I had just gotten out of a two-hour ZOOM meeting when my phone beeped. It was a message from my secretary, Tanja. Why did she send me an app instead of using the intercom? When I opened the app, I was in for a surprise. The text read: “Hey honey, I miss you so much! Thinking about you at work makes me wet.” The accompanying photo showed my secretary’s spread thighs and the crotch of her panties… A wet spot was clearly visible on the cotton fabric. Before I could blink, a second message arrived. “See what just thinking about your hard cock does to me, honey?”

The image that followed showed the crotch of her panties pulled to the side, exposing her labia. A small tuft of auburn hair sat neatly cropped just above her clit. I stared at the picture with my mouth open. Tanja had always been professional, and so had I. I found her attractive, but in the modern business world, office relationships were frowned upon, especially when it came to executives and those who worked under them.

Besides, my divorce had only been finalized three months earlier, and Helen, as far as I knew, had been with her boyfriend for several months. So why in the world was she sending me this? A third app arrived. Attached was a short video clip. “I’m touching myself just for you, honey. Tell me what you want to do with that pussy tonight.”

I fell silent, should I open this message, here and now? It was automatic. My thumb pressed play. The phone moved down from the hot belly and revealed her legs, she shifted and pushed the crotch of her panties away. Helen slid two fingers deep into her pussy. She moved them in and out several times, her wetness making a delicious soaking sound that I could hear very clearly.

I watched in fascination as a trickle of liquid slowly flowed out of her pussy to drip down and disappear into her butt slit. Beep beep beep! Sounded my cell phone. “Bob? Honey? Are you there?” a new app. WTF! Helen’s apps weren’t for me! She wanted to send them to her boyfriend, Bob. I decided to save the pictures to the gallery. Then a scream of horror and terror came from the reception area. Then everything fell silent.

The clock in my office ticked down the seconds as it dawned on me that she had just realized her mistake. I would have to do something about it … but what? I reached for the intercom. “Helen? Do you have a moment in my office?” she was silent for a moment. “Yes, sir. One … one moment, please.” Her voice sounded tense. A moment later she entered my office and closed the door behind her. Her dark brown eyes were wide with fear and tears were welling up. Her always pink cheeks were pale, her full red lips quivering as she hesitantly approached my desk. She dared not look at me. “I’m… I’m in trouble, aren’t I?” I gave her a reassuring smile.

“Sit down. We need to talk.” Helen lowered herself into the comfortable leather chair in front of my desk. We sat in uncomfortable silence for several seconds, neither of us able to look at the other. “I guess we should start with an explanation?” I said, finally finding my voice. When she started to cry, she tried to speak. I gave her a napkin and she tried to calm down a bit. Then the words came … like a flood. “I’m so sorry, Josh … Mr. Den Bever. I really am. You were in that meeting all morning and I decided to have some fun with the app to my friend Bob, but I must have gotten his number mixed up with yours because I have you in my phone under ‘Boss’ and … oh my God, I’m so embarrassed and I know I shouldn’t have done this during work hours, it’s incredibly unprofessional, are you going to fire me? I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, it will never happen again, I promise!”

I looked at her. Not only was she a good secretary, she was also a beautiful woman and sexually attractive! “Helen, relax,” I said quietly, trying to calm her down. “Take a deep breath, calm down, please.” She gratefully accepted the box of tissues I offered. “Thank you…” she moaned. I waited for her to calm down before I continued. “Was I a good boss, Helen?” She finally managed to look me in the eye. “What, yes. Yes, of course.” She stammered. “Have I ever been disrespectful to you?” I asked.

“No.” Sounded soft. “Have I ever been unprofessional around you? Have I flirted with you? Did I ever talk to you in an annoying way or address you as ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’?” Helen shook her head. “No, never, not once. That’s one of the reasons I love working here, working for you, so much. You’ve always been professional around me, I want to keep it that way,” I said. “So here’s what we’re going to do: you’re going to sit there and watch while I delete these messages. Then you’re going to have an early lunch. Relax, take as much time as you need. When you come back, we’ll start the reports we need. And we’ll never speak of this again.” She couldn’t hide her surprise. “You mean I… I’m not fired?” I let out a deep sigh.

“Helen, I had four different secretaries before I found you. You’re smart, capable and, frankly, overqualified. I would be lost without you, quite frankly.” She heaved a sigh of relief, the tension she had been holding finally draining from her body. “Thank you so much.” I silently held up my phone. Her face turned red as I opened the screen. Helen watched stoically as I deleted her texts and pictures one by one.

