Victor was twenty-two and still a virgin. “The only thing he invests in girls is time,” it was said of him, and it was true. He wrote poems for them, which he sent anonymously and from which none of his secret lovers even suspected who the sender was; when it came to colleagues in the office, he brought them gifts, was generous and warm to them, and he never kissed them on their birthdays or when he wished them a Happy New Year, because he didn’t want to impose himself. Women liked him, but, he bitterly noted, always as a “good friend”. This might have been different if he had been a little less shy, for he was a handsome boy with dark hair, brown eyes, a full mouth and glasses. Just a little on the short side, at six feet (180 cm). Woman from photo and topless on Mondays.

Well, there were plenty of nice single women his age at work, and he courted them in his own awkward way, but his thoughts secretly wandered to the fat receptionist downstairs, with huge breasts and already quite elderly. What a delicious amount of soft flesh! But these were thoughts he forbade himself, not wanting to give in to such temptations. This woman could be his mother! And you couldn’t go home to your parents with such a fat woman, could you?

So he wasted his time with pretty, slender young women who might have liked him, but never his dick.

One night, in a bar with colleagues, he overheard Lucas, a sneaky employee, boasting about a discovery he had made:
Every night at nine o’clock, you can set your watch for it, she comes to the window on purpose and then slowly undresses there. It takes up to ten minutes, she squeezes her tits a little, looks out horny, as if she knows I’m watching, and then suddenly she closes the curtain. Every night, boys!

“But what does she look like?” he asked.

‘Were you interested?’ Lucas laughed. ‘She’s an incredibly delicious black chick with long hair and at least E-cup tits and an ass you can park on. Not supposed to say that anymore, of course, in the #metootime.

And where does she live? Victor also dared to ask.

Hahahahahaha, that Victor, our peeping Tom!” the whole group roared with laughter and Lucas added: “Very well, if you go and have a look and give us a detailed report of what you have seen. She lives at seventy Iris Avenue. And don’t be alarmed if you suddenly find all sorts of sticky stuff coming out of your pee. These last remarks provoked a storm of laughter, after which Victor quickly went home.

It was rather humiliating to be laughed at like that, but the image of that young woman and especially that E-cup didn’t let him go. And since he suspected that Lucas would be too drunk after a while to take another look, he decided to go there that evening.

The meeting with two chubby sisters.

It was a balmy summer evening, so being outside was no punishment at all. A little excited, he arrived there around nine. Number ninety, Lucas had said. A detached house with a fence at the back, along the firebreak, which actually had a big gap in it. So that’s where Lucas sat, stalking the woman every night. Victor parked his bike in the street, a hundred metres away, against a tree, and walked discreetly around the block. His heart was pounding in his throat. He was so nervous that he had to piss in the bushes.

It was exactly nine o’clock when he reached the firebreak. The firebreak was deserted, but he still found it difficult to lurk openly through the fence. He could think of nothing better than to tie his shoelaces first, with his face right in front of that crack. If anyone passed by, he would pretend to be looking for his contact lens.

He looked through the crack at the bedroom window, at least the one at the back of the house. That was a long way away, for the house had a deep garden. To his disappointment, he saw nothing moving behind the window. It was also dark. Lucas had probably given him the wrong address on purpose, perhaps from a colleague! Victor was about to sit up when he suddenly realised that there was indeed a woman in the picture, but in the garden! She was lying on a stretcher with a beer at her fingertips, her eyes closed, in the evening sun and she was naked!

But she looked very different from what Lucas had said; the woman who made Victor’s eyes roll out of his sockets was already a bit older, at least forty years old, with grey strands in her long hair, but most importantly; she was incredibly fat, with huge breasts that hung like two heavy pockets on either side of her body, and a large, soft belly that hung over her pubic area and rested on her thighs. No, Lucas would not have called her a “delicious bitch”, but Victor suddenly knew for sure: this was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He would want to worship her, marry her and make love to her often and for a long time. Ideally, he would melt into all the delicious soft fat he saw and become part of this beautiful woman.

