My wife Rose and I had been married for about two years. We both work full time and live a fairly normal life. Rose works in a doctor’s office as a receptionist, and I am in a car sales department. We met in high school and have been together ever since.

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My wife is a natural with a sassy innocence about her, I’ve gotten used to men staring at her when we’re out on the town or sunning on the beach. She is 29, only two years younger than me, 169 cm tall with long blonde hair. She has a nice fair skin and weighs about 57 kg. She has a beautiful and innocent look, nice legs and breasts. Her 34B’s firm and bouncy, she often makes men turn their heads without her even noticing.

I had built up quite a debt with my bookie.

A few months ago, we got into a bit of financial trouble, and were in danger of being evicted from our apartment. In fact, I must say I got us into some financial trouble. I had built up quite a debt with my bookie, The Bookmaker, who bet on football matches. I had saved trying to pay him back, but the interest kept piling up, and I felt I was in a big hole I could never dig myself out of. As a result of the money I paid, I had missed our last two rent payments. I had managed to keep this hidden from Rose as I managed all our finances, but I knew I would struggle to explain why we were suddenly losing our home and becoming homeless.

Hans, my landlord, is an asshole, plain and simple. So when he came knocking on our door one night, I was naturally less than happy to see him. To be honest, I was a little scared of him. He rarely spoke when I saw him, and he was not at all ashamed to stare Rose up and down whenever he saw her. Hans is dark, about 190 cm, and in pretty good shape for a guy in his late 40s. I’m not small, 179, but I knew that if it ever came down to it, he could probably throw me around as he pleased.

After inviting himself into my apartment, Hans informed me of our potential eviction and then asked me where my wife was. When I told him she was back in our bedroom, he was visibly excited. “She certainly is beautiful, your wife,” he winked at me.

“Uh, thanks….” I replied, wondering what exactly was going on in his mind. About that time Rose came into the living room, looking a bit startled when she saw the big black landlord standing in the middle of the room.

“Oh, hi Hans,” she smiled politely at him.

I saw Hans’s eyes scanning her up and down, wishing she was wearing something more than the tank top and short shorts she was wearing.

“So, John, have you paid The Bookmaker yet?” Hans asked casually as he leaned down on my couch. My heart almost stopped beating. “What…. How….?” was all I was able to get out. I stood frozen, panic rushing over me now, with no idea how Hans could know about my gambling debts.

“Who is The Bookmaker, and why do you owe him money?” Rose asked, staring at me. Before I could answer, Hans made sure to tell Rose for me.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake… you didn’t know? Your husband owes a friend of mine about ten grand.” Hans said, smiling at Rose, not even trying to lift his gaze from her breasts.

Rose looked shocked and seemed to get angry when Hans went on to explain that my bookie, The Bookmaker, happened to be an old friend of his. “I think I have a way to get rid of this debt for you two.” Hans offered and shifted his eyes to me. “How?” Rose asked, her eyes angry as she glared at me. “Well,” Hans replied as he stood up and took Rose’s hand, “you are a very beautiful woman and I would be willing to take care of this mistake your husband has made… for a small price.”

“YES! Anything! Oh my god Hans, we would do anything!” Rose gushed, thinking Hans was offering a favor. Hans’s grin couldn’t have been bigger as he walked up to Rose, stood in front of her, his hands reaching out and holding Rose’s hips. His eyes looked down, staring directly into her tank top at her cleavage.

“Well, I’m certainly glad to hear you’ll do anything” he said, eyes still locked on her body which was just inches from his.

At this, Rose realized what Hans interpreted “anything” as, and began to pull back slightly. Hans jerked hard against her hips, I took a step towards him to end this insane pretence. Before I was even aware of what was happening, Hans grabbed me with one hand and threw me back, knocking me over and onto the floor. “Now listen,” he said in a much stronger tone as he spoke to Rose. “You and I both know that your stupid husband can’t pay off this debt. Do you know what they will do to him when he doesn’t, Rose?”

