You know the thing, you enter a store and see the female staff and you think: soooo beautiful… You would almost say they are being teased for it. But of course it’s just looking and not touching. And rightly so. It makes you want to go back to the store just to see them. Well, I had it the other day at that new drugstore.

I went there recently and as I was walking through the store I saw her. A tall ebony woman. Not dressed up in jeans, no, definitely not. Her tight jeans partially revealed her figure. Full buttocks and deliciously filled thighs. The top was covered by the vest of the company outfit. But judging by her front, this was by no means an AA cup. She was busy unpacking, so I asked, “Excuse me, could I have a moment?

That is, if I could get by. She looks up, actually a little down as she is taller than me, and our eyes cross. I look at her for a few seconds and she looks at me. A wave shoots through my body, hard to describe. That it was erotic was clear. Her eyes, so beautifully dark, full fire-red lips and long black hair. “Sure,” she says, smiling and showing her teeth. My God, she’s so beautiful, I lose it for a moment. “Can I help you with something?” she asks. Again she looks at me, and again a little longer, as if she wants to make something clear. “Ehhh, well,” I say, “I’ll have a look around if you don’t mind,” and with a big smile she waves me through, “Sure, no problem. As I pass, I see out of the corner of my eye that she is looking all over me. I finally leave the drugstore with my head full of her. When I got home, I sat on the couch and yes, I started fantasizing about her and me. Of course about how she looks naked (I am a man after all…) and what it would be like to have sex with her. I got pretty horny with this idea and by now I had a hard cock. I undressed and started to play with myself. ohhh, it feels good to stroke my glans. My balls were not untouched either as I slowly jerked off. I grabbed the tingle lube and my easy glide to have a delicious squirt with her in mind. And yes, the lube ran out. Sticking my cock in the easy glide like that is not an option.

That was a real bummer and my lust disappeared.

I decided to leave it at that and get some more tomorrow. The next afternoon after work I went to the new drugstore at about the same time as yesterday. I secretly hoped to see her again. I entered the store and soon saw her. Pfff, how beautiful she is and so seductive. She also saw me enter and we had instant eye contact where she smiled broadly. I went to the shelf where the sex products were. Ah, the glitter lubricant and well, I also put a “pleasure egg” with it, always nice. A little uncomfortable I walked towards the cash register. There was no one behind me, but soon my ebony beauty walked up. Shit, I think to myself, now she sees the stuff. “Hello,” she says, “just this stuff?” “Yes, this is all,” I say, reading her name tag on her vest. “Dellilah, beautiful name.” “Thank you.” And again that beautiful smile. “Eric,” I say quickly. She grabs the lube, looks at me and scans the price. Then she grabs the “pleasure egg”. She holds it in her hand and says, “Surely this could be much nicer for a handsome man like you?” I don’t know what to say so quickly. “Is it true that you like me? ” Dellilah says. “I’ve seen the way you look at me and I can feel the tension between us. “Here,” she says, handing me her 06. “Call me delicious, I’ll give you that pleasure,” and she holds the egg between us.

“What time do you work?” I ask. “Oh, until 6 p.m.,” she says. “Okay, I’ll call you,” I say and check out. Totally hot for her, I go home. Did I feel it right after all, I think to myself. I take a shower, put on some cologne and mess around the house until it’s time. I call her 06 and very quickly she answers, “Hi with Dellilah”, “This is Eric from the Pleasure Egg”, I reply. She starts to laugh and says “hey Eric, so nice of you to call” “shall we meet at the bistro next to the drugstore in a moment?” “Sure,” I reply quickly. “See you soon” I go outside and walk towards the bistro. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. When I arrive, Dellilah is already sitting on the screened in patio. “Hi Eric,” she says and waves. “Hi Dellilah,” I reply. She stands up to kiss me in greeting.

Phew, she has on a short skirt, stockings with a sunny thin stripe down the back, a tight blouse that accentuates her breasts so nicely. Her hair is wavy over her shoulders. We kiss each other on the cheek. Mmmm, her skin is soft and warm. I notice that her skin is so smooth, no birthmarks or other blemishes. Nothing at all. Her face is still close to mine and she grabs my head and presses her full lips right against mine. I feel her tongue and respond immediately. We kiss passionately with our tongues while our hands run down each other’s waists. She stops and sits down right next to me. “Tell Dellilah,” I say, “do you know that I find you a very attractive woman? She smiles and says she figured that out the first time we met. “Do you know, Eric,” she continues, “that even though you are much older, I really want to make love to you? “You are so attractive to me,” she grabs my hand with her beautiful brown slender fingers.

Slowly she presses my hand to her breasts. “Ohhhh, mmmm,” she moans softly. It shoots through my body and my cock reacts immediately. I feel her beautiful large breasts, her nipples poking through the fabric. I look down at her and see that beautiful smooth dark skin giving way to full curves. My hands continue to slide down to her waist. Mmmm, she feels so good. Meanwhile I feel her hand slide down the inside of my thigh. Slowly it moves over my cock which is pressed against my jeans. “Ohhh, mmmm, that feels good,” she says, looking at me as she runs her tongue over her upper lip. “You’re undressing me with your eyes, aren’t you?” says Pryra. “Oh yes, you are so beautiful and I would love to feel you all over,” I reply. She grabs my face and starts tonguing me passionately. Her full lips feel so deliciously horny. I wonder what they would feel like around my cock. “Hey Eric,” she says in a sultry voice. “So you want to feel me all over? “She stands up and takes my hand. “I think we both need to go to the bathroom,” and again she licks her lips, slowly. “Come, I want you,” she walks ahead of me down the hall to the bathroom, it is so beautiful and exciting to watch her walk, those long legs, her hips swaying. Occasionally you can catch a glimpse of her large breasts on the side of her body as they sway vigorously. Just before the front door, she stands with her back to the wall. Her legs are slightly apart. I stand in front of her and grab her large breasts. I feel her hard nipples, she moans” mmmm, yaaaa, grab my nipples honey”.