What did he see now? Was she now with her hand on her pussy? Yes, indeed, she was fingering herself, seemingly mindlessly, as she lay on the stretcher with her eyes still closed. She was obviously taking it easy as the rest of her body lay motionless. Victor felt his own rod beginning to harden and the danger of ‘sticky stuff’ lurking in his trousers. He had to, and would, hold his cock in his hands for a moment. Just for a moment, he reminded himself, because he didn’t need to get caught here.

And as he fondled his swollen, hypersensitive, hard rod, he watched the woman slowly but surely work herself to climax. Her stomach and breasts began to swell, and the woman alternately grabbed a breast with her free hand to suck and fondle the nipple. Then Victor saw her lower body jerk violently, he heard her moan for a moment and then she stood still again. She now grabbed her huge breasts with both hands and began to gently caress and stroke them as if they were her babies. It seemed delicious to Victor as a woman to have such breasts. And how easy it was to charm men with them.

“Hey, Victor, what are you doing here?” a surprised voice suddenly sounded behind him. Startled, he looked up. And what are you doing there?” the woman asked, confused. It was Marjan, the receptionist at his office!

‘Oh, um, I was looking for my contact lens and then I happened to look through this crack,’ Victor tried, tucking his rapidly shrinking dick into his trousers.

‘You have glasses, right? You don’t have contact lenses. And are you jerking off looking at my sister? What are you thinking?

Ehhh I didn’t know it was your sister,’ Victor said, completely unnecessary. I’m going. Would you please not say anything about this in the office? I’ll get you a bottle of wine and if you like, I’ll write you a poem.

None of that! You’re coming with me and you’re going to apologise to Simone first. Hey Simone, open the door! I’m taking a visitor for you,’ she called over the fence.

A moment later the gate opened ajar and Simone, now dressed in a white bathrobe, stood in the doorway. Hello Marjan, I wasn’t expecting you so early, I was sunbathing in the garden. And who are you?” she asked kindly.

He was looking at you through the fence. I caught him, by the way, he’s a colleague of mine,’ Marjan answered for me. Ehhh I am terribly sorry, I never do anything like that,’ Victor stammered, ‘and I will never do it again. My name is Victor, by the way.
‘But were you masturbating while you looked at me?
‘Yes, but that’s because I thought you were such a beautiful woman.

‘Thought? Or thinking? Do you find all this so wonderful?” asked Simone defiantly as she opened her robe to reveal her huge, heaving breasts and her thick, hanging belly.

What a deliciously full woman! All of Victor’s blood was now rushing at breakneck speed to his cock, which swelled and swelled and became so painfully hard that he had to do something in his trousers for a moment. “Are you already on your dick again?” asked Marjan sternly, but Simone repeated the question, “Do you find all this so wonderful?

Victor’s throat was so dry with lust that he could only nod. Simone looked at his crotch and said, “You mean it. Come with me into the garden. Marjan looked surprised: ‘You’re not going to invite that pervert into our house, are you?

‘Why not? He seems like a nice boy, and he is the first in, let us say, fifteen years who has openly told me that he thinks I am beautiful. I don’t like the fact that men always look at my tits when I walk down the street with a slim thought. Don’t you think my sister is beautiful too?” she asked Victor, “She has much bigger tits than me, but a smaller stomach. That’s because of her diet.

He never showed any signs of it, sister. I must say he is a very thoughtful man, always remembering my birthday. Victor didn’t have to answer, but in his mind he had: Marjan was even hotter to look at than Simone, although she was at least five years older. She had a lot of wrinkles, but the same bright, sparkling blue eyes as her sister and a huge shock of dyed red hair that hung down to her breasts. And her breasts, Victor had never dared to look at them so closely, must be huge, for even though they were safely tucked away in a bra under a jumper, they were certainly the size of watermelons. But he shut up and walked into the garden behind Simone, with Marjan close behind.

Simone entered through the garden doors and walked straight up the stairs to the top. Come with me,” she said to Victor, who trudged along behind her. Marjan stayed at the foot of the stairs. Have you gone mad, what are you doing up there! Not in my bedroom, mind you!

Why don’t you come with me? When was the last time you had a man? And Victor, that was your name, Victor wants to spoil us. And your bed is much more delicious than my little doubt. You’re crazy. But if you’re going to go through with this, I’d like to be there too,’ it sounded much less sharp now coming from Marjan’s mouth.

