A story of a female friend of a family who is particularly attentive to the son of the family. He was in the shower and suddenly she was in his room when he comes in. Without clothes. Photo for illustration, that’s the German Honey. You can talk to her and share naughty things.

Silvia – A good female friend of the family knocked on the door. I could hear the knock from the bathroom, as it is near the front door of the apartment. Annoyed, I got out of the shower and quickly wrapped a towel around myself. After this hot day, I was actually looking forward to taking a cold shower in peace. So I opened the door to see who wanted to disturb me. “Hello John, am I disturbing you?”, with these words Silvia greeted me. Surprised, I looked at her, before I remembered that my mother had invited her. She was a good neighbor and family friend and had been invited for the evening. However, I was alone at home, apparently, we had completely forgotten, since my mother had already gone out that evening.

I happily greeted her after the initial surprise and invited her in. I apologized for the fact that we had apparently totally forgotten about our meeting and offered her something to drink in the meantime. “I’ll be with you in about ten minutes, I’ll just finish my shower,” I said as I went back into the bathroom… When I got out of the shower again, I realized that I hadn’t taken any robe into the bathroom either. I had not expected to get visitors. So I wrapped a towel around my hips again and wanted to go to my room to get dressed. So I went into my room and threw the towel on my bed to take out of my closet something nice to wear. Then I noticed Silvia sitting on my couch and now looking at me and grinning. “Oh God, I didn’t see you were here” I brought out startled. “But John, it’s my fault for just sitting in your room. I hope you don’t mind? It looks so cozy in here…” “Uhh, no of course not. “And don’t worry, I’ve seen you naked many times when you were smaller…but I must say, some things about you have grown. You’ve become a handsome young man,” Silvia flattered me, which pleased me greatly. “Uhh yes, thank you”, that’s all I could bring out right now, as I was a bit perplexed by the whole situation… My amazement soon turned into other feelings, though. I was still standing naked in front of her and was fascinated by the sight of her.

She had always pleased me, when I came into puberty I had often imagined her when masturbating. Now she sat there in front of me, the 20 years older Silvia, whom I had known all my life. She still looked damn hot, as always she was dressed very sexy. Since it was a hot June evening, she had on a very skimpy black top that accentuated her plump breasts very well. She wore short skimpy jean colored hot pants with it. I couldn’t stop looking at her and when I looked at her face again, I noticed how she was grinning at me. “I’m glad you seem to like what you see very much,” she replied laughing. In horror, I realized that my penis was already fully erect. I tried in vain to hide my stiff member and stammered something like “Oh God, I’m embarrassed…”. But she only asked me to take a seat next to her. Oblivious, I obeyed her and sat down next to her on the sofa. Silvia told me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed after all and that she was very happy about the sight of the excitement that I get when I see her.

I looked into her eyes and listened to her words. As she spoke, I looked at her sensual lips and soft skin. She was truly a beauty, and at approx. Forty years, still totally young at heart. Suddenly, she told me that it was not entirely new to her that I found her attractive. She told me how she had often noticed me looking at her before. A little tense, I slid around on the couch. She noticed and asked me if I would feel more comfortable if she took her clothes off too. “I think so yes…and I would also love to see you naked after imagining it so many times. Silvia stood up and got rid of her top, now her breasts were only wrapped in a nice lace bra. My gaze fell on her flat stomach and her hot pants, which she now opened and pulled down her beautiful long legs. Her skimpy panties covered only the most necessary, and let the imagination run wild, what is probably beautiful hiding underneath. When Silvia opened her bra, I could finally look at her beautiful, firm breasts for the first time. They are large and shapely and still hang just a little. “Do you like what you see?” she asked me as if she didn’t know exactly.

She saw my lustful looks and asked me what I wanted to see first. “Please show me your pussy, I’ve imagined it so many times and I can’t wait to see it,” it shot out of me. So she turned around and showed me her tight butt before slowly pulling down her thong. Now I could admire her hot ass and wait anxiously for the front. When she turned around, I finally saw her femininity. She was beautifully clean-shaven, had only a fine strip of brunette hair on the Venus mound, just the way I like it best. Her pussy looked so tender and fresh. Her labia protruded slightly, making her femininity look like a beautiful ripe fruit. Looking at her like this I felt the blood pumping into my stiff cock, I was so aroused I could hardly think straight.

