We have been together for almost 20 years and are still looking for our limit. I am Sasha and now 40 years old brunette not too tall and have a slim figure with 85 c cup round breasts with small muscular nipples. I have been considered much younger all my life and of course I am just fine with that. Woman on photo.

My boyfriend is a tall man and has a lot of tattoos, like me. He is my third boyfriend and knows what he wants and likes and finds delicious. He is also very open-minded when it comes to sex. I love to be deliciously dominant during sex. Something Chris doesn’t mind. It started with me letting him do what I wanted during sex. Slowly I wanted more and more. So I tied him to the bed and sat on his face until I came, lightly squirting. Sometimes he would be tied to a chair and I would let a fucking machine I had been given go down on me. He was only allowed to watch and occasionally I would play with his stiff cock.

I found I was getting more and more horny when I was able to boss him around again. Even when we were apart, I made sure he had to do something to me. I would let him sneakily finger me on a terrace or lick me in a restaurant toilet.

Last summer, we went a step further. We rented a nice holiday home in Germany. Wonderful 14 days of well-deserved holiday. There I met Emma, a nice German girl of 28 who worked in the park. Over an afternoon drink on the terrace, we struck up a conversation and she took care of our drinks. She was a fun and spontaneous blonde with a nice figure and big breasts. She finished work around 6pm and joined us. She now drank comfortably with us. Furthermore, she was sociable and we had a lot of fun together. To be honest, the drink went by quickly.

After some food and around 11pm we decided to go to our cottage and Emma joined us. I don’t know how, but the conversation turned to sex. I told her what I used to do with Chris. She loved it, especially as Chris wasn’t a little man, Emma asked if she could see it, well Chris was stuck to a chair again and couldn’t do anything. While he was stuck, Emma and I started kissing and soon our clothes slipped off. Wow, I had never done anything with a woman before. She kissed me deliciously, and we played with each other’s breasts and licked each other’s nipples. Our fingers slid through each other’s deliciously wet pussies.

I had grabbed the satisfier and placed it on her horny clit.

I untied Chris and tied him to the bed in the bedroom. I sat on his mouth and let him lick my delicious pussy while I kissed deliciously with Emma. Then I crawled over Emma in position 69, and I licked her delicious wet pussy while she licked and fingered my pussy deliciously and we kissed like this. A delicious climax. Chris’ trousers were off and he really couldn’t do anything. Emma rubbed her wet pussy over his mouth and together we sucked his hard cock. Emma was now sitting on his chest with her pussy facing his face. I had grabbed the satisfier and placed it on her horny clit. Soon, Emma came over his face and pushed her cunt into his mouth to lick him.

The various toys I had with me were used on each other and occasionally we sucked Chris’s cock. After about two hours of playing with each other, Chris was allowed to fuck us. Wow that was really good.

During this holiday we often played with Emma somewhere delicious. In the woods next door, on the beach, on the toilet in the restaurant, in the swimming pool and in the cubicle and of course in our cottage. Emma wondered if we did this with other men. I laughed and said no, we had never actually done it, it was new to us. Emma told me that she had had sex with two men at the same time and that it was incredibly horny and delicious.

I had never thought about it but I realised I was open to it. I talked to Chris about it. He laughed and said he was waiting to hear when it would come up. If I wanted it, it was fine with him. Emma told me there was more going on in the woods not far from the park. You had to go off the path a bit and exciting things happened there. I wanted to go there for a long time, but I was never thirsty.

We had four days left, I was curious about this exciting place. I discussed with Chris what was allowed and what was not. Well, everything was allowed as long as it was horny. Of course, I wanted to tie Chris down, but yes, if I didn’t want something, he was stuck there. So it was decided not to do that just yet. It was a hot day and I put on a very short loose fitting pair of shorts with no panties underneath and a shirt with no bra. We walked to where Emma said we could see a path through the bush.

We walked a bit through the bush. We saw two men talking to each other. We watched them for a moment. The men were so engrossed in each other that we decided to move on. We came to a clearing and I told Chris to sit down and look at me. The spot had made me bloodily horny and I sat spread-eagled, pulling my knickers to the side and playing with my bare little clit wet pussy,

After about five minutes, Chris laughed and said there was a man looking at us. That turned me on even more, with three fingers in my pussy I fingered myself deliciously wild. Chris said where the man was standing and I turned that way so he could see me playing with my pussy. I saw him standing there jerking off. He was obviously an older man with a belly and grey hair. The man came closer and was now looking at me closely, he came a step closer and closer and at me the nerves coursed through my body.

My ass in the air and the man behind it.

I crawled to Chris on my knees and kissed him. My ass in the air and the man behind it. A horny shiver ran through my body as I felt this man’s hands, Chris looked at me and asked me if I liked it. I smiled and nodded yes. The man stroked my bottom and pulled my shorts aside and I felt him open my pussy. It was so horny, a strange guy now sliding his fingers inside my pussy. I pulled Chris’s cock out of his trousers, which was also deliciously hard.

