The story of a nephew who visits his niece and puts pressure on her for her webcam work. In the photo webcam model Shanaya. She is topless on Monday.

My uncle, his wife, and Marc, my nephew, are visiting. It is already a bit late, and since I went to bed very late last night, I am already tired in the early evening. I tell my mother that I want to go to bed soon, it is almost ten o’clock. Marc is also quite sleepy. He whines around, he wants to go home. “Daniela, dear, play a little with Marc. He’s so bored,” my aunt asks. As befits a good niece and cousin, I follow her request and take Marc to my room. Like me, he doesn’t feel much like playing. We start talking.

“Tell me, do you actually have a boyfriend ?” he wants to know. “Yes, I do; why ?” “Is he nice ?” “Of course. I would never take a boyfriend who wasn’t nice.” I know the kind of questions my cousin asks. He is quite curious and cheeky. But I’ve noticed that the only way to quench his thirst for knowledge is with honest answers. He can tell when you’re lying or evasive. “Have you fucked yet ?” “Well, listen! What a word! Where did you get that from ?” Actually, I can guess where he got it. I try against better knowledge to divert from this topic. He doesn’t fall for it. “You know what I mean. Do you ?” “Yes,” I say after a short pause. “Does Aunt Silvia know ?” Aunt Silvia is my mother, and she doesn’t know, of course. “No,” I say, “and don’t you dare say a word to her. I’ll wring your neck !” “Sure, I won’t say anything. Did he make you a child ?” “No, otherwise I’d be fatter. “That’s right, you’re nice and slim.” ” Thanks for the compliment, I think.

I know he looks in Playboy, so he definitely has an idea of what he’s talking about. He seems to suspect my thoughts. “Do you have breasts like the women in the pictures?” he asks. “Well, all women have breasts. Some more, some less. ” “You have a lot,” he states with his unerring gaze. “If you say so,” I dodge again. “Let’s see !” “Why?” “Because I want to. Otherwise, I’ll say you have sex in front of cam and with your boyfriend. “I know that I have no other choice. If I refuse, he will certainly make his threat, and Mom will believe him, at least she will ask unpleasant questions and realize that I am lying to her. So obediently, I pull up my sweater and unbutton my blouse. “Do you like them ?”, I ask snappishly. “Yes, they are nice,” my little cousin says. He looks at them with interest. “From now on, you will show them to me every time I come. ” I don’t need to say anything back, because he can be sure of my approval.

“Now show me your pussy,” he then demands. I docilely open my pants and take them off. Now I sit in front of him dressed only in socks and the necklace that my friend John gave me. He pushes his head forward a little until he almost slides off the chair he is sitting on. “Explain that one to me in detail,” he demands. I spread my legs so that he can see clearly. My lips part a little. I point to them. “Those are the labia. ” I have to explain each part to him. His face flushes, and I’m almost certain his pre-pubescent cock is hard and pretty sure hurting in his pants. “If I touch you there now, that’s nice for you, yes ?” “No,” I try to explain to him gently, “just touching it is not enough. You have to do it right. Tenderly and lovingly.” “Go ahead !” “Now that’s really enough!”, I get indignant. Slowly, he is going too far for me. But of course, I know perfectly well that he has me in the palm of his hand, and I also know that he will mercilessly exploit this advantage.

“All right,” he says laconically, “then I’ll just go back and tell your mother that you fucked your boyfriend. ” He remains seated, however, because he knows that I will comply. “Lie down on the bed,” he now demands. I get up and lie down on the top bunk. I try to relax. “Now show !” I spread my legs again, just a little like I always do when I’m being gentle with myself. I run my hand over my cleft, trying to elicit arousing sensations. But of course, I don’t succeed because of the pressure. So that it does not hurt, I lick my finger wet, with which I caress my pussy. “This is nice for you now ?” “Yes,” I lie, trying to make my words believable with a little moan. I feel raped by this little boy. “Let me try,” he says, pushing my hand away. I brace myself for clumsy touches and am pleasantly surprised when I realize how gentle his hand is. I can feel myself starting to get wet. “Why is it getting so wet down there ?” he now wants to know.

“It means you’re doing it well,” I say, and now my moan is real. His little middle finger pushes my labia apart, penetrates me a few millimeters. The palm of his hand rests like a shell on my Venus mound. I get goosebumps and start to freeze, but then I warm up again quite quickly. I feel perverted to let a little boy satisfy me, and the perversion excites me even more. “How can such a little finger excite me so much?”, I ask myself. What is it about this boy and his hand that makes me give myself to him so unconditionally, disregarding all my morals and all my responsibilities? In my thoughts penetrates the certainty that I am about to come. I have to tell him: “I’m about to have my orgasm. . “Yes? then come!” At ‘COME’ everything inside me contracts, and my lust discharges.

A few moments later, the wave of my feelings begins to take off. I breathe fast and loud. “Did you have it ?” he wants to know. “Yes. Was it nice?” “Yes. ” “As nice as with your boyfriend?” “Yes. ” And this ‘yes’ is meant sincerely. Five minutes later he has left my room, I am still naked in bed. The light is off, and my hand tenderly caresses my clitoris. I can’t let go of myself that night, stroking myself incessantly until I fall asleep.