The time has come. The day they have both been looking forward to has arrived. They wake up and prepare themselves for what is sure to be a very horny day. They don’t know exactly how it will turn out, but they do know that finally, after a long time, the sexual brakes can be released. They can finally be themselves. She picks out her horniest outfits, outfits in which she feels nice and slutty.

And prepares everything. As agreed, he goes down the street at 11:30 and rings the doorbell. Over the intercom, she says, “Look under the doormat” and opens the front door. He goes up and looks under the mat. Inside is the key to the door and a bill. It says to go out for 10 minutes for the first assignment and then read the next assignment on the bedside table.

Assignment? He thinks. He opens the door, goes into the bedroom, and sees her for the first time in ages. How wonderfully horny she is dressed! She lies blindfolded with her face in the mattress, her buttocks in the air. She has opened her buttocks with her hands. Man, how horny! Watching her closely, he undresses her. He sees her pussy glistening with wetness, strands of pussy juice dripping down her legs. Next to her he finds a note. That must be the order. He grabs the bill, “lick my ass for 10 min.” and then reads the next command on the bedside table. He had longed for this for so long! If she hadn’t thought of it herself, he would have eaten her ass all over anyway, just like in one of her movies. But this sight is too horny for words.

Mmmm, she’s made it nice and easy for me by pulling her buttocks apart so I can get right in there. First I lick the jets of moisture along her legs, from there my tongue moves to her ass, I skip her pussy and arrive at her butt hole. I circle her starlet with my tongue. As soon as I start she lets out a huge deep sigh. DELICIOUS! I turn around very carefully with my tongue and then I stick my tongue out as far as I can to put it in her asshole. Like a man possessed, I start licking her ass deliciously. I had longed for this so much! I hear her scream and moan…. Finally! Someone is licking my ass, how nice! I’m practically tongue kissing her ass, I love it so much. The pussy juice keeps dripping down her legs in strings. Fingers!!!’ she cries and I put 2 fingers in her dripping pussy. No! My pussy will be next, finger my ass!

I quickly put 1 finger gently into her asshole and continue to lick her ass with my tongue. I collect some spit, take my finger out and wet her ass with my saliva, and then put 2 fingers in and keep licking. She screams with pleasure. Yummy!!! She cries, more fingers! I take my fingers out and now I put 3 fingers in her ass. In, out, in, out alternating with my tongue. Just as I wanted to put the 4th finger in, the 10 minutes were up. Over. My dick is about to pop! Her pussy is soaking wet. I get up, take the bill from the nightstand, and it says. Go upstairs, sit on the couch and wait! I go upstairs and see a familiar and horny scene, something we have done before. The TV is playing our movies, all the sex toys are on display, the sex mattress is in the middle of the room as always, and drinks are being poured. I take a big gulp, the nice ass licking has made me very thirsty.

As instructed, I take a seat on the couch and watch our movies. It takes a while, but suddenly I hear footsteps on the stairs. My heart starts beating faster and my dick gets even harder. The door opens and there you are. All made up and wearing a long trench coat. Something in me says you’re hiding something horny under there. You look at me with glassy eyes and say nothing. You look up a movie and put it on the TV. It’s one of my favorites! Our blowjob movie! You walk over to me, look me hard in the eyes and get down on your knees in front of me. I’ve been analyzing this movie a bit, I think I should get your cock all the way down my throat. You say. You put your hair up. You grab my cock, still looking at me glassy-eyed, and bring your lips to my cock. Very quietly you push your throat around my cock. I hear you choking and gagging, but you try to get my cock all the way in. You take it out again, still looking at me, and you quietly pull me down and spit on my cock.

“Are you going to stuff my throat first? I nod. And there you go! You start sucking and deep throating me. I feel my glans slide down your throat sometimes, you gag and spit all over my cock, and go on and on. What a horny mess you make. Nothing stops you, you practically eat and swallow my cock! Man, how horny! I don’t think I’m going to last very long. Ger, I’m going to come when you suck me so deep…. You take my hands and put them on your head. That’s the sign for me to ram. I grab your head and start fucking your throat harder. The sounds you make help me climax even faster. I grab your head and push my cock all the way to the back of your throat and start emptying my balls right into your throat. Aaaah!!! Delicious!!!!

Proudly you look at me and say “I knew I could suck even deeper than in our videos”. You stand up, take 2 steps back and say “next job, just lie down! I get up and lay down on the mattress in the living room. You put your feet next to my head and I look under your coat, right into your pussy. I see you have your vibrating plug in, horny lingerie and no panties. You take off your you. And says “now it’s my turn, lick it” you lower your pussy on my face and I start to lick you deliciously. Mm! How I missed the delicious taste of your pussy! How you moan and how you move your pussy on my face. You start moaning louder and louder, every now and then you put my cock in your mouth in Beach 69 and start moaning louder and louder. I think you are about to come as well. You take your nipple clamps and put them on your nipples. From that moment on, you don’t know where to look. The moans turn into screams. I’m coming, I’m coming! I’m coming!!! I’m coming!!!!’ You scream, and as I keep clicking, your body begins to jerk. What is my next task? I ask. We take a stiff drink and you say.

The next task is ……