An erotic story written by a Belgian woman, she likes to do submission. Photo for illustration those are the ladies of BDSM Submission

It is a sultry summer evening. The sun is shining wonderfully and there is a gentle breeze. You look at me and ask me to go upstairs, take a shower and change my clothes. I ask what I should wear, but you tell me that I can see that upstairs. Arriving in the bedroom, I don’t see that much lying around. A purple thong with a matching bra.

Ask downstairs if I don’t need to put on more, and you say NO, that’s all, but make sure you’re nice and smooth when you’ve showered. I wonder what is going to happen, but anyway, I go and take a shower and shave nice and smooth. I find it exciting and feel that I am getting horny because I know that something is going to happen. I put on my set and indicate that I am ready. You come upstairs with a package. I ask what’s in it, and you tell me the none you have to wear. I see in your eyes that you like it and feel that my thong is not dry anymore. Furthermore, I open the package and see that it contains a short and sexy dress with a matching collar.

What are we going to do? But still, you don’t say what’s going to happen. I put on the dress, and you take the collar and put it on me. Once I have it on you turn me around facing me and give me a hot French kiss. Without me seeing it coming, you stop the kiss and push me to my knees and put your hard cock deep into my mouth as far as it can go and start fucking my mouth. I feel how your cock slides down my throat and how it still grows bigger. As unexpectedly as it started, it also stops again, and you tell me to stand and put on my long coat.

I know I can ask what’s going to happen, but I won’t get an answer. So my coat I put on and follow you to the car. I get in the car and you come and sit next to me. You have a bag with you that you put on the back seat. I ask what’s in it but again I get the answer you’ll see. Okay, clearly I may not know anything in advance. So I will try not to ask any more questions. We drive for a while, I don’t know how long I didn’t really pay attention to the time, when we arrive at a parking place. There are not many cars. We are at the end and there is a car at the beginning. I look at you and see that you are working on your pants. You take out your dick only it’s not hard anymore.

You look at me and say Sucking slut that you are! Before I can react, you grab my head and push me towards your cock. Can still quickly undo my belt. I take your limp cock in my mouth and start sucking on it gently. You grab my head and keep it pressed down and you move your dick in my mouth back and forth. I can feel it getting bigger and bigger until it really doesn’t want to and it almost gets too deep in my throat. At that moment, you let go of my head and I can prevent it from going wrong. But I don’t get much rest because I have to keep going.

I feel how your hand goes inside my jacket and over my buttocks

I feel how your hand goes inside my jacket and over my buttocks. I turn around a bit so you can reach it well. I try to obey you and give you a deep and quiet blowjob. I am so absorbed in sucking you that I don’t realize what you are doing and before I know it you stick a finger in my asshole. I can’t say anything because with the other hand you press my mouth deep over your cock to stifle my moan. “You’re enjoying this huh dirty slut!” you tell me and I try to nod yes because I can’t talk with a cock in my mouth.

I feel how your balls are straining but before I can and may start tasting your delicious seed I have to stop and get dressed properly again. You too put that delicious cock away and start the car. Before we drive off you take a drink out of the bag and I can have a drink and we drive off. Where to? No idea we’ll see. I feel that my panties are very wet and I spread my legs. This causes my jacket to fall open and I see your eyes going my way. We are driving on a quiet road and your hand moves from the gearshift a little further and you feel how wet I am. Very wet. You tell me to open my jacket and my dress up.

So said done. “Play with your PUSSY, but you must NOT ejaculate remember” Pff that’s tricky but we will do our best. Carefully, I touch my deliciously smooth and wet pussy. I play with my piercing and moan more and more. I get a tap on my leg as a warning and I stop playing for a while. “I want to taste you,” you say. So I put two fingers in my pussy and almost cum, so they are extra wet and let you lick my fingers. “That’s right you have to stop now” .

I stop playing and close my eyes and still enjoy everything that has happened so far. Mm, wonderfully exciting, I must admit. When the car stops, I open my eyes and we are in a parking place. Only this one is a bit busier and I don’t have the idea that we are going to ‘play’ here anymore. We get out and you say we are going to eat something here. It’s a small restaurant, but are plenty of people. I feel like I have a color on my cheeks from being horny and everyone can see that.

I ask if I can freshen up in the toilet before we eat. You can, and you grab me and give me a kiss. While you kiss me you take off my collar and say not everyone has to see that you are my slave for today and you put it in your pocket. BUT say you know I still decide what you do. I look at him and nod softly. You find a table and I go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit. Back from the toilet I see you sitting there and I walk towards you and sit across from you.