Rose stood with her hands at her sides, Hans’s arm now wrapped around her waist, holding her tight against him. Their faces only inches apart as she shook her head no.

“Well, I doubt they’d kill him for ten grand, but they’ll definitely beat the shit out of him and probably fuck him like the coward he is. Or worse, they might come after you and take turns fucking you and selling you as a whore.” She gasped, and I could tell she was scared, as was I. Hans continued, “I’m willing to take care of this little debt for you, if you’re willing to take care of me?.”

Rose was frozen as Hans let his hands slide up from her waist and groped her breasts. “Baby, p- please help me…” was all I managed to say before I was on the floor again, my head spinning after it hit the floor as Hans pushed me down.

You’re not really giving me a choice are you John?

“You’re not really giving me a choice, are you, John?” She said, startled as Hans’s lips began to kiss her neck. Her eyes closed as Hans began to slowly slide his tank top off, sliding it up over her tight stomach before removing it completely, exposing her perfect breasts. I couldn’t believe this was happening. This black man that I hated was having his way with my beautiful wife. “Damn little girl,” I heard him whisper as his hands slid up and admired her breasts, and his huge hands held hers.

Rose stood almost dazed before him as he took a moment to admire her naked body. She seemed lost at the moment – her anger at me and her fear of what might happen because of my debt pushing her to this. Her body was rigid, arms crossed covering her breasts.

“Mmmmm, you feel good as hell,” he moaned as his hands pulled her arms down. Rose looked away, her face a mixture of anger, fear and sadness. I could feel her fighting back tears as Hans groped her breasts. Her nipples twitched involuntarily at his touch, and she let out a light moan as he lowered his head to hungrily suck them into his mouth. Her head leaned back, mouth open slightly as her eyes closed, overwhelmed by the touch. Hans quickly got my wife’s shorts and panties down as he sucked and a bit at her breasts, leaving my wife completely naked.

“Are you ready to pay your husband’s debt, Rose?” he asked.

When she reluctantly nodded her head yes, he smiled, pushed her shoulders down and forced her to her knees. “Take off my pants,” he ordered, removing his shirt to reveal a surprisingly fit body for a man his age.

I had pulled myself up to the chair in the corner of the room and tried not to look, but I couldn’t help myself. I knew Rose was mad at me and I could also tell by her body language that she didn’t want this. I felt terrible knowing that it was all my fault. Her hands were undoing his jeans and she was slowly pulling them down his legs, I heard her gasp as she also pulled his boxers down it revealed what was the longest and biggest cock she had ever seen.

He was already rock hard, it had been over 25 centimeters long, and very thick. Almost as if she was in a trace or hypnotized, her hand reached up and slowly started stroking his monster cock, Hans looked down and bit his lower lip, all the while looking at her small pale hand that couldn’t even reach halfway around the thick dark cock, she slowly moved her hand back and exposed the big dark cock head, she let the other hand slide over the cock shaft with the obvious veins and sank a lump in her throat.

“Go on honey, I know you want to taste it” he whispered.

I watched as my wife obeyed by letting her lips slide around his cock head and slowly began to slide her mouth down over a small portion of the shaft. She used her hand to stroke him as she slowly began to take him a little deeper, I could see the thick cock stretching her mouth and lips out. Hans’s eyes were closed, his mouth was open and his head back as Rose began to run her mouth up and down his huge cock.

“MMMMmmmm honey, you sure know how to suck a cock” he moaned as his hands held her hair as she sucked him with slurping sounds.

I was amazed at how far she was able to take him. It seemed that she now had about half of his cock in her mouth as she let his cock slide faster and faster into her wet mouth. I’m honestly not sure how long she sucked him in, my best guess was maybe 5 minutes. Between the overwhelming situation and the pounding in my head, my thoughts were foggy. I heard Hans’s moans getting louder and faster, and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He pulled her head even deeper on his cock, forcing her to take almost all 10 inches into her mouth and down her throat. I heard the sounds of her throat as he began pumping his hips back and forth, letting his cock disappear deep down her throat.