She opens her blouse. Ohhh, she has deliciously beautiful full breasts, her nipples sticking out. That smooth soft dark skin makes me so horny. I take the nipples in my mouth as I caress her breast. I hear soft moans from Dellilah. I feel her hands unbuttoning my pants. “Ohh Eric, fuck me here, my pussy wants your cock, deep.” I pull my cock out and immediately she has it tight, “mmmm, nice”. She pulls me good hard. Because Dellilah is deliciously long, I can fuck her standing up without any effort. I push her thong aside and feel it soaking wet with her horn. Ohhh, what a delicious feeling….

Dellilah feels my cock against her pussy.

She puts her hands on my butt and pushes, “come in honey, come in”. She moans and closes her eyes in pleasure. Lusts and pleasures flow through both of our bodies. “OhhhEric,” she moans. I fuck her standing up. I see my hard cock, glistening with her horn, sliding in and out of her pussy. It is hot to see her pink pussy with her dark skin as a background. I grab her by her hips and thrust hard. We can’t make too much noise, so loud moaning is out of the question for a while. “Mmmmmmm, jaaaaa, ohhhh,” choked Dellilah moans, and I feel her legs jerking from cumming. “Ohhh Eric, you’re fucking me so deliciously,” Dellilah says. Not wanting to make a mess with sperm dripping out, she asks, “Eric, shall we go to my house? I want you naked against me. Feel you, caress you everywhere..mmmm” We leave the bistro and soon arrive at her house.

As we walk into her house, Dellilah kicks off her pumps, lowers her skirt, and the thong quickly follows. Then she takes off her blouse. She stands in front of me and looks at me. A stunningly beautiful, tall, dark woman with such incredibly flawless skin. Her large breasts, so beautiful and full, so feminine. A beautiful face with long hair hanging over her shoulders. “Honey?” She asks, “I want you, your cock, your hands on my body, come,” I undress in a flash. Dellilah immediately grabs my cock. “Mmmm, shall I suck it deliciously stiff?” And I see her fire red full lips close around my cock. A loud “ohhhhhh” follows on my part. “Oh Dellilah…” Her tongue is playing with my glans.mmmm She keeps taking my cock deep into her mouth. I get soo horny. My cock is rock hard now. I grab her hips and move her to the edge of the counter.

She jumps up slightly and sits down with her legs spread. “Ohhhh yeah, take me here honey, yeah, come fuck me.” Dellilah says. She feels my cock enter her pussy and I fill her pussy completely. They both moan loudly. I hear them with every thrust. That is sooo horny. We fuck like this for a while before we continue on the bed. We start with her lying on her back, her legs spread and raised. The pink entrance of her pussy is soooo horny to see. I let my cock slide all the way in and am able to fuck her deeply in this position. “Mmmmm, “she feels horny and looks beautiful and horny. She feels my balls slapping against her body with every thrust. We enjoy ourselves intensely and I feel that I will come. “Fill me up Eric, I want to feel how your cum squirts into my cunt,” I can’t hold back anymore and squirt my hot cum deep into her wet cunt with a loud moan.

I lower myself onto her and stay like this for a while. She puts her arms around me. “Mmmmm Eric, ohhh that was delicious,” Dellilah says. I feel my cock go limp and it falls out of her, followed by a mixture of my seed and her horny. We both feel that we want to continue. I lie down on the bed and Dellilah starts to suck me hard. Mmmmm, cum and horny,” she says, delicious. Slowly my cock comes back to life and she feels it growing in her mouth. She grabs my balls and gently works them until my cock is rock hard again. She sits on my face. I put my hands on her butt and press my mouth full on her nice seed tasting pussy. Mmmmm, she feels my tongue go between her lips and periodically I insert it. She presses her pussy firmly against my mouth. “ohh I want to feel you inside me Eric, now” she swings her leg over me and I lower myself onto my cock. Her pussy is still deliciously smooth from my cum. “Jaaaaaa, ohhh so delicious…,” Dellilah lets my cock go in and out of her cunt. Her speed increases. I grab her breasts, which now move wildly up and down at her pace. Her full buttocks clench against my body with each thrust.

We moan loudly with each thrust and Dellilah lets me know in dirty talk what she wants… so horny…. Dellilah stops for a moment when my cock is all the way in and now begins to move back and forth. Moaning she rubs her clit against my body and comes with a “jaaaaaa, ohhhh”. She continues fucking me and looks at me with those dark eyes. My cock stops in her wet cunt, it runs out, along my cock, over my balls and between my buttocks. You have no idea how delicious I find this. I feel like I’m going to come again. Less than the first time, but enough for her to feel it again. She feels my cock pulsate as it squirts and she milks me completely. “ohh Eric, I have all your cum in me now.mmmm, so horny…” She stays on me like this and I put my hands on her breasts. “Well Eric, you are hot and horny, great” she laughs and tells me that this is very much going to be a sequel….