers, squeezing it like this?

Because that’s what I’m going to do to you: I’m going to CRACK YOUR BALLS!!!” she promised him with twinkling eyes. “And the funny thing is, you’ll like that too, and you’ll beg for more.” She heard how Leon gulped for a moment when he heard this, and she was pleased to see his penis swell before her eyes. She could clearly see the outline of his erection in his pants. “My God…” Leon whispered. As he listened to this woman’s threat, he felt his balls cramp and his cock stiffen. In his mind, he could almost see her doing that to his testicles already, and it excited him tremendously. It dawned on Leon exactly who this incredible woman standing before him was. This was the same lady he had yelled at outside less than fifteen minutes ago after he had driven his brand-new Mercedes backward into her old, dented car, “why the hell was she parked right there?

He thought for a moment. Oh yes, last time he had seen her, she had been wearing a three-quarter length overcoat and had tucked her hair under a baseball cap. Even with her coat on, he had seen that she had a huge bunch of hair in her pants. He had been so disappointed and angry that his car had been damaged that he had bombarded this woman with a litany of swear words. He had told her she was a useless cow, a real woman. a fucking fat pig who didn’t belong on the road at all, but at home in the kitchen, at the sink or with a vacuum cleaner or behind the window if need be. “Shit!” Had he really called this woman a FUCKING FAT FUCK!?!!? Nothing could be further from the truth. She rubbed her finger over the engraved name tag that sat on his desk. “Leon Hartog? You can call me Ilse.

Did your Mama never teach you to treat women with respect, Mr. Hartog? You think that women exist only to be used and abused and treated as foot patches, that they exist only to be wooed by you and used for your personal, selfish pleasure. You think that women exist only to make you feel superior and strong and tough. But this time you have come across the wrong woman. I can assure you of that!!!” All the while, she had continued to rub and squeeze the orange with her hand, until all that was left of it was pulp. Leon had not uttered a word during this demonstration. His face was red from blushing, his eyes were wide and his mouth slightly open.

Beads of sweat had appeared on his forehead, which had less to do with the hot summer day, but more to do with his fear, but also his admiration for this huge looking woman standing before him. He was hypnotized by the sight of her strong biceps and he could clearly see her purple, swollen veins standing out against her golden skin. She looked truly beautiful and she had an effect on him in several ways. He felt his penis almost burst out of his pants and he had to restrain himself from rubbing it. Ilse’s eyes were glistening. Her body was tight, muscular, toned and strong. Her hormones were racing through her. Her nipples were tight against the lace of her tiny bra, which barely covered her enormous breasts. Her pussy was tingling, her panties were damp and she was on fire. She saw what an effect she was having on Leon and it thrilled her to see this Jerk in such awe of her. “Have you lost your tongue sometimes, Mr. Hartog? Now you’re not so tough anymore, h? Are you sometimes impressed by such a big and strong woman? I’ve only just begun to show you something of what I can do with that “Fat” body of mine.

By the time I am done with you, you will be screaming and begging for mercy. You will curse the day you were born, I can promise you that in advance.” At that moment Leon thought he was awakening from a bad dream and tried to give himself an attitude. “Ha, you’re just a woman! Okay, I admit you’re an exceptionally well-built, strong woman, but still just a woman. You don’t scare me. I’ve been in front of hotter fires.” Ilse let the orange juice slip from her hand and walked over to Leon. She put her hands under his armpits and lifted him about fifteen inches off the ground with ease. “SO I’M JUST A WOMAN?” She continued to lift him up and down along her body so that her nipples rubbed against him, enjoying the friction his body caused against them. She rubbed his erection along her crotch. She lifted him up and down effortlessly as if he were as light as a feather. After she had done this for a few minutes, she heard Leon breathing heavier and saw how nervous and excited he was getting. “I’m going to teach you a very expensive lesson, Mr. H. You’re going to find out what it feels like to be treated like old dirt.

I’m going to hurt you and humiliate you, and then from now on you will show more respect for the cleaner sex. I’m going to show you every corner of the room!!!” At this she released him and he fell to the floor with a smack. “Ohhhhh, Ilse, don’t hurt me too much…” he groaned with a haze before his eyes. “Shut up, you understand?” snarled Ilse… “I’m in charge here, and I think we need to clear some more space so we can see if there’s actually any manhood under that costume of yours. I am going to inspect YOUR body, and I will let you know exactly what I want you to do. I am also extremely interested in what YOU can do with that mouth of yours, especially with your tongue!!!” She walked over to Leon’s desk and took a breath. She breathed in a few deep gulps of air and relaxed her body.