“Mmmmmmm damn girl, you try if make my cock come” he moaned! Rose opened her blue brown eyes and looked up at him, her hands gripping his muscular ass. “OOO fuckkkkk!” he screamed, and his body started to shake, coming hard into my wife’s mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes, looked at her and realized she was swallowing his cum. It must have been a massive load, because much of it spilled out between her lips and dripped down onto her breasts despite her attempts to swallow it all.

“Damn, Rose, you know how to work a cock.” Hans said. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, but I was relieved that it was over. That is until I heard him say:

“That was probably worth about 4000. Are you ready to pay the rest of the debt?”

“Wait, what?” I exclaimed, not believing what I had just heard from his mouth. “Look, you got what you wanted, this was the deal” I said, knowing that I really had no say in the matter anyway.

“Oh, John, you didn’t really think a blow job would pay 10,000 in gambling debts, did you?” He grinned as he stood in my house, with my wife’s lips still around his cock with cum running out of the corner of his mouth.

“Fuck you, Hans!” I shouted.

I felt humiliated when I saw my wife on her knees in front of this man with his cock in her mouth, and knew it was all my fault.

“Screw off herf…” was all I managed to say before Hans was upon me, his fist slamming into the side of my face before I even knew what was happening. “Honey!” I heard Rose scream as I hit the floor again. Still dazed, I heard Hans tell her to stay where she was.

“YOU did this to yourself damn it. ” He walked back to Rose, who was still down on her knees, frozen with fear.

“Come here little girl,” he said softly to her, suddenly changing his tune completely as he picked her up off the floor. They faced each other and I saw his hands slide up her arms to take her breasts. I saw Rose tilt her head back, and heard a soft moan escape her lips as he used his thumb and forefinger to pinch her nipples. They became hard again almost immediately.

“Mmm, honey, you like feeling those big black hands on your body, don’t you? Yes, I can tell,” Hans whispered to her, loud enough for me to hear.

Hans let his hands slide down her stomach, to her hips. His hand slid ever lower, sliding over her pussy just as he lowered his mouth to her breasts again, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking. Using two fingers he rubbed her crack lips up and down as his mouth moved back and forth between her nipples, sucking, licking and biting softly. I watched as he sucked her nipple hard, causing her to moan, and heard her scream as he let 3 fingers slide inside her.

I had never seen my wife so turned on before, and I watched in disgust as he took his mouth off her breasts and kissed her deeply. I was shocked to see her enthusiastically return his kiss, her hips bucking against his hand. Hans’s cock was already half stiff again, so when Rose reached down and wrapped her hand around it while he played with her pussy, it only took a few strokes before he was fully erect and ready to fight again.

“Mmm, you ready to pay that money back for your loser husband over there, Rose?” He asked, jerking his thumb at me. Without saying a word, she sat down on the couch with her ass near the edge and spread her legs for him. I kept thinking that this must be the worst nightmare ever, and hopefully I would wake up soon. But deep down I knew this was very real, and it was all my fault. Hans positioned himself between her legs, his knees on the couch. He held his huge cock out to the half wet labia and rubbed Rose’s pussy and clit with the big cock head.

“Tell me what you want, little girl,” he whispered, staring down at her. Rose’s hands cupped her breasts and she rubbed her erect nipples as I heard her say something I never in a million years thought anyone but me would hear my sweet wife say

I want you inside me now!

At this Hans moaned and slid his hips forward and sank about a third of his cock into her. Rose moaned wide eyed in shock, feeling his black organ inside her.

“Damn baby, this pussy feels even better than I imagined,” Hans said. I watched him tilt his hips back and forth. He slowly forced his monster cock deeper and deeper into my wife, her moans getting louder with each thrust. This continued for about the next 5 minutes, until with one last thrust Hans buried himself deep inside her. They switched positions so that they were now lying on the couch, him on top of her, their breasts touching. One of his arms under her, the other holding her head as he sucked on her neck. He began to work his hips in slow circles, gradually picking up speed.