“Thank you…” her voice was soft. “Have a nice lunch, Helen.” She stood up and left my office without another word. I sank back into my chair, finally able to let go of my own tension. “You handled that well, I guess…” I said to myself. The truth was that no matter how professional I had remained during our conversation, my head had been full of wrong and dark plans. How could I continue to work around her day in and day out without seeing her as more than just my secretary? How could I now not see her as a sexual being? How could I spend the rest of the day working with her without thinking about that wet spot on the white cotton panties hidden underneath her neat business casual attire?

How could I not dwell on the femininity she kept hidden, parts of which I was now all too aware of? How could I be around her now without feeling the erection already throbbing in my pants? No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the image of her beautiful, sexy, perfectly trimmed pussy out of my mind. The wet smacking sounds of her fingers echoed through my head. “Fuck it,” I hissed. “Just get the tension out…” Hastily, I removed my pants. My surging cock leapt forward as I pulled down my boxers. Reaching for my sex, I grabbed my phone and looked at the pictures and videos I had saved.

“Just releasing some tension.” I thought. “Empty my balls and move on, right?”

I had relaxed and started to jerk off in earnest when the door to my office opened. “Sorry, I forgot my…” Helen stood there … stunned. “FUCK!” I reached forward, covering myself as best I could. But I couldn’t hide what I’d done. For a long time there was nothing but the ticking of the standing clock. Then it took a step forward. And another. She reached the chair, grabbed the bag she had forgotten. She stepped back and walked out the door, slamming it behind her. “Damn!” I growled. “Goddamn the goddamn!” I tucked my now limp cock back into my pants and zipped them up. “And it was all going so well,” I groaned as my head sank into my hands.

Helen returned from lunch on time an hour later. I had expected her not to come back, and I wouldn’t have blamed her. I was sitting alone in my office, too afraid to leave, my mind racing with thoughts of how to fix all this and whether to update my resume, when she knocked gently on my door. “Mr. Den Bever? May I come in?” I took a deep breath to calm myself before answering. “Yes, come in.” Helen stepped inside. Her face showed nothing but her usual cheerful and professional self. “I’m ready to get started on those reports anytime you want.” she sounded flat.

“What, oh yes, of course.” We spent the rest of the afternoon going over the reports. It was a tedious process, but we both seemed to welcome it. We worked together as usual, Helen taking notes on the adjustments I requested, often allowing me to spot errors I had overlooked. “I’ll take these to my desk, type them up, and email them to the company by the end of the day,” Helen offered when we were finished. “Thank you, Helen. You have been a tremendous help, as always. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

She nodded briefly as she left. Alone again, I had little time to think about our situation. I spent the rest of the evening making several frantic phone calls to my partners and investors. By the time I finished, the sun had long since set. Weary, I stepped out of my office. Helen was still at her desk, typing. “What are you still doing here? Go home, Helen. These reports can wait until tomorrow.” “Just putting the finishing touches on the last one,” she replied. Waving, she clicked a few more times on her keyboard. “Well, everything’s done. I wanted to send them out tonight so that everyone would have them first thing tomorrow, in case there are any more revisions needed.” I nodded gratefully. “I appreciate that. Thanks again, Helen. Now please go home.” I was standing at the elevator when her voice stopped me. “Mr. Den Bever? Josh? Can we…talk?” I guess it was time to deal with this.

“Of course.” I said. “In your office?” she asked. I looked around the parking lot. Only my BMW and her bright red Mini were still there. The staff had long since left, but I figured it was probably best to have as much privacy as possible, just in case. “Of course.” Helen settled into her chair as I closed the door behind us. I huddled behind my desk, resigned to another uncomfortable conversation. “So…” Helen began, “I think we both… acted inappropriately today.” I chuckled nervously, ]

“Yes, I think we did.” Helen looked thoughtful. “So. What are we going to do about it?” I clasped my hands under my chin. “My offer still stands, Helen. We both walk out of here tonight and never speak of this again.” She looked at me thoughtfully. “I don’t know if it’s that simple. We’ve both seen things we shouldn’t have; I don’t know if we can just ignore them.” I sighed, afraid of where this would lead. Blackmail? A lawsuit? My career wouldn’t survive that either.

“So what do you suggest we do, Helen?” I asked carefully. Helen thought for a moment. “Let’s start with this: I want to ask you some questions; I want you to be honest. Can you do that?” I nodded. “I’ll try.” Helen looked me straight in the eye for the first time that day. “Was it because of me?” she asked, her eyes dropping to my crotch. Startled, I jumped upright in my chair. “What?” I wanted to be sure. “What I caught you doing. Was it because of me? Because of what you saw?” Her gaze was open, her eyes boring into me questioningly. “Yes,” I finally admitted. “Did you like what you saw?”

