“So there’s food”, she hears from the kitchen, she must have fallen asleep. She blinks, is it a dream or is she awake? She closes her eyes again, what a dream she just had! Where did it come from? She could feel the warmth that had spread through her body and especially her abdomen.

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She stretched and smiled to herself, food and a nice relaxed body, though with some uneasiness in the lower regions. Good thing it was semi-dark in the room, she was sure her cheeks were flushed. She saw the slice of the dream before her again, but wondered about the action, where did it come from ?

She needed food, but the dream was closer.

It was dark in the room and warm, very warm. And she hated clammy heat, it always made her sweat so much, and she hated sweating. She didn’t know where she was or how she’d got there, she just knew she was lying on her stomach across something, maybe a massage table or a table with a water blanket, and that she couldn’t move at all.

Her arms were pulled up over her head and fastened at the wrists, she had tried to pull them to her, but the two cuffs or whatever they were didn’t give much, so she quickly gave up. Her bare breasts and stomach were wedged down on the tray, her bottom sticking out over the edge and her legs bent down towards the floor.

She could move her legs a little, but not bring them together. There had to be something stretched out between her ankles that kept her legs spread. When she tried to stand up she could feel her waist being held down, there had to be a strap or something strapped to the ground. So there wasn’t much to do, she was helplessly pinned down.

What happens now ?

What happens now, and where is my food? Have I been drugged and brought here and what is going to happen to me now ? Thoughts flew through her head. Am I to be raped, abused and perhaps killed? She could hear her own breathing and feel her heart pounding. I wish she could remember something, anything, where she came from or what had happened before she was put here?

She concentrated on listening. But there was silence, not so much as a sound. What the hell was this. She tried again to get free, but it was impossible. She lay perfectly still, trying to relax. She could see herself in front of her, lying there with her bare ass sticking out over the edge, and with her sex completely unprotected between her spread legs. It was horrible, what couldn’t happen?

She tried to gather her legs, but only her knees could come together a little. The more she tried, the more helpless she felt, and the more she used her inner thigh muscles, the more the heat spread between her legs. No it couldn’t be, she couldn’t be excited now, not now, not in this hopeless situation !!

Her thoughts drifted between wild panic, hopelessness and – she couldn’t believe it: lust.

Suddenly a door behind her was opened.

Suddenly a door behind her was opened and after a while closed again. She tried to turn her head to see, but couldn’t, her arms made it impossible, and it was still completely dark. She listened intently. Suddenly there was a click and the silence was broken by music. It sounded like some relaxing music, soft electronic tones filling the room so she couldn’t hear what else was going on around her. All her senses were on high alert, what the f…. was going to happen now.

Suddenly some light was switched on and the room was bathed in a faint red glow. She missed with her eyes and tried to focus, but could only see the outline of things in the room. She could see it was a large room with various things on the walls, to the right on the wall there was an outline of a large X and to the left there were beams in the ceiling from which ropes or chains hung down. On the other wall there was something that looked like a big wheel with spokes.

THIS was an SM room !!

Oh no she thought, I’ve always feared that, I hate pain and it’s not me at all. Maybe a little pat on the bum when it had been a wild night in bed with the man, that would have been fine, but otherwise she hadn’t tried anything like that at all. PIS.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her lower back. And then another. They started massaging up her back in slow strokes, all the way up to her neck and back to her lower back again. They were warm and smeared with oil and didn’t slide very hard back and forth. Hmm those were soft hands, maybe a woman’s ?

“Help me” she whispered, lifting her head as high as she could, but it disappeared into the music and the hands just continued.

“HELP!” she cried in panic, “HELP ME SOMEONE!”

The hands stopped massaging and disappeared from her body. She listened intently, but all she could hear was the music. Suddenly her hair was gathered at the nape of her neck and pulled upwards so her head had to follow. She screamed in surprise and as her mouth was open now, a big round thing was put between her teeth and a strap or something was tightened around her neck.

She screamed again but only a few grunts came out into the room. Oh no, now I’m going to die, she thought, and tried again to get free, tearing and ripping at the straps with all her might as she tried to scream out her terror.