As she breathed in the air, she tensed all of her body and rubbed her beautiful muscles with her hands. She let her eyes wander over her beautiful body. She admired her pecs, her abs, her biceps. Then she went through her knees, grabbed his desk and lugged it across the room. Leon’s mouth fell wide open at this display of power. “You come over here, wimp, I want you to pull those biceps out. I want to see that limp body of yours. I want to see exactly what a wimp of a man you are,” Ilse commanded. “Ilse… do you know who I…” Before he could finish his sentence, Ilse had slapped his face with one hand and grabbed him by the wrist with the other, twisting it behind his back and pushing it up to his neck. “AAaaaahhhHHH,” Leon groaned. “Shut up, wimp, YES! I know exactly what kind of figure I have in front of me, Mr. Hartog. You’re nothing but scum. You don’t scare me. Men like you are only good for hurting and for exerting my awesome powers on them. Are you going to take those clothes off or do I have to do it myself? Oh well, never mind.” She ripped off his shirt: “that color doesn’t suit you anyway.”

She tugged at the fabric so hard that all the buttons popped off. “You should try some more navy blue,” and tore off his tie. “And that tie,” SCREAMED-” is disgusting. You need to do something about your dress sense. Come, let’s take a look at that cock of yours.” RITS- “Hmmmm, not bad, definitely one of your more attractive muscles.” “And now I also see how incredibly you enjoy the attention I pay to you,” she said as she glanced at his swollen genitals. In fact, Ilse almost burst out laughing when she saw him standing so naked and vulnerable, with his clothes in tatters, his stiff and quivering cock, and only his shoes and socks on. It was a perverse pleasure for her to be in such tight control, to know that she could do this man NOTHING. When she twisted his arm further, he twisted his face into a painful grimace. He groaned and begged her to stop. “You weakling, you’re just a little boy. I bet you’re not even going to try to resist! You’re just going to let me, yes me, a REAL woman, lead you to the slaughter! Come on, resist me like a man.

Come on, spineless wimp. You can’t h, can you?” she taunted him. “Aarrrrrgg, YOU SLUT, YOU FUCKING SLUT!!!” Leon shouted at Ilse. “You are nothing but A CUTWITCH!!!” and he gave her a vicious knee to her stomach. Ilse had counted on this, had hoped for this, had purposely riled him up like this. She knew deep down he had it in him, she wanted him to resist her. Now it was so that she loved this kind of situation, that she lusted after it, that with her boyfriend she even pushed for it. With him, however, it was more playful. She tried to control herself and he almost always got off scot-free. Oh, except for that one time… Well, that was the most important thing… Oh, and this morning of course… well, that was on purpose, then he shouldn’t have cheated her…. Those two broken ribs and that cracked skull had been his just desserts. Her stomach muscles were so hard that his knee didn’t bother her at all.

She grabbed him by his knees, slammed him to the floor and sat straddling him, with his chest between her thighs and his arm still behind his back. “Don’t you know it’s very rude to swear in front of a lady, Mister Hartog? Gee, your Mama really should have taught you…” and she wrapped her huge thighs around his body and pressed her knees into his ribs, “a little more manners…. ” she squeezed him even harder with her huge thighs into his chest, saw that he was twisting his face in pain, heard him groan between his clenched teeth, “but that’s probably not entirely her fault…” she felt his stringy cock vibrate against her buttocks, “an airhead like you probably treated your Mother like dirt!!!” At this, she let the entire weight of her upper body land on his stomach and heard the air being squeezed from his lungs.

Then she put her hand behind her back and began to stroke his cock back and forth with her hand. With pleasure, she listened to the pricking sound her hand made against his tender skin. His eyes rolled in their sockets and his face was dead white, with a red blush on his cheeks. He panted with short, shallow thrusts. “Come on, Mister H., do stay conscious though, do your best. I still need to see what you can do with that mouth of yours.” She let go of his arm and flicked off her panties. Her clean-shaven pubic hair came out, which contained droplets of moisture. These testified to the excitement she felt in her vagina from treating Leon this way. “Hmmmmm, you have made me so HOT, Mr. Hartog, my pussy is itching. It’s hard to believe that a boy like you can get the juices flowing in a woman like me, isn’t it? But that’s right, Mr. Hartog… my pussy needs a good pounding.” She put her hands behind her back and undid the clasp of her small lace bra so that her beautiful breasts popped out. “See these nipples?