Do you like seeing me like this honey I asked. He smiled and said, ‘super horny. Meanwhile I let the old man finger me deliciously. I looked at Chris and said, I want you to watch me get this cock inside me, I want that. I turned and looked at the man. Saw his beautiful hard drooling cock. I grabbed that cock and sat against him and rubbed his wet glans through my pussy. He fondled my bare breasts and played with my nipple piercings. I took my trousers off and spread my legs. He caught on and came with his cock between my tiny labia. Slowly this strange cock slipped into me and it wasn’t long before I came deliciously from the excitement and horny feeling.

Unbelievable how horny and exciting it was. This strange old man really fucked me deliciously. Soon three other guys were watching. The old man emptied his cock all over my pussy. I stayed down and soon I was lying there fucking deliciously with three strange guys. I sucked them and let my pussy be grabbed by these three deliciously hard dicks. Like a real slut I hoped from cock to cock. Poor Chris just lay there watching and was not allowed by me to play with himself.

These three guys also went on for a long time and often made me cum easily. The first one came on my breasts, the second one came on my cunt again and the last one rammed me really hard and squirted his cum deep into my cunt. Because of the hard fucking I had come quite hard myself and was shaking violently afterwards. The men left after thanking me. I called to Chris. Caress me now, I want you to spread the sperm all over me. He smeared my breasts and slid down and smeared my pussy under the seed.

I grabbed his head and looked at him and said lick me now. Chris looked at me with his eyes wide open. I don’t know why, but he seemed so horny. Carefully he licked my nipples. Now his tongue slid all over my breasts and I pushed him down. I grabbed his cock and it was leaking like crazy. Happy, he seemed to find it horny too. With his head between my legs he started to lick my pussy. It was so humiliating but oh so horny. I let him lick around my cunt and put his tongue in my cunt. Just until I was clean and coming. I was startled because a man came and sat on my head and helped me lick Chris’s cock. I clamped Chris’s head between my legs and shit, this guy was licking and sucking his cock.

This guy now pushed his cock in, which I sucked along with Chris’s, and he rubbed his wet glans along Chris’s ass. He laughed and shouted: “Nothing goes in there! Hahaha I understood that. Still, the man pushed his glans up against Chris’s ass while I still had Chris clamped down. The cock slipped in a bit. Damn, that was a really horny sight. Chris laughed and shouted, “Do you find this horny Sasha, sorry, yes I shouted. Notice that your cunt is almost empty. The man very quietly began to move his cock back and forth. Chris’s cock was now leaking heavily and I could hear him moaning softly.

It was not a big cock and he went a little further. I let go of his head and Chris turned slightly but allowed himself to continue fucking. Immediately I felt a cock slide into my cunt. I could tell it was a big one and he immediately started fucking me deliciously. The man who was fucking Chris pulled his cock out and squirted his cum against his balls and I got it in my mouth which was open from the big cock inside me. Chris turned away and I saw a short fat guy with a bald head but a big cock grabbing my breasts and screwing me to a violent squirting climax. It was too much for the guy too and he came on top of me against my pussy.

OK, that was enough for a while and I put my clothes on. Together we walked away laughing and I felt the last of the seed in my panties, back in the park I saw the fat little man walking around laughing. He turned out to be the park maintenance man. I invited him over that evening.

He came that evening. He was a Polish man who quickly played with me again while Chris was stuck on the bed. This man then spent another thick 2 hours driving me crazy in every hole until he squirted his seed into my cunt while Chris lay underneath and immediately licked his seed cock and licked my cunt clean,

On the penultimate day the three of us, Emma and us, went to this outside place. Soon I was lying there with four guys fucking me deliciously and letting these unknown men fuck me deliciously. Emma watched first and let Chris play with her. I now had a cock in my pussy, ass and mouth at the same time. Jesus that was so delicious. Emma took the last man and let him fuck her. The man who had deflowered Chris was there again and let himself be sucked by Chris who in turn was sucked by another man. I let myself be deliciously double fucked in different positions.

Slowly I felt over seed and stood I think up to 10 men. I let my pussy and ass be deliciously abused and watched as Emma let herself go too. Chris got fucked again and sucked a big cock. I came so often I lost count. Now I had two cocks in my cunt, I didn’t even know it would fit and it was super delicious and I felt both of them pumping me full of cum at the same time.

I was done for a while, I don’t know how many guys had fucked me. Emma and Chris also joined in. Back at the cottage it was clear that Emma and I were completely covered in cum. I didn’t understand why I wanted to leave and now I wanted to go back.

Chris had to lick us both and then take a shower. That evening, I saw this Polish guy with two friends. Yes, that would be my last. Back at the cottage, Chris saw me being fucked silly by these three Polish men. I let myself be abused hard and wild in every go and position.

I was fucked pretty hard anally and came squirting on me which is not normal. I didn’t know I could fuck so often and for so long, my pussy was always wet and I was always horny. The whole house I let myself be abused hard and screamed with pleasure. With a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass I felt both filling my holes. The latter came deep and hard and squirted all over my breasts and face.

The next day I realised I had fucked a lot. It was quite raw. Since that holiday we sometimes go to a nice outdoor place where I get fucked deliciously. But this time with a condom. Even though I don’t have a uterus anymore, I don’t need any crazy diseases. Sometimes we invite men home and then I get my pussy filled deliciously so that Chris can lick me clean.