It wasn’t a question, but I answered anyway. “Yes.” Helen nodded. “I understand. You’re a man. I am a woman. I sent you something you should never have seen. It stirred you. Your body reacted. I understand.” Now it was my turn. “I’m also your boss,” I said, “so I have to set an example. I failed miserably, and I’m truly sorry.”

She shook her head. “Don’t be!” Her face relaxed, “I am responsible, it was my inappropriate actions that caused this.” A silence followed. “How do we resolve this, Helen?” I asked, looking at her kindly. “Are you ready?” she said suddenly. “Have I…?” Again it took a moment for her question to sink in. “No. No, I don’t know.” Her gaze dropped for a moment. “Neither do I,” she said quietly. “Maybe… maybe we should… do what we had to do when we caught each other…” My mouth dropped open. “What?” Helen sat back in her chair, looking a little more relaxed for the day. “I’m not suggesting that we have sex together. I’m suggesting that we both … finish what we started. Together, one time. It provides an end to the curiosity we both have, and then it stops.” I was stunned and confused. “You’re seriously suggesting that we…?” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Yes.” Her voice sounded brisk. She crossed one leg over the other, her neat skirt sliding up over her thigh. “Look, let’s forget for now that you’re my boss, I’m your secretary. I’m a woman. You’re a man. You want to see it again. I’m offering to let you look. Just this once. Would you like that?” I swallowed. “God help me, YES.” “Well then.” She said. After that answer, Helen slumped down and spread her legs. It reminded me of the scene in Basic Instinct. But unlike Sharon Stone, Helen was wearing panties. To my delight, the wet spot from her earlier arousal was not only still there, it had grown. She caught my incredible gaze. “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” she grinned. “I take it you like it?” I could no longer contain my lust and eagerness, nor pretend that I wasn’t incredibly excited by this unexpected turn in our relationship. My voice trembled with a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure. “Yes, very much. I have a sort of … well, something for, well … wet panties.”

“You know?” Helen’s voice was pure, sultry seduction. “Well then… “She stood up, turned and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor with a soft hum. Her panties were simple, tasteful, the white cotton form fitting and complimenting her bottom. When she looked back at me, the front of her panties was snug against her padded mound, its seductive swell arching down to her well-defined slit, sticky and glistening with her wetness. She tugged at the elastic, causing the fabric to nestle deep between her labia. Then she let her hand slide over her pubic mound, rubbing her invisible labia. Then she slowly pulled the panties down. I watched in fascination as her natural brown pubic hair came into view, and then finally her perfectly formed femininity. She stepped out of the panties and playfully tossed them to me.

“Here, enjoy.” I picked it up from my desk in awe. Wonderfully warm and slightly damp. Helen was standing in front of my desk, naked from the waist down, a strange but erotic sight. Her eyes were on me as I pulled mine away from the beauty of her sex to meet her gaze. “Why are you making me wait…?” I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled. My senses were greeted with the scent of floral soap mixed with fresh sweat.

But the overwhelming, overpowering scent was that of her pussy. “Oh almighty…” I moaned. The clock ticked as I inhaled her scent again and again, my mind swimming in her essence, drinking it in. My head swam, dizzy, intoxicated. I wanted to taste her, to lay her spread eagle on my desk and bury my face between her legs, to lick her like a thirsty dog, like a man lost in the desert who has found an oasis. I wanted… “Ahum.”

The magic broken, I reluctantly pulled the panties away from my nose to see her staring at me, arms crossed over her chest, fingers drumming impatiently on her biceps. “My turn,” she grinned, “I didn’t see much when I walked in on you earlier; I think it’s only fair that I get a better look, don’t you?” I laughed, “Of course.” I pushed the chair slightly away from my desk and undid my fly, buttoning and belt. I lifted my butt out of the seat. “No,” she stopped me. “Slide your chair over here. I don’t want the desk between us. I’ll never be able to sit across from you again.” I laughed. “Of course. You’re right about that.” I stood and rolled my chair around the desk.

Helen turned hers around as well, so they were now facing each other. I fastened my belt. “Just a minute, I’ll be right back.” I quickly stepped into my private washroom and returned a moment later with two towels and a bottle. “Good idea,” Helen said. “This is probably going to be … a mess.” Her grin was telling. “Lube, huh? So you’ve masturbated in your office before?” I blushed. “Well, yeah. But only after hours, after everyone had left.”

