It is Sunday, and I am sitting in front of my monitor, surfing around the net. I click from porn site to porn site, just for a little entertainment on a boring Sunday afternoon, naked girls on the screen, willingly helping me cum. I have finished my homework, so whining from my mother I don’t have to fear anymore. I hear mother walk to the door and open it.

Then mother calls upstairs, “Tommie, can you come downstairs for a moment? Quickly, there is a hurry!” Shit, I think, just nice and busy and then this again…. I stuff my erection back where it belongs and quickly walk downstairs. Our neighbour Jennifer is chatting with her mother in the hall. Jennifer is a beautiful woman who plays a prominent role in my fantasies: tall, about 1.85, nice figure, wide hips, narrow waist, nice breasts… a small D I would say. Often a nice view…. Now she is wearing short jeans and a top with a bare belly. Mm mm, those tits.

Sink clog in the kitchen and hot Jennifer.

She’s in her early 30s, so much older…. But still. The stuff war dreams are made of. “Hi, Jennifer.” “Hi, Tom.” My mum: “Jennifer has a fat problem and I think you can help her. She has a sink blockage in the kitchen and she can’t get rid of the water. Can you check and see if there is anything you can do?” “Ok, quick then… anything that doesn’t come out, you won’t have to mop up later”.

Jennifer and I go to her house and quickly enter the kitchen. The sink is full of dirty water and has stopped draining. Definitely vegetable waste going down the drain again. “Do you have a plunger?” A confused look. “Plunger?” “One of those rubber suckers on a handle…” “Oh, I call that a plunger haha…. Yes, I have, and I have tried. But it doesn’t work.” “Hmm, then I’ll just have to unscrew the drain. Have you got some buckets to catch the water when it starts running?” “I’ll get them.” I watch her as she walks out of the kitchen, hips swaying …. Mmm, those hips ….fantasies…. I lie down on my back, my head in the sink unit, trying to open the drain. Simple. Just unscrew a couple of washers.

Jennifer comes back into the kitchen and I can only see her long legs. “Have you got a bucket?” She hands me a bucket, which I place under the drain. I carefully unscrew the ring and slowly the water starts to flow. “When I tell you, push the drain plug back in, OK?” “Yeah, ok, I got it… just say…” She is standing between my legs and I can see, without her seeing, all the way down her legs, along her flat stomach, under her top I can then see the curve of her breasts…. I can’t stand it, I can feel my cock rising. Shit. “Ok, put it in.” She smiles and pushes the plug into the drain. She kneels between my legs, loses her balance and falls back onto my stomach. I can’t help but moan. “Oh, sorry… I lost…” “Never mind… would you take this?” I hand her the full bucket. She stretches her legs and stands up. These legs….

“Give me the other one, there will be more”. She sinks through her knees again…. She gives me the bucket and I pour out the last of it. I hand her the bucket and show her the dirty siphon: “Look, vegetable waste”. “I’ll just clean it,” she says. When it’s clean, I get back on my back. “Look, you can do it yourself, it’s easy, just unscrew this.” Jennifer squats down between my legs. I can see over her trouser legs. No knickers! She puts her hands on my thighs and leans forward. Her breasts come out well… I want to touch them. “Oh yes, I see…but. Hi, hi, it’s kind of handy when I have you for that,” she grins. “I’d love to do it for you too. No problem at all,’ I say sweetly.

I come up. And bang my head hard against the edge. “Damn… “Ow, that hurts!” she says. I sink back, and my shin comes up. Between her legs, against her crotch. She’s not avoiding me. Is she pushing herself against my leg? I come out from under the counter and sit down. Jennifer sits opposite me. “Are you all right?” she says, stroking my forehead gently. “Yeah… I’m fine,” I grin sheepishly. I can’t take my eyes off her cleavage. And she sees it.

She takes a quick look at what I’m looking at, hard nipples. “And?” she says questioningly. “Ummmmmm,” I put on my naughty shoes: “Nice,” I say stupidly. We stand up. “I’m just going to clean up a bit,” Jennifer says. She pours some water into the tub and turns around to rinse a bit. That waist… those hips… Jennifer turns her head and looks at me amused.

I stop thinking and put my hands on her hips. She responds by pressing her bottom against me. She says, “Tom, what are you doing?” Words and movements don’t match. I press myself against her and say, “I want to hold you, Jennifer….. I think you’re great.” “MMM, thank you” My hands want more and go up, around her, under her top, cupping her breasts. “Tom, what are you doing? Don’t!” And she presses her bottom against my crotch…. So do it… “Jennifer?”