You have already ordered and my drink is also ready. You are such a sweetheart. I look you in your eyes and tell you that I love you. You say you love me too and that is why you are doing this. I feel how I get a color on my cheeks again and see that you enjoy it. I have to take off my coat and hang it over the other chair. So now I only have my short dress on with my black boots. The dress is !

so short that it falls just over my buttocks when I stand. The food is being delivered and I feel the waiter’s eyes going all over my body and honestly, I only get hornier from that. You figure it out and tell me to go to the bar and ask for a napkin. The bar is on the other side of the store so have to walk past a lot of people. I take a deep breath and calmly stand up. Walk through the store as sexy as possible and pick up the napkin and walk back.

Or how nice that feels, those eyes from my heels to my buttocks and beyond. I sit down and give you what you asked for. You look at me and say only Nice huh. And without saying anything else, we start eating. We don’t talk, but only look at each other from time to time. After dinner, we walk back to the car. I am not allowed to put on my coat anymore and this way even more people can see a bit of my buttocks and especially when you teasingly caress my buttocks and push my dress up while we walk past people.

Still, I try again, and I ask where we are going now. But again no clear answer. I just sit quietly and will wait. After not too long you drive up a road towards a lake. This road is a dead end and there is not much else but a view over the water. You grab the bag from the back seat and take it with you. You put a rug in front of the car and tell me to come. You stand in front of the car me the rug in front of you and you have your pants at your ankles. You don’t have to tell me anything and I want to get on my knees but before I can you give me another kiss and put the collar back on.

Now I don’t want to hear you anymore you say and push me down. I get down on my knees and take your cock in my mouth and suck it so deliciously hard. Meanwhile, I play with your balls and feel how my pussy gets wetter and wetter. “Out of that dress” so well then you can’t say anything, and you just do it. You put my dress neatly on the hood. You fuck my mouth deep and nice and in the meantime you unhook my bra before I know it and it also lies next to my dress. Knead your breasts and pinch your nipples, slut you call. You have my head tight and I stretch at my nipples and feel your cock swell and you squirt your seed deep into my throat. Not a drop emerges.

Everything I swallow. You grab my head and pull me up and now put my buttocks against the hood. I look over the lake and see that there are quite a few boats and visitors who can see us. This scares me but this is also very exciting and very horny. While I am standing there in just my thong, you sit down in front of me and take that off as well. You can only come when I say so and not before, slut” I see that people are looking in our direction while you start to eat me. A boat stays in place and I see them watching us and from their reaction they enjoy what they see.

From what I see, I get so horny I almost cum. You notice and stop and tell me it’s not time yet. I tell you that people are watching us and you say yes and? And start kissing my breasts and biting my nipples. I scream softly and long for more. I close my eyes and don’t realize you are putting clamps on my nipples. I enjoy this so much that I let you do everything to me. You grab me by my throat and kiss me and tell me to make sure your cock is ready again because you want to take me hard and deep. Obediently, I sink down and sit on my crouch with my legs wide and the people on the water can see how wet and horny my pussy is. This only makes me even hornier and I feel my pussy juice sliding from my pussy to my ass. This makes me suck you deep and intense, and in no time I’ll be sucking you hard and ready for action.

TURN AROUND SLUT. I stand up and bend over the hood and feel you put your glans against m pussy and slowly slide it in. You grab me by my hips and ram your dick deep into my wet pussy a few times and I feel your balls slapping against my clit. Mm keep going I beg but no you don’t. You take your cock out of my pussy and grab my breasts by my nipples and play with my nipples which are clamped down making them even more sensitive. I scream softly and notice how you have put your cock against my starlet. You drop a thick blob of spit on it, pinching my nipples and sliding your cock into my asshole as deep as it can go. I scream in delight but you put a hand on my mouth to smother me and tell me to be gentle.

You fuck my ass deep, hard and delicious. Sometimes you take it out and ram it deep in again. You hold me in position by holding my nipples and ram your cock deep into my ass to the root. I feel how I am about to jump and I beg you if I can cum. NO. So I have to hold back but how hard and how horny I am. I want more, I want to scream out with pleasure but you won’t let me. You put an arm around my waist and where did you get it I don’t know, but suddenly my nice toy is in my pussy and it vibrates deliciously over my G-spot.

I beg you to come but no you can’t but you realize I can’t hold out much longer. You take the toy out of my pussy and put it against my clit and fuck me even harder. You too are about to squirt. You bend over and say in a whisper in my ear, Be ready SLUT and squirt your pussy juice all over me! You only have to say that once, and I feel my cunt squeezing together and can’t help but let out a scream of pleasure. OHW YES DELIVERY and I feel the moisture squirt down my legs. You are making me wet slut you say and I know you are under it too. While I keep coming like this I feel you going harder and deeper and I hear you grunting of pleasure.

You also find this such a horny feeling that you fill my ass with your horny seed. Deliciously satisfied, you let yourself fall over me and tell me that this is a super evening. I turn around and kiss you on the mouth and say yes, thank you. When we look at the boat that was left behind, we see them lying on the deck in each other’s arms. Mm, they have enjoyed it too. Together we drink some more on the carpet and enjoy this wonderful horny evening before we go home again. I will never get enough of this.