She felt broken, her pussy felt raw. She was sprawled out on the bed, naked, showing off her body. Her breasts had sagged slightly to either side of her body, lacking the support of her bra. It had been a long road to this point, and as an older woman of over 50, she would have doubted she would ever find herself in this situation, especially with someone she barely knew. A young man who had chosen her.

The dark skin of his shaved head was a stark contrast to her pale thighs. His young mouth worked wonders on her femininity. His tongue had opened her labia and found its way between the wet folds, his lips searched her clit, “Fucking hell! Bingo!” She moaned as his lips encircled her clit and sucked gently. Her pubic mound was freshly shaved, not that it was visible, Aaron’s head covered her womanhood and she enjoyed herself loudly… She didn’t care if she was really bald. Even the last remaining hairs had been carefully plucked from her head with tweezers.

Bruno was a master at foreplay. His mouth, his tongue, his big but soft hands, her clit, his saliva, her pussy fluids, all combined to make it a very erotic experience.

How did she get here?

It had taken her a long time to give in to this experience. How did she get here? She had only had a few lovers in her life, the last one more than 15 years ago. Maybe even a few years more. During her marriage, she had been faithful, something she doubted with her recently deceased husband.

She remembered the excitement of being newly-weds, all that sex! The nights out, the pleasure-filled mornings, all that energetic fucking, but since then always with the same man and no regrets, certainly no regrets. As for oral sex, that had come much later. She was brought up properly, and sex was something you only had with the appropriate parts between your legs. And involving the mouth was… not good! When her husband suggested it, she was surprised. Why would her husband want to do that? Remember, there was no porn then, no internet.

When she gave in to experimenting with it and got over the surprise, she had enjoyed the new sensations it could bring. There were things a man could do with his tongue that he couldn’t possibly do with his cock! The memories came back as her first orgasm engulfed her. Normally one orgasm was enough, especially now, but tonight was going to be special, very special.

Of course she had flirted with other men at parties, even made out with a few, which she found exciting, but tonight was the first time she had let another man fuck her.

Bruno was that man, tall, very tall. Handsome, for sure. And dark, very dark, well that was no surprise as his family were from Gambia. They both enjoyed the atmosphere of these somewhat avant-garde parties. The free-flowing alcohol, the sensual music and the furtive kissing of someone else in a dimly lit corner. For the first time since her husband’s death two years earlier, she allowed another man to feel her breasts. This experience brought back memories of the years before her marriage, when she had boyfriends and they kissed after a dance class and explored each other in secret. Hands on her breasts, sometimes without the barrier of a dress or even a bra. Her hand kneading a tail through the fabric of her trousers. The exciting time of a teenager in research mode….

There were many things that had attracted her to Bruno: his looks, his slight French accent, his imposing stature. He was an engaging conversationalist with many interests, but he seemed genuinely interested in her. Why would a man like that find her interesting? She did not care. He was young, probably only in his thirties, stunningly handsome and interested in her, in her as a person and even in her body, a body that had seen life and now had more than four decades of history, or is it experience? He knew her husband as a business partner, but had only met her once. She had often thought of that encounter when she was alone – alone with her body and her dildo.

She felt flattered by his attention. He kissed her softly on the lips. He smelled delicious. She tried not to show surprise when the electric shock went through her from lips to toes. Such a gentle kiss, but full of so much promise. As the evening wore on, they became more adventurous, they kissed. One of those delicious, longing embraces she remembered from her childhood, and she melted. It was like reliving her teenage years. One of his hands slid down her back, gently caressing her bottom, while the palm of the other slid across her chest, feeling the fullness through the light fabric of her dress. She had been to parties like this before, where men had caressed her gently. She knew she wasn’t supposed to enjoy it, but it was just so much fun. This had changed after two years of mourning following the loss of her husband.

Etiquette dictated that she should remove the offending hand, but it was just too exciting, so she let it go on. After all, it’s only a breast, she thought. The kissing and fondling continued. Somehow one of her hands slipped between their bodies and found the front of his trousers. His sex was swelling. She was flattered by his physical response. She became wet, knowing that this younger man found her sexually arousing. She had not been in this situation for years. Her libido shot up at the knowledge that she was physically desired.

As the evening wore on, and she sought a secluded spot, he became more adventurous. His warm hand slipped into her bra and his finger played with a nipple. It became instantly hard. Oh, this was beyond delicious. If only she could take this man home for one of those exhilarating fuckings of her youth! Just pure, brash, uninhibited sex. She stroked the front of his trousers, enjoying his hardness. As they stroked each other, she could feel herself getting wetter. God, she missed erections. Her husband had remained sexually active to the end, but this… She hadn’t experienced it for too long.