These breasts? Yes, I have a big set of breasts, don’t I?” and she put her chest up and used her pecs to make her breasts swell. “Those also need attention from your tongue, they also need to be massaged by those slender boy fingers of yours. And you’d better do that to my full satisfaction, Mister Hartog, because otherwise…” her eyes twinkled ominously, “then I’m going to give you a turn and it won’t be with my tongue!” She balled her fist and tensed her arm, letting her gaze go down and admire her biceps. Then she rammed her fist into his stomach, pulled him into a sitting position, and sat back on him with her thighs around his waist and her ankles intertwined behind his back. Her fingertips rested almost casually on his shoulders, and she pulled his head against her beautiful breasts. Lick me, lick me nice…” When he hesitated for a moment, as he could hardly breathe with the weight of her breasts on his face, she pressed her fingertips into his shoulders and commanded him again. “Lick me… boy, lick me!!!”

She squeezed his shoulder with all her might with her hands. Automatically, his tongue went back and forth over her nipples faster and faster…. “So, that’s more like it, Mr. Hartog, yes, that’s much more delicious,” she panted. “Ooooh, aaaaah!” She could just barely hear him moan from the depths of her breasts. She held her legs around his waist and each time she felt his tongue movements slow down, she squeezed him with her thighs and he soon realized that she preferred a faster pace. Her eyes half-closed, she licked her own tongue along her lips, passed it along with her teeth and began to breathe faster. Because she was so excited, she didn’t realize that she was almost suffocating Leon with her huge bosom. The pleasure flowing through her body caused her muscles to contract involuntarily so that her grip on his shoulders increased and the pressure of her legs around his waist became enormous.

Leon already didn’t notice all that, he was almost, not quite, but almost past the pain. That’s how busy he was making this woman enjoy herself, the woman who had hurt him, humiliated him. The woman who had turned him on more than he had ever been. “Oh God…” moaned Ilse. “Not bad, Mister V., not bad at all…” She felt waves of tingling sensations circling through her body. She maneuvered her body so that her pussy was above his face, her ankles around his neck, her legs wide open as she crouched above him. “Now I want you to do the same with my vagina, make me cum with your tongue. I want you to lick my clitoris, to lick my clitoris as if your life depended on it. I want you to tongue me deeply, I want to feel your tongue in the dark, warm, wet depths of my vagina. Go on, get going, sack of hay,” and she wrapped her ankles even more tightly around his neck. “Good…” She pulled his head closer to her by his hair. “Faster…” She grabbed him by his arms and lifted them to her breasts. “Deeper, Mister V., deeper…” She squeezed his arms with all her might. “Harder…” She grabbed him with her ankles around his neck and squeezed. “Good boy, good boy… good boy, Mr. Hartog, good boy…. Your Mama would be proud of you…”

She began to move faster, and once again an orgasm coursed through her body. She put her arm behind her back, grabbed him by his cock with her hand and began to jerk him off. After three jerks, he cummed and squirted jets of hot, white seed all over his belly. “You didn’t deserve this, jerk, but I’m not selfish. Maybe you can learn something from that too!” When she had gotten off him, he lay on the floor like a pile of dirt. There was sticky seed on his stomach and his arm was at an odd angle. She could already see bruises appearing around his rib cage. His hair was wet with sweat and stuck to his forehead. He looked like a weak, battered man. She had to laugh when she saw him lying there so pitifully and helplessly. “Next time you crash into a REAL woman’s car, act a little more like a gentleman.” She wrapped her overcoat around herself, glanced at the wall clock and continued. “Listen, Mr. Hartog, you made sure I’m late for my gym workout. I’ll be back in an hour, and you’d better have made sure everything is arranged to get my car fixed as soon as possible, because otherwise…” and she poked him in the balls with her foot, “I won’t be very happy!” She tucked her hair back under her cap and walked relaxing out the door, not giving him another glance.