It was a typical Monday morning. The phone was ringing off the hook with customers having login problems, systems not starting up or servers not working properly. Where on a normal day I might have 5 or 6 clients to visit, today I had 12. All over the country Lithuania. And the last one is in Kaunas. So it will be a lot of kilometres. The weather outside is bad, too, and there is a lot of traffic on the roads. Phew, another great start to the week. And especially a lot of financial companies. It’s always exciting to be in the middle of all those goat’s wool fines.

Luckily I get to the first client on time and the problems are solved quickly. The day goes by quite quickly. Now all I have to do is drive from Vilnius to my last customer and then home.

In Kaunas, it takes a while to find out which office building I should be in. I report to the reception. They tell me that I am on the sixth floor. I get into the lift and the doors close. But just then a woman enters the lift. She sees that the 6 is already on fire. We looked at each other for a moment. She looks pretty and sexy, I think. Nice high heels, stylishly dressed in a nice skirt.

Ping, we have arrived at the 6. I let the lady go first and look down the corridor where I should be. I see some kind of counter and ask where I should be. Good afternoon, I have an appointment with a certain Neringa.

Oh, there you are at last. Come with me and I’ll show you the way. We walk through a large open-plan office. Almost at the end is the same lady I met in the lift. Hello, I am Neringa, introduce yourself. Hello, I am Mr Kalvis and you called about problems with your financial system.

Yes, that’s right. Please come and sit next to me. You see, I can log in and the system starts up. But all the data is not filling the screens. I look at the screen. Yes, it looks like there is no connection to the database. That’s a bit of a pain to sort out. Oh, it doesn’t matter, you know. I still have some time, you said. I’ll move a bit so you can get at it properly.

I took my laptop and connected it to the network. I phoned the office to get all the login details for the database server. A little further down, fitters were hanging new lights. I noticed that it was quite dark in the department. It was about five, and it was starting to get dark outside. I managed to log on. But as I had never been to this company before, I had to find out how the database was configured.

Meanwhile, you had moved a little closer to me because you had to get something from the desk. You smell delicious. And now that you were so close, I could clearly see that your dress not only looked nice and businesslike, but that it fit your body beautifully. A few times you grabbed something lying to my right and then bent over in front of me.

Your breasts jumping in front of my head.

Your breasts dangled in front of my head and your top kept falling open. I tried to concentrate on my screen. But it was distracting anyway. And is it working, Mr. Kalvis? Is there anything else I can do for you, or would you like a cup of coffee? Give me a glass of water. You got up and went to the pantry to get some cold water. You pulled up your dress so that your breasts were tidy again.

You put the glass down next to mine. My phone rang and I answered it. Very clumsily, I knocked the glass over. You quickly grabbed some cloths to dry the desk. Some water had got on my trousers too. And before I knew it, you were dabbing my trousers dry too. Now that you were so close, I could really smell your delicious air. Oh, and your breasts look very exciting.

Meanwhile, you were still drying my trousers. I concentrated on the screen again. After all, I wanted to get home on time, and it was already half past five. My trousers were already a bit drier, but I saw that your dress was not quite right and a wet spot was already clearly visibleā€¦.Oh, madam, your dress is not quite right. I noticed that I had a red cuff. But was it embarrassment or excitement?

You have dressed up again. Uh, Mr. Kalvis, can I get you something else? I’m going to get something to eat because I’m very hungry. They have delicious sausage sandwiches here. Maybe I should take them with me? Well, that will do! Luckily, I was able to move on for a while and had already found out why the database wasn’t working. They came back after about 10 minutes. The department was empty. The technicians had left and the colleagues had all gone home. Only the lady behind the counter was still there. It was now dark outside, and there was hardly any light in the department itself because the fitters had removed all the lights. Only the lamp on the desk we were sitting at was still working and the light on the counter was still on.

The receptionist came up to us. I am going home now. Do you remember how to lock up and turn on the alarm, Neringa? Yes, you do, you said with a smile. You came back to sit next to me and started to eat your sandwich. Teasingly, you nibbled at the top of the sausage and licked the sauce off with your tongue. Your cleavage was clearly visible again. Your beautiful breasts really stood out. They are really just right. Deliciously firm, neither too big nor too small. Your nipples were also clearly visible. They seemed to be hard from excitement. I tried not to look at you too much. But it’s impossible. You are such a deliciously sexy woman.

Your hands were on my legs. Oh, your trousers are already quite dry again. Your fingers ran down my legs and came close to my crotch. I could feel my body reacting and it started to throb a little in my crotch. How long do you think you will be busy Mr Kalvis? Oh, just call me Arthur, you know. I think I need another hour. OK. You left your hand on mine. With your other hand you pulled up your dress a little more. When you went to get the sandwich, you had secretly taken off your knickers. I could see that your lips were already a little wet. Your pussy looks pretty hot, I thought. But let me concentrate on this problem first. Meanwhile, you were watching me on the screen. Man, that looks pretty tricky. You have to keep a clear head for that, right?

