This submitted story is about a woman who cheated with two men after a field hockey party. Photo for illustration that’s hot girl Nikki

I still don’t understand how this could have been possible, and I haven’t had the courage to tell my husband yet. To help you all understand a little better, let me first introduce ourselves. We are a fairly normal couple of around 40 years of age, and I am Rachel. We have two children who are already more on their own and are spending more and more time elsewhere. Our sex life has since reopened a bit and I think I can say that neither of us is a bit “short” sexually. Just a couple. It had been planned for months, we would go to a dinner and dance evening of our local field hockey club. An annual habit, but one we did not look forward to with reluctance. It was always pleasant and full of fun. Everyone joined in and there was dancing. It was a nice atmosphere. We do not live so far from the clubhouse, so we could go on foot.

Then there was never any problem if there was a drink. That evening, we also left on foot. We were immediately well welcomed, and the fun started early. At the table, there was a lot of laughter and some drinking. I wasn’t drunk yet but had enough wine. The dance party began. The DJ on duty knew how to get everyone in the mood right away with his choice of songs. In short, a fun evening with the necessary drinks. Everything went smoothly, no one was worried about anything. Not even when suddenly in another group there was loud cheering and a player of the club stood on a table and did an almost perfect strip. Everyone cheered and, with everyone’s approval, he even went completely naked. That he was well provided for was evident by the looks and clapping of hands from the watching players’ wives. Me too, I must confess in all honesty.

After he got off the table, everyone continued dancing, drinking, talking. It wasn’t until later that I noticed that this player hadn’t gotten dressed. I later saw him just standing in his bare skin dancing on the dance floor. Apparently, it didn’t bother anyone. He even danced with some women as if he were just dressed. Funny to see, actually. The evening progressed. While I was dancing, my husband was pining quite a bit. When it was time to go home, I had all the trouble in the world to get my husband on his feet.I wasn’t drunk yet, but I had had enough already. Fortunately, there were two club members who offered to support my husband and guide him home. Only I had not succeeded.

Arriving at home, they asked where they should drop my husband. Preferably in bed, because I can’t get him in there alone, was my answer. There was a lot of dragging and pulling to the bedroom and when I arrived with a bucket for accidents, they had already undressed him and put him under. Back downstairs, I asked them more out of politeness if they wanted a drink. Actually, I had hoped that they would have realized that I was only asking out of politeness and would not respond, but they replied: yes, that’s fine. I then offered them a drink. I also took a glass of wine. I noticed that they were already a bit tipsy, just like me. Oh well, my husband was passed out on the bed and I was sitting here drinking with two other men. I apologized for going for a pee. I decided to take off my pantyhose and walked back into the room barefoot. The gentlemen had refilled their glasses.

From the sound of it, they weren’t planning on leaving anytime soon. But then again, I thought, whatever, they weren’t unpleasant guys, the conversation went smoothly. I took my glass from the coffee table and sat back in the chair, putting my feet up on a pouf. It was only after I realized that the man across from me was looking at me properly that I unintentionally gave him a view between my legs. Not that he could see right down to my panties but my skirt had crept up quite a bit. Because I had nestled easily and was apparently sitting with my legs slightly open, he must have exposed a fair portion of my thighs anyway. I tried to recover and sit up straight but he noticed and said I could stay like that, he had a nice view.

I regularly go to the sauna with my husband, I have nothing against nudity, but I felt myself getting a little red. I tried to defend myself by saying: what is there to see in panties or thighs? Nothing, he replied, but they are very beautiful. Another shade redder, I placed my legs back on the pouf. Whether he saw anything or not…. I didn’t care. The bottle of wine was empty. Without any hesitation, the man next to me asked if there was another bottle. Despite being quite drunk already, I showed them where he could find them. He went and got one, uncorked it, and well-filled our glasses once more. The naked man of the party suddenly came up. Well, that was something, I said. And that he kept walking around like that. That he even danced with some women, and that those women even accepted his invitation. we laughed about it.
He went and got one, uncorked it and well-filled our glasses once more. The naked man of the party suddenly came up. Well, that was something, I said. And that he kept walking around like that…. That he even danced with some women and that those women even accepted his invitation… we laughed about it.

I told them that he just has to dare. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t said that last part. Without waiting for any reaction, the one who had gone to get the wine said: but I dare to do that too, and pulled down his pants. In his haste, he had also pulled down his panties and stood there naked in front of us. Not knowing how to react and partly also because of the drink, we started laughing. In response, he stepped out of his pants and sat down on the couch. Yes, say….that’s a plight that’s about to get out of hand, I thought to myself. But then again… the drink doesn’t make you think rationally anymore, does it? So I let it happen and said nothing. Can you imagine me sitting there, my husband upstairs sleeping it off, me drunk downstairs with two equally drunk men, one of whom makes every effort to peek under my skirt, the other one sitting there with his dick bare… To be honest, I didn’t find it just a plight but on the other hand, it also stimulated me a bit. It all seemed so obvious, although it’s not obvious at all to just sit there like that, is it?

