I am startled when my stepmother comes into my bedroom. She is completely naked, in the past this did not surprise me, but now I am 19 years old and what I see now turns me on enormously. And she is not my own mother, I can’t take my eyes off her.

Her slim figure, nice little round breasts, shaved pussy and delicious round butt. I stand in my underwear, holding the pants I was just about to put on, and watch as she puts my clothes in the closet. She had just showered and her hair was still a little wet. She turns around and looks at my crotch, where my dick is now stiff, “What’s up, boy, are you happy to see your mother?” she says teasingly. She makes me feel hot. What the hell am I supposed to do? My mother takes control. Literally. She walks over to me, grabs my boxers, pulls them down with a firm tug and looks at my hard cock.

“Well, it’s much bigger than your father’s,” she says. I blush even more, but this time from excitement, as she takes my cock in her hand and begins to slowly pull it out! I immediately begin to breathe more heavily. The fast pulling makes her breasts move back and forth. I look at them and want to touch them, but she taps my fingers. “No, I’m in charge here,” she says. “If you don’t do anything, I’ll give you a delicious treat.” Then she pushes me backwards on the bed and dives between my legs. I can hardly believe it. Is this a dream? By the feel of it, definitely not! She crawls up a bit and takes my now pre-cum wet cock between her breasts and rubs my glans with her hard nipples and smears my pre-cum all over her tiny tits.

I start making fucking movements to keep her still. Her tits glisten with my cum and she makes a particularly horny face. I couldn’t believe that my own mother wanted to have sex with me. When I looked at her, I saw her beautiful face with a horny grimace. I also had to get used to it for a while, but the feeling was so delicious that I soon forgot that she was my mother. Then she took my cock in her mouth for a while, then she came up and climbed on my hard-on. “I want to feel you deep inside me,” she says in a husky, soft voice. She slowly lowers her wet pussy over my cock. I fill her completely as she begins to moan loudly, playing with her tits and nipples. She rides my thick cock hard up and down and finally gets off, getting down on her knees. I need no encouragement and get behind her beautiful round buttocks, pull them apart and push my thick cock deep between her swollen wet lips. I thrust deep into her deliciously tight and wet pussy and now fuck her as hard as I can.

“Hit…me……….on…my…bottom…sweetheart,” she moans between my thrusts. I hit her hard and see the soft flesh twitch and turn slightly red. I can’t do it anymore, I have to fucking come! I feel my mother come again as I squirt my load of semen deep inside her and stay deep inside her. Satisfied, we both gasp as she suddenly says, “Good boy, that’s what Mama needed. Now I better get back in the shower. If you want, you can come with me. Together, we walk naked to the shower. On the landing I grab her, turn her around and press my mouth against hers. Slowly, she opened her mouth and our tongues found each other. We stayed like that for a moment, then we went into the shower and got under it. I lathered her up, not missing a spot. I paid special attention to her full pussy and finally to her delicious ass. She did the same with me. She washed my cock extra long and with two hands so it was tight against my belly again.

We rinsed off. She stood in front of me drying herself and bent down to dry her legs. I was damn horny and slid my hard cock between her buttocks, she stood up and clamped my cock between her buttocks and massaged it with her buttocks. I couldn’t suppress a moan of pleasure, put my arm around her and rubbed her clit. She now pressed her ass hard against me, so I could reach it better. She looked at me hornily over her shoulder and said, “Come, we go to my room ….”. She gave me a quick kiss on the mouth as she turned around, grabbed my hand and almost dragged me into her room.

She lies down on her back on the bed and pulls me with her, I fall down next to her. My hand runs over her body, kneading her breasts and slowly sliding down her stomach to her wet crotch. Her breathing becomes heavy and she spreads her legs further apart as my mouth follows the same path as my hand. I suck on her hard, sensitive nipples one by one. She moans loudly as she lies there enjoying herself with her eyes closed. I can already smell her sweet scent as I fondle her belly button. Her juices flow over my fingers. I suck her clit into my mouth and run my tongue roughly over it. She gasps that she will come. I lick the abundant nectar from her spasming hole. Now I take control and tell her to get back on her knees.

I get behind her again and place my glans between her wet lips. Suddenly I push my rock hard cock, full length, deep inside her. She squeals but I don’t give her time to get used to it and start fucking her at a fast pace. As I put my thumb on her starlet and push through, I hear her murmur, “ya aah….you…know…what…mommy…needs…Oooh…delicious”. For a moment more I fuck her pussy hard, then I abruptly pull out, flush with my thumb. I place my wet, glistening head against her still slightly open starlet and push right through. She lowers her arms and looks over her shoulder as I continue to thrust into her bowels. She strokes her clit with one hand as she whispers hoarsely, “Go ahead…fuck mommy’s ass deliciously hard…” I start thrusting again, pulling her hips hard towards me each time I thrust into her asshole. My balls are hitting hard against her soaking wet pussy with every thrust as I hear her moaning “Yes…zoo…yes…nice…fuck…my…slut ass…”.

After some time I feel my orgasm approaching, now I ram my cock uncontrollably and rock hard into her asshole and release my second load deep into her bowels with a loud growl. Exhausted, we fall forward on her bed, my cock still deep inside her. I slowly slide out of her and roll off her. Her hand goes between her legs and catches my cum. She brings it to her mouth and licks it all up and swallows it. When she brings her mouth to mine, we kiss passionately, I taste my own cum, which is quite horny. There is a heavy smell of sex in the bedroom. I can’t get enough of her, my hand goes between her legs again.

With my full hand I rub her pussy, every now, and then I slide a finger in. When I have three fingers inside her, she clamps my hand between her thighs and squeezes my fingers with her hungry slit. When I get on my knees next to her, she relaxes her thighs and pulls her legs up. When I sit down behind her, she quickly puts a pillow under her ass. I immediately put three fingers inside her again and finger her quite firmly. With her arms around her raised legs, I saw that she was squeezing her nipples hard and pulling them out as far as she could. Her juices flowed through my hand and into her buttocks. My little finger now went in as well, with four fingers I was now deep inside her. She looked up and said, “…try it…be careful, huh”. I folded my thumb in my hand and began to apply gentle pressure. I saw a horny grimace appear on her face as she pushed her pussy up and my hand flicked past her labia stretched to the limit. We stayed like that for a while. I saw my hand up to my wrist inside her, it felt strange. Warm, wet, tight and yet flexible.

I began to move slowly now, going a few centimeters deeper and back again. Which she appreciated, because after some time of rocking and thrusting, she said “…aaah…oooh…fist…me…come…but…deeper…OOOH…aagh…so ya…” and came again. As she spoke, I went deeper and faster into her, calling out to her, “Here, bitch, you can have it any way you want. When I felt her spasm around my arm for the umpteenth time, I quickly pulled my fist out of her and rammed my already proudly erect girlfriend deep into her. I fucked her incredibly hard, sweat running down my body,

I had completely lost myself and was not fucking her but raping her. It took a while before I was able to come again, but her moaning that she couldn’t take it anymore and my cum bubble up in my balls again. I thrust hard for a moment longer as I came deep inside her again. Totally exhausted, my limp, aching cock slid out of her. I lay down next to her where she struggled to exclaim before falling into a deep sleep, “Mommy enjoyed it, boy”.