Her eyebrows went up in feigned surprise. “Don’t tell me you’ve been watching porn on the company computers,” she joked. “HR would definitely have something to say about that.” “Oh no, never,” I grinned, “just on my own phone.” Helen took a towel from me, draped it over her chair and sat down. “We are?” She looked up at me full of anticipation. Feeling strong and excited, I reached down and unzipped my pants. They fell to my knees, leaving only my boxers to cover my already obvious erection. Helen’s eyes never left my bulge as I slowly pulled my boxers down. When my cock popped out, she let out a happy scream. “Very, very nice,” she applauded. “What a big…” Blushing, I finished removing my pants and underwear while kicking off my shoes. Then I realized I was still wearing my jacket and tie. “I might as well take the rest off,” I chuckled. “It’ll be a lot more comfortable that way.” I started to get completely undressed.

“Besides, I don’t know about you, but it suddenly feels quite warm in here.” “Funny, I was just thinking the same thing.” Helen stood up again and took off her charcoal blazer. As she unbuttoned the first few buttons of her white silk blouse, I suddenly realized that this was the first time I had seen even a hint of Helen’s cleavage. I was about to see a lot more. She tossed the blouse aside, reached around and in one swift motion removed her bra. Her large breasts bounced outward as the bra fell to the floor. Her breasts hung, moving slightly with her breathing. They looked both firm and incredibly soft. A light coating of brown freckles adorned her breasts. We were now face to face, completely naked, taking each other in.

“Helen, you are beautiful, absolutely stunning.” She blushed. “You look great too.” We sat down again. Helen seemed as nervous and horny as I was. “So. How do we get started?” I replied, pumping lotion into my hand and applying it generously to my sensitive cock. I grabbed her panties from my desk, held them to my nose again, and breathed them in. “So this is how it is, isn’t it?” Helen lowered herself into the chair. “Luckily, I make my own lubricant.” She spread her legs and revealed her pubic mound, her fingers finding her sex. “Oh, God,” she moaned.

We masturbated slowly, our eyes dancing over each other’s bodies, casting aside any lingering doubts about the sanity of our actions or future repercussions for the wind as we allowed ourselves to indulge in the forbidden pleasure of sharing such a personal, intimate performance together. I pulled slowly, long, full strokes up and down my stiff shaft, my hand rotating as it slid over my glans, squeezing it, then back to the base with another turn. My pace was slow. We had gone way too far, so why rush to the end? Especially when I had her panties to enjoy.

“God, your smell is amazing,” I sighed and sniffed again, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, I know it’s not going to happen, but I would so love to taste you.” Helen stopped stroking her pussy and looked at me. “Give me the panties.” She took the panties from me and rubbed her pussy with them. She let the panties slip between her labia and handed them back to me. “Here, enjoy them.” Without hesitation, I licked the wet panties. The taste was strong but pleasant. I stopped masturbating for fear of coming at that moment. “Is it nice?” she wanted to know. “Yes. Oh, yes. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing it with me.” “You’re welcome.” She turned her attention back to her needs, her fingers going to her sex again. She ran her palm over and over in quick circles, not only over her clit, but also over her vulva and her shiny labia. I watched as her pussy fluid leaked onto the towel. Her breathing came in short thrusts as her speed increased. Her free hand found her nipples and pulled roughly on them as her head moved back and forth.

Her face flushed, a sign of her impending release. “Uh, uh, oh fuck, uh, I’m, uh, so close, uh, uhhh…” Her body froze for a split second and she fell dead still. Then she convulsed, jerking backwards as her head bobbed back and forth and her eyes rolled deep into their sockets. Her rapturous screams echoed through my office as she came, her hips rising off the chair. Her tension vanished and her body slumped into the chair. For a moment I thought she had passed out. Then her head came up and she looked at me with an embarrassed but satisfied grin. “Holy FUCK, that was a good one.” I stared at her, eyes wide with awe.

“That was … incredible.” “It was amazing…” Helen’s eyes were on my dick. I had grabbed it, but only stroked it sparingly while I concentrated on her spectacular orgasm. “Hey, don’t leave me alone. It’s your turn. I want to see you cum!” I leaned back and renewed my efforts. “Of course. If you insist.” Chair and all, she rolled closer. So close that she spread my legs with her knees. I could smell her scent. Her scent, the combination of soft perfume and fresh sex. I started to jerk again. My balls were already yearning to be released, but I wanted to deny them for a while longer. The feeling of having her there, looking at me, taking in the natural beauty of her naked body, took my arousal to a whole new level. “I’ve never done this before, you know,” she said suddenly. “I’ve seen a man masturbate.

