A short story about a Skype call and meeting in a parking lot. The lady above this story is Applebrandy. You can meet her via Skype.

The appointment with the couple from the Skype call was promising, and I waited in the car in the parking lot at the airport as agreed. Shortly after, a dark minivan parked next to me. We had already emailed each other clear pictures, and it was clear that we were all in the mood for uninhibited parking lot sex. After meeting here, we drove to the parking lot by the lake. Claudia was wearing pumps, black stockings, and a brassiere. Immediately after the brief greeting, she grabbed my crotch and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues swirled wildly and she massaged my tight balls.

Her husband Gerhard had been taking pictures of us the whole time. I already had my hand on her shaved, wet pussy. She opened my pants and I belt and dropped them. I quickly took off my shoes, pants, and stockings and threw them into the van. Gerda crouched down and immediately put my stiff cock in her mouth. While she was sucking me really horny, I also took off my T-shirt. Meanwhile, there were already 5 men watching Gerda spoil me between the cars. Two of them already had their semi-rigid cock in their hands. “Now you can do me some good too!” said Gerda. Gerhard had already spread a wool blanket between the cars and I lay down on my back. Gerda didn’t wait long, crouched over my face, and pressed my soaking wet cunt against my mouth. Greedily I sucked on the labia. “Come here!” cheered Gerda to the surrounding men.

It wasn’t long before she had a cock in her mouth and another penis in each hand. Now I was living up to my nickname and sucking hard on her clit. I held her ankles with my hands. With a muffled moan, the first man cummed, his knees even shaking as he cummed. Gerda’s juice dripped from her chin and onto the floor next to my head. The other two were now spraying on her tits at the same time. But now I was getting really wet, Gerda’s ass was quivering and she was squirting a huge load of pussy juice into my face with a pointed cry. Her clitoris was massively swollen, I could literally suck her off.

Above me, I heard the panting and moaning of more men and saw the flash of cameras. Gerhard was now taking close-ups of me. Under my nose, everything was soaking wet with pussy juice and on my forehead was cum from other guys. A controlled lick was no longer possible, Gerda’s whole lower body was too slippery from the pussy juice. She shoved her ass back and forth on my face, causing smacking noises and filling my face completely. Someone now had an eye on my hard cock, I felt a greedy tongue on the glans.

Another woman from a Skype call

Another woman being taken from behind sucked on it greedily, swallowing it deep in her throat. With faster and faster movements, her fucker’s belly slapped against her ass. The pounding ended abruptly with the man’s orgasm. I continued to suck Gerda’s cunt, absorbing copious amounts of her flowing pussy juice. Meanwhile, she was licking two cocks at once, panting in ecstasy. Now I felt the other woman sit on my cock with her full cunt and ride it hard. She had taken in a huge load so that my penis slid into the wide cunt almost without friction and the other’s cum ran down my balls. Gerda was now on my mouth and I had to lift her ass a little each time to breathe. Now was the time to squirt my juice and my cry of orgasm was just a loud smacking sound. The other woman noticed that my penis was going limp and stood up with her pussy after dripping. Gerda was milking the other cocks so wildly that she didn’t even notice my violent orgasm. She noticed that I wasn’t licking anymore and massaged her huge clit wildly with one hand, addicted to more orgasms. The other woman was already being taken from behind again, had one of my eggs in her mouth, and was jerking my cock at such a high speed that it was getting pretty hot and slowly coming back upright. Gerda’s pussy juice had dried up by now and she was slowly getting dry.

The clitoris was also swollen and could only be found as a small button with my tongue. The other woman’s fucker was the last of the 20 men to spray his juice on her back, roaring loudly. We all stood up now and Gerda gave me a satisfied kiss. The other woman hadn’t had enough yet, massaged my balls and my now semi-rigid cock again and in infinite horniness licked my wet face. She now crouched down and sucked me very hard again. “Take me now!” She groaned and bent over the hood. In front of the whole group and in a flurry of flashing lights, I fucked her from behind with very fast thrusts. Screaming loudly and with a wildly twitching body, she finally cummed and I kept pushing hard until her twitching stopped. Now I got down on my knees in front of her and jerked her horny legs with my cock until I gasped and squirted on her calf. Luckily I had enough soap and a towel in the car to freshen up before I went home.

Skype Call and Meeting