This experience stayed with me for a few years, and I even talked about it with my partners. It’s like the reverse version of a metro scene from a manga comic, this time with a dominant woman. A little introduction first: In my first year of college, I commuted by subway. I have to say that I was a late bloomer, a little skinny and shy.

And not used to getting attention from girls. I usually spent the 20-minute ride buried in a book and wearing noise-canceling headphones. Unaware of anything around me. I could never get a seat during rush hour. So my favorite place to stand was with my back to the recess of the closed door.

That connected one car to another. It was often crowded, and it was a comfortable place to stand. Without having to worry about constantly changing places as people got in and out. Well, one morning I found myself in this position. While a woman rubbed herself against me and almost made me come. The metro was particularly crowded that day. Where I come from, a crowded metro means that people are crowded together. And you can’t help but touch each other. Even when it’s crowded, you only have a few inches of space to yourself, and people naturally give each other little room. At least that’s what you’d expect. The first thing that caught my attention was the feeling of something firm but soft pressing against my crotch and then pulling away.

In a reflex, I assumed that the woman in front of me had stepped back to make room for another, and I returned to my book. Then it happened again, a little harder and longer, with a slight sideways motion. A wobble, let’s call it. I looked up and saw her for the first time. She had long, wispy black hair, a small waist, wide hips, and wore a sophisticated floral scent that had me completely in its grip at this point. She was about my height and dressed all in black, including a shiny black leather pencil skirt that was now in constant contact with my jeans. She pushed again, and I felt the soft friction of the material, and I felt her ass press against me and then slide up and down a little.

My thoughts were racing now. Mostly I was trying to figure out if she was serious about what was happening. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but no one had. I certainly didn’t want to make a scene, especially if this was all unintentional. I held my book to my chest in a state of fear. I was afraid that if she kept rubbing against my dick like that, it would get hard. And at that time, the mere thought of getting hard was enough to make it happen. And I had reason enough to get hard because she started to thrust again, following a gentle rhythm. And now I knew my cock was stirring. I was on fire, with shame, with the idea that this was all a misunderstanding, but also with the excitement of being so close to a woman and being used like this.

The time for saying anything was over. My cock was stiff now and she could probably feel the contours against her ass. This situation activated kinks I didn’t even know I had. I was so excited that I anticipated the next thrust and moved forward a little to meet it. This action, like her gentle hip thrust, would have been difficult for anyone else on the metro to notice. In my anxious state, I did it, I think, to resist and regain a little dignity. As I pulled back, I felt her weight on my chest and she leaned against me. Her left hand went around the back of my left thigh and slid up to my ass. She braced herself against me in a slight rocking motion.

To other commuters, we might have looked like a couple hugging. A little unusual, but nothing that would draw too much attention. I had never felt anything like this before. The closeness, the intimacy with a complete stranger was too much. Her smooth, leather-clad ass kept pressing against my cock. Everything was so intense that I felt like I could orgasm. One more minute of this treatment and I would have definitely done it. But the metro reached the end of the line, everyone got off, and we went our separate ways in the crowd. Me, with a huge boner that I tried to hide as I walked. I didn’t even see her face.

Now, I know this wasn’t really a voluntary situation. I have mixed feelings about what happened and would never try to provoke something like that again, but the truth is I look back on it with a thrill. I don’t know if that’s a healthy reaction or if a lot of people have had similar experiences. But at a time when I thought I knew what women were like, it was definitely an eye-opener. Sometimes I wonder who she was, what her story was, and if this kind of behavior ever got her into trouble. As for me, I recreated that situation in the bedroom with a partner.

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