Bruno carefully manoeuvred her into a corner, still standing, and let his hand slide down her thigh. It was warm and firm. She shivered. This was new. An embrace, yes. A searching hand on its way to her womanhood… A hand in her bra playing with a nipple was familiar territory, but this? This was new. His hand moved up her leg. This was exciting and too long ago! This was not what was expected around them. Normally a kiss was barely acceptable, but a hand on a breast or more like this was not. She enjoyed it!
This was innocent enough and yet naughty enough to be exciting, but this was new and very exciting. She forced him to continue, so she kissed him even more enthusiastically.

His hand reached her bare skin just above her stockings. She held her breath. Somewhere in her head a little voice said – this can’t be, this can happen! She loved having her breasts caressed, but this hand at her crotch was a little frightening, frightening but very, very exciting. Oh, please don’t stop, she thought softly.

His hand moved up her bare leg, a little higher each time, until it reached her panties. He waited a moment, apparently waiting for a reaction. She moved her pelvis so that his hand slid over her panties to her stomach. Then his hand explored further. The elasticated edge of her panties was reached, just below her navel. The panties covered her pubic mound, a sort of last line of defence for her morals. Her heart rate shot up. Would she let him in? How far would she let him go? Just caress, or would he be allowed to enter her, here? These thoughts raced through her mind.

On the one hand she wanted him to continue, it was like being a teenager again. On the other hand, she respected the organiser of the party, who surely did not approve of someone taking all the breaks in his garden, during his party… ….

His hand did not stop there. Skilfully, he moved his hand along the elastic in her panties. In her mind she saw the dark hand run over her creamy white skin. Would he make her… His hand slid over her tightly shaved mound. His fingers explored her outer folds. She moaned oh so softly… Oh my God, she thought.

No one but her husband had touched her there for years. There was nothing left between her wet pussy and his hand. Oh fuck, this was beyond horny. Then a gently exploring finger found its way into her wetness. His tongue penetrated deeper into her mouth as the tip of his wet finger circled her clit. The tension. The build-up. His caresses, the lack of any other hand but a familiar one… It soon became too much. Their mouths still glued together, their tongues in a mating dance… She gasped, shivered and came. Damn, that was good. Could I really have come so easily? Her whole body tingled.

Can I take you out for a night?

A night just the two of us in a hotel near here?” She suggested. “I think we both want the same thing.”

She wanted, she wanted so badly. If he could make her come with one finger, what could he do when they were both naked, sprawled out on a bed, intent on pleasing each other? He withdrew his hand, the hand that had so recently explored the most intimate part of her. Was that exploring finger still glistening with her juices? Would she… She wanted to, she wanted to so badly. Did she dare? If she did, there was only one possible outcome. Her hand moved to his and she licked his wet fingers. Now he shivered and pressed his pelvis against her hip.

He led her outside, two left turns and they were at the hotel. She asked for a suite with breakfast. Within minutes it was arranged and the lift whisked them up. Like a young couple kissing in a lift, their hands were everywhere. Her hand traced the lines of his hard sex. The tension continued to build.

Did the receptionist wonder why she was going upstairs with a much younger man? Could they see that she was on her way to fuck and be fucked? To have sex with the first man other than her husband in years? Or did they not care? She did not care what the receptionist thought.

With great strides she ran into the room. A huge canopy bed greeted the lovers. She pushed him onto the bed and immediately began to remove his shoes and socks. In the mirror beside the bed she could follow her movements. The tall dark man and a firm white woman. Her legs spread wide, she unbuttoned Bruno’s shirt one button at a time, revealing a little more of his torso each time. Her jet-black torso and his handsome six-pack stomach were revealed.

She moved away and with trembling fingers unfastened the belt, button and zip of his trousers. He lifted his hips and she deftly pulled his trousers down. Bruno dropped to his knees and unzipped her dress between her shoulder blades, pulling the panels down. He kissed her as his fingers unhooked the clasp of her bra. She rocked her hips and her dress slid down. “Let me see you…” his voice sounded hoarse as he stepped off the bed. She rolled onto her back and slid her panties down. He looked at her hard and did the same.

For a moment she stiffened. His cock was big, bigger than she had ever seen it before, and stood free of his body, slightly curved to the left. Would she spread her legs and let him in for a delicious, violent sex act or not? She put her hands on his ass and pulled him closer. She smelled the musk from his crotch as her hand cupped his sex. She pushed his foreskin down and took his glans in her mouth. Her mouth was practically full of the head of his cock. She let her hand run back and forth over the butchery of his cock.

All cautious thoughts melted from her mind. She couldn’t even admit it to herself, but deep down, she knew she was definitely going to fuck Bruno. Just not yet. She wanted to taste him first. To slobber his cum in her mouth. Then there would be peace and time for the deed, the glorious act of procreation, the human mating ritual. The sexual pleasure, the lust of two mating humans. His, black cock in her white cunt, writhing together, producing the orgasm that would normally ensure the survival of the species.