It’s strange and liberating.” Sounded soft. “How so?” I managed to growl through clenched teeth. I was teetering on the edge, barely able to hold myself back. “I can never just look,” she said. “I’m always expected to help. So this is a new experience for me, just watching you take care of yourself.” Sounded sultry. “It’s new for me too,” I shivered. “I’ve never had anyone watch me jerk off, either. At least not … not with someone with me.” She looked at me, not understanding. “Camgirls.” I groaned, my whole body shaking with anticipation and begging for mercy, which I was still denying. “You seem very close,” she said quietly. “Don’t hold back. I want to see.” Her hand moved back between her legs. She pushed open her labia, giving me a delicious view as she began to rub her clit again. “Come for me, Josh,” she begged, “come for me while I finger myself for you. I’ll watch you and make myself come again. Do it … squirt your seed for ME. Don’t hold me back, I’m almost there myself…” Her soft, sensual voice mingled with the image of her naked body in front of me, touching her most intimate parts openly, wantonly, desperately, and it drove me over the edge.

My growl became a roar as my cock swelled to the limit and finally spurted its pent-up load of seed. The first stream ran from my chest to my chin, the second across my lower abdomen to my belly button. The rest spread aimlessly over my thighs, groin and balls. My cock remained stiff for some time afterward as I stroked it, slowly squeezing out every last drop. Helen continued to finger herself, her legs twitching uncontrollably as she reached her second orgasm. “Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes…” There is nothing in this world more beautiful, more erotic than watching a woman orgasm. Except to be responsible for it. When her shaking stopped and her breathing calmed down, she looked at me with a beautiful smile, this time without any embarrassment. “That was really nice.” She said. “It certainly was,” I agreed. We sat silent for a moment, content to stare at each other in our confused aftermath, grinning like two teenagers. “That’s quite a mess you’ve made,” she grinned, looking at the semen running down my body. “You better clean it up before you stain that nice leather chair.” I had to laugh at that reference. But of course she was right. I grabbed a handful of tissues and dabbed myself dry. Helen wiped herself with the towel. When she was done, she tossed it to me.

“Here, keep it. The panties too. A little souvenir for you.” “Are you sure?” “Yes,” she smiled. “I don’t mind. In fact, I… enjoy the idea of you… enjoying them again. You know, privately.” I was careful. “That doesn’t make you uncomfortable? Knowing that I think of you that way while…” “No. You can think about me all you want. After that, you’ll go one way or the other. You won’t be able to do anything about it, let’s not deny it. As long as it doesn’t change the way you treat me on the clock.” “It won’t,” I assured her. “You’re a valuable colleague here. I would never do anything to jeopardize that.” Helen stared at me. “An asset? Is that all I am to you?” “No, of course not,” I stammered. “I didn’t mean it like that, I just meant…”

“Relax,” she said. “I’m just teasing you. Don’t get me wrong … this … this won’t happen again. It can’t. You’re my boss. Think how it would look if it got out. Besides, I have a relationship, even though I don’t know exactly where it’s going, it’s in a good place right now. And I’ve already compromised that.” I started to respond, but she cut me off. “No, don’t. It’s not your fault. I suggested it, not you. I don’t regret it. Maybe some other time you will, I don’t know. I’m an emotional wreck right now. But what we’re both feeling right now isn’t real. It’ll pass and we’ll both realize that it’s better to put this behind us”. I didn’t know what to say. I suddenly felt vulnerable, very aware of my nakedness.

Silently, I gathered my clothes and began to dress. Helen grabbed her things. “Do you mind if I use your bathroom?” “Sure, go ahead.” She returned a few minutes later, fully dressed and more relaxed. “Look, I’m sorry. I should have known things would get weird after that. We both work with a lot of stress; let’s just write this all down as much-needed stress relief and leave it at that?” “Sounds good.” “Still, I’d like to think we could be more than boss and secretary. I’d like to think we could also be … friends?” she said.

“That seems like a good idea!” Helen grabbed her bag while I grabbed my suitcase and coat. When I saw the towel and panties, I put them in my bag with a grin. “What’s so funny?” “Oh, nothing. I just realized I can’t offer you a souvenir in return.” “How about you let me use the executive bathroom from now on and we’ll call it even?” “Agreed.” “Really? Great! I hate the staff bathroom. Those stalls are so cramped!” She grabbed her coat from her desk and together we took the elevator down to the lobby. The night air was crisp and cool as we exited the parking garage.

“May I walk you to your car, Mrs. Helen?” “Yes, thank you, Mr. Bever.”