But it was no use, she was irretrievably strapped in, and there was no one to help her. She gasped for breath through her nostrils and little by little she calmed down. FUCK, she thought, I’m finished now.

Her hands began to stroke her back again in long soft strokes, the music still playing soothing notes, a strange contrast to her outraged interior, filled with terror and fearful forebodings.

The hands still stroked her back, all the way up to her neck and down to her lower back. But now they slid further and further down with each stroke, finally concentrating on her lower back and down over her buttocks, down to her upper thighs and back again. She could feel how they parted the buttocks a little each time they rubbed down over them, and how it actually felt a little nice. Strange, but what was she to do, totally fixed, totally in the power of her hands, totally subject to the will of the person, be it man or woman.

The hands continued their journey.

The hands continued their journey searching for food, she began to hope they would get a little closer to the unprotected, open part of her, but they didn’t. Instead they suddenly disappeared, what happened, what is to happen ? Before she could think more she could feel something wet being smeared around her sex, on her labia and around her rear hole. A few times the wetness was also smeared down her inner thighs.

Suddenly a finger was guided from her pubic bone up along her labia and around to the cunt. It gave a yelp inside her. The finger was lifted and led back to the pubic bone to be led again by the same route. She suppressed a moan, but found that the sound disappeared into the ball in her mouth, so the next time the finger started its route she moaned uncontrollably. The finger successfully avoided, unfortunately, her clitoris, the little tap that now stretched expectantly each time the finger passed, hoping to be nuzzled a little.

In return, the finger was pressed a little between the labia, a little more each time, a delightful sensation that made her juices spread and the blood rush to the labia that became more and more sensitive each time. She was moaning now with each stroke and began to raise her pussy up against her finger for more, it was nice even though it wasn’t supposed to be.

Suddenly the finger was gone. Oh no, come on with it again, it was just as nice, she managed to think, before she felt a searing pain on one of her buttocks. Smack. She screamed aloud in surprise, but the sound disappeared into the ball in her mouth. Another slap, but on the other buttock, she screamed again. It stung a lot, and new slaps filled the room, alternately on the two buttocks. She could feel the heat spreading, shut up how it stung, the blows rained down on her sore ass, slap, slap, slap.

She could feel the tears pressing on. Stop now she shouted into the ball, but all that came out was grunts.

Suddenly the beating stopped. She could feel her ass tingle and her skin almost burn, wow the heat spread, it spread down between her legs to her sex where the labia almost throbbed and begged to be touched.

What is this, why are they doing this to me, why me and why am I reacting the way I am?

“She is ready now !!”

She winced, a female voice broke into the soft tones of the music, so it was a woman who had massaged her and slapped her behind.

“Thank you, you did a good job, you can leave us now.”

A deep voice was heard, a man, there is a man in here, she thought, oh no what will happen now, no more slaps, oh no.

The door was opened and closed again, had she left ?

The door was opened and closed again, had she left ? Again there was only the music, she tried to listen but heard only the music. If he was behind her, he saw her lying there with all her virtues exposed. Suddenly she heard a sound, what was it? It sounded like a limb or a revolving door being opened and closed again.

“Come here, sit.”

WHAT? Is there a dog in here ? Her brain ran through a million scenarios in a split second, A dog ? What was it doing here? She yanked on every chain and strap or whatever it was, she wanted to get away this was too much.

Before she could think any more, she felt a wet rough tongue on her one thigh, nooo, she screamed all she could but still no sound escaped her mouth. The tongue continued on the other thigh, licking merrily upwards, she tried to bring her knees together, but it could only be done a little.

The dog stopped and she felt a large hand on her one ankle, pulling the leg further out so she spread her legs more. When he released her again the pole between her ankles held her legs wide open so she was completely prone and open.

The dog continued licking, approaching her sex more and more. It couldn’t happen, not a dog, what couldn’t happen. But it was nice too, but it was forbidden. Suddenly it was there, the tongue, a lick all the way down from the clitoris and up the swelling labia. She screamed in surprise.

