When I have to work at home, I sit in the attic and look out over our own and the neighbors’ garden. The neighbors are a couple with two daughters. The oldest girl next door is about 22 years old and quite a pretty girl. I knew she was a webcam girl (photo above) too.

The other day she had posted something on social media again, and then you think, “oh girl, with cleavage like that you’ll get a lot of men crazy. You don’t need that extra webcam attention at all. This afternoon it was hot, and I was puffing behind my pc. I heard some noise and looked through the window. There I saw the daughter doing some kind of work out in shorts and a top.

I jerked off to the image of the girl next door.

I don’t think she was wearing a bra because she was jumping around a lot. My film camera was next to me and I couldn’t resist recording it. During the review on the PC, I could zoom in and got a good view of the dancing tits. I dreamed away, and my cock became hard. Sitting behind the computer, I jerked off to the image of the girl next door.

A few days after this joyous moment, I met her in front of the house. And neighbor, she asked, could you see me well. I got a red head and didn’t know what to say. She continued with:

“Well you look good for your age too. But I will not tell my parents that you have been peeking. But then you have to do something for me. My parents will be gone soon and if you come by then we can talk about it.

When I ring the bell a little later, the door opens, and she’s back in her outfit of a top and shorts. And it’s a little unclear now, I see a small dark spot in her crotch. Would she be horny by now? I ask what I need to hear for what she can’t leave to someone else. She says she has to go to a party tonight and has no transportation to come back and if I could do it. What time, I ask. Well around midnight she says. I think how do I tell that at home, but I say that will be fine.

So in the conversation, the head is off. We walk to the garden. Her ass moves seductively in those shorts. So neighbor, you have been peeping at me and what did you think of that.

I immediately get a red head what so directly on the man it is confrontational. But something is already starting to grow in my pants. She sits across from me and that dark spot in her pants is getting bigger. I think she is horny too.

My answer to her question is that she looks good.

My answer to her question is that she looks good as my girl next door. I don’t want to hear that she says. SHE gets up and walks over to me and bends down and gives me a kiss. I can look into her top and see two great tits. Her hand lingers on my crotch and goes a step further. She doesn’t look at me, but looks at my bulge. She grabs my zipper and pulls it open. My pole promptly comes forward.

That looks good neighbor. Then she unbuttons my pants as well. Even more freedom is created. She rubs my briefs and I don’t have it anymore, and she too begins to pant a little. The dark spot in her pants gets a little bigger too. Man, how horny I am. My hands crawl under her top and play with the nipples of her tits.

Man, what great tits this girl has.

Sitting on the chair is a somewhat awkward position. When I stand up, my pants fall to the floor. I have to bend down for a moment to get out of my pants. She uses that freedom to take off her top. Man, what tits this girl has. They don’t droop like those of older ladies yet, but stick out promptly, even s with a cup c.

My hands grab those tits again, and I take 1 nipple in my mouth. Mmm, delicious. And I play with my tongue over the nipple . Her hands have freed my pole from my panties. So…. She says that is a bit bigger than those of the boys in my class. Her hands move up and down over my rod and a little pre-cum is visible

Alina: what a pole the neighbor has, mm, deliciously big. Would it fit in my pussy … wait a while and give him more pleasure. I think he is almost ready.

Me: Those guys from class must want to come quickly. Let’s see if I can enjoy it a little longer. Man, what she does that nicely.

I push her on the chair with policy and can not let my hands go of her tits. When she is seated, I kneel between her legs and pull her panties off. Oh god, she has no panties on, and she is completely bare. I push her legs to the side and the lips give way a little. The moisture glistens at me. I can’t restrain myself, and with my tongue I touch her clit. A shiver goes through her.

Alina: oh what, he does it nice. This is what grown men do. Let the woman enjoy herself too. I hope he continues. I feel his tongue on my clit . And …. oh, he licks my lips.

She relaxes and lies down with her legs wide.

She relaxes and lies down with her legs wide. I take all the time to spoil her. I lick her clit and occasionally her lips. I put a finger in her pussy and keep licking her clit. A shiver goes through her . The panting increases and slowly turns into moaning .

Her legs stretch, and slowly I feel the tension building in her. She can’t lie still and with a cry she comes. The pussy fluid splashes out. She gets up and looks at me with rolling eyes. God, that was so good. My cock had become a bit limp because I had shifted my attention.

You lie down for a while, she commands. We switch places and as soon as I sit down, she takes my cock in her mouth. It doesn’t take long before it’s four-pronged again. Her tongue takes all the way from my balls to the tip of the glans. She takes just the glans into her mouth and starts sucking on it . Now my eyes roll . I fall backwards and close my eyes in pleasure . Then she lets go of my glans and a moment later I feel her body sink over me.

Gently, my cock disappears into her pussy. She is still young, so it feels nice and tight. My God……. I don’t last long and then squirt my whole thing out. Heavenly…. I open my eyes and see two dancing tits. What a bitch. She stands up and the sperm drips out. So….. That was a good neighbor. We look at each other and don’t know what to say.

Well I say, tonight I have to pick you up. Yes, that’s the deal. We exchange phone information and go home with a good feeling.

In the early evening, I see her leave in a short skirt and a T-shirt with deep cleavage. My thoughts are still with this afternoon, and my blood is already flowing where it can’t go.

She smiles topless

Around half past eleven, I get an app if I come to pick her up. I get in the car and drive on the TomTom to the address. On the way, I get horny thoughts again. I park the car and app that I am there. Moments later, she comes running. The light of the lanterns leaves nothing to be desired. Her breasts are heaving up and down in her T-shirt. When she comes closer, it seems as if her nipples are hard, they stick through the thin fabric like hard marbles. I get a bulge in my pants. Hello neighbor, she says, and her gaze goes to my crotch.

When we have taken a seat (still without a belt) there is a certain tension in the air. She says, boy, what a boring evening. Bad music and no nice guys to dance with. Well, I say, and now go home. She looks at me and I feel a hand on my crotch. My erection reacts immediately.

She smiles and slowly pulls the zipper of my fly open.

She smiles and slowly pulls the zipper of my fly open. I sit still . Then she says, do you know a quiet place . We are still standing in front of the house of the party. Not really the place to get lost. I put on my seatbelt and drive the car to a spot in the woods. Her hand is still on my crotch.

When I stop the car, she gets out, and I follow her. In the parking lot there is a picnic bench. In the back of the car there is a plaid and I put it on the table. Fuck my neighbor, she says. She lies down, I take off her panties and spread her legs and feel her slit with my fingers. She is soaking wet. When I touch her clit, a shiver goes through her. I kneel down and start massaging her clit. Stop she says, I want to feel your cock.

She shuffles to the edge of the table and pulls down my pants. Then I can’t stand it anymore. Slowly I push my glans inside. She is tight and pleasurable. Slowly, back and forth. She lifts her legs and puts them on my shoulder. I can go even further inside her. Jeez what a pleasure . My hands slide under her T-shirt and grasp those mighty tits. Her nipples are hard.

Ejaculation takes a little longer than in the afternoon because I’ve already shot a lot of powder. It’s a pleasure. It’s nicer for her that it lasts longer. The sighing increases and with a raucous cry she comes. I don’t stay behind and squirt her narrow cunt all over. Voodoo, how nice. Oh neighbor, what a wonderful guy you are.

We get in the car and drive back. Hopefully I get to pick her up some more times.