Get undressed quickly, boy,’ Simone said to Victor, who had followed her into a spacious, opulent bedroom with a thick carpet on the floor and a huge king-size bed. ‘Yes, my sister needs a lot of room in bed. But it’s been a long time since two people actually slept in it. Let alone three!” laughed Simone as she let the robe fall from her shoulders and stood completely naked next to the bed.
Victor didn’t know how fast he could undress. Was he going to be deflowered? And by which of the two sisters? And would he be allowed to marry one of them? He could not say whom he would prefer. He could not imagine that he had little more to want….

Just lie down on the bed,’ Simone ordered briefly. Victor obeyed. How deep the bed was! It was deliciously soft and made for good sex. He watched as Simone ran her hands over her body, playing with her breasts, just as he had just seen her do in the garden, and then her hands went to that secret opening between her legs…. MMmmmm how deliciously horny I am …. how deliciously you are going to spoil me later, little boy.

She looked at Marjan who in turn was looking at Victor and in particular at his rock hard swollen cock. A 20 centimetre pleasure rod, never really used and always in the garage. Undress, sis.

Marjan started to undress slowly… Victor watched with open eyes as first her skirt slipped off her huge thighs, then she took off her sweatshirt, leaving her gigantic breasts in a flesh-coloured, decidedly unhealthy bra. Now she took off her huge panties first. Unlike Simone’s, her belly did not fall like a so-called “fat apron” over her pussy; she was not as fat as she seemed. But the latter was also due to her breasts, because when Marjan finally undid her bra, the biggest tits Victor had ever seen online, let alone in reality, fell out. They hung far below her navel, like two large, soft, fat-filled sacks, and with every movement they seemed to tremble for seconds. The fact that her red hair was blowing over them made the sight even more horny.

‘Ohhhhhhh,’ Victor couldn’t help moaning.

Do you like her like that?’ Marjan asked, ‘well, you can count on me to spoil her. But remember, you’re not done here yet!
We’re going to get him, sister!” said Simone enthusiastically as she climbed onto the bed and sat down, straddling Victor, her belly resting on his. With a deft movement, she immediately shoved his cock into her soaking wet cunt. Sorry for my haste, but I need to feel you inside me soon,’ she panted as she immediately began to ride the powerless Victor in top gear. Victor, by the way, didn’t mind being powerless.

The second it took him to slide into Simone’s cunt, his first time, would be etched in his mind forever and last for minutes…. This was what he had lived for all these years and what he wanted to live for from now on… this deliciously soft woman on top of him, enveloping him, swallowing him, taking him now, pressing her delicious tits in his face…. Come on boy, come on, fuck me deliciously,’ Simone moaned. Ooeehhh yes, ohhh I’m coming already…. llekker, keep going, I want more…’ and as she seemed to be coming on the conveyor belt she rode Victor in a furious ride. Victor was almost crushed by the huge soft belly that lay on his stomach and chest, burying him under an endless softness. He wished it would never end.

Marjan had also climbed onto the bed and lowered her breasts, much larger than Simone’s, onto Victor’s face. Suck,’ she commanded… and Victor obediently began to suck and nibble on her large, sensitive nipples. Inexperienced as he was as a lover, he always did the right thing instinctively, alternately stroking the nipples with his tongue, while his hands eagerly caressed the woman’s many soft fleshes wherever he found it. He also felt Marjan’s soft hair caressing his naked shoulders and was in seventh heaven, indeed, if he were to die now, he would have died perfectly happy. But instead, the softness and heaviness of Marjan’s breasts made him come rock hard. Jet after jet of red-hot seed spurted into Simone’s hungry cunt as she felt him come. ‘Ohhhhhh,’ he could only moan. ‘Come on boy, come deliciously…come all over me…’ Simone hissed at him as his pulsing cock continued to produce new globs of seed.

What about me?” sounded indignant from Marjan’s mouth… “You won’t get away with it, boy!

No, of course he won’t get away with it,” said Simone, who had slowed her gallop to a trot…. You realise that, don’t you, Victor? You won’t get away with it anymore.

