After finishing my education and being in a roommate relationship, I found myself on the “wrong track” in the big city. My student days had been fine, but I felt I was now done with the city, and perhaps a little annoyed by the way things had turned out. I applied for a number of jobs, and quickly found a job in a small municipality inland, “in the countryside” in fact. Photo is of a webcam couple, spying is not required.

It suited me fine, as I came from a small place in the West, and this seemed like a good place to be while I planned my way forward. I was lucky with the choice. Firstly, the village was a very nice place, and I was well taken care of. Secondly, I was quickly offered a place to stay that suited me perfectly.

There was plenty of opportunity to pursue my outdoor interests, and I quickly found some nice mountain lakes with plenty of fish. On the way back from one of these mountain trips, I thought I’d drop in on Eileen at the farm, to ask for a few small things to be fixed up in the house I was renting. Although it was quite late and quite dark, I took the opportunity to stop by.

The house was very large and well-kept. It was idyllically situated at the end of a small meadow, well secluded from the main road that passed a few hundred meters below. The path I came on led me into the back of the house, so that I had to walk around to get to the front door. On the way around, I walked on the downside of the large terrace, and from the living room windows I noticed the characteristic “flickering light” from the TV. From the last time I was there, I remembered the large flat screen hanging on the wall exactly in the direction I was standing.

At a spying distance, I saw an opening in the curtain where the light comes out. The curiosity was too great, and I went closer until I could see inside. It was quite intense what I saw… On the flat screen there was a porn movie. On the film, a girl was giving a blow job.

On the sofa TV lay a completely naked woman.

On the sofa in front of the TV lay a completely naked woman, Eileen . She was as sexy as I thought. Next to her sat her husband. He was naked and massaging her breasts while they watched the film. It seemed like they were just getting started…

After a while, she twisted halfway around, so she reached his cock, which she started to fondle. Wanked it gently, and gradually massaged his balls. It got very hard very quickly. From what I could see, he had a solid cock. She bent over and took it in her mouth, and I could almost sense the man’s pleasure as I stood there. Slowly, she licked and sucked his cock. It was an amazing sight…

In the film, the couple had just started fucking. The girl had sat in front of the man with her back to him and sucked his cock. Aren’t they called “reversed cowgirl” when the lady sits like that? It could seem that the two in the living room wanted to reproduce the couple in the film, because Eileen stood up, twisted and did the same. Then she pressed down on his cock.

It was sickly exhilarating and without thinking about the risk I unzipped my pants and found my cock, which was already stiff and good. I felt the cold air on the scrotum and buttocks, someone who was even more exhilarating. Calmly, I began to pull my cock. Madness!

They continued to fuck in the same position.

Inside the living room, they continued to fuck in the same position. However, it looked like the man kept on fucking with something or other. Suddenly I saw what he was doing, he was holding a little webcam that he wanted to film with. When Eileen saw this, she got up and snuggled down again. She squatted and took his cock in her mouth. Calmly, she started to suck and jerk him off, while he sat and filmed her.

I must say I admired the mastery of both, perhaps especially the man. They were calm and didn’t let the passion get the better of them yet. The way they held each other told me it probably wasn’t the first time they’d done this.

In the film on the big TV, I saw the man pull out and send his entire load over the back of the girl he had fucked. Good and classic porn, but not as good as the show I watched. Suddenly the screen went black, but after a short while a very unclear picture came up. The image came into focus quickly, and I could see that he had connected the webcam directly to the screen. Then I saw close-ups of Eileen sucking cock. Quite a wild and brilliant idea to film yourself this way.

Spying through the window was incredibly intense.

The combination of seeing them at a distance and spying through the window and the close-ups on the screen was incredibly intense. I knew I had to take it easy with the wanking, or I would come along once.

Eileen commanded her husband to get down on the floor. He lay down on the thick carpet, and she sat over him with her cock in front of her. She played with it by alternately pressing it against her sex and jerking it. The man filmed this relatively calmly and quietly. Clearly they had practice with this. He let the camera move calmly upwards so that her breasts and face came into focus. She was very alert, and I could see from her bright eyes that she was horny and liked this very much.

She got up and stood on all fours in front of the man. In the meantime he put the camera on a little tripod next to her, before sitting behind her and pressing in. It was brilliant, because now they saw themselves curled on the screen. They found a steady pace and obviously enjoyed seeing themselves at the same time. I saw him massaging her full breasts while he fucked her. After each he moved one hand down to her sex, something she obviously liked because the pace increased rapidly after that.

I was completely absorbed by what I saw. It was almost too good to be true. The cock was stiff and ready to shoot, so I had to calm down the wanking not to empty myself there and then.

Inside, it was clear they were getting close, because the pace was fast. The man stood and held her around the hips, while he drove the cock into her, quite hard. Then he slapped her ass. Quite hard, actually, because I heard the sound right from where I was standing. She stopped, and I could hear her crying out her pleasure as she came. Shortly afterwards, the man continued fucking her until he came inside her too in a roar, before they sank together on the carpet in front of the screen.

I simultaneously came in some good long spurts up the wall of the house. Quickly, I pulled up my pants and returned to the woods where I came from. The leg was like jelly and I had to sit down with a beer when I got back to the house. Through the window I saw the flickering light of the TV, and I wondered if they were watching the film they had made or something else… I thought I was horny again from the thought…