I could see that Rose was in a completely different world, her eyes were closed and her light moans filled the room. I watched quietly and realized that she was so lost in the pleasure of this huge black cock that she had either forgotten I was there, or just didn’t care. When Hans asked her how she felt, she moaned breathlessly, “This feels so amazing. I’ve never had anyone make me feel so good.”

Her pussy had expanded to accommodate his cock, and as he leaned back, he began to fuck her hard. Quick strokes, I could see and hear his thighs hitting her ass, Rose started moaning loudly now. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back, and the whole room smelled that sex, could recognize my wife’s pussy scent mixed with a stranger’s sweat, semen and testosterone.

“You love being fucked by a real cock, don’t you, baby?” Hans asked her, smiling as he fucked her pussy harder and deeper than anyone had ever done before.

She nodded her head as she moaned “You make me come”

I didn’t think it was possible, but he actually started fucking her harder and faster, and I watched as my wife had an orgasm 10 times stronger than any I had ever given her. Hans slowed his pace and let her pussy contract around his cock. Her legs were wrapped around his back and her hands were shaking.

“Oh my god, I’ve NEVER come like this in my life!” Rose moaned.

Hans laughed as he stood up and ordered my wife to turn around and stand on all fours with her ass exposed, so she was now ready to be taken hard from behind by Mr. Big.

“Do you hear that John?” he laughed as he positioned himself on the couch behind my wife, his cock still rock hard. “Think about that next time you’re inside her,” he smiled, pressing his cock head at the entrance to her pussy. “How does it feel to know that from now on, every time you fuck your wife, she’ll only be able to think about MY BIG DICK!?”

As he said the last three words, he thrust deep into her, counting each thrust, and buried himself deep in her pussy by the third thrust. Rose screamed as he filled her pussy with copious amounts of cum, Hans pumping his hips hard back and forth until the cum was squeezed out between her distended labia and his big thick cock glistening with a mixture of her juices and the copious amount of cum he had just delivered deep inside her.

“Oh fuck that’s good” I heard him say small breathy, “I’m not done with your wife yet”, his cock remained stiff, and he had a wild look in his eyes. Rose’s bottom is perfect, toned and tight and she knows how to work it. I’ve never been able to last long fucking her from behind doggystyle, nor was I hoping Hans wouldn’t last long in my wife’s pussy.

“This white pussy feels so good.” He moaned as he reached up and took a handful of Rose’s hair in his hands. Her head jerked back, and as I watched him pump into her from behind, the room filled with both of their moans.

Rose’s moans and screams got louder and louder, his cock finally sending her over the edge as she screamed loudly!!!

“Fuck, fuck, oh my god, I come her body shook in a huge orgasm that just went on and on.

Hans moaned, ” yeaaa come on daddy’s cock you little slut!” he looked over at me with a look of power and dominance. Hans grinned condescendingly at me while his hands were still on my wife’s hips, I could hear her voice, through her moans, telling whispered to him “That feels so amazing!” and “fuck that was the best sex ever! More, more!”

These words sent him over the edge and as his hips hit her body, he moaned “MMM baby, where do you want my last cum?” I will never forget the words my wife said next as she turned to look him in the eye and panted “I want your cum inside me.”

It was more than Hans could handle, and I saw his head snap back, his back arching as he began pumping his sperm into my wife. His body convulsed, loud moans escaping his mouth. He came in what must have been 30 seconds, and by my wife’s body I could see that he had made her come again, too. He collapsed on top of her, and they lay there for a few minutes before he got off her. I could see the cum draining out of her and onto the sofa. The amount that leaked out alone was more than 5 of my ejaculations combined.

Hans got dressed and smiled at me as he walked towards the door. “Oh, and don’t forget, I need that rent by Tuesday… I have a payment plan available if you’re interested,” he winked at my wife as he left.

I knew that my life, from that moment on, would never be the same again and that my wife would never be able to settle for me.