The man in front also wanted to go to the bathroom, I told him where he could find it. It was quite a shock when he came back in with his dick bare, showed it off again and then sat down. I pretended not to care, it was different. Of course, the question came why I didn’t take off my panties too. How I dared, I don’t know… I stood up, took off my panties, pulled my skirt back over them and sat down again. Now I was sitting there partially naked as well. That was apparently the signal for the man next to me He stood up and came to sit next to my. I still didn’t undertake, but inside I knew where this would end or rather begin. Indeed, it didn’t last long, the man next to me, started stroking my leg. I just tried to continue talking and pretend I didn’t feel it. My skirt was pushed up. I continued talking, but my breath stopped when he reached my pussy and gently tried to open my legs. I followed him.

He entered with a finger. I was silent now and just undergoing actions and letting him be. I had not even noticed that the man opposite me had stripped off all his clothes. Suddenly he was standing next to me with a hard cock almost at the level of my mouth. What was I thinking? I accepted him into my mouth and started sucking him off. The other one kept fingering me in the meantime. Strangely enough, I was enjoying it. I thought it would not stop there and no indeed. The fingering man stopped for a moment, he lifted my legs and put them in the seat. The upright man kept following me and made sure he did not flop out of my mouth. I was now lying on my back in the seat while sucking. I felt my skirt being unhooked and taken off. I was now lying there in my naked pussy with two strange men. Next, my blouse was unbuttoned. Soon I was lying there in bra in front of these two men. I straightened up and took off my blouse completely myself and then my bra as well.

Now I was also completely naked and I lay back down. Another cock came in front of my face and I started sucking again. My legs were pushed apart and I felt a head between my legs. While sucking cock, I was being eaten by a strange man. I felt how the man I was sucking was having a hard time. I told myself he wouldn’t last long and wanted to pull out. I held him back with one hand and then I felt him cum in my mouth. Guys… I have sucked someone ready and still had him shoot in my mouth. I had trouble keeping it all in and swallowing. What a situation…. With the excitement alone, I felt an orgasm coming on. The man continued to go down on me and I finished on his tongue. Even before I could say or do anything.I felt the man come on top of me and I raised my leg slightly so he could get into my pussy better.

Moments later I was being fucked by a strange man of whom I didn’t even know his name. I only knew him from seeing him and from the club. I allowed myself to be fucked well and enjoyed every thrust. I also didn’t care if he was going to cum inside me. I felt him discharge his cum into me. It didn’t give me a strange feeling but rather a nice feeling. When he was shocked empty, he pulled out of me. Sperm was running out of my pussy. I took my panties to catch the bulk of the cum and squeeze it out. I sat there with my pussy wide open in front of both men, but it didn’t feel strange anymore. The man I had finished sucking was already getting ready for action again, it seemed. I didn’t have much time to wonder if I would let him fuck me too. He asked me to sit with my knees in the seat. I, without him having to ask, spread my legs. I made myself of height by pushing backward with my pooch to go through my legs. I felt his glans push against my labia and then go inside me and then fuck me.

The clatter of his balls against my bottom sounded loud. Everything must have been well lubricated, the first man’s sperm, my horniness… A few minutes later, I felt him emptying himself into me as well. So there was cum from two different men inside me. Even when he pulled out of me, I had to use my panties again to catch some cum. I watched as the gentlemen silently dressed and got ready to leave. I escorted them naked to the door, let them out, and closed the door behind them again. Nothing was said. Apparently, everyone was thinking about what had happened. I took a blanket from the bedroom closet, where my husband was still unsuspectingly sleeping off his intoxication, and nestled on the couch. I was embarrassed and certainly didn’t want my husband to smell or feel the semen.

How was I supposed to tell him? What had I done? I fell asleep on the sofa. In the morning, my husband came downstairs. He had a sore head. He asked me why I was lying in the sofa. I lied that he was snoring and that I had slept downstairs. How was I supposed to tell him? The longer one waits, the harder it becomes to confess. I hadn’t behaved very well, had I? I who always proclaimed that telling the truth was the best thing to do, no matter what it was and how much it would hurt. Now I wasn’t doing it myself. The worst part was that I let it happen and enjoyed it. So I kept quiet about it and after a while, I didn’t even think about it anymore. For a moment I was reminded of it when I saw those two men again at a training session. I made it clear to them that it was a mistake that should not have happened. That my husband knew nothing about it and it should stay that way. One man immediately agreed, he also didn’t want his wife to know anything.

The other one tried a bit more by saying that what had happened and what would happen in the future, no one needed to know. I pulled him out of his illusion that nothing more would happen that I didn’t want to happen. So years went by and the incident also wore on my mind. Yet you never forget it. You are always reminded of it when you run into those men again at the club. Sometimes I think: I know what kind of thing is hanging between their legs, I have felt those men before. Would they think the same about me? Like: I have already filled her pussy? I’m still together with my husband, I’m happy, and we had a rather normal sex life until last year. This changed due to yet another coincidence whereby we did a partner swap with another couple.

That wasn’t really planned either, it just happened to us and neither of us raised any objection. It was totally different from the previous one and felt different. That was no longer cheating, but something we did together. One evening with the couple, we were asked if we had all kept our marriage nicely. My hesitation must have struck my husband. He asked me about it again a few weeks later. Then I confessed everything to him. Happy he was not but believed me that it was a one-time thing. He wanted to know who they were, and I told him after he promised never to say anything about it to them or their wives. I also told him right away that I was still struggling with my infidelity at the time, that it was totally different from the partner exchange we had experienced together. He knows that I write down things. He suggested that I do this now too. He is right but writing something that nobody reads is of little use isn’t it? Hence this story.