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After a night out in a café, another old friend comes in. Hey Tom how is it going the lady asks, Tina is a former neighbor a 50-year-old single lady. A beautiful lady with nice curves, she now lives in the center of Antwerp in a flat. She sat across from me and her full breasts were almost on the table until I asked her if that was an invitation to more. To which, she answered yes and held out her hand to me, asking if you will come with me.

After a short ride in my car, we drove into a parking lot, once in the elevator we started kissing each other. Until on the third floor the elevator stopped, her apartment was on the street side houses were lower. In the middle of the living room without curtains, we undressed each other, no fear you can only look outside. Anne sat on the table with her legs wide open, come and lick me, make me cum. She pulled my head down onto her pussy with two hands,

Her feet were on my shoulders. She shivered and screamed yes, yet I am about to ejaculate yes yet please make me cum, everything was shaking on her after a long-drawn-out scream. Her Tits were rock hard ready to suck, my cock was hard too and without saying a word I drove it all the way into her pussy. Then I stayed still for a while, but the cougar was so horny that she started moving. Then I took over the speed and went hard and rough, yes! Tina screamed, then fuck me. Her breasts rolled back and forth with her legs around me, yes yet fuck fuck fuck my pussy.

Just as long as I asked her, turn around and lie on your stomach, she does not expect what was going to happen. But I did take her now in her ass, Tina cried out in pain with my hands on her shoulders she could not move. But slowly the screaming went over, and Tina I can’t keep it up for a long time. And certainly not when she asked to pump her ass full, but then I sat down on the floor and asked her to come to sit on me. I sent my cock in her ass again, she lowered herself on me, my cock in her ass.

And her big breasts in my face, she could just finger her pussy with one hand. Until she asked me are we going to cum together, ok do but fuck us both.