She pulled and sucked, he moaned, his hands clasped in her blonde hair with a grey lock here and there. It didn’t take long for Bruno to come. His glans in her mouth, she swallowed, she prostrated herself, spurts of seed from her mouth back onto his dark gleaming body. He lay down and took her in his big arms. After a brief pause, he slid down and let his mouth run from nipple to nipple. His lips were darker than her nipples. He bit gently into the rapidly hardening buds. She growled with pleasure. Then she pushed him further down. “Lick me… Make me come again.” His lips moved over her labia, his tongue searching her clit. His hands moved down her flanks to her breasts, toying with her nipples. She shivered at his attention. Her legs moved further apart involuntarily, her hands resting on his shaved head. His tongue slid into her exposed crotch, licking slowly from bottom to top, pausing on her clit. Sparks flew from her nipples to her sex and back as her knees began to buckle. She looked up at him as he straightened. “I want you.” He just said.

It dawned on her, he wanted to fuck her, fuck her! Luckily she was on the pill and procreation was not an issue for her. The childhood years were long gone, but not her instinct to mate. It never went away. He pushed her legs further apart and she took his cock in her hand. So thick! So hard and so… hot. She let his glans move back and forth between her soaking wet labia. She shivered. Bruno watched in fascination as her white hand held his cock. It was her turn to take the initiative. They both knew why they were here. The time for shyness and seduction was over. The seduction had worked and now she felt she could let go. No more prudish miss. No more shy girl. She was a grown woman, ready to give her body to this tall, dark man.

He was about to penetrate her, thrusting his massive erection deep into her cunt. She hoped so as she watched the man between her legs. It would be her first real cock in three years. She pushed his arms hands to her legs, her knees resting in the curve of his elbows, and slowly moved his face to her hips. Fully exposed, with her womanhood spread wide, Bruno rested his glans against the entrance to her sheath. “Go on then… give it to me. Pierce me!” she moaned. Gently, his hips pushed forward. For a moment there was resistance. His cock was bigger and thicker than her dildo or her husband’s. She moaned. She encouraged him. “Go on then… give!” She put her hands on his bottom and gently pressed her nails into his ass.

He obeyed and pressed harder. Her grip loosened when his sex was halfway inside her. He pulled back slightly and then pushed his whole sex into her. “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes! Oh fuck, that feels great.” Bruno kissed her tenderly on the lips as he slid his cock back and forth, “Yes Bruno, yes……please… Please fuck me…….” His hands moved to her flanks. Now with more pressure and speed, he rammed his sex into the white woman. Each thrust sent her breasts flying in all directions. She had turned her head to the side, looking at the fucking couple in the mirror beside the bed.

“I want to feel like a woman again.” Freed from feeling like a widow, she begged him to fuck her, this dark stranger kneeling between her plump thighs.

Bruno lowered himself inside her, slowly, carefully, millimetre by millimetre. When he was about halfway in, she let out a sigh. “Oh fuck, that’s so good.” She felt her muscles tense around his stiffness. He put most of his weight on his elbows as he continued to thrust. Fascinated, she looked between her breasts at the black cock that continued to penetrate her pussy. She was fascinated by the contrast of her white flesh engulfing his entire ebony length. He began to thrust harder. Each stroke seemed impossibly long, the tip of his cock lingering just inside her outer lips before he stroked the full length of her sex until it met the resistance of her cervix and his balls slapped against her starlet.

Long, slow strokes that brought back old feelings, the unusual sensation of being fucked by a real, hard cock and the new experience of a glans reaching her womb quickly brought her to the brink of orgasm.

After a short time, and without warning, she stiffened, twitched, moaned and contracted her vulva. Her body shook uncontrollably. Her hands grabbed a handful of bedding at a time and she shook her head violently from side to side. Bruno was not impervious to the signs of her orgasm, so he stroked gently in and out as she recovered. “Kiss me.” She hissed. “Squeeze my breasts while you fuck me.” Bruno quickened his thrusts. “I’m close. Look at me as you cum me full…” Was all she said.

She reached between them and gently touched his balls. She felt his cock swell deep inside her, felt his contractions begin as she stroked him, and then the unmistakable sensation as waves of ecstasy flowed along his cock, delivering his seed forcefully into her cunt. “Oh my God! Fuck me … harder.”
She felt another orgasm coming on as she ran her hands down her lover’s back and gently stroked his bottom before grabbing his balls and forcing him deeper into her. She wrapped her thighs around his back and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction as she came.

They stood still for a while as Bruno withdrew his slowly softening cock. The thick strands of his white cum, mixed with the fluid of her ecstasy, still clinging to his glans, testified to their mutual pleasure. After a kiss, he rolled between her legs and embraced her. They fell asleep together.