Then it was gone again. What a feeling, she’d probably been spooned down there before, but this was different, both soft and hard, and almost too much. It licked her inner thigh now, then licked the now wide open cunt again, with the same intensity and with the same turn. It was too wild, she squirmed and screamed but she couldn’t get away and the dog continued licking until finally she came in such a violent orgasm that she had never experienced before, it was like she couldn’t stop the orgasm, it was like her brain exploded in a thousand colors and shapes.

When she slowly came to again she was still on her stomach, but she now felt her legs being lifted up by the rod that still held them spread apart. The pole and her legs were twisted around so that her body had to follow, and finally she was lying on her back, still with her arms above her head. Her legs were now lifted up towards her head, her bottom was lifted upwards and each ankle was put in a sling so she was lying with her legs very spread, knees bent and with one foot on each side of her head.

She tried to lift her head a little.

She still hadn’t fully recovered from the crushing orgasm but was waking up more and more. When she came to, she was totally exposed with her crotch pointing upwards and her protective legs wide apart. She tried to lift her head a little to see if possible who was in the room, but she couldn’t see anyone.

Before she could think any more thoughts about her situation, the lights went out. The door opened, then closed again. She couldn’t hear anything because of the music that was still playing, but suddenly she felt soft hands on her thighs. Was it the woman who had come back in ? The hands stroked up her legs all the way to her feet, only to be guided down her calves again, around her knee bones and down her inner thighs, all the way to her lap, where her cunt was still open from the rough treatment of the dog’s tongue.

Both hands were run against each other until they met and pressed the labia together. Now the hands began a quiet massage of the vaginal entrance, one hand upwards the other downwards, with only a slight wander, just enough to make it feel gentle and pleasant. The thumbs could now be brought together so the clitoris could be massaged with a finger on each side, up and down, up and down.

She started breathing again in short bursts, the fingers were practiced, they knew just how to treat the little tap. It was getting better and better, she could again feel the orgasm approaching, moaning more and more. Suddenly the massage stopped, the hands disappeared, leaving a strange void around her cunt. Now what? Come back, let me feel those lovely movements again, she moaned.

Suddenly she felt a tickling sensation.

Suddenly she felt a tickling sensation on one of her inner thighs. Something pulled softly along the soft skin, to the hollow of her knee and back again to her pussy, over her lips and onto the other inner thigh, up to the hollow of her knee and back again. It went on like that, it felt like a little line being drawn on the skin. Each time it slid across the now open wet cunt, she moaned and tried to strain against it to make it stay a little longer at the soft lips.

When it was at one knee-hole, the slow dragging across the skin was replaced by small swishes, but still following the same route. The little swishes intensified a little as it approached the labia, when it got to one it followed the lip as it swished. She was just going out of her skin, the sensitive lip was swished by a whip, not very hard but what a sensation. When it reached the clitoral area it avoided it, but then continued down the other lip and from there out the inner thigh to the knuckle and then back. Still swirling, and now with a little more force, same trip, same route.

She could feel the heat spreading in her pussy, never had she felt her lips so sensitive. She could feel it wouldn’t be long before she would come again and moaned fervently. The swirling grew louder and when it came to her pussy for god knows what time, it moved up past Mount Venus, up to her stomach. It hadn’t been here before so it was very sensitive territory.

She couldn’t quite work out if it was good or hurting but as it started to swirl down towards the pussy again she had no doubt, if it hit the clitoris she would come. It moved down over the venus mountain then turned off and continued down one lip which swirled more vigorously then back to the venus mountain and down the other lip which got the same turn. She could feel the heat and the sting, she moaned like a possessed, now now now.. the swirl went to the back of the venus mountain, there was real power on now, it was approaching the clitoris, no no not there, I can’t take it, I can’t ..

But it did, it hit the little tap precisely and hard, it blackened before her eyes and she exploded in an endless burning orgasm where she screamed loudly …..

“Well my darling, you must have been dreaming, I think you’d better tell me about it later, but come and eat”