My cock reacted immediately.

Yes, I do. But I was already quite distracted and quite hot. You kept looking at the screen and before I knew it I felt your hand in my crotch. My cock reacted immediately and started to jerk. Arthur, I don’t mean to be cheeky, but your trousers don’t feel quite dry yet. They seem quite tight around your crotch. And you looked at me with a horny smile. Well, I think you spilled some water on yourself too. There is a dark wet spot on your dress.

Oops, sorry, it was those mechanics who were walking around here. Oh, did they spill water or something? Well, not that. But I do get excited when there are handsome men around. But they’ve all gone home now, haven’t they? Yes, they have, but you haven’t!

My heart was pounding in my throat. And my cock has too little room to jerk anymore. You take off your dress. And there you are, almost completely naked. Your pussy is shaved and soaking wet. You have a very nice bra on, with a pair of delicious tits in it. You turned my chair around. Mr Arthur, would you be so kind as to remove my bra? My hands were shaking with excitement. And while I undid your strap, you undid my trousers. Pfff that was a relief as they were already quite tight. You stand in front of me and take off my shirt. I can see your wet pussy clearly.

You push your tits forward a little. My tongue finds your nipples. I begin to lick them gently. They are very sensitive and every time I touch them you moan softly. Your moans only make me hornier. My cock stands up proudly. And because I’m so horny, there’s already a lot of lust dripping out of my cock. Oh, I want to lick it clean, I moan excitedly. And before I know it, you are taking my cock in your mouth. Your lips feel wonderfully soft and warm. Your tongue caresses gently from my balls to the tip of my glans. This is a heavenly feeling, I tell you. What a delicious blow job you can give!

You stop sucking and turn your back to me. You bend over slightly so I can admire your deliciously tight ass. Damn, it looks delicious. I put my hand on your bottom and squeeze it. You are deliciously round and firm. Lean forward a bit more. I can see your lips are swollen and your pussy is dripping with lust. I stand behind you and press my cock against your ass. Oh, I’d love to feel that inside me, you cry out. Teasingly, I slide my cock a little inside your pussy. Very slowly, I push against your lips. You moan softly, take me as deep as you can. No! Not yet. I want to tease you for a long time. My hands have found your tits. And gently pinch your nipples. I feel your pussy squeeze. It feels delicious to have such a tight cunt around my glans.

By now you’re leaning on the desk with your hands and I can’t hold on any longer to tease you like this. I thrust my cock deep into your cunt. You let out a cry of pleasure. Oh yes, fuck as deep as you can! Soon my cunt will be filled with your cum. After a few strong deep thrusts I stop and turn you over. You lie on the desk with your legs spread. I lower myself to my knees. And my tongue finds your pussy. I lick your labia completely clean and you willingly spread your legs even wider. Lick my clit, you cry out.

My tongue still swirls around your clit. I taste your warm pussy juice and how delicious you taste. I start to kiss you as my fingers disappear into your pussy. My other hand has found your nipples. I can feel your breathing getting heavier and heavier and your lower body shaking with pleasure. My fingers massage your nipples which are now hard with excitement. My other hand goes inside your pussy and keeps touching your sensitive G-spot. I continue fingering you but stop at your clit because I can tell you are close to coming. Your pussy is super wet inside.

It’s soaking wet between my fingers. Your body starts to shake all over and I increase the speed and pressure on your g-spot. Yes keep going, faster I want to come you scream. I press my fingers hard against that sensitive spot. Meanwhile, I suck your clit hard with my lips and lick it with my tongue. I can feel the release coming fast now. Your whole lower body is vibrating and shaking in all directions.

You pant, roar, moan and scream. And then you come, squirming and spurting like a fountain. There seems to be no end to your orgasm. My face and chest and everything is soaked with your juices. You smile at me. Well, you’re not dry either. My penis is hard as a rock from all your cum. I growl with excitement as I want to fuck you doggy style. I rub my balls against your ass.

I push you forward and stand behind you again. I push my cock inside you. It’s deliciously warm and wet in there. It feels so deliciously tight and yet soft. Your ass looks so delicious. I push my fucking pole further and deeper into your pussy. I grab your hair and make you stand up slightly. I can see your tits dancing to the rhythm of my thrusting. We are completely lost in our fucking together. It’s like time stands still. My cock thrusts and thrusts as deep as I can into your pussy. We moan together with every thrust. And then we come at the same time. I fill your pussy completely with my cum. We stay like this for a while, enjoying the moment. The cum drips from your pussy onto the floor. We look at each other and laugh. What a wet mess we have made.

We clean it up and I finish my work. Maybe I should go home.

Oh yeah, you ask? The evening is not over yet. You give me a tongue kiss. Will you come to my place?

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