Silvia sat down with me again and put her hand on my thigh before she asked me demandingly, “Well John, what do we do best now?”. After, we are already both naked on your couch and will probably be undisturbed for the next few hours.” Before I could answer her she said she would like to see me masturbate. “Do it like you used to do when you imagined me,” she said resolutely. “Only this time you don’t have to use your imagination, you can look at me while you do it”. Since I was already so horny, I started touching myself without hesitation. I stroked down my torso and started stroking my privates first. Since my penis was already totally stiff, my glans were already exposed. I wet my head with enough spit and rubbed it with it. Then I slowly began to push my foreskin back and forth.

Already after a few movements, I felt that I would not be able for long. Therefore, I stop briefly and began to massage my testicles. I first stroked my scrotum and then took it completely in my hand to tickle my balls with my fingers. Mm…what a horny feeling. I looked at Silvia always excited, who just massaged her breasts, and when her nipples had fully erected, now stroked with her hand further down. When she had arrived between her thighs and spread slightly, I moaned. I could now watch her as she stroked her pussy and could already see shiny pink wetness spreading there. “Hmm…yes…” she moaned softly, and when I stopped masturbating she said, “Go ahead, I want to see you pleasure yourself. I want to see you enjoy it…”.

Again I reached for my cock and jerked it further, very slowly I kept pulling my foreskin back and forth over the glans while massaging my balls with my other hand. “Ahhh…. I can feel I’m about to ejaculate…” it escaped me as I pleasured myself opposite Silvia. She grinned at me with satisfaction and said, “Oh yeah horny, I can’t wait to see your cock ejaculate. Stand in front of me and cum on me!”. “When she said that, my testicles were already tingling. I could already feel my cock pumping and quickly got up to stand in front of her.

She looked eagerly at my cock while inserting two fingers into her pussy and while I made the final jerking movements. “Ahhh…ahhhh…. I’m squirting…” it escaped me in my ecstasy. “Yes John, come on me! I want your cum!” replied Silvia. Then it was too late. I felt a huge load of cum pumping up my cock, and could watch the load spurt out. Several spurts of warm juice shot out of my cock and splashed onto her neck and breasts. My cock was pumping and wouldn’t stop squirting. “Wow…cool how much you can squirt,” she said full of horniness as her orgasm jolted through her.

The thick milky product of my orgasm ran down her neck and partially covered her breasts and ran down her stomach. With one finger she stopped the sperm again and then licked it from her fingers with pleasure. Satisfied and excited, I watched her enjoy all of my cum in small portions. “Mmm…what good juice do you have in your balls?” she asked me with a grin. “There’s plenty more for you where that came from,” I now replied to her uninhibitedly. “I already want to get a little more,” she said lustfully…. I could hardly wait to nibble from Silvia too. Passionately, we kissed and I began to caress her breasts and lick them. Her nipples were already quite hard and erect as I sucked on them while touching her beautiful body. I caressed her belly, her back, her butt and her legs. As I stroked the insides of her thighs, I felt her growing arousal… “Do you want to taste my pussy?” she asked me full of horniness. “Yes…I can’t wait to taste you. “So I knelt down on the floor in front of the couch and she sat right in front of me with her legs spread.

I kissed the hot Cougar between her legs

I kissed her already slightly wet vagina, which made Silvia groan. I started very slowly and gently licking her labia from bottom to top with my tongue, which made her breathe deeper and deeper. It was horny to taste her increasing horniness, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. She was like a ripe fruit, already wet and tasty. I tried to penetrate deeper and deeper inside her with my tongue, and moved my tongue inside her, making her moan louder and louder. “Mm…your pussy tastes so good, it’s so horny to get all the juice off that runs out of you”. “Yes John, lick out my pussy, lick all my juice”, she said with great horniness. She spread her legs wide apart while I kept licking her. When I turned my attention to her clit and licked and sucked on it, she pressed her thighs tightly together. “Yes, yes keep licking me, I’m cumming, ahhh,” she moaned as her orgasm jolted through her. Satisfied, she pulled me back up to her and kissed me passionately… “Now I may taste you,” she announced promisingly as she began stroking my penis and testicles. As she kissed my torso further and further down her tits finally touched my now completely stiff cock, which just felt too horny.

