He is getting new neighbors and the two girls are so delicious! Luckily, he can fuck them secretly when the mother is away. Photo from two webcam sisters, 19 years old.

It started this spring, I got a new neighbor Agatha was her name, but she also had two daughters named Lisa of 20 and Lieke of 18. Lisa had a good figure with a nice ass and nice big full breasts at first sight! Lieke also had a good figure and slightly smaller breasts and a nice ass at first sight! Mother Agatha was also beautiful, with her big breasts and full ass.

After a week, Agatha invited me to her place for a drink and a bite, which I accepted. Dressed up and with a present, I went to their place and rang the bell. Agatha opened the door and gave me three kisses on the cheek and welcomed me, I gave her the present and she opened it, she looked at me and said: “How did you know I like that”, I looked at her and said that I did not know.

We went into the room and saw the two beautiful young women sitting there. “These are my daughters Lisa and Lieke” said Agatha. “Pleased to meet two such beautiful ladies” I said and gave them a kiss. As the evening progressed, we started talking, and I noticed that all three ladies liked me! Lieke had a video project for school that appealed to me, and I agreed to help her where necessary, her mother agreed, and it was all arranged! That’s when the ball started rolling and what I’m about to tell you now!

Excitement and sex was her answer.

I was going to help Lieke with her project, and I thought an outdoor recording would be nice, but she insisted on an indoor recording, which I agreed to. I arranged for ten spy cameras and installed them in the living room, and only gave the password to Lieke. Two days later Lieke rang the doorbell and said it was dull, I asked her what she wanted and her answer was quick, “Excitement and sex”. I told her not to count on that!

She went home angry and came across Lisa, who asked her what was wrong, and Lieke told her the story! Lisa had an idea because this weekend her mother would go away! So Lisa went to her mother and said, “Mom, would you leave us alone this weekend?” “Don’t worry, I’ll ask the neighbor to watch you.” So we did, Agatha asked me to watch over them and I agreed. It was the weekend, and their mother left for her trip with her friends. I got a key, so I could come in whenever I wanted.

What I didn’t know was that Lisa and Lieke had a conspiracy! At the end of the day I came in to see if everything was alright, I walked through the corridor and opened the door of the room. Lisa was surprised and tried to cover herself. “What are you doing, are you naked?” “Um yes neighbor, but what are you doing here?” “I’m here because your mother asked me to be, but which man were you fantasizing about?” “Well um actually… About your neighbor!” “Then why about me, Lisa?” “Well because I think you have a nice cock, and can I see it? ” As she stands up and walks towards me naked, I feel my cock growing in my trousers. “Don’t you like me? Of course, I like you, but why do you think I have a nice cock? ” She stands in front of me and puts her hand on my trousers, where my hard-on is. “You’re horny neighbor, and I know you want me, don’t you? “She starts kissing me, and takes me to the sofa.

Have you ever sucked a dick?

When we got to the couch we lay down and continued kissing, slowly she unbuttoned my trousers, and noticed that I had no underwear on! It had already gone so far that I also took off my clothes, and we were naked together! While I took off my trousers, Lisa looked surprised at my cock, and I asked, “Have you ever seen a cock? “Yes, I have, but I’ve never seen one this nice, sweetheart.” “Have you ever sucked a dick, Lisa?” “Yes I have, but now I want to experience what it’s like to have a dick in my pussy, will you fuck me?” “You’re my neighbor girl, so you can’t do that, Lisa!” “Why not? It’s not a question of you being a virgin, I’m your neighbor!”

Lisa gets down on her knees and takes my dick in her mouth, after a few minutes I can’t take it anymore, and I lift her up and lay her down on the couch, and I start licking her, she moans, and I put a finger in her pussy, and then two, I finger her until she comes spitting. After a few minutes she comes to and immediately throws me on my dick, and sucks it stiff, and asks me if I want to deflower her, to which I answer, “I’d love to darling!”, whereupon she lies down wide-legged and I penetrate her carefully, until I feel the membrane, after going back and forth a few times in the beginning of her pussy I thrust through at once, after a slight shock I kissed Lisa and started to move slowly.

Slowly she started to enjoy it, and soon she came. We continued in doggy making us both cum, resulting in a swearing party that she didn’t take the pill.I suggested to her to take a morning-after pill, and she agreed! We got a morning-after pill, and it was good again. Meanwhile, Lieke was following everything and playing games with herself, until we came and she came too. The part she missed was the pill part, and because of that she would also get into trouble!