After five years of marriage, things began to slow down. My husband was busy with his work, often attending trade shows and giving product presentations in the evenings. He was on the road more and more, and I noticed his affection waning. “I’m so busy,” he would say. We only made love when I pushed him. After a year of pushing and pulling, the final word came. He had a new love, a boy of nineteen.

Okay … that was it. Of course, I was suspicious because our sex life had deteriorated so much. It was a shock, and I wallowed in self-pity for a long time. Cheating hurts, but when it turns out that your partner is in a relationship with a sex partner, it hurts even more. Apparently, I had fallen short as a woman.

I had just turned thirty, and he was moving in with his boyfriend. As time went on, my thoughts shifted from the past to the present and the future, I started working out and got into a vigorous workout regimen. I was never really fit, but after a few months of regular exercise and watching what I ate, my body was toned and fit. After showering, I like to look at myself in the mirror and admire my body, I am 1.75 meters tall and weigh 65 kg. I have beautiful, large and firm breasts that stand proudly on my body. My pussy is always neatly trimmed, sometimes when I go to the sauna I go one step further and shave my mound completely bald.

I usually have long, black hair, which I have not yet dared to experiment with. In the first year after the breakup of our marriage, I had hardly thought about what to do. I hadn’t felt the need or bothered to look for a new partner, in fact, I hadn’t even been with a man since that jerk had left. But my body was telling me it was long overdue. I work in the city, and every day I take public transportation from my home to the office, and back. These trips were boring. Lots of school kids on public transport during my travel times, the train was a bit more pleasant because my employer provided a first class membership. Especially in the evenings, I felt the lack of a partner, no one to give you a hug when the going gets tough or to listen to your stories. And yes … I missed hands on my body, hands that pampered and amazed me.

Sure, I liked to play with myself, but 5 minutes of caressing and then the vibrator filled me up and made me come. For the first few months I was happy with that, but every time I watched videos of Maud Lust, the lack of a flesh and blood partner came on. My hands couldn’t be everywhere at once … a mouth on my breasts, grabbing hands on my buttocks while I was being pounded… nothing like that. I realized how desperate I had become when I went to a bar after work with some colleagues, we drank and fooled around, but I was aware of the fact that they had come to “score” and I would meet them back at the office the next day. It didn’t work out! It was a fun couple of hours and I had consumed enough alcohol to make me dizzy. I checked out and wished my colleagues a good hunt. They chuckled a bit and I headed for my train. It had been a casual work day, I was dressed in tight jeans and a blouse. The platform was crowded, there had been a fair, and there were a lot of young men waiting for their trains.

The bags they were carrying were from banks and insurance companies. *Oh yes, the insurance fair, I knew. After ten minutes on the platform, the train arrived. I was able to get into my car and walk a little to the back. That way I was out of the way of the passengers getting on and off. The next stop was where it would really get crowded, although there was already standing room only. As the train began to move jerkily, I grabbed a stanchion. I was sure, I was tipsy and giggling at the situation. At the next stop, the crowd poured in; we were all packed in. I looked down, my jacket had fallen open, my blouse was slightly open and my bra was visible, something I never allowed.

In the crowded coupe I was standing in, it would be almost impossible to adjust it inconspicuously. I decided not to worry. The train pulled away, and I drifted off a bit because of the alcohol and the movement of the train. I experienced the first few miles in a daze. A group of fair visitors entered the compartment and it became more and more crowded. I was squeezed in between young men and older men. From time to time a hand slid along my body. I was used to some contact in the crowded train, but this was different. I felt a hand on my bottom.

I ignored it, but the excited feeling gripped me and I let my imagination run wild. The hand moved from one buttock to the other. Then I felt a hand on my right hip. I tried to turn away, but there was nowhere to go. I couldn’t turn around to see who was touching my buttocks. Or who the hand on my hip belonged to. The hand slid up through my pelvis to my flank.

In a turn the train made, the hand slid toward my navel. It was very double, I felt embarrassed, but it also felt nice. I held on to the railing as we moved with the train. The hand on my stomach spread its fingers, reaching from almost the top of my bra to the edge of my jeans. I felt my excitement increase. I don’t know if it was me or the movement of the train, but the hand slid up and down. It caressed my left breast for a moment before sliding down to my crotch. The hand stayed there. I felt the fingers gently caress my mound. My pussy was starting to get wet! I opened my legs a little and he got bolder, two fingers went between my legs and he massaged my labia through the stiff fabric.

I realized that what was happening was real and not sitting at home on the couch watching a horny movie! It had been so long since I had been touched like that. I don’t know if I was dizzy from the alcohol or the hand exploring my pussy. I looked around, everyone seemed to be in their own world. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his hand gently rubbing my pussy through my jeans. In my mind I was the object in a movie I had once seen. A woman being fondled and fingered by a couple of men on a train. Okay, she was wearing a dress. My goodness, how I would have loved to wear a dress! At the next station the hands went away only to return after a few people got on and off the train and just kept going. The hand on my buttock went up and forward. It caressed my breasts.

The hand between my legs had become more persuasive. If only I had a dress… All this went on for about 5 minutes. I had to concentrate to get off at the right station! I stepped back and felt a panting cock against my ass. I felt my pussy dripping wet and wanted more. We pulled into the last station before my destination. Many of the passengers were getting off. The surrounding crowd also disappeared. The hands were gone, I looked around. No one was looking at me, except for a few boys further down the line who were looking at my open, hanging jacket and cleavage. I smiled at them and pulled my coat up. I managed to find a seat, feeling the moisture running down my lips into my panties. The next station was my stop!

After I got off the train, I ran home. As soon as I got home, I undressed, lay down on the bed and reached for my fat electric friend. I spread my legs and pushed the vibrator, which was vibrating wildly, deep inside me. With my left hand, I grabbed my breasts. The vibrations were amazing. I pumped the electric fake cock roughly into my sheath. I moaned loudly as I had a huge orgasm. I think it was the fastest and most intense orgasm I have ever had. I fell into a delicious sleep with the vibrator still vibrating in my pussy. My dream that night was exquisite.