I sat with my legs spread on the couch, and Silvia now knelt in front of me and looked me in the eyes while she started kissing my cock and then licking it. She also kissed and licked my testicles, which felt wonderful. “Your balls are cute, I hope they still have plenty of juice for me” she said as she sucked my balls. “Ahhh, yes…keep going please” I gasped as she began to lick my glans. With her nimble tongue, she tongued my glans which made me groan. She nibbled on the rim of my glans and also ran her tongue along my horny tip. “Mhm, your nubs feel so horny on my tongue”. Finally, she put her lips over my glans and held my cock at the base of my penis. She kept running her lips from my glans to the base of my penis, which felt insanely good. It looked so horny to watch almost all of my cock disappear into her mouth over and over again. “Ahhh, that feels so good the way you do that. How do you like my cock?” “Mmm, it tastes so good…and it’s just the right size for my mouth. ” She continued to suck on my privates with relish, and if I hadn’t cum first, I probably would have come by now. While she pleasurably spoiled my cock with her tongue and her lips, her hands caressed my balls.

More and more demanding, she massaged my testicles and started to tickle them harder and harder. It felt so good what she was doing, and became even hornier when she moved her second hand further and further down and finally massaged the area between the testicles and butt hole. Finally, she let go of my cock with her mouth and started licking my balls, gently at first, then more and more demanding. She finally sucked my entire scrotum into her mouth and sucked on my balls. “Ahhh, yes that’s so horny, I can already feel it tingling in my balls,” I moaned in pure pleasure. With one hand she slowly jerked my cock and the other hand was now at my butt hole, her fingers gently massaged my entrance without penetrating. “Ahhh, Silvia, I’m about to come” I yelped before she took my cock again in her warm wet mouth.

She tickled my balls while she ran her mouth along with my cock a few more times, pressing her lips together very tightly. “Ahhh, I’m about to cum, ahhh” I almost screamed as I gasped and discharged into her mouth. I felt loads of cum shoot up my cock and splash into her mouth. She was still sucking on my spurting cock with pleasure until it was all unloaded in her mouth. “Mmm…what a huge load of your hot juice,” she said as she licked her lips again to get the last drops of cum off. Relaxed, I let myself go and pulled Silvia up to me. When she kissed me I could taste my own cum still in her mouth. It was such a horny orgasm that I must have briefly fallen asleep for a few minutes. I was awakened when Silvia was already jerking my cock again, and it was already swollen to full size. “Now I want to be fucked by you,” she said before she sat up on my stiff cock. I was now lying on my back, and she sat down on my stiff privates. He immediately slid into her wet cunt, and I was now up to my limit inside her.

She started circling her pelvis and moving slightly up and down. When she started riding me faster, I could admire her horny tits bouncing around like crazy. I grabbed them tightly and kneaded them through. Then Silvia lowered herself to me so that her tits hung in my face. I enjoyed it very much to lick and suck them. I put my legs up a bit and went along in time with her movements. My pelvis kept bumping into hers. I could feel the juice running out of her pussy, wetting my cock and balls with each thrust. “Ahh, it’s so horny to move in your pussy, Silvia” I moaned. She gasped louder and louder as we moved and screamed “Yessss, John, fuck me harder, fuck me deeper!”

I grabbed her hips and ass and thrust my privates harder and harder into her womb from below. It felt so horny to fuck Silvia. I had known her all my life and since puberty, I found her horny. I often thought about her while masturbating. And now I fuck her. When she straightened up again, I massaged her clit with my thumb. She made a few more circular movements and I felt her pussy tighten. “Yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” she screamed out her orgasm. However, she didn’t stop riding, and I also felt that my orgasm was very close. She reached down to my balls and grabbed them tightly and cuddled them while she rode me some more. “Ahh Silvia, I can’t take anymore, I’m about to come. ” “Yessss John, just come. Squirt it all in me. Make me full. ” That was too much for me. Groaning, I finally came to orgasm in her pussy. As I felt my penis go limp, I also felt the cum running out of her pussy and down my cock and balls. She cuddled up to me and after a few minutes already asked me if I could again.