She looks at me questioningly. “I want more… everything….” “But Tom, I’m your neighbour,” she says, laughing. In other words, “Get me”. My hands go to the waistband of her panties and undo the button, then the zip. My hasty fingers did not find any pubic hair! A bare pussy! With my hands in her panties, I pull them off her exciting hips. She falls to the floor. I undo my own trousers and they fall to the floor.

My cock is hard and ready. I press myself between her buttocks…. My balls feel good against her warm body. I hear Jennifer’s breathing getting deeper and faster. I pull her top up over her head. She puts both her hands on the edge of the counter and lifts her bum up to me and asks….to…. “Tom, what are you doing to me? Mmmmm. It’s not allowed…but….” “Yaa, but it’s so nice …. You feel so good … I want to ….” “Yes, do it, Tom…. Take me then. If you feel like it….. “I kiss her neck … it makes her horny.

“Can I fuck you, Jennifer? I want my cock inside you…” “Jennifer now presses her buttocks firmly against me…. Her buttocks are massaging my pole and my balls. I take my cock and put it between her thighs. Because it’s hard, it presses up against her pussy. I make fuck movements along her clitoris. She is wet …. Wet enough. To fuck. “Jennifer, you’re ready, aren’t you? You’re nice and wet. I can put my pole in you. Do you want me to? “Yes Tommie, yes, go ahead, just ram that nice stiff pole between my pussy lips… …. Fuck me nice and hard.”

I take my cock in my right hand and guide my glans between her pussy lips, feeling where it should be and then with a growl I push my pole deep into her. Jennifer screams with pleasure. My balls rattle against her pussy. I can feel her nipples are rock hard. I squeeze them and her breathing stops. Then I start pumping rhythmically. My hands are everywhere: on her neck, on her delicious tits, gripping her waist to push me off when I thrust, on her very round hips to send her pussy onto my cock.

Jennifer is enjoying this, she makes it very clear with her horny moans and the way she pushes her pussy back onto my pole. Suddenly she lets out a scream: “Oooo nice young, I’m coming! I come! Yes, thrust, thrust!” My cock thrusts deep into her and I feel her pussy spasm around my cock. “Nice, eh, Jennifer? Cumming on a cock?” “Tom, yes, more, go on!” My bare glans is deliciously massaged by my horny fuck buddy’s pussy…. The pleasure rises in me. I thrust in and out for maximum pleasure. Once again, I thrust deep into her and she encourages me…. God, what a godsend this is. One minute I’m having a boring Sunday afternoon, and the next I’m screwing a woman’s body as hot as blood. “Jennifer, you’re so delicious…. What a nice body you have … I’d like to take you every day…. wooooow what nice breasts you have…. “

I enjoy her body, her breasts, and her hips. And especially her horny wet pussy. “Jennifer, I’m going to come…. Where do you want my cum? Tell me …. “Oooo Tommie, yes, squirt it…. Where do you like it best…. Inside me, on my back, between my breasts, in my mouth, it’s all good” “Then I’ll squirt in your pussy today….”. This is how I pave the way for subsequent sex. I really want to screw her every day…. “Just squirt, darling, just squirt!” A few more deep thrusts and I come. One, two, three thick jets of cum race through my cock and find their target deep inside my fuck buddy’s horny fucking hole. I growl deep with pleasure as I unload into her.

My cock throbs and Jennifer’s hips spin deliciously against me. Then I drop forward onto Jennifer’s back, who is bent over the kitchen counter, panting, satisfied for now. I continue to thrust my pole into her pussy for a while. I don’t want to get out… Jennifer feels divine. Then she turns around. My cock flies out of her. She presses her breasts against me, encircles my cock, and squeezes it again as she kisses me hard on the mouth. Her tongue fights with mine… It’s like fucking, these two tongues.

Then she sinks through her knees and looks eagerly at my red, swollen glans. She looks up and with a grin takes my glans into her wet mouth. She licks and sucks my pole clean. My cock jerks in her throat. Rock hard I am again…. Then she lets me go as I am completely satisfied. We pick up our clothes and put them back on. “Thank you, Tom… very, very nice” “Thank you, Jennifer, you are very, very nice,” I grin. “And you’re very, very handy,” Jennifer says with an oblique glance at the sink. I laugh, “Yes, in that respect too…” We both burst out laughing. We say goodbye with a wild, horny kiss and I go home. When I enter the room, Mum looks at me in a very special way. “Um, Tom, your fly is undone…” As if it were the most natural thing in the world, I zip it up.