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Victor nodded that he realised and felt Simone straighten up and slide forward, straddling her knees. He watched as his seed now dripped in a stream from her cunt, mixed with pussy juice. Lick that up first,’ Simone said, bringing her cunt to his mouth. Obediently, Victor slurped his own cum into her. How strange it tasted! Somehow disgusting, but very exciting. Just as he was about to swallow it, Marjan ordered, “Don’t swallow. Kiss me so that I can taste your sperm.

Simone gave in and now Marjan brought her mouth to his and began to kiss him hard, slurping in semen, pussy mucus and saliva. Victor had never kissed a girl before, but his body was telling him what to do. He kissed back, using his tongue and lips, while his hands eagerly groped for Marjan’s huge udders. Get them delicious … pull those teats … those delicious big memes of mine …’ she encouraged him.

All that voluptuous, soft, sinuous titty flesh excited Victor so much that his rod stood straight up again. This had not escaped Marjan’s notice either. She grabbed his cock with one hand and pulled on it as she continued to kiss him. Mmmmm I want to feel this cock between my tits, but first I want to taste you. She lowered her mouth to Victor’s dripping cock and began to suck it greedily. Victor didn’t know what he was doing. He hadn’t imagined such a deflowering. And while Marjan was sucking him off, Simone came and sat on his face. Give my pussy a good lick….’. She weighed at least 150 kilos and she went black before his eyes, but black with pleasure… hungrily he put his mouth on Simone’s still dripping hairy pussy and sucked and licked like crazy. “Do you feel that bud with your tongue, right at the top?” Simone moaned. Yes, he did… and as he licked it, he realised what he could do with it, because Simone jerked and trembled with pleasure every time he touched her little clit with his tongue.

Marjan did not sit still either. As Victor lay helplessly on his back, his head wedged between Simone’s powerful thighs, she climbed onto his rock hard cock and began to cum. Ohhhhhh yes yes… delicious…… oempf…. ahhhhh yes I KOMMMMMM!!!!!’ she soon sounded and like her buttery hot sister she didn’t leave it at that, using Victor’s cock as a pleasure rod for one orgasm after another.

Take him between your tits, I want to see his cum squirt,’ Simone panted between orgasms, because Victor’s tongue could do something.

Marjan slipped off Victor’s exhausted, worn-out, nail-hard cock and lowered her huge breasts over it. So now you’re stuck between my delicious big tits … and if you’re nice, you can come between them as often as you like,’ she murmured. Victor could barely hear, let alone see, what was going on beneath the enormous mass of Simone’s huge ass, but he could feel something unimaginably delicious happening on his rod. His cock was sliding back and forth in the narrow, soft gap between Marjan’s tits, being massaged so deliciously by all that soft tit flesh that he couldn’t control himself… …. Mmmpffffff’ it sounded smothered (instead of AHHHHHH) from under Simone, while at other times powerful jets of semen landed between Marjan’s memes…. “Mmmmm what a horny sight!” cried Simone, pressing her cunt vigorously against Victor’s mouth for a moment before getting up to see if he was still in good shape.

Yep so … Victor was completely dizzy, exhausted and out of breath, but the happiest man on earth.
You stay here for now,’ Simone decided. Just call in sick and tell your girlfriend you’re going to an international conference.

‘I don’t have a girlfriend,’ Victor interjected. Good, then you’re a natural lover. Maybe we should warm you up first, so you’re a little recharged… come lie on top of me, then between my thighs… with that flaccid cock against my pussy. Victor felt that warm, soft belly bounce and slosh beneath him like a waterbed. And then how Marjan lay on top of him with her full weight, so that he was sandwiched between two deliciously soft fat women… And then he felt his cock grow back naturally and slide into Simone’s warm, wet cunt.

He began to thrust and Marjan moved to his rhythm, so that he hardly wanted any more. And he didn’t mind, it couldn’t get any better than this. And so he fucked and fucked, the big soft Simone under him and Marjan with her huge tits on top of him. When he had finally squirted his cum into Simone for the third time and they were soon lying exhausted on their sides, he knew that he would never be able to leave these two horny sisters. From now on he was their